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  • Turner Access Contracts Division Invests in New Fleet of Vehicles
    to meet demand Three Ford Transit 350 with 13ft 6 long bodies have been purchased from our sister company Turner Hire Drive Turner Access Contracts Division is used widely by many Local Authorities and major contractors throughout Glasgow West Central Scotland and areas of the UK Each contract undertaken is carried out professionally safely and efficiently by our fully trained personnel Turner Access scaffolding Contracts Division supply the PlusEight Scaffolding

    Original URL path: http://www.turner-access.co.uk/news/news-items/2010-archive/contracts-division-invests-in-new-vehicles.aspx (2016-02-12)
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  • Turner Access features in NASC Yearbook 2011 Once Again
    solution is to gain control through planning organisation and selection of appropriate equipment TECHNICAL DETAILS OF SOLUTION PROVIDED The PlusEight mobile structures were moved progressively along the ceiling as required As soon as the birdcages reached the end of the mezzanine level the structures were dismantled and re erected on the opposite end of the stairwell This then allowed a link to be formed between the mezzanine mobile and the ground level mobile providing access over the stair Once the stairwell was completed the link was removed and the ground mobile could continue along the remainder of the area The client benefited from substantial cost savings in using mobile structures The alternative would have been a structure that spanned the whole ceiling area The initial build took three men 1 5 days to complete WINNING THE CONTRACT Turner Access was awarded the contract due to its commitment to provide safer systems of work on site Statutory Regulations such as the Work at Height Regulations 2005 Reg 6 3 place hierarchical requirements to use collective protection over mitigation options Collective Protection methodology is used throughout Turner s contracting operations The PlusEight birdcages were erected using PlusGard an external telescopic Advance Guardrail that prevents the risk of fall from height throughout erection dismantle and alteration of most scaffold configurations PlusGard is suitable for use on System Scaffolding Tube Fittings Falsework and Aluminium Towers PlusGard can also be used on offshore applications with the addition of a third guardrail for increased safety Turner Access can offer Industry a full range of Collective Protection equipment from Low Level Access solutions to Aluminium Towers Turner s BetaGuard addresses the risks associated with traditional tower assembly offering an option that not only prevents the risk of fall from height but also compliance of other Statutory Regulations such as Manual Handling Because of this major contractors and their clients have specified the use of BetaGuard on their sites Among the specifying contractors was Bovis Lend Lease at Media City following a Worldwide Best Practice Alert distributed by the BuildSafe safety organisation BetaGuard has also been specified by Balfour Beatty specification is stated in their Zero Harm document distributed throughout the organisation Olympic Delivery Authority included in Standard 5 Health Safety Standards for Mobile Access Towers at Work and ASDA WAL MART specified in their Way of Working Document BetaGuard is an Integral Advance Guardrail that provides complete fall prevention during assembly dismantle and alteration of Aluminium Towers Additional benefits of using BetaGuard include productivity and stock control improvements and ease of assembly dismantle BetaGuard offers the user a choice of using single decks only or fully decking at each level of the tower Users also have the option to use traditional bracing with the BetaGuard frame or not This allows users to save on investment as unnecessary components i e decks and braces can be reduced A reduction in components provides savings on labour cost while also reducing unnecessary exposure to manual handling risk Another benefit to

    Original URL path: http://www.turner-access.co.uk/news/news-items/2011-archive/turner-access-features-in-nasc-yearbook-2011.aspx (2016-02-12)
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  • Turner Access contribute to Construction News WAH Feature
    be eliminated In response to this Turner Access produced a comprehensive 50 page erection guide CPG1 after support from the HSE and other key industry groups This was specifically produced for use with the generic form of scaffolding tube and fittings Training Following Turner Access guidance manual additional specific and appropriate training was developed not only for scaffolders but for anyone involved in ensuring compliance with the WAHR such as planners managers supervisors and safety auditors NASC SG4 Interim Guidance Appendix A reflected the need for such erection guidance and training New product development Designers of most new scaffolding Falsework and tower systems which may come under development should nowadays ensure that compliance is inherent in their product design Turner Access was the first to create such a solution for aluminium towers The BetaGuard is an integral advanced guardrail AGR that not only prevents the risk of falls but also enables users to better comply with the manual handling regulations because of its ergonomic design Risks commonly associated with standard tower practice have been eradicated but a key benefit of the invention is its efficiency given that it removes the need for braces and additional platforms A 4m tower ca be safely assembled and dismantled in only 7 8 minutes providing efficiency savings can easily be made when using the BetaGuard Subsequently many major contractors are now either specifying the BetaGuard or the new concept to be used on their sites Turner Access AGR has been developed for use in three separate tower types Beta Tower Octo Tower and MAST The AGR is available through Turner Access as well as a network of approved rental suppliers purchase and hire The BetaGuard complies fully with the product standard BS EN1004 2004 and carries the Kitemark after independent assessment and testing by

