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  • Alanya Real Estate & Property Investment Turkey
    popularity from tourists arriving at the southern airport since it is just thirty minutes away from the establishment With this improved accessibility in Alanya this will eventually become a hot destination for the locals of Turkey Moreover expatriates and foreign investors would also be eyeing to own a property here in Alanya This would result to a more abundant tourism market for Alanya and Turkey in general Alanya is also recognized as one of the oldest resorts in Turkey Despite of its age Alanya still remains stunning as it was before Aside from the kilometric pristine beaches near the Mediterranean Sea Alanya is also a great site to see the panoramic views of the Taurus Mountains With a perfect combination of dramatic landscapes and clear beaches Alanya served as a strategic location for the Byzantine Ottoman and Roman empires long ago This goes to show that Alanya is not only rich in natural magnificence but it is rich in history as well There are areas in Alanya where tourists can get a glimpse of the past another lure for resort visitors One najor historical site in Alanya is the shipyard built by Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat in 1226 The great blend of Alanya s climate and landscape makes it a major destination for tourists and investors So far Alanya is responsible for the 10 percent of the country s tourism market But because of the airport in the southern region many are expecting that the figures will go higher Sooner or later Alanya will become the best spot for real estate investors looking for an excellent property in Turkey The city will be demanding more and more properties for rent especially during the summer season There are various types of properties available in Alanya They have detached villas and even off

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  • Turkey Mortgage Guide - Real Estate Property Investment
    interested in buying a property investment in Turkey This will be their vacation home as they look for a warmer weather during the cold season in their local country The mortgage rules were only changed during the early months of the year 2007 But during the times that there were still mortgage constraints potential buyers of property investments in Turkey usually have only two options to choose from It s either they would have to pay the full price of the property in cold cash or they have to deal with the mortgages having high interest rates from their overseas banks They were now thankful that the mortgage rules have changed As of now foreign investors can now have an affordable mortgage rate available at the local banks of Turkey Though the currency of Turkey took a battering in the year 2006 there are many financial experts who still believed in the potential of this country There viewpoint is now becoming true since Turkey s economy is now one of the fastest rising economy in the world Some experts said that this would last for more years to come This economic growth is attributed by the decrease in the interest rates and a high demand for real estate properties since the new mortgage law has been established Along with this demand for property investments tourism also plays a major part in boosting the economy of the country This is a great news for both local and foreign investors who are seeking for more buy to let and renting market opportunities There are several hot spots for property investments scattered all around the country of Turkey Most of these property investment areas are along the coasts of Mediterranean Sea Aegean Sea and the Black Sea For those who wanted to purchase

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  • Turkey Property Investment
    common they all desire to own a fabulous property below the stunning sunshine of Turkey First on the list is Istanbul This ranked in the number one spot in Turkey where potential buyers would want their property investment would be This is because Istanbul is a fast expanding city Every year more and more investments are heavily placed here It is now known as one of the wealthiest cities in the world This draws a lot of professional workers to relocate in Istanbul to find a job with higher salary This creates a huge demand for rental properties making it an ideal place in Istanbul to purchase you property investment The rental business in Istanbul is rapidly rising and is recognized as one of the most profitable business in the city If you want to escape the ambiance of a busy city then Bodrum is for you Bodrum is a place in Turkey where you can get away from the real world This is a popular location for property investment of foreign real estate buyers who wanted to have a great holiday home Bodrum is also one of the most stunning resorts in Turkey It is near to the most fabulous shopping places and the nightlife is so alive There had been so many famous musical artists visiting Bodrum every year Prepare a minimum amount of GBP 70 000 if you wish to purchase a property in Bodrum This amount would get you a small yet well facilitated apartment However if you want to purchase a real estate property in Bodrum where the location is better with more space and building quality then better prepare your pocket because logically the price will also increase Altinkum means Golden Sand It is a resort near the Aegean Sea here in Turkey This

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  • Turkey Property & Real Estate Investment
    s guide called Buying in Turkey For years he has been a trusted real estate adviser because of his vast knowledge regarding the different confusing features of the real estate industry Currently he has a new real estate advice service which can help potential buyers That is why most Turkish or even non Turkish who are seriously contemplating in buying a property in Turkey usually seeks his expert advice for free The real estate expert said that buying a Turkish property is as easy as counting the fingers in your hand Whiting mentioned that there are only 3 simple ways in buying your ideal real estate property in Turkey The first step of course is to find at least 2 to 4 areas where you think you are interested in buying a property Know more about the locations It may also help if you can find about the different investment properties and different type of homes that are for sale in those areas Do also compare all the highlights of these areas This is to see for yourself if the place would fit your needs and your lifestyle as well The second step is the part where you would leave your phone or mobile number and your name just in case you want to get some advice regarding the issues of buying a property in Turkey Make sure that the numbers that you give are accessible any time in case the real estate expert calls you back The last and the third step will be done by Dominic Whiting If you left a number to call then he or any of his team will probably call you back This is to discuss any legality mortgages financial or any aspect in buying a real estate property in Turkey that troubles you

