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  • yacht_ shipwright_boat_surveys_shipwright_doerst_hampshire_devon_
    that all of the starboard side of the hull and structure has been subject to heavy abrasion and collision with the moored alongside This resulted in substantial areas of badly damaged paintwork broken rubbing strakes and toe rails fractured bronze chain plates and various stanchions and stanchion bases ripped from the deck The old bronze chain plates were removed including the fractured one and these were made up in mild steel 5mm and drilled precisely as originals and sent away for hot dip galvanising Various stanchion bases were removed and these also had to be made up in our workshops as this pattern is no longer available Again these were sent away for hot dip galvanising Hot dip galvanising should last a minimum of 15 to 20 years and sometimes more and in the case of bronze chain plates that have been flexed substantially more reliable as bronze cannot be relied upon if it has been subject to Bending and straightening as was the case here The new chainplates were bolted down on a base of polyurethane sealant All of the new stanchion bases were bolted into position with appropriate shape deck pads beneath to set them at the correct angle The old rails were completely removed in their entirety and new sections of rubbing strake and toe rail machined up in mahogany to match the original These new railings were fitted into position all fastening heads were pluggedand the timber faired off The topside coatings were in very poor condition as there have been a substantial build up of coatings and where it had been damaged and scraped back to the wood there was a substantial edge of paint to be faired away before any finish could be possible All of the starboard side was prepared for undercoat faired off and rubbed down and top coated All of the varnish work was finished with four coats of varnish two new stanchions were fitted and finally new guard wires were fitted to complete the job Undercoated glossed gold line The finished vessel ready for launching Fitting portholes window piercings in new Wanderer class built by Lowestoft IBTC All portholes have been made with a spigot that is too long will have to be machined off In total 8 Portholes 4 rectangular timber frames are to be fitted The cut outs are 6 dia have to be cut with an adjustable hole cutter in situ as internally there is no room for jig saw base plate to turn as is the case externally Temporary checking to gauge required spigot length too long at moment Below all portholes fitted as above Very little room spare internally for hand tools The remaining 6 holes will have to be carefully marked out 4Â rectangular holes cut out The original builders have installed vertical bronze rods through the thickness of the coachroof adding to the positioning difficulties All portholes spigots machined off now fitted just leaves the rectangular timber frames to make fit on the

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  • yacht_ shipwright_boat_surveys_shipwright_doerst_hampshire_devon_
    Over exaggerating any problems is just as easy as missing something simply because the readings are low Tramex moisture meter The two most common meters are the Tramex above and the Sovereign below but there are several others and there is not a great deal of difference between them More a case of understanding what the individual meter is telling the surveyor Sovereign Moisture meter Using Timber Want to know more about timber its specific uses then download this PDF document find out why one timber is better suited for a particular purpose than another Timber structure explained Here is further information on timber construction two articles here here describing the parts of a timber vessel the names purpose of components problems that can affect wooden yachts Understanding how a timber boat is built and how repairs can be undertaken once built is extremely important if a surveyor is going to do an accomplished job of reporting advising A surveyor should also have knowledge of timber identification the uses of particular timber its properties as all timbers have individual properties that can be an asset or a liability in yacht construction Not all decay softness is caused by simple rot and a timber yacht surveyor must be able to differentiate Cored decks on GRP This is an article on cored decks on GRP boats along with gel coat damage problems and much more Click here Cored decks and hulls are good at incorporating rigidity without adding weight but when they go wrong you might wish the hull was single skin Rudders This article deals with GRP rudders how they are made what s inside them how they are repaired Download here After watertight integrity the rudder is the next most important item without it most boats will need the lifeboat

