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  • Jake Jeffries's Page - UK Marketing Network
    18 2015 0 Comments Jake Jeffries posted blog posts Mobile set to dominate 2015 as well Mobile set to dominate 2015 as well Feb 3 2015 Jake Jeffries posted a blog post Consumers will spend over 42bn this Christmas are you prepared Wether you like it or not the festive period is upon us Along with the endless parties flowing drinks annoying relatives and unfortunate turkeys this is a really good chance to get those tills full with some festive cash Consumers will spend over 42bn this Christmas of which 13 per cent will be spent online according to a new report released yesterday While consumers purse strings are a little looser you need to try and grab their attention making them think of your shop in this See More Nov 28 2014 0 Comments Brand Design Experts commented on Jake Jeffries s blog post Read what your customers really want from you is it a surprise Most of the customers are frustrated because after spending some time on the website they don t find relevant information or products So the website needs to be very proactive The website should be very clear upfold and with banners and logo Nov 14 2014 Jake Jeffries posted a blog post Read what your customers really want from you is it a surprise There is nothing more rewarding and satisfying as having a happy loyal customer for your business but how can we make our customers happy and loyal By giving them exactly what they wantA recent global study conducted by SAP reveals that customers want to be able to communicate with business and brands by SMS as it s quick and convenient 81 stated that they prefer to communicate with their brands via SMS than mobile apps We are moving away from customers asking Is there an app for that to See More Nov 11 2014 1 Comment A blog post by Jake Jeffries was featured The Triple M plan your Mobile and Media Marketing strategy If you can harness the power of the mighty mobile and social media then you and your business could be onto a real winner The mobile phone has changed It is no longer just a form of communication it now let s you take photos play games listen to music buy music check your bank balance browse the web update your social media etc etc the list goes on and on This incredible little device gives you the world at your fingertips in a device that is no bigger than the hand that holds See More Oct 1 2014 0 Comments Jake Jeffries posted a blog post The Triple M plan your Mobile and Media Marketing strategy If you can harness the power of the mighty mobile and social media then you and your business could be onto a real winner The mobile phone has changed It is no longer just a form of communication it now let s you take photos play games listen to

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  • Black Friday - sales, stats and marketing tips - UK Marketing Network
    An estimated 810 million was spent online in the UK on Black Friday 181 million online UK retail site visits Smartphone traffic was up by 57 from Black Friday 2013 An estimated 720 million spend on Cyber Monday The size and scale of Black Friday 2014 took everyone by surprise overwhelming some carrier and retailer operations as order volumes came in at a full 30 per cent higher than expectation All the indicators point to a much larger Black Friday this year both in terms of greater numbers of retailers taking part and growing shopper interest so the opportunity is vast Justin Opie managing director at IMRG So what about Black Friday 2015 Well it seems that a lot of experts are predicting Black Friday sale madness to spread over a few days this year in what is being called the Black Friday period We already know about Cyber Monday and it s incredible number of purchases and interest however in a bid to win the race for those purchases experts are predicting that retailers will rollout their Black Friday offers early in the week of Black Friday to beat the competition But is rolling out your Black Friday offers early the best way to beat your competition and be heard One of the main problems facing retailers during the Black Friday madness is how to get your marketing message heard With so much competition and so many big retailers flexing their muscles and marketing budgets this can be tricky however SMS can provide the most effective way and with it s low cost it really is a dream come true for retailers and ecommerce sites 98 of all texts get read 29 of tweets 22 of emails and 22 of Facebook posts get read Frost Sullivan Through texting your

