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  • Social Selling and how to use it as part of your sales funnel - UK Marketing Network
    want is to encourage action On the other hand shoving sales messages down follower s throats will not encourage them to stick around so how can you use the different platforms to turn connections into sales While you may already be using social media to get your company name products and services out there the buzz word of the moment is social selling which is far more tactical It is about generating revenue and putting strategies in place that are designed to make a sale From a content point of view it needs to lead to the product not come from the product To get started begin by thinking through your sales process from start to finish and breaking down how social media could be used to best support each stage Here are some ideas how Finding prospects There are thousands of potential customers out there just waiting for you to find them A huge benefit of social sites is that they have opened up a multitude of ways for you to not only find them but scope them out and connect with them Plus as social media operates in real time you re not playing catch up you re right there at the right time and can make good use of any information you uncover Swotting up Social media has made it far easier to research and pull together information that can help strengthen a sales pitch and that you can use to tailor an approach Think about who your target customer is and make sure you are listening to them what are they discussing online Where are they going What can you learn from their posts and updates that may help you with your sales process There are likely to be keywords and events that may signal someone as a potential prospect with a need right now Knowing your product think what these might be and put steps in place to make sure you re alerted to them Tools like TweetDeck can help you monitor keywords for example Introductions Recommendation remains one of if not the strongest way to generate new business Thanks to social media recommendations are now a very public affair and introductions between companies are easily done If you can encourage existing customers to back you online then you ll benefit from the very strong and positive message that sends out Credibility Generating and sharing interesting insightful content is a key part of social selling As well as posting quality information from the company that customers will want to read do a review of all personal pages too Do the sales teams profiles match up in their messaging their style the quality of content and their imagery Are they all presenting a strong unified image of the company and what it stands for All these issues can affect your credibility As can joining groups and taking part in industry discussions on sites such as LinkedIn You re showing your expertise positioning yourself as an expert

    Original URL path: http://www.ukmarketingnetwork.co.uk/profiles/blogs/social-selling-and-how-to-use-it-as-part-of-your-sales-funnel (2016-02-14)
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  • The role of social media in B2B buyers’ decision making - UK Marketing Network
    years 3 years or even just a year ago may no longer be the case Just because a strategy worked in the past doesn t mean it will still be as potent today You also need to check you re striking an effective balance between your existing customers new prospects and other influencers For organisations across the world capitalising on the influence that social media and other digital platforms can have on sales remains a hot topic There have been loads of studies carried out into the attitudes and behaviours of B2B buyers when it comes to such sites Here is some food for thought and a snapshot of some of the most interesting findings Stages of the sale Different channels are used by buyers at different stages of the buying process according to Buyersphere Report 2012 Here researchers divide buying into 3 distinct phases Identifying and defining the need Awareness stage Identifying potential suppliers Consideration and final supplier selection Conversion According to their findings Facebook and blogs are most useful in the first phase LinkedIn and blogs are the most effective in the second phase and Twitter and Facebook are most useful in the final stage of buying It s good to talk Interviews conducted with B2B buyers as part of a study by Carnegie Mellon University Heinz College and Dell revealed that 57 strategically browse existing conversations on social media as part of their purchase research So taking part in those industry related conversations and showing off your expertise online is a must This is backed up by findings in the Buyersphere Report 2013 which found two fifths of respondents had used some form of social media to find information or advice ahead of making their purchase The most popular sites used being industry specific forums which stood out from the rest in terms of both usage and their influence Content In a survey of B2B tech buyers by Eccolo Media case studies and success stories were by far the most popular type of content cited by 25 of buyers This was followed by guides white papers 16 each podcasts emails 13 each blogs infographics 12 each and videos product brochures or spec sheets 11 each Google Love them or hate them it s worth mentioning here that Google still remains the first place many people will go when they want to search for something online be it a product service or company reviews or other information That means being top of the search and easy to find online remains important Your social strategy should include online activity that will also help you achieve that Website refresher Finally don t forget the part that your website will play in all of this as if you re targeting prospects you re likely to be driving them to check out your site A B2B web usability report by KoMarketing and BuyerZone found a big disconnect between what B2B buyers wanted to see on a website and the content that was