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  • yacht survey location
    you require Timber boats are much more time consuming and complicated as a full survey will require removal of some plank fastenings as seen appropriate And generally any surveyor that quotes the same costs for undertaking a survey on a timber vessel as to that on fibreglass is either overcharging for fibreglass or is not doing what might be expected to be done for the timber vessel It will be very rare to find a fibreglass vessel requiring the same degree of knowledge and close inspection as that which is required for a timber vessel as timber vessels are apt to be far more involved in the construction as well as a considerable number of differing techniques for surveying them Generally a timber vessel will be a minimum of approximately 40 or 50 more costly The other area where the cost is affected Is the scope of the survey required obviously merely to do the outside hull skin is considerably less expensive vented to the whole of the vessel Best to get a quote on this form Any of these areas more for surveys Chichester Hamble Southampton Lymington Keyhaven Poole Wareham Weymouth Portland West Bay Lyme Regis Axmouth Exmouth Torbay

    Original URL path: http://www.turbolink.co.uk/seasurveys2011/area.html (2016-04-26)
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  • john lilley seasurveys
    into play when carrying out surveys Wide range experience really counts I have been professional marine surveyor for nearly 15 years I am an appointed MCA surveyor on behalf of Seafish working with the fishing community The standards of SEAFISH are quite demanding which is understandable considering that fishing is considered one of the most dangerous occupations Fishing vessels have to be rigorously checked for build quality during construction as well as safety and seaworthiness surveys throughout their working life Building GRP boats 35 years ago click to unfold My background comes from mechanical engineering and the spray industry In the early 70s I gained experience while designing and building the Magician class sailing dinghy This was a one off design that was built to compete with the Mirror Dinghy Understanding GRP material has given me great advantage in assessing modern boat building methods and the pitfalls of poor design I have extensive knowledge of what works and what does not Not all modern boats are built to last and this is a serious consideration when such large a investment involved Hands on approach click to unfold During this time the family owned a 9 ton and then a 12 ton timber built Hillyard which we maintained ourselves I designed and built a wheel house for our beloved 12 ton Hillyard in 1975 which to this day is still intact and part of this fine vessel When I was a youth I was very lucky to spend many fitting out seasons working out of David Hillyards Boatbuilders in Littlehampton Shipwright and surveyor click to unfold While I specialise in timber construction and repairs I offer a complete service to all types of craft Interior design and construction and installation GRP gel coat repairs and local colour matching re spray to

    Original URL path: http://www.turbolink.co.uk/seasurveys2011/aboutUs.html (2016-04-26)
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  • buying -boat-help.yacht-purchase
    to the surveyor before commissioning You may find that saving a relatively small sum can cost an enormous sum in some cases so irrespective of cost base your choice on how much you trust them check their reputation Lift out If the boat is in the water it will need to be lifted ashore for inspection Unfortunately for the buyer all of the costs from this time forwards are down to them this is the lift out storage ashore for survey and return to the water which in some yards can be quite expensive Now if it is approaching the end of the season and the owner normally removes the boat from the water for winter lay up then perhaps a degree of careful negotiation can be useful here as the owner would be taking the boat out anyway This is an area where good communication with the broker buyer seller can save everyone a deal of money If the boat is already ashore this makes things a lot easier all round as there are no lifting costs involved however a new buyer may be responsible for storage immediately upon completion of sale Occasionally the previous owner may well have paid for a complete off season ashore Be suspicious it s your money With grp boats be slightly wary of the boat that has been scrupulously prepared for sale including having been epoxy coated since the vessel had been lifted as epoxy coatings can hide a multitude of sins and unfortunately the surveyor has no right to remove any of these coatings to investigate the underlying reasons for the coatings New epoxy coatings can easily cover hairline cracks in hulls blistering that has been flattened down and no end of other problems It is only when the boat goes in the water for a season and the stresses of the season show up hidden faults and then is lifted out at the end of the season that any deliberate covering up can be identified Another reason that if the buyer is not suspicious the surveyor certainly would be In this case it is a very useful idea to ask other owners and yard staff tactfully about their knowledge of this particular vessel Sometimes you will get surprising answers Some owners may offer test sails if the boat is still afloat Time for survey Now is the time to arrange a survey Most vessels will usually be insured by a new owner and in nearly all cases insurance companies will require up to date surveys so in one sense there is absolutely no point in buying a vessel without a survey only to be forced into having the survey for insurance once the vessel is yours If a survey will be required after you have bought her then sense dictates that you have the survey before you buy her Be there if possible If it is possible it is usually a very good idea for the new owner to be present