    Original URL path: http://www.ukmarketingnetwork.co.uk/profiles/blogs/black-friday-sales-stats-and-marketing-tips (2016-02-14)
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  • Joe Llewellyn's Page - UK Marketing Network
    Sales Marketing professionals too many tools and solutions in the market Companies end up spending money on a variety of tools then huge amounts of resource to manage said Nov 6 2015 Joe Llewellyn posted blog posts The role of social media in B2B buyers decision making Avoiding the pitfalls when it comes to buying company data Top 5 tools every sales and marketing team needs to know about 2 more Nov 5 2015 Joe Llewellyn posted a blog post Choosing the right digital tools for your business Technology is evolving at a fantastic rate and the buzzword of the moment right now for businesses is digital The growth in use of the web and social media platforms has changed the way people interact find and choose products and services so both B2Bs and B2Cs are needing to adapt The role of IT is being See More Nov 2 2015 0 Comments Joe Llewellyn posted a blog post Plan to make 2016 your best sales year ever The countdown to the New Year is well and truly on are you ready to launch yourself into that first week with unyielding focus and determination Don t just take a leap of faith the easiest way to get straight on track and to channel your energy in all the right places is to have a clear vision before you start 2016 is See More Oct 30 2015 0 Comments RSS Profile Information Agency side or Client side Client side Industry B2B Business Services IT Marketing Disciplines Business Development Digital Online Marketing Direct Marketing Social Media Career Level Manager Current or Most Recent Job Title Content Marketing Manager Work Status Employed Working Independently Current or Last Company Lead Forensics Town City or County within the UK Portsmouth Joe Llewellyn s Blog What does your perfect sales team look like One of the first things you learn when you hit the sales floor is that customers can respond very differently when it comes to different selling techniques If you can recognise and react to the clues they give you and find the best fit for them then the deal is as good as done In the Continue Posted on November 13 2015 at 15 36 3 lead generating tips to turbo charge your B2B Event Marketing It s becoming more and more apparent to B2B marketers that people like to buy from people even in B2B marketing In fact for the fourth year in a row B2B Marketers Continue Posted on November 12 2015 at 13 00 Social Selling and how to use it as part of your sales funnel Social media has grown to become one of the most influential marketing channels available to businesses today And unless you ve been living in a cave for the last decade then you re likely to be one of the millions of people across the globe that use it We Are Continue Posted on November 9 2015 at 9 14 The role of social media

    Original URL path: http://www.ukmarketingnetwork.co.uk/profile/JoeLlewellyn (2016-02-14)
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  • What does your perfect sales team look like? - UK Marketing Network
    for the company your customers and the market place you operate in For example a lot may depend on how slow or fast your sales cycle is If it s slow then the sales types who thrive on quick turnarounds are likely to be get frustrated and in a very dry information driven market the networker types will never perform well Understanding common sales team types can be a great place to start when it comes to building a sales force to be reckoned with Not only so you can support your individual team members better but to enable you to see if you have any gaps and to help you choose new additions that would be the best fit As like a premiership club a team full of strikers isn t going to get far let alone get on with all that ego in the way To help you get started we ve pulled together some of the most common sales rep types Are any of these in your wolf pack The Hunter I could sell anything to anyone Everything is an opportunity to sell and everyone is a potential customer They will not give up easily and are the classic thick skinned sales person They often need training to help put their endless stamina to best use and for help in managing frustration The Servant Let me help you with that They are always super helpful and at everyone s service Can I bring you more coffee They love getting attention by doing something good They ll continue doing it again and again as long as they get love and attention back They don t see themselves as sales people they are first and foremost service oriented people The Star networker Nice to meet you This is the one who has the biggest network of contacts knows everyone and everyone knows them They have the latest gadgets and never miss an opportunity to connect with people They present themselves very well are highly intelligent and master communicators They also make excellent marketers as they always look for new ways to reach the most people The Informant It s all about the facts and figures They will have all the information and be technical wizards knowing how to drive home a point with facts figures and detail Always come across as extremely passionate for the topics they are knowledgeable about The Companion Everyone s mate You can t help but like this person They are instant rapport builders They don t get stressed often and are very consistent in their work Their sales style is unaggressive calm and unpressured The Top Dog Chasing the big deals This is the one who prefers to go after the big money with those big deals Often a larger than life personality they love to take the younger ones under their wings and show them how it s done The veterans of the sales world The Reader Master at adapting their technique This

