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  • Bodrum Turkey Hotel Cruise Holiday Vacation Travel Guide
    all year around mostly during the summer period The harbor is the heart of the town where you can find bars restaurants and shops The St Peter Castle at the top which symbolizes the Middle Ages offers beautiful sceneries of the land sea and culture of this magnificent Aegean Sea harbor The Ancient Halicarnassus which was known as the city of the great Mausoleum is one of the seven wonders of ancient times Today with its famous amphitheatre castle and very distinctive marine museum it is known as Bodrum Bodrum is now a relaxing town with a wonderful mountain environment which is stuffed with great markets and houses The best place here for a diver is Karaada which is across the Bodrum Bodrum is situated in the peninsula of Turkey So if you have a car or probably rent one you can start a tour from Gümbet and then Akyarlar Turgutreis Gümüslük Yalikavak Gündogan Türkbükü Torba and then back to Bodrum The trip will take up 2 to 4 hours depending on what you would like to see and where you intend to spend more time The trip usually takes 15 20 days and you will be able to see a lot of historical sites like Marmaris Knidos Gokova Bay Datça Fethiye Ölü Deniz Turkish Dead Sea Kekova Demre the birth Place of Santa Claus Kalkan Dalyan Chaunos Kas Phaselis Olympus Finike Kemer and Antalya These places listed here are the best locations to visit in Turkey The reputation of Bodrum s boatyards goes all the way back to the ancient times The craftsmen still build the traditional yacht which is the handled with a pointed bow and stern In the small shops along the narrow white walled street you can find natural sponges leather items of all types and

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  • Bursa Turkey Holiday Vacation Destination Guide Bursha Turkish Destination
    medreses social services Hans hamams and public fountains humanitarian centres imarets and the finest mosques Its density of graceful domes arched portals magnificently carved minbars pulpits and artfully tiled minarets could provide the coursework for extensive study of the Ottomans easily and without doubt a long walking tour Bursa today is an agricultural centre and flourishing industrially for its cotton textiles and fine silk which makes it as the centre of Turkey s automobile industry Mount Uludag ski resorts provide the city s residents a relaxing weekend gateway and it s not a rare thing for people to make special trips just to stock up cotton towels In fact many people just fly over to Uludag to a private hotel just to have a meal However many of them go over to Mount Uludag for the same reasons as the Byzantines Ottomans and Romans did where the prosperous hot mineral springs is sparkle all over the region Bursa is the home of miscellaneous natural beauty accompanied by its historical background If you re a nature lover you can go and visit the seaside resorts of Gemlik and Mudanya Make sure you also visit the six hundred years old plane tree which is still standing on the Uludag slope In Bursa there are many historical places to visit like mosques tombs turbes baths monuments and so on The Turkish baths or known as Hamams here are one of the grand places where you can take a relaxing bath in warm mineral rich springs The oldest bath which is the Eski Kaplica or call the old spring is the best bath of Karamustafa Pasa Within the district of Yesil Green lies Yesil turbe and Yesil Cami It was constructed during the sultan Mehmet I period The Yesil Cami or green mosque is

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  • Dalaman Turkey Travel Vacation Holiday Guide Property Hotel Flight Turkish Popular Destination
    numerous operators Turkey Airlines offer everyday flights to Turkey s capital Istanbul Turkey also provides seasonal foundations for other airlines particularly Freebird Airlines Onur Air and Pegasus Airlines A new terminal has recently been opened Besides its aviation activities Dalaman also plays a host to one of the biggest open prisons where prisoners that are less dangerous are sent which is a part of their rehabilitation programme For agriculture on the other hand citrus mainly plays a significant role in the local economy given that it is located in a productive area at sea level Dalaman is a region of natural exquisiteness It is located in a place where it connects the sea and the mountains Dalaman is rapidly turning into a place of destination rather than a stop over on the way to another resort town New roads and streets and the constant development of the area and recent investment to the Airport are making it more accessible Dalaman has rapidly changed into an asset area where several Europeans are purchasing property with their savings in Turkey The Dalaman town now has many shops bars restaurants and tea gardens and all are increasing rapidly due to the investments in

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  • Dalyan Turkey Travek Vacation Holiday Hotel Villa Resort Turkije
    Turtle Beach This coast is the home to the only beach on earth where the nautical Turtles appear and lay their eggs The beach shares itself with the sea at one side and a stream on the other side thereby allowing the guests to decide whether to swim in the salt water or fresh water Else they can merely decide to leisurely walk all along the beach On the way back to Dalyan the boat may stop at the ancient Greek city of Kaunos where visitors can walk to the Ancient Theatre the Roman Bath the Temple of Apollon and the Acropolis up the hill Dalyan is one hour from Fethiye by road as you enter the town the wonderful Carian Rock Tombs are immediately visible The little village of Dalyan is in the region of Mugla on the South Western Mediterranean It is placed in the middle of a small road delta whose natural exquisiteness is totally unharmed Dalyan is a region of excellent beauty and historic awareness Dalyan village is located by the side of the river bordered by flourishing bottle green countryside breaking into an impressive variety of mountains Situated on the other side of the river