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  • yacht_ shipwright_boat_surveys_shipwright_doerst_hampshire_devon_
    next day We will need to know the type and class of vessel hull material GRP aluminium timber steel cement etc overall length approx beam location of vessel whether the vessel is out of the water or not the type of survey required date required by Repair estimates survey cost We need to see the job Repair estimates only a guide We can often give an estimate for repairs over the phone if your description is accurate enough But we may need to see the job to give a definite quote If you wish you can send us details by Email including photos where appropriate We will respond as soon as possible If you do not have access to your own computer please use the form on the adjacent page Include as many details as you can and a time of day that is best to contact you Class of vessel length material location for survey cost Technical advice If you would like advice on a particular problem just give us a call or complete the form on the adjacent page I will be happy to make suggestions about what can be done Contact details Normal working hours always available on landline or mobile generally Early evening calls also welcomed on landline I aim to be competitive so if you have had a quote that you would like to compare with be sure to enter this information as well like for like quotes 01258 837153 07963 011390 07501 144631 occasionally better reception johnlilley seasurveys co uk John Lilley Little Foxes Cheselbourne Dorset DT2 7NT QR code click to enlarge for photo clarity to photograph using code reader straight into contacts on mobile or tablet free apps available for QR code for all phones tablets Your full name A value is

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  • seafish_MCA-surveys_fishing boat surveys_fishing bvessel registration
    any risk of detritus contamination material storage control and recording A Yard inspection report is required before approval This is undertaken by a Seafish surveyor Here is a video of fishing vessels in extreme conditions which helps explain why certain requirements have to be met In this case both vessels would surely have sunk without adequate freeing ports sealed hatches permission of geoff mackley New build requirements The new build constructional standards are particularly precise and take into account the conditions of GRP Hull construction with regard to temperature and humidity etc whilst being laid up and lay down precise minimum scantling sizes and hull thicknesses as well as required number of bulkheads watertight compartments and a considerable number of other constructional details which have to be incorporated from new Common Survey problems on existing boats Just check these very common areas oif failure that I encounter when checking an existing vessel over 7m with the required standard It might help you be prepared for the quite stringent requirements click Unless there are structural problems with the hull externally most will be satisfactory if they are grp The only problems usually encountered are hard spot cracking and physical damage The condition of the gel coat is not that significant nor is the condition of the paintwork The freeboard of the vessel is important in that if it is not significant enough it will not be permitted to fish offshore The height of the exhaust should be 4 inches above the waterline however sometimes the authorities will relax on this if it is impossible to raise All skin fittings close to and below the waterline have to be fitted with seacocks and the correct type of pipework In some cases they have to have additional one way valves There is no discretion allowed upon this Vessels with a weatherdeck must have adequate drainage for the deck freeing ports There is a formula for this based on the physical area of the sides above the deck The majority of vessels i look at have undersized freeing ports The height of Sills for hatches and wheelhouse have to be up to a certain height For wheelhouse is it is 300 millimetres There are regulations for individual types and designs of hatches and methods of hatch gulley drainage which often cause problems The other significant area where problems exist are the watertight bulkheads Depending upon the length of the vessel you will need from one three watertight bulkheads including a collision bulkhead forwards It is sometimes impossible to install a collision bulkhead in an older vessel but some form of watertight bulkhead will be required forwards Every single watertight compartment must have at least two ways of pumping the compartment out The internal hull construction has to comply with certain requirements with regard to frame sizes location and the installation of other strengthening components Batteries must not be stored below the waterline and they must be fitted in sealed boxes with ventilation to the

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  • yacht brokerage
    buyer or seller Click the FOR SALE image above to get the form Please give details of your vessel or item in the box provided I will contact you within a few days BARBICAN 33 SLOOP Well maintained fully equipped full survey in 2011 39 950 Contact Diana or Geoff Parry 01929 462220 or e mail dianaparry gmail com uk Very well equipped with outboard Tinker Tramp dinghy Thornycroft Diesel

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