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  • Web design to enhance your business
    never apply pressure for you to make decisions and there is no hard sell Only you can decide if I am the right person build your site and you can take as long as you like SATISFACTION GUARANTEE With any site commissioned a money back guarantee applies Turbolink co uk bespoke web design that s what we do best We build web sites that market your business to the world Our web sites are styled using well proven magasine design and layout principles Quality graphics good copy and intuitive navigation that is simple but effective That s what we do and we think we do it rather well We design web sites for different businesses Marine surveyors Village websites Vegetarian outlets Sole traders Musicians Bands Clubs Ukulele Clubs I try very hard to exceed the expectations of a client It is very satisfying when clients express they are delighted with their finished site Mark Lilley sometimes less is more information in small chunks Keeping a page clear of pop up windows and gimmicky navigation systems is paramount to keeping a visitor interested Clean page designs will calm the eye enabling the visitor to find what they are searching for USEFUL

    Original URL path: http://www.turbolink.co.uk/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Web design to enhance your business
    wedding photographers the original company Classique Photographic was one of the first commercial and wedding photographers in the early eighties to embrace the upcoming digital revolution that we have today USING TECHNOLOGY TO PROVIDE SIMPLE SOLUTIONS Community and village websites are becoming very popular While many are produced via simple online software they usually lack the flexibility that a purpose built site can offer The Bryanston Times site is a cross between a newspaper and a community notice board Pages for the Parish Council bring in dynamic data from outside sources Entertainment work opportunities car sharing items for sale and wanted pages all help to bring the community closer together Bulletins and information from Dorset Police neighbourhood safety team play a big part of in the site Local businesses can advertise free of charge and it can even offer single page websites for individual businesses The brief was to provide a simple effective site that can serve the community be easily updated while keeping costs to a minimum WHY IS THIS RELEVANT SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST A WEB DESIGNER With time probably anyone can learn how to code a web site assuming they are not using an instant web

    Original URL path: http://www.turbolink.co.uk/about.html (2016-04-26)
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  • Web site evaluation and planning
    easier But we do not buy furniture we buy something to improve our lifestyle Most furniture is marketed and advertised around creating a better lifestyle for yourself Every household has one or maybe two cars Cars are made for different purposes in all shapes and sizes Depending on which consumer group a car manufacturer has targeted the advertising and marketing strategy will change For example the Multi purpose vehicle market or MPV s sell consumers the image of being independent with a vehicle that will do anything you want whenever you want it to But the luxury car market will be target consumers who want to create an image of success and sophistication The products are the same but the marketing will be completely different To read more click above SO THE QUESTION WAS WHAT ARE YOU REALLY SELLING click to unfold Answering this question will help you get a site that looks and feels right for the targeted consumer group Also try thinking about identifying the different groups of visitors you want to attract In particular what could you offer to make them visit your site first You need to do some research What sites do the groups already visit What will be the groupâ s expectations What are the group s characteristics What other things could bring in visitors Do the groups have anything in common with each other What image do you want to project to those groups To read more click above EXAMPLE SEASURVEYS CO UK MARINE SURVEYS FOR YACHTS Seasurveys co uk is a Dorset based company that carries out Marine surveys on yachts They are also appointed to carry out Seafish Surveyors on fishing vessels The owner wanted a site that would promote a personal but highly professional impression to visitors The site should

    Original URL path: http://www.turbolink.co.uk/planning.html (2016-04-26)
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  • Options on managing your website
    CONTENT THE OPTIONS Most web sites will need some updating from time to time How often and by whom is a decision you will have to make at some time There are several options available to you and deciding which is right can be confusing PAY AS YOU GO YOU DECIDE WHEN AND WHAT CONTENT CHANGES There is nothing wrong with a static site where content remains the same as long as the products and information is current not to be confused with up to date Changing image content is often good enough to freshen the look of a web site to visitors New visitors will not know any different anyway But remember information and any prices must always be current Maintenance is charged the half hourly rate ALL INCLUSIVE AN AGREED NUMBER OF HOURS FOR MAINTENANCE A YEAR I will give you a quote for constructing the web site which will include either monthly or quarterly maintenance allowance This is a good option where information will need to be changed for whatever reason on a regular basis or for a site that will need additional pages to be designed and added DIY SELF ADMINISTRATION The site is built and

