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  • Turner Access installs New Bridge Access System, Safespan® in Glasgow
    motorway in Glasgow The road bridge spans the River Clyde and is situated directly in front of the main terminal building at Glasgow Airport Safespan provides a large continuous safe working platform area to facilitate multi operations being carried out at the same time and has been installed between two PlusEight Birdcage Scaffolds which the company has also erected around the piers on either side of the river Jim Church the company s Health Safety Manager said Our erection procedures with Safespan ensure that our installers are at no time exposed to the leading edge and the risk of fall this meets with our company policy to adopt techniques which are at the forefront of fall elimination in the Access Industry Turner Access has pioneered the erection of scaffolds adopting new erection methodology and equipment which provides collective protection throughout the process thereby eliminating mitigation measures such as harnesses continue to break new ground with their safe systems of work Additionally Turner Access has implemented an innovative solution which addresses security considerations at the project site using PlusEight scaffold with no protruding tubes to overcome Turner Access has installed special steel sheets from the Safespan underbridge system as cladding all

    Original URL path: http://www.turner-access.co.uk/news/news-items/2008-archive/revolutionary-bridge-access.aspx (2016-02-12)
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  • Turner Access News- Scaffolding and Access
    not prevent but normally at best only arrest the fall was something that we embraced to resolve This was no small challenge to find a solution to a practice that has been around since the Pyramids were built and scaffolding was first erected How to take away the risk of fall at all times during the process to complete the scaffold Moreover the regulations also made the use of harnesses and PPE in general as a last resort and only suitable for use where Collective means of protection passive such as guardrails or netting could not be achieved However we could see that if we could solve this problem we would also eliminate other concerns over the use of harnesses not least e g the possibility of suspension trauma the need for rescue planning and resources that should always accompany the use of harnesses and the general uncertainty surrounding inspection and the harnesses ability to do what it should do in the event of an arrest fall due to environmental degradation Additionally a truly safe system of work for scaffolding erection dismantling and alteration is something that in its detail should not just minimise risk of fall but eliminate completely the risk of fall in every single stage of the methodology required to build the scaffold The scaffolding expert reader of this article will know that such systems of work have currently not been developed for use in the Industry That is until now Additional equipment in the form of scaffolding like pieces are required known as Advance Guardrails in combination with new processes in the erection dismantling and alteration methodology to achieve fall risk prevention We produced following extensive development over several years the worlds first universal Advance Guardrail However while this equipment was developed to fit and operate

    Original URL path: http://www.turner-access.co.uk/news/news-items/2007-archive/best-practice-in-scaffolding-sia-article.aspx (2016-02-12)
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  • Turner Access launches the new low level access solution: Deltadeck
    unit Deltadeck from Turner Access has been warmly welcomed within a wide scope of industries from aviation to off shore engineering local authorities and leaders in the Hire Industry Safe versatile and adaptable to many applications the Deltadeck is one complete unit easily transported and assembled within minutes With a safe working load of 200kg five working heights and fully guard railed at all working levels the Deltadeck is the

    Original URL path: http://www.turner-access.co.uk/news/news-items/2007-archive/low-level-access-with-a-difference.aspx (2016-02-12)
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  • Turner Access News- Scaffolding and Access
    2007 Access Scaffolding Specialist of the Year 2007 Turner Access is nominated as a finalist for the third year in a row After winning this prestigious award in 2005 and again in 2006 can they make it a hat trick Nominated for Best Practice Systems of Work let s hope it s another prestigious award win for Turner Access Innovators in Access The Specialists in Construction Awards will be held

    Original URL path: http://www.turner-access.co.uk/news/news-items/2007-archive/nominated-for-access--scaffolding-specialist-of-the-year-2007.aspx (2016-02-12)
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  • Turner Access focused on key Health and Safety issues & systems of work
    This is evolution the gradual development of something into a more complex or better form Everything from the tower s adjustable leg up to the new GRN spigot has been improved to make the Beta Tower faster lighter stronger inherently safer and more versatile Therefore anyone who is currently using the industry s common tower who wants to evolve can do so as Turner Access can also support users who want to use their existing equipment with the new Beta Tower Recognising this as a current problem within the industry Turner Access plan to provide assembly guidance which will contain information on mixing components which have performance specifications that produce lower ratings than the Beta tower unit When suitable common product components are mixed with the Beta Tower this must result in the Beta Tower being down rated to match those components of the lower specification equipment Therefore this useful approach and higher specification will not only be most helpful and reassuring to users it will also provide them with important design justification and a practical solution to a problem which until now industry has failed to address From their experience through membership of the leading trade associations Turner Access are now about to be at the forefront in positively dealing with widespread industry practice involving the mixing of access scaffolding equipment from other manufacturers Recognising that with the many advances incorporated into the Beta Tower and the advantages this will offer users of other similar equipment Turner Access will offer design guidance however this component mixing justification guidance will be limited to products that are dimensionally the same and approved manufactured as a minimum to the product standard BS EN 1004 2004 A new code currently under development by the NASC when complete will also be combined with Turner

    Original URL path: http://www.turner-access.co.uk/news/news-items/2007-archive/turner-access-reacts-to-an-evolving-industry.aspx (2016-02-12)
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  • Introducing The Turner OCTO® Scaffolding System: Made In Britain
    This removes the risk of unauthorised modification and reduces inspection time Costs can be reduced through improved production output thereby reducing labour and other operating costs Environmental benefits are achieved by utilisation of longer life materials System components are manufactured within a BS EN ISO 9001 2008 environment using state of the art technology to ensure the highest quality Turner OCTO System Scaffolding offers users a revolutionary access solution Due to the design of the OCTO cup eight components can be fitted at one time on the same level allowing a greater versatility than other systems A 360 degree rotation within the joint provides an almost limitless possibility in structure size and shape A recent design for a 59m freestanding Turner OCTO structure for an oil rig flare stack is testament to that With over 25 years experience in the Access and Scaffolding Industry Turner Access has the know how and expertise to take this revolutionary product to market Turner Access personnel have been involved in scaffold design structure installation and specialist training for many years in numerous market sectors from commercial contract jobs to industrial applications on and offshore As a scaffold service provider Turner Access can also provide site analysis and an evaluation of access solutions required for particular applications Turner OCTO is now widely used in the company s Scaffold Contracts Division enabling high profile contracts to be won as a result of the System s safety versatility and productivity benefits Turner Access Contracts Manager states Turner OCTO has opened doors for us with many local authorities We have been awarded term contracts because the client knows our System will ensure the job is completed on schedule The modular nature of the System allows us to assemble runs of scaffolding very quickly before other sub contractors are

    Original URL path: http://www.turner-access.co.uk/news/news-items/2013-archive/turner-octo%C2%AE-the-system-scaffolding-for-the-future.aspx (2016-02-12)
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