    Original URL path: http://www.turner-access.co.uk/news/news-items/2010-archive/turner-access-contributes-to-work-at-height-feature.aspx (2016-02-12)
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  • Turner Access Announced as Winners of SHP IOSH Award 2010
    devised the BetaGuard which is an integral advance guardrail for use on aluminium tower scaffolds to provide complete fall prevention during the assembly dismantle and alteration processes The innovative equipment removes the five risks associated with the widely accepted 3T through the trap method the risks of a fall injury while fitting guardrails tripping when entering exiting a traditionally braced tower positional injury when entering exiting a traditionally braced tower

    Original URL path: http://www.turner-access.co.uk/news/news-items/2010-archive/turner-access-wins-shp-iosh-award-2010.aspx (2016-02-12)
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  • Turner Access Finalists at SHP IOSH Awards 2010
    the assembly dismantle and alteration processes Users also benefit from increased productivity and the BetaGuard provides options for users to configure the tower as they require BetaGuard enables the user to choose the use of a single decks only or fully decking at each level of the tower Users also have the option to use traditional bracing with the BetaGuard frame or not This saves on investment as unnecessary components

    Original URL path: http://www.turner-access.co.uk/news/news-items/2010-archive/finalists-builder--engineer-awards-2010.aspx (2016-02-12)
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  • Turner Access is nominated for the Construction News Access & Scaffolding Specialist of the Year Award
    complete fall prevention during the assembly dismantle and alteration processes While Statutory Regulations such as Work at Height Regulations WAHR 2005 place hierarchical requirements to use collective protection over mitigation options BetaGuard offers more safety benefits than solely preventing the risk of fall from height BetaGuard removes the five main risks associated with the assembly dismantle and alteration of traditional Aluminium Towers using the 3T Method The five risks are

    Original URL path: http://www.turner-access.co.uk/news/news-items/2010-archive/finalists-shp-iosh-awards-2010--.aspx (2016-02-12)
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  • Turner's new Work at Height Catalogue offers best practice
    Archive Turner Access launches Work at Height Catalogue Turner s new Work at Height Catalogue offers best practice advice and guidance for working safely at height as well as providing innovative access equipment The Work at Height Catalogue includes Best Practice Advice Guidance on safe working at height A Guide to the Work At Height Regulations 2005 Aluminium Towers System Scaffolding Low Level Access Ladders Advance Guardrails Advance Guardrails Training

    Original URL path: http://www.turner-access.co.uk/news/news-items/2010-archive/turner-access-launches-work-at-height-catalogue-.aspx (2016-02-12)
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  • Scaffold planning and selection issues under spotlight
    used Unfortunately many suppliers leave it to the users to address this important statutory requirement and how their particular equipment can be used to meet WAH Regulation 6 3 However the joint user and client understanding of the hierarchy is essential as correctly selecting the most appropriate equipment for work at height makes compliance possible or registers reasoning to possibly justify why safer alternatives required by the WAH hierarchy have been ruled out In most instances users and clients are offered designs detailing practice that involves mitigation at best against falls i e practice relying upon arrest harnesses with no other choice provided to duty holders It is worth noting that under CDM an employee s sub contractor s system of work is ultimately also partly owned by the Main Contactor or even the Client It is clear that if duty holders those who plan and control the work of others understand what is required they will put themselves in a much better position to make the correct choice at the project planning stage Whilst the starting point to it all is product selection together with product guidance and design which makes compliance possible other factors are also important to consider e g training product standards and approvals TRAINING Awareness Training for planners supervisors managers and safety auditors is required to plan select organise supervise and then enforce audit that the SOW is being carried out correctly Practical Erection Training is also essential for the erectors This type of training is additional to most training that has been provided through national schemes until recently as the concepts are new and different and generally specific to the products or designs provided This could include any equipment that can prevent the risk of fall during the complete SOW process most likely advanced guardrails which may be independent types additional equipment or an advanced guardrail type which may be intended as part of the scaffold configuration involved Integral when the scaffold is complete Evidence of Awareness training for planners supervisors managers etc which includes the collective options which may be selected to achieve compliance and practical assessment for erectors to ensure understanding and check capability may be necessary to prove competence ALUMINIUM TOWERS Aluminium towers are one of the most common forms of scaffold access system used in the UK Two processes were approved by the HSE and PASMA as options for users in 2004 before the WAHR regulations were introduced The fully collective advanced Guardrail option utilizing telescopic Advanced Guardrails features has now been superseded by a new Integral type providing substantial improvement in terms of ease of use simplicity and efficiency making the said Industry guidance documents now subject to review This is what Judith Hackett Chairperson of the HSE had to say about it when she reviewed this new practice The considerable health and safety advances were clearly evident PRODUCT STANDARDS AND APPROVALS The equipment chosen to provide the collective SOW process should also either meet the appropriate product standard

    Original URL path: http://www.turner-access.co.uk/news/news-items/2010-archive/scaffold-compliance.aspx (2016-02-12)
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