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  • Kemer Turkey Travel Guide Hotel Turkije Vacation Destination Holiday Discount Traveling
    clubs bars and classy hotels Check out the local Kemer Hotels and resorts In Turkey Kemer is an essential place to enjoy the best of Turkey Your ideal summer vacation will be enhanced with perfect sights of the historical remains seacoast and a lot of happening clubs and markets It s definitely a complete package Kemer that has to offer to the visitors of Kemer Kemer has a list of different kind of transport from mini buses privately hired cars coaches and taxis Simply pick one which suits you and enjoy a journey of Turkish attractions Kemer is known as one of the host of attractions in luring vacationers and tourists from all around the world Possibility the most popular attractions is the stunning Mediterranean coastline A terrific example of nature s creation is the beaches bay where it presents perfect combination of sceneries of sands stones and pebbles Kemer has also proven to the world in being the perfect choice as a display of turkey s ancient history as well as traditional culture There many other historical places to visit from and mostly they are at convenient distances from Kemer But of course Kemer is filled with many local

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  • Kusadasi Travel Turkey Holiday Vacation Tour
    historical city standing beside it Kusadasi is a stimulating combination of the artistic and the prehistoric which is proven to be one of the main attractions for travelers from all around the word It s filled with inexpensive Turkish dishes several holiday villages and Kusadasi hotels as well as the alluring nightlife in Turkey Kusadasi is a perfect destination for an unforgettable summer vacation and once you re here you ll be having so much fun that you keep delaying your flight just to spend another day here For those who are lovers of history and culture don t miss a chance on these must see attractions Pygale Ephesus Panionian Agora Turkish Baths Roman Bath and Neopolis Kusadasi is also situated suitably nearer to many well known tourist areas like Ephesus Home of Virgin Mary Temple of Artemis Miletos Priene and temple of Apollon There are transportations provided if a person intends to visit these historic landmarks For nature loving visitors on the other hand there is a wide range of places to visit like Dilek peninsula National park Bafa Lake Sirince village and the world famous Pamukkale which is better known as the cotton castle Other attractions in Kusadasi are the 3 aqua parks which are Aquafantasy Aqualand and Adaland while downtown tourist areas consists of Kusadasi Fortress old Town district and Caravanserai Kusadasi serves up to all the necessities of all tourists from the adventure lovers to nature lovers to the shopaholics During daytime in Kusadasi you can enjoy a safari or a boat tour If you are interested in a jeep safari you can enjoy a 6 hour 100km ride Horse safari is also provided here in Kusadasi where you can appreciate riding a horse around the coast For the fellow shoppers Kusadasi has many promises for

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  • Marmaris Turkey Travel Holidy Vacation Weather Hotel Guide
    best selections in choosing a summer holiday This is the place for you if you are a prehistoric attraction lover The only things you have to do are drive out of the town a little and enjoy the nature with its historical attractions The beautiful resort of Icmeler which lies in the outer edge of Marmaris stretched between Degirmenyani and Icmeler is aesthetically splendid If you enjoy yachting then there are two famous stops to visit which are the village of Turunc and Gokova Ther are also some other attractive areas to visit which are Kizkumu beach the waterfall next to the Turgut village and Siliman Beach To browse the local accommodations take a look at Marmaris hotels guide to choose from various class of hotels Take a visit to the Marmaris castle museum a main historical location that stays open from 8 00 in the morning till 5 30 in the evening daily You can also taste the authentic olive products from the Mountain of Roses farm which also offers a tour of the mill For those who love to shop and those who are in to the nightlife Marmaris has many promising activities for them Marmaris is also

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  • Furniture Turkey
    stop shop for all your furniture needs because wherelse can you find a variety of home and office furniture along with house wares and gift wares under the same showroom Tepe Home s broad range of home office and outdoor furniture bathroom and kitchen cabinets built in cabinet systems giftware kitchenware home textiles bathroom accessories lighting and carpet products appeal to different tastes and budgets Every day the team at Tepe challenge themselves to offer the most exceptional and stylish products to its valued customers With over 40 000 different products the company also cooperates with well known brand and manufacturers all over the world apart from their own products manufacture in their very own factories The flexible production structure allows them to offer their customers a broad variety of products especially in terms of upholstery furniture Based on your budget and taste you will be able to create your own sofa by combining sofa models and fabric options Besides delivery Tepe Home staff also provide assembly services at their customers home or offices Best Price High Quality and Good Service these are what people usually look for when they head out to buy furniture and the one and only reliable place that swears by this motto is Furkey one of the most prominent Turkish furniture companies Furkey is a place where customers are provided with quality products at the best possible prices and a level of service that will be etched in your memory forever Although Furkey was established only 2008 it has soon grown to become one of the biggest Furniture and Home Decoration exporters of Turkey Furkey is made up of a young energetic and open minded team that manufactures and supply s all kinds of furniture s for customers all around the world They also have