    Original URL path: http://www.ukmarketingnetwork.co.uk/profiles/blogs/what-does-your-perfect-sales-team-look-like (2016-02-14)
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  • Shell Robshaw-Bryan's Page - UK Marketing Network
    of the shoot will be based on what you want to achieve so this is always a great starting point and will help to ensure that the finished product is exactly what you want See More Jul 1 2014 0 Comments Shell Robshaw Bryan posted a blog post Using Facebook For Your Business You Need To Know This It s official Facebook organic reach is dead This comes as no surprise at all as we have seen Facebook reach consistently dropping across all business pages for months now What is more unexpected however is that Facebook has finally come out and admitted it ending months of speculation This article looks in more detail at what this actually means for your own Facebook business page illustrating the impact it will have on your activities Be warned the Facebook article is full of spin See More Jun 26 2014 0 Comments Shell Robshaw Bryan posted a blog post Mother s Day Marketing Ideas For Restaurants Mother s Day is one of a handful of days in each year when demand for restaurant tables is almost guaranteed and goes through the roof but just because demand is high on this day it doesn t mean that you can afford to simply sit back and wait for the bookings to flood in With more competition in the restaurant sector your competitors will be doing all they can to ensure they grab the lions share of bookings so if their marketing campaign is more attractive to diners you will loose See More Mar 17 2014 0 Comments Shell Robshaw Bryan commented on Jane Sherwood s blog post Simon the Ogre Ad recieves 80 complaints Loving Ian Botterills comments I couldn t agree more Some people seem to complain about the most ridiculous things Mar 5 2014 Shell Robshaw Bryan posted a blog post UK Restaurants Get Ready For Google Menus Google has just rolled out a new feature that US restaurants bars and diners are already making use of displaying menus inside their search results We already know that using structured data tags on your website means that Google will display Rich Snippets additional information about your location products or services right in their search results Carry out any search that includes the display of Rich Snippets data and you ll immediately see that the listing grabs your attention much See More Mar 5 2014 0 Comments Shell Robshaw Bryan posted blog posts Valentines Day Promotion Ideas For Restaurants Bars 8 Compelling Reaons Why You Should Be Using Social Media Feb 12 2014 Shell Robshaw Bryan posted a blog post Google AdWords Tips Using Negative Keywords For Better PPC Results When running a pay per click campaign using negative keywords is an absolute must As more of us are forced into bidding on only the most popular keywords use of broad match types is often necessary and to get the best results you ll need to specify negative keywords too What Are Matching Types By

    Original URL path: http://www.ukmarketingnetwork.co.uk/profile/ShellRobshawBryan (2016-02-14)
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  • 10 Essential Insights Into Blogging That Might Surprise You - UK Marketing Network
    5 Don t expect an easy ride Even when i m not working or writing for the blog i m still thinking of the blog and generating ideas on what to do next When you are blogging about a passion or interest that is already a big part of your life it makes things that little bit easier The downside however is that you may find it difficult to make any real time for yourself and downtime is important as it helps to supercharge your creativity I have previously been self employed and have been able to draw on the time management skills I learned running my own business which has been a huge benefit in running my blog whilst managing all of my other commitments 6 Don t expect to quit your job yet It s difficult to judge when a blog has made it as this can be quite subjective though somewhere around the 10 000 unique visitors mark is definitely a good indicator that a blog is taking off Even with a high traffic fully monetised blog you won t necessarily earn enough to make quitting your job a reality The internet is full of reports of successful bloggers who quit their jobs and now blog their way around the world but these success stories whilst compelling really are in the minority Be realistic It takes a LOT of hard slog so don t make any rash decisions and don t even think about leaving full time employment until your blog is generating a comparable income 7 Don t stop learning A successful blog takes a broad range of skills First you ll need to be a decent writer you ll need to understand content marketing SEO time management negotiation social media and PR I find that my background in web design and internet marketing along with my love of photography is invaluable To make your blog work you ll need to wear a lot of different hats and you ll need to be willing to constantly learn new skills If nothing else keeping on top of SEO is an absolute must 8 Don t underestimate the time and dedication needed A typical blog post takes me 3 hours to write My more detailed blog articles can easily take 4 5 hours That might seem like a lot but pumping out low quality content won t do you any favours in the long run I always write a draft article then I source and resize photographs or design a fitting image in Photoshop Then I upload and format it all Then I edit it Then I go over the whole article with my SEO hat on Then I publish the article and do a final read through and deal with any corrections I missed before then going on to promote the article across all of my social channels your work really isn t over once you hit the publish button 9 Don t let the quality of