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  • Ankara City Guide Turkey Informations & History
    are walking around the town you will discover the remnants of the Roman times especially the Augustus temple which has become very well known here because of the Monumentum Ancyranum the heritage of the Emperor Augustus You will find the tomb of Haci Bayram and his mosque next to the Augustus temple which still has some pilgrims saying prayers in front of the window of the tomb The holy man is still well known and respected among the Anatolian residents Another highlight of Kale is the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations which is one of the best museums found in Turkey The people who are interested in learning the history of Turkey definitely shouldn t miss it Ataturk was the first president of Ankara and is the founder of the Republic of Turkey Opposite the entrance of the Kale citadel is the Cengelhan Rahmi M Koc Museum which is an industrial museum It is situated in the prehistoric Cengelhan which was previously known as Caravansary built in the year 1522 In this museum you can find a huge selection of exhibitions with various themes of Road Transport Maritime Scientific Instruments Medicine Engineering and many others After you are done with your visit around the museum feel free to relax in either the Divan Brasserie or the Divan Café which is placed at the patio Since you are in the area do walk down the steep alley next to the museum It s called the Çikrikçilar Yokusu and this is where you can enjoy an old fashioned shopping and different varieties of things that tourists are interested in History of Ankara Ankara s history and its environs go all the way back to the Hatti evolution which is in the Bronze Age Before the time of Jesus more than two thousand years

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  • Ankara Attractions Sights Museums Tourism Informations Turkey
    plant patterns decorated all throughout the mosque During the 18th century ornamental Kütahya tiles were added to the floors of the mosque Many of visitors are attracted to the Haci Bayram Mausoleum Those who are known to be very faithful go there to visit the burial place of Sufi for encouragement and prayers After a year borders of the mihrab s external wall and the mosque was completed the mausoleum was built with a marble covering and strong lead dome over an octagonal dome Now the tomb s original interior and exterior entrance doors that were made of wood are a part of the collections of Ankara Ethnography Museum assortment Ankara Citadel Hisar The Ankara Hisar manages over a projection in the oldest developed part in the city According to a certain myth The Hisar was built by the Galatians but unfortunately no one actually believed it The fortress has an internal and external wall where the external wall was added up during the tortuous employment of the city Today the citadel preserves the essence of as small Anatolian village from its narrow zigzag streets in where you can catch little peep of the home living within Many of the traditional wood beamed houses completed with large courtyard and gardens are now renovated and transformed into fabulous restaurants The Roman Baths The Roman Baths were built as a tribute to the god of medicine Asklepios during the Emperor Caracalla time There are three main divisions in this extraordinary compound a caldarium which is the hot room the cold room or known as the Frigidaire and the tepidarium a lukewarm room The caldarium contains a washing area and a sudatorium which is called the seating area in English For the frigidarium it consists of a pool and changing rooms whereas the

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  • Ankara Nightlife Cafe Bar Club Disco Festival Restaurant Turkey
    You can also head over to the local cinemas where most of the films are shown in its original state but with Turkish subtitles Here is a list of several night scenes you might want to try when you re staying at Ankara Performances and Arts Since Ankara was constituted as the capital of the new republic the city had a huge responsibility of being a capital of culture as well From a little old village Ankara had expanded and developed in becoming the most active cultural centre way ahead than the other cities in Turkey Ankara is the home of the celebrated Presidential Symphony Orchestra as well as the State Opera and Ballet where many theatres attribute the efforts of Turkish authors The Presidential symphony performs twice a week on Fridays and Saturdays during the October to May season displaying classical music by Turkish and foreign composers You can also check Sunday edition of the Turkish Daily for monthly programs that are listed in the State Opera and Ballet Festivals Ankara is also known for hosting several festivals all throughout the year Some of these festivals like the Ankara s International Film Days which is in March and the Sevda Cenap International Arts and Music Festival during the month of April and May catches the attention of the greatest Turkish and international musicians Held in April The Children s Festival is where groups of children from all over the world come to Ankara just to take part in this vibrant vigorous event Ankara also organises many fairs throughout the year in Altin Park where it catches the attention of families for day of piping the hot fresh gözleme off the carts the irregular kiddie rides and the cotton candies The Café Bar Club Scene Most of Ankara s nightlife

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  • Ankara Shopping Bazaar Market Mall Turkey
    of the city The verification of this city is dynamic through all the restaurants pastry shops bookstores business centers cafes and pasajs which are called arcades in English Ulu is an old shopping region and this is where the Hall is situated Through these small streets you will be able to find shops that sell electrical devices Other streets are lined up with clothing stores even though they are oriented towards the people with lower income If you continue walking on the way to Ankara Kalesi you easily will find Çikrikçilar Yokusu which is a very old and well known antique area You can find plentiful of antique dealers and coppersmiths here If you are very interested in buying antiques do not fail to see the weekly Antika Pazari of Ayranci which is opened on the first Sunday of every month If you keep going in the direction of Çankaya you will arrive at Kavaklidere At this time you can find the Tunali Hilmi Caddesi which is one of the most modern shopping zones and desired places for a leisurely walk in Ankara It s well known for its modern shops music stores pastry shops pasaj cinemas and cafes The most popular shopping mall in Ankara s city centre is Kugulu Park which is on the starting of the street and at its end is Karum Another desired district to explore for shopping is Arjantin Caddesi in Gaziosmanpasa Here you will be tempted with several of the home decoration stores well known designer boutiques restaurants smart cafes gourmet shops and jewelers which are included at this particular area In Çankaya Atakule is the tallest skyscraper in Ankara Atakule is as high as 125 meters and it is equipped with a rotating tower This building is where you can find a

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