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  • Fethiye Travel Turkey Holiday Vacation Blue Cruise Weather
    rainy winters During the summer Fethiye has a temperature of around 86 105 F while during winter it drops down to 50 F Considering fact that these turquoise coloured seas do not fall below 60F swimming is legitimate for nine months of the year Because of the general weather conditions in Fethiye the pine forests consist of silver fur scotch fir and Norway sprucely that covers up the place Myrtle plane tree acacia laurel olive and some other popular trees are the several types of plants which you can find over there The source of myrrh is the frankincense tree or better known as the Liquidamber Orientalis It is generally used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries and is among the endangered species in the world You can choose to have a relaxing journey to Fethiye with any of the three highways through the pine forest which connects to Burdur Mugla and Antalya Scheduled bus trips are offered in all these three destinations They form the link between Fethiye and some other cities The nearest centre for air travelling is the Dalaman Airport which is 31 miles away from Fethiye In addition to the year round flights to Istanbul Ankara

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  • Gocek Turkey Vacation Travel Holiday Guide Turkish Destination
    distance Shuttle and bicycles are free of charge within the marina Historical Attractions of Gocek Fethiye Amyntas Tomb Lycian rock cut tombs from 4th century Telmessos once a famous city and the centre of prophecies Cadianda city dating all the way to the 4th century Letoon a prehistoric site previously the cult centre of Lycia Temple of Leto and his children Artemis and Apollo a beautiful mosaic Sidyma an important Roman city Xanthos the major city in Lycia Patara established in the 4th century BC by Lycia It s the birthplace of St Nicholas and the oldest city of Lycia Myra It was the centre of pilgrimage of St Nicholas Oludeniz also known as the Dead Sea It is the most photographed site in the Turkish coast and a lagoon enclosed by pine trees and Mountains Kayakoy the city of ghosts 42 km Saklikent it s a hidden city of mystic beauty which is a 18 km natural canyon with waterfalls mud bath 67 km Many sailors think the Gulf of Fethiye comes second after the Indian Ocean because of the marvellous seascapes it has to offer Until a few years ago the town of Fethiye was the only land

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  • Izmir Travel Turkey Vacation Holiday Hotel Guide
    region The outstanding shore which is lapped by the waters of the Aegean Sea flourish vastly and the perfect beaches are encircled by pinewoods olive groves and rocky crags Strewed with admired holiday villages the remnants of prehistoric nation and delightful fishing ports this region presents an extremely beautiful place for conferences inducement and meetings Izmir is also an excellent initial point in discovering the many sights of the region Of course the city itself is worth visiting Konak Street and Konak Square are the best points on starting your visit in Izmir In Konak the famous clock tower is the symbol of the city as well as the Asansor the elevator used to transport goods from the harbour to the Halil Rifat quarter Once you are in the area be sure to visit Çesme Seferihisar and Urla which have lots of historical places nearby The best scenery in Izmir is watching the sun at the top of the Kadifekale East of the city at a height of 250m overlooking the Aegean Sea History Izmir Smyrna during the ancient times was found during the 10th century B C The early inhabitants of the country were Lydians and Phrygians The time in where the city reached its peak was between 650 545 B C The fall of Ancient Ýzmir was the result of the Persian attack During the 4th century B C Alexander the Great conquered the Persian Darius and confined the whole East After becoming a part of the Roman Empire during 133 B C Ýzmir began to live in the golden era for another time Because of the importance the city had accomplished The Roman Emperors who came to Anatolia also came to visit Izmir Emperor Hadrianus included Ýzmir in his journey during 121 125 AD Izmir later became

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  • Kas Turkey Travel Vacation Holiday Destination Guide Luxury & Discount Travel
    small port which is situated at the Lycia southern tip in the Antalya region During the Lycia ancient times originally Kas was called Habesos and later in the years it was renamed Antiphellos It was a small port town which was once an unspoiled fishing village and boasts of among the Lycia oldest settlements A breakwater protected the ancient harbor of the town and Kas was serving as the Pinarbesi and Phellos hinterland port The little town of Kas boasts several ancient treasures because of its historical setting Located in the Kas centre is Lycian Sarcophagus On the west of Kas is where the Hellenistic period well preserved amphitheater situated With its amazing 4th century BC sculpted carvings the monumental tomb of the lion is an amazing ancient touch within the city Also found in and around the town there are many Lycian rock tombs which most particularly found in the Northwest and the ancient town walls near the shore Kas is a place where you can experience all at once the amazing wonders of forest sea history and art It is a place where you will be able to satisfy your desire just by discovering several unspoiled areas Kas is a little town filled with bunch of houses all around the main street and teahouses where tourists and fishermen go for a relaxing time while exchanging stories For sightseeing around Kas there are many historical places to visit such as Trysa Theimussa Uçagiz which is 34 kms heading Ka which is Lycian oldest city which now houses Lycian ancient inscriptions and tombs You can rent out a boat if you are planning to go to Kekova Kekova is the area of amazing bays ancient cities and islands Kekova is very famous for the Apollonia which is sunken city located

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