    Original URL path: http://www.ukmarketingnetwork.co.uk/profiles/blogs/10-essential-insights-into-blogging-that-might-surprise-you (2016-02-14)
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  • 3 lead generating tips to turbo-charge your B2B Event Marketing - UK Marketing Network
    find their inner purple squirrel random we know The result By creating an enticing pre event campaign and following up with an invite to the event Payscale generated over 600 leads before the conference had even started AND created an awesome conversation starter for stand visitors too nice work for some furry friends Tip 2 Conduct a survey or research study to support your event Content marketing is all the rage right now and that doesn t stop when at a conference or marketing event With some strategic thinking and a little pre planning you can boost your on the day lead generation with a live industry study or survey while speaking to delegates on your stand it makes a great conversation starter too By creating a short survey of questions related to your industry your delegates needs and their future predictions as an example you ll have all the data you need to create an original whitepaper or marketing guide Creating a captivating first hand research paper and then distributing it to your attendees will help boost lead generation and reinforce your brand as a trusted information resource Tip 3 Take the event experience into hyper drive Encouraging delegates to visit your stand or workshop on the day is kind of the point but what about all those prospects who couldn t make it to the stand If you re feeling techy and brave hosting and streaming live from your event can be an effective way of boosting your on the day lead generation Engineering com felt brave enough to pull it off and saw 4 times as many people attend the webinar as were at the event workshop itself well they are engineers By extending your on the day reach online with live webinars social media events or

    Original URL path: http://www.ukmarketingnetwork.co.uk/profiles/blogs/3-lead-generating-tips-to-turbo-charge-your-b2b-event-marketing-1 (2016-02-14)
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  • Christmas Email Marketing Ideas For eCommerce Stores - UK Marketing Network
    or by price range makes finding the perfect gift easier 2 Create A Sense Of Urgency Time limited offers and deals are a great way to incentivise customers and email is the ideal way to deliver this kind of promotion The 3 for 2 range has become a familiar sight on the websites of big retailers but isn t viable for many Instead you might want to try running a similar promotion for a much shorter period of time You could offer free shipping over selected dates or free gift wrapping on orders made during a specified period 3 Highlight Last Delivery Days Keeping your customers informed of last delivery days can discourage people from leaving it to the last minute and it also helps you to manage expectations This also helps to create a sense of urgency as discussed above 4 Target The Big Shopping Days Don t forget key seasonal shopping dates and launch promotions targeted around these dates John Lewis reported a 307 increase in sales on Black Friday in 2013 figures not to be sniffed at Do remember however to publicise offers to your email subscribers well in advance to help drive demand on the day Black Friday which falls on 27th November 2015 Cyber Monday which falls on 23th November 2015 Christmas Boxing Day and New Year Sales 5 Send A Christmas Day New Year Greeting Sending an email thanking your customers for their business and wishing them well is a great way of fostering positive sentiment and serves the dual purpose of keeping your brand top of mind Read How To Get More From Your eCommerce Website This Christmas for further tips and advice on Christmas marketing Original article Views 37 Tags Share Tweet Facebook Facebook Previous Post Next Post Add a Comment You

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