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  • Nycosia - 'Pariah' EP (Wavelength Records)
    Rock reading music experts if they actually journeyed to a gig that wasn t made up of tribute bands or washed up rock dinosaurs from their teenage record collections On any given night of the week even the dreaded school night clued in venues up and down the country are full of music obsessed kids loving life filling rooms and keeping this friggin industry alive I don t like all that shouting instead of singing they say don t they Those people who pay 80 to watch a faux classic band on a video screen in a football stadium They watch bands in holiday camps and on cruise ships these people who think they still have it have in fact turned into their parents possibly even their grandparents They can t see that the kids in bands or simply loving bands in 2016 are no different to the kids they were in the seventies eighties or nineties The haircuts might have changed but this life is cyclical Nycosia are kids They unashamedly write in their biography that fitting the playing of gigs and the writing of new material around their college work is difficult but this TechMetal Djent four piece based in Hereford has written and recorded a five track debut EP that is easily as competent as every similarly heavy release sent to us for review by forty somethings clinging on to some hopeless pipe dream of rock n roll success but get this there is an energy ensconced in the virtual grooves of this extended player that most of the others of severely devoid of It s youthful energy sure but the band members of Nycosia hold in their hands a stepping stone of an EP rather than a disc representative of an eternal longing for success This

    Original URL path: http://www.uberrock.co.uk/cd-reviews/24-april-cd/17513-nycosia-pariah-ep-wavelength-records.html (2016-04-24)
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  • The 69 Eyes - 'Universal Monsters' (Nuclear Blast)
    the old ways It has already been stated that Universal Monsters is the album that should have followed Paris Kills While I ll leave that up to you to decide Universal Monsters is definitely classic 69 Eyes for sure even down to the cover art where Finnish photographer Ville Juurikkala has captured each member of the band in full on retro monster movie lighting so you can switch between five different covers for your CD if you so desire As with those classic past albums mentioned above The 69 Eyes continue to blend the dark Goth rock of The Sisters Of Mercy and the haunting dark pop of Berlin era Iggy with the sneer of Billy Idol and never has it been more evident than on a song such as Stiv Johnny If you have no idea who that song could be about then maybe you re reading the wrong website as this is as much a tribute as an attempt to create the sound The Lords Of The New Church could have been making had they been resurrected in the new Millennium a classic methinks Album opener Dolce Vita kicks in a way that will please older fans of the band and immediately shows that working again with Michaels has somewhat brought them full circle or has it Just take one listen to the following Jet Fighter Plane it has divided fans of the band already Personally I think it s the best song on the album Following the fake news reel intro drums and guitars come in like Mother from the classic Danzig debut album and all is well in the world Cool as fuck Inspired by the Cold War this is the band taking things back yet with a current political stance Lady Darkness is prime Iggy

    Original URL path: http://www.uberrock.co.uk/cd-reviews/24-april-cd/17486-the-69-eyes-universal-monsters-nuclear-blast.html (2016-04-24)
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  • John Carpenter - 'Lost Themes II' (Sacred Bones Records)
    to hold top spot in my own personal list of the greatest ever scare flicks With his filmmaking career in semi retirement however and Masters Of Horror episode Cigarette Burns the first and last of his output to be truly lauded in an age Carpenter has dissolved back into what he does well second best music Many of the scores and music that Carpenter created for his movies is not only regarded as legendary but almost as a genre in itself especially with the children of VHS knocking out eighties obsessed electro synth music of their own that sounds like vintage horror movie soundtracks and pays the ultimate tribute to the real JC And let s not forget that Carpenter won a Saturn Award for the music he made for his 1998 fang flick Vampires which is hardly considered in the same league as the likes of The Fog Christine or Escape From New York Last year though Carpenter released Lost Themes an album of score like material that he said was recorded without the pressures of having to work to images and alongside son Cody Carpenter and godson composer Daniel Davies was done simply out of fun Critical acclaim followed as did a remixed version of the nine track album and now Carpenter has upped the music stakes quite considerably Talk of a follow up album was usurped by news that John Carpenter was to play his first ever live shows as a musician news of his appearance at Iceland s All Tomorrow s Parties event this coming July extended with a June show in Barcelona and a trio of UK shows around of course Halloween Album number two if anything like its predecessor would take some beating though even in competition with those incredibly rare live appearances and