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  • Turkish Thermal Baths - Spa & Wellness in Turkey
    that vary from 20 up to 110 degrees Celsius 68 to 230 degrees Fahrenheit Turkey s thermal baths and spas are known to have healing properties and therapeutic effects They have been proven to naturally cure illnesses and ailments such as rheumatism arthritis skin problems digestive disorders circulatory and heart diseases gynecological diseases and liver and kidney diseases among many others Turkey is one of the only seven countries in the entire world that have been gifted with vast and abundant natural sources of thermal baths and hot springs Turkey alone has over one thousand thermal hot springs Experience Turkey s natural blessings and gifts by visiting the 17 best thermal spas and hot springs resorts in Turkey as named by the country s Ministry of Tourism The 17 thermal spas and hot spring baths are as follows 1 Hudayi Sandikli Thermal Resort in Afyon Hudayi 2 Orucoglu Thermal Pool in Afyon Orucoglu 3 Thermal Pool in Ankara Kizilcihamam 4 Massage Therapy in Gonen Thermal in Balikesir Gonen 5 Retreat in Thermal in Bolu 6 Historical Thermal Pool in Bursa Cekirge 7 Health in Nature in Bursa Oylat 8 Thermal in Canakkale Kestanbol 9 Thousand Years of Healing Method in Denizli Pamukkale and Karahayit 10 Sakar Thermal Pool in Eskisehir Sakar 11 Thermal in Izmir Balcova 12 Mud Bath in Izmir Cesme 13 Ilgin Thermal Pool in Konya Ilgin 14 Thermal Bath in Kutahya Harlek Ilicakoy 15 Thermal Spa in Mugla Sultaniye 16 Doctor Fishes in Sivas Balikli Yilanli Cermik 17 Thermal pool in Yalova Taking a dip in any of these thermal pools is definitely a must do by anyone who visits Turkey A bath in these hot springs not only gives your body and health a natural boost but also lets you experience a little bit of Turkey

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  • Turkey Hamams Turkish Bath Steam Bath
    continuously flows to increase the room s temperature Bathers start to perspire freely in this room Then bathers go to the next room that is even hotter than the first one before they could wash themselves with cold water Then bathers could then relax in the cooling room Usually there are masseurs or tellak in Hamams They help bathers by soaping and scrubbing them Tellaks are young boys from the non Muslim nation of the Turkish Empire There was some evidence which says that tellaks also work as sex workers for the Hamams clients This was described in great details in one of the text of Ottoman authors But together with the fall of the empire the tellaks also vanished In the past Hamams was the center of social gatherings And it s not exclusive for men only there are some Hamams which contains a separated room for men and women Women bring a number of things with her when she goes to a hamam Example is the pesternal or a large towel This is usually wrapped around their torso There s also the tas probably a dipper which is always made of metal it is use to pour water all over their body During those times Hamams are very popular and a trip to that place has become a daily routine for some people Almost all special occasion won t be complete without having a bath at a Hamams A bride must visit a hamam before the wedding Somewhat similar to a bridal shower but this happens inside a special hamam The bride is joined by maidens and young women on her visit to the hamam The maiden would say their wishes for the bride and the unmarried women would toss coin to the pool to wish for a

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  • Patara Beach - Turkey
    is a sanctuary to different types of birds and a breeding ground for the Loggerhead turtle which was believed to be an endangered specie Your long trip will be all worth it for this place is like heaven on earth Visitors can feel solitude and happiness upon reaching the place Patara Beach is a great place to bond with your love ones and also a perfect place for learning Lots of people who have been here love to return to this paradise The beach has been voted as one of the best beaches in the world and it is the widest beach of Northern Mediterranean With no buildings visible except for the small café you can truly enjoy the white sand and water view Patara beach is also well known for its very clean and complete facilities The place is also rich with great history This is where St Nicholas was from or commonly known as Santa Claus to kids But unlike the cold North Pole which we thought where Santa Claus lives Patara beach is sunny and warm If this doesn t convince you yet maybe the Roman town ruins will increase your interest Yes there s still some evidence left which prove how great this place had been A ruin of once the great port of Patara is still there So there s lots of activity for your family to enjoy and its shore is child friendly too Visitors can also enjoy surfing through the waves at Patara Beach The beach has a surf zone for people who love the sport The beach can really cater to a wide range of requests from their visitors This place could truly help make your fantasies come true Reservations and hotel booking are really very easy You are just a click

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  • Ölüdeniz Beach - Turkey
    is known as the Turquoise Coast because of the stunning blue and aquamarine shades of the water there Ölüdeniz Beach is aptly dubbed as The Sun Soaked Jewel of the Stunning Turquoise Coast The Blue Lagoon that is located at the western part of Ölüdeniz Beach is considered the gem of this most popular beach in Turkey This beautiful natural lagoon features serene deep blue waters contrasted by the stark white sand on its shore Children can safely swim in the lagoon s calm waters and play on its sloping sandy shore Because the Blue Lagoon is a nature reserve and located inside a National Park in Turkey a fee must be paid before visitors can enter This fee is very minimal in exchange for a full day of fun rest and relaxation at the beach The Blue Lagoon is encircled by hilltops and can only be accessed by passing through a narrow strait This geographical arrangement keeps the Blue Lagoon protected from the elements and preserves the calmness and tranquility of its crystal clear waters In fact the calmness of the waters of this main attraction of Ölüdeniz Beach is where the place got its name from Ölüdeniz directly translates to dead sea or calm sea Those who are searching for a more action packed day in an activity filled area can head on over to Belcekiz Beach or Balcegiz Beach This is the activity central beach of Ölüdeniz Beach Belcekiz beach is packed with leisure interests and bustling with people perfect for those who like adventure excitement socializing and sightseeing It wouldn t be hard to find a nice beachside seafood restaurant or a refreshing drink to keep you company on Belcekiz Beach Others can also try paragliding over the scenic Ölüdeniz Beach This thrilling activity involves jumping

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