    Original URL path: http://www.turbolink.co.uk/management.html (2016-04-26)
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  • DIY web design can cost you more than you think
    the way the project is developing after the mock ups and you are happy with the work carried out I might ask you for a deposit against the finished site as quoted The next step THE IMAGE YOU PROJECT SMALL COMPANY V BIG COMPANY Many of my clients are small companies and one man businesses A professional website will enable you to compete on equal terms with much bigger companies The quality of your product services might equal those offered by larger companies and if you want visitors to take your business seriously you need to create the right impression First impressions count Compact businesses can often be more competetive when it comes to pricing So never think of your self as small fry BUILDING IT YOURSELF COULD COST YOU MORE THAN YOU THINK You can Do it yourself with instant web site software Some are very good but do you want to give a DIY image to potential customers Sites built by professionals generally stand out from the crowd If you haven t already given me a call then that should be your next step Try to have as much information to hand as you can You may have constraints that can affect the project and you risk potential failure if you don t identify and address the more important ones and I can help you with that What s your budget How much can you afford How much time do you have to prepare the content in the site and is there a deadline Are you able to delegate responsibility to a colleague or family member who is familiar with the style and image you want to project Will the image content be provided by you or a third party How many pages do you think you will

    Original URL path: http://www.turbolink.co.uk/next%20step.html (2016-04-26)
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  • Finding a web site designer that works

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    Original URL path: /contact.html (2016-04-26)

  • Free bespoke web design
    BUSINESS CARD SITE HOW DOES IT WORK Imagine a permanent business card that is available to everyone 24 7 That is exactly what a startup site is a single page with images and a navigation system to other documents or images The documents could be pdf brochures or photographs of products property cars in fact anything connected to the opening page Still the same visual impact when the site opens but all on one page You might want a site page to sell your property a boat or caravan and need somewhere to direct interested buyers from a small advert in the local press or local shop window You don t need to spend huge sums on adverts just a one liner detailing a web address You could even direct visitors from Ebay straight to your business card site See sample FREE WEB SITE WHO QUALIFIES A limited number of free web sites are built by Turbolink every year for organisations who can demonstrate they are non profit making or are helping the local community in some way Worthy causes and individuals in certain situations can also apply You do not necessarily have to be a registered charity to qualify

    Original URL path: http://www.turbolink.co.uk/start_up.html (2016-04-26)
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  • yacht_ shipwright_boat_surveys_shipwright_dorset_hampshire_devon_
    U bolts Flexy decks caused by internal core failure where the core has become sodden frozen in heavy frosts and excoriated delamination All Types Seized up nuts bolts etc on engines rigging Engine stiff or seized because of lack of movement long term always turn the engine over a couple of revolutions by hand every few weeks Seized seacocks Seacock pipework excessively hardened Rigging problems aged stainless distorted standing rigging damage furling gear etc How not to leave your warps tied off If anyone else need to tie up or release then someone will have a problem By thinking of others you automatically help yourself as no one will be letting your ropes go accidentally Most yards have a few vessels that for one reason or another have been neglected for a number of years and forgotten it seems Occasionally it can be worth enquiring from the yard as to whether a particular neglected vessel could be purchased if it is the type of boat you are looking for but didn t think you could ever afford the ready to go version Sometimes the owner will be only too happy to be tempted with the offer of clearing the expenses and responsibility of a vessel they no longer use Just bear in mind the potential pitfalls of purchasing a boat that has not been used for a considerable time Decay distortion and deterioration can destroy your dreams with seized engines top of the list A neglected Hillyard in Poole below How it could look Two examples of the same class of boat and there is no reason why the neglected Hillyard could not be the same as the two below one is 9 ton the other is 12 Ton However having said that a lot of work and a clear understanding of what is wrong and what has to be done is needed Timber Specialist click open Plywood Conventional Carvel Strip plank hot cold moulded Shipwright repairs to all timber as well as surveys Ferro cement advice and surveys Shipwright repairs to all GRP Timber has a unique range of possible problems that many surveyors feel ill at ease in understanding No surprise as few timber boats are built and most surveyors only experience GRP hulls and GRP courses The main areas of concern on timber construction are those that most people are aware of decay Below anode related damage to planking the timber just dropped away leaving a 1 5 dia hole where the anode bolt was However there are various forms of decay that few are aware of The most destructive decay beneath the waterline is electrolytic decay This is very different from what the majority of people understand is decaying which is usually a result of freshwater contamination long term culminating in bacterial decay such as you get in fence posts in the ground rotted window frames on houses etc Electrolytic decay can be so expensive as to make the vessel uneconomic to repair Sadly it can

    Original URL path: http://www.turbolink.co.uk/seasurveys2011/ (2016-04-26)
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