    Original URL path: http://www.uberrock.co.uk/cd-reviews/24-april-cd/17412-john-carpenter-lost-themes-ii-sacred-bones-records.html (2016-04-24)
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  • HRH PROG 4 - Pwllheli, Hafan-y-Mor Holiday Park - 17th-20th March
    an enormously enjoyable and engaging affair I have mixed feelings about the full electric performance though In Dim Koskinas they have a charismatic frontman and they deliver a set of thoughtful well constructed prog metal that is occasionally coloured by tasteful cultural tones It s decent stuff but for me it sometimes just lacks that hint of edginess or emotional grip that could make this band a real force For what it s worth I feel the same about Dream Theater so they re in good company Part of me feels the same too about Scottish proggers Abel Ganz or Able Benz as one of our party still persistently mis calls them We are seeing them for the first time and I find it is astonishing that across our group of geographically dispersed album buying gig going prog mates no one present seems to have been previously aware of this band who guitarist Davie Mitchell tells us later date back to 1979 and have 9 albums under their belts They produce an intriguing set of highly competent traditional prog rock epics performing with confidence and clear self belief They soon win over a growing and increasingly entranced audience There is a little bit of spot the influence about them with clear Genesis Yes and especially Marillion notes but the consensusseems to be that the influences are blended in a distinctive manner Certainly they went down a storm and plenty of new fans will be checking out their back catalogue Next up old hand Edgar Broughton comes on ahead of schedule a festival first and minus band to deliver an earnest set of heartfelt tunes that provide a thought provoking diversion and added musical variety to what has already been an excellent day Coming on early means that the audience post Abel Ganz has dispersed but he works hard to draw people back in And draw them in he does not least through his captivating song introductions and well placed political remarks hang on there s a theme developing here reminding us that in whatever form it takes rock music can often be the music of rage and protest My intention is to chill while the next scheduled band Curved Air are performing However as I sit sipping on my pint and watching the band changeover I have to do a double take as some faces I recognise appear But it s only when keyboardist Sam Robinson walks on stage that my brain accepts what my eyes are telling me Curved Air have been replaced on the bill by young upstarts Purson For me this is a dream addition and from an unannounced and standing start Purson waste no time in turning heads opening ears and making an impression They produce a stunning performance a young kick ass band playing 60s and 70s influenced psychedelic rock with energy verve and considerable style They rock hard They rock loud And in singer guitarist songwriter Rosalie Cunningham they have a quite astonishing talent a front woman who leads the band with class confidence and authority as both voice and lead work dazzle She exudes star quality which isn t to do down the rest of the band at all The rhythm section of Raphael Mura and Justin Smith is outstanding Sam Robinson s keyboard embellishments and ear catching solos are superb and George Hudson s rhythm and lead support are essential to the full on Purson sound If you don t know this band yet check out them out via previous album The Circle and the Blue Door or about to be released and soon to be Uber reviewed new album Desire s Magic Theatre Headline act Caravan follow and deliver a cool and chilled set Pye Hastings is the only original member though the current line up also features Geoffrey Richardson and Jan Schelhaas whose stints with the band date back to the 1970s and bassist Jim Leverton who has already put in a 20 shift They produce a set of exemplary performances including the ambitious Nine Feet Underground from the classic In The Land Of Pink And Grey and the Neil the Hippy covered single Golf Girl The arena is heaving by now and the audience appreciative The evening is brought to a close by fellow Canterbury Scene stalwarts Soft Machine whose jazz infused noddling is manna to some but not to everyone s taste Some of the headliners audience is lost to the night but Soft Machine do what they do well and those who stayed will have stumbled back to flats and chalets feeling happy SATURDAY Day Three Saturday and the lure of the coastal path means I miss the first two bands Empty Yard Experiment who I was looking forward to seeing and Schnauser who I still don t know Sorry guys blame the Siren s who swim off the shore of Ynys Enlli I m all present and correct for Messenger though another young band who are tipped for the top and another late change to the bill The addition of the two younger bands has improved the balance of the bill considerably a lesson for the organisers for future years perhaps Messenger impress I have a personal preference of some of their more rocky and bluesy moments but there is more than enough of interest here to encourage me to check out their Illusory Blues album which includes the captivating Planet Caravan esque Somniloquist and forthcoming release Threnodies The soporific soundscapes of Colin Edwin s Twinscapes don t really hold my attention It s undoubtedly highly competent muso stuff it s just not quite to my taste especially at a festival We are all however looking forward to seeing The Enid with Joe Payne looking increasingly confident at the helm and Robert John Godfrey easing his way towards a dignified retirement from live performance The Enid are of course customary festival crowd pleasers On this occasion they play plenty of material from the forthcoming album Dust

    Original URL path: http://www.uberrock.co.uk/gig-reviews/7-march-gigs/17353-hrh-prog-4-pwllheli-hafan-y-mor-holiday-park-17th-20th-march.html (2016-04-24)
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  • Weezer / Dinosaur Pile-Up - Manchester, Academy - 3rd April 2016
    that if this were the early to mid 90s they d be dominating these kinds of venues all on their own Of course this just makes it all the more irritating that the likes of Bring Me The Horizon and Fall Out Boy can maintain an almost constant radio presence when there are bands far superior with way way better tunes out there like Dinosaur Pile Up who are still plugging away with a respectable cult following Still hopefully this is just the launch pad the band need to launch them up to nationwide if not international recognition And then its time for the kings of radio ubiquity Weezer themselves Kicking off with California Kids the opening track to the band s latest effort Weezer come out strong with insta nostalgia melodies a big chorus complete with oohs that would make the Beach Boys proud and a simple sense that the choice to open with a brand new track signifies that Weezer in 2016 have no time for trying to re capture past glories and be that band from the mid 90s when they could just as easily dominate the pop rock market now Of course that s not to say that they won t play the classics at all as Lemmy once said I wouldn t go to see Little Richard if he didn t play Keep a Knockin in the set and Weezer aren t likely to drop the songs that catapulted them to superstardom in the first place As such follow up My Name Is Jonas offers the opportunity for a massive sing along as does the chunkalicious riffathon Hash Pipe which brings the crowd vocal levels closer to Stadium than you d expect of Manchester on a rainy Sunday night Even at their most critically questionable Weezer have been able to create excellent singles and this is reflected in the fact that the band are able to blast out songs new newer and old and never fall flat in delivering a top notch night of pop rockin As such Back To The Shack from 2014 s Everything Will Be Alright In The End and L A Girlz sit pretty in the setlist sounding as though they could comfortably fit into any post 2001 Weezer album which is to say the point when Weezer moved to creating stadium sized songs with alternative tendencies Frontman River Cuomo is still the archetypal rock n roll nerd even 22 years on from when he self confessed a comparison to Buddy Holly and this is fairly heavily reinforced by his let the songs do the talking ethos when onstage Though he does interact with the audience it s in a very down to earth way conversational almost as though he s playing to a room of 50 people as opposed to 2 500 That just serves to make the band all the more endearing though and there is a real sense that they haven t lost sight of what it feels

    Original URL path: http://www.uberrock.co.uk/gig-reviews/8-april-gigs/17476-weezer-dinosaur-pile-up-manchester-academy-3rd-april-2016.html (2016-04-24)
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  • The Uber Rock Singles Club - March 2016
    stock lasts On the B side of this 10 we have Stay Clean with a funky phat bass line and some equally funky keys driving it along before the electric guitars join in It s classic Jesse Malin I guess because his B sides are always worth checking out The same can also be said for the third track on offer Devil In The Blue Dress which has a passing resemblance to something Nick Cave might have done around the murder ballads period Pressed on 10 primarily for the UK tour you will have to be pretty quick to pick up this bad boy before they are all gone I m lead to believe this run might be as small as 100 Hard Action Hand Dripping Blood Bootleg Booze Records Hailing from Finland Bootleg Booze have brand new limited edition single on their roster and anyone still in love with sleazy howling electric guitars needs to grab a piece of Hard Action before they all go Think MC5 primetime Hellacopters you starting to get the drift folks That s where these cats are hitching their wagons and there s also a healthy tip of the hat to the likes of Gluecifer for sure Jump right on it folks via the link tagged above Dead On The Wire Lonely Hearts No Front Teeth It s a no brainer isn t it Punk rock from Bandcamp for only 6 but here s the deal clincher its only digital at the moment it will get the full No Front Teeth treatment in several months down the line So why you reviewing it now Well I hear you but as you know we like to give you the heads up at Uber Rock and by prepping you on this one you have no excuses when No Front Teeth put it out Oh by the way they ve just released this Californian band s first single over here in the UK so you can pick up a copy of that bad boy as well Anyway what do they sound like Well Dead On The Wire have catchy punk rock songs that have a bit of the old school for sure but they also have that California melodic edge I think the gang vocals on the choruses reminded me of someone like the Harrington Saints Let s be honest here you get six songs of quality for 6 which in anyone s book is a bargain so what are you waiting for Toilet Boys Feat Boy George The Last Breath Of The World s Greatest Rock And Roll Love Affair Cargo Records Out on 10 vinyl here in the UK this Record Store Day and already out on iTunes the lead track features none other than Boy George yup he of the Culture Club fame Not such a stretch if you know your Toilet Boys as the pair have worked together before on Pretty Boys So what s it like I hear you all scream well

    Original URL path: http://www.uberrock.co.uk/features/78-march-features/17261-the-uber-rock-singles-club-march-2016.html (2016-04-24)
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    Park 17th 20th March Weezer Dinosaur Pile Up Manchester Academy 3rd April 2016 The Uber Rock Singles Club March 2016 Archives Filter Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 5 10 15 20 25 30 50 100 All Filter Win tickets to see RITCHIE BLACKMORE s RAINBOW exclusively on Uber Rock Created Friday 01 April 2016 03 00 Author Gaz E When legendary guitarist RITCHIE BLACKMORE announced in November that he was going to perform a one off RAINBOW show at Birmingham s Genting Arena rock fans went crazy Tickets sold out within minutes for the show on June 25 2016 even Mötley Crüe s VINCE NEIL rumoured to have secured leading role in upcoming biopic Created Friday 01 April 2016 02 30 Author Gaz E Now that MÖTLEY CRÜE has called time on its once glittering career the band members have all gone their separate ways in the entertainment industry While Nikki Sixx is busy with Sixx A M frontman VINCE NEIL hasn t been hanging around waitin Life imitates art for unfortunate member of KISS tribute band Created Friday 01

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    Label Bluefin set to release highly detailed FREDDIE MERCURY figure in May Created Wednesday 30 March 2016 15 12 Author Gaz E Bluefin the leading North American distributor of toys collectibles and hobby merchandise from Japan Hong Kong and more has announced the forthcoming release of the newest exciting addition to the popular Tamashii Nations S H Figuarts line THE ANSWER RAVENEYE and BIGFOOT complete STEELHOUSE FESTIVAL line up Created Wednesday 30 March 2016 11 55 Author Johnny H The Steelhouse Festival The Welsh International Classic Rock Festival now in its sixth consecutive year is delighted to be adding the final three artists for the Saturday and Sunday bill The Answer RavenEye and newcomers Bigfoot will join a great lin AL JOURGENSEN discusses the ever changing music industry watch his comments here Created Wednesday 30 March 2016 11 52 Author Johnny H MINISTRY main man Al Jourgensen s new project SURGICAL METH MACHINE inked a deal with Nuclear Blast Records for their debut album recently The self titled offering which was recorded primarily at Jourgensen s home studio in Burbank Californ THE CRIBS are unveiled as the headliner of Camden Rocks 2016 Created Tuesday 29 March 2016 18 45 Author Johnny H Camden Rocks have announced their highly anticipated headline act for the 2016 all dayer the UK s most vital indie punk trio The Cribs Set to close the festival on Saturday June 4th at the Electric Ballroom this is the band s first London show sin HECK get added to the bill of this Friday s GINGER WILDHEART SHOW Created Tuesday 29 March 2016 18 43 Author Johnny H Heck have just confirmed they are to join the line up for The Ginger Wildheart Show taking place this Friday The Ginger Wildheart Show debuts at the O2 Forum in London on April 1st with an impressive supporting cast Along with The Gi DOLL SKIN premiere their new video for Let s Be Honest watch here Created Tuesday 29 March 2016 18 41 Author Johnny H Phoenix based female hard punk rock act DOLL SKIN released their brand new video Let s Be Honest The song is taken from the band s debut album In Your Face Again produced by Megadeth s David Ellefson and available on CD Vinyl via EMP Label G DANNY FIELDS launches new Ramones photobook My RAMONES Created Tuesday 29 March 2016 18 38 Author Johnny H My RAMONES Danny Fields is a unique document of the band s early career that will be published on 27th April 2016 as a hardback limited edition The photobook collects rare and never before seen photographs of the Ramones comp DEATH ANGEL discuss returning to work at Audiohammer Studios watch video here Created Tuesday 29 March 2016 18 35 Author Johnny H San Francisco Bay Area thrash legends Death Angel recently announced their new album The Evil Divide which is due for release on 27th May via Nuclear Blast The band have been posting some studio updates since

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