    Original URL path: http://www.ukmarketingnetwork.co.uk/profiles/blogs/the-role-of-social-media-in-b2b-buyers-decision-making (2016-02-14)
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  • How To Periscope An Event - UK Marketing Network
    in advance Broadcast a coming soon trailer to describe the event and timing 3 Focus on sharing behind the scenes and otherwise unseen coverage to add value and to encourage those attending the event to also watch and share By making sure the title of the broadcast is exciting yet descriptive you will attract viewers Deliver a clear and single call to action at a number of points in the broadcast to visit a webpage call a number follow a Twitter account or perhaps Register Now Ensure that the focus is on people even if the broadcast is for an inanimate product or service Interviews and short quotes and comments retain high levels of engagement from the viewers Follow up with a further Periscope to reflect on the event or scenario and thank all of those involved If you plan to host another broadcast then make it obvious when and where it is available Post links to the saved broadcast in as many places as it can be shared and ask others to share Check the profiles of all viewers who arrived spontaneously at the broadcast because they are following elements of your video title and or are in the same geographic location Always think of the potential for a broadcast video whenever you publish content If a picture can tell a thousand words then a video is likely to tell many more Read the full article here Views 39 Tags Share Tweet Facebook Facebook Previous Post Next Post Add a Comment You need to be a member of UK Marketing Network to add comments Join UK Marketing Network RSS Welcome to UK Marketing Network Sign Up or Sign In Or sign in with Top Content Edit 1 Introduce yourself 2 Excellent role for a Senior Marketing Manager in South

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  • Avoiding the pitfalls when it comes to buying company data - UK Marketing Network
    in the real world things might not be quite so rosy Now we re not saying all lists are riddled with issues and inaccuracies They re not and you may get lucky and generate a healthy return on your investment But before you reach for the company credit card just make sure you are aware of these five common pitfalls and are geared up to ask all the right questions Compare providers and make sure you know exactly what you ll be getting Avoid generic info General company emails and phone numbers are not going to help you if you re after people in specific job roles You need accurate information on the level of the target individual It s no use shelling out for a data list where many leads then come to you with just generic info Data that s past it The information on any data list needs to be regularly cleaned and by this we mean kept up to date People and teams are changing all the time and if it s not checked and updated often then leads will quickly become worthless Overused Nothing is going to annoy people more and make them less receptive to an approach than getting call after call If their data is on a list that has been sold on many times it won t take much for them to quickly lose patience Not opted in There are many issues of data protection that you need to adhere to when it comes to dealing with people s personal details with most breaches coming with a hefty fine But even on a personal level if someone hasn t opted in to say they re happy to be contacted then they re not going to be impressed if they start having to dealing with sales calls May not even be useable Before you buy anything you need to think long and hard about how you will use the data Email marketing systems such as MailChimp are getting more and more intelligent when it comes to stopping you using this type of data as it can end up blacklisted as spam If that s your plan then it could prove a waste of money So what should you do Take it into your own hands It may take time and resource but there really is no better data source than one you have built up yourself and that you know is being kept up to date If you compile all the contacts and leads that you ve grown through your marketing activity and organically such as through networking referrals website visits enquiries content marketing etc etc then you ll start to see real results But even more than that by using software such as Lead Forensics that uncovers previously anonymous web visitors you are able to build a list of leads who have already shown an interest in your products and services but who haven t reached out to you yet Your own

    Original URL path: http://www.ukmarketingnetwork.co.uk/profiles/blogs/avoiding-the-pitfalls-when-it-comes-to-buying-company-data (2016-02-14)
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  • Top 5 tools every sales and marketing team needs to know about - UK Marketing Network
    teams can use it to do everything from building landing pages to managing social media publishing blogs improving search engine optimization and measuring ROI 3 Google Drive Google Drive is a free service that allows you to store files online and is accessible from anywhere via the cloud It gives you access to free web based applications for creating documents spreadsheets and more For teams Google Drive provides a place for multiple people to work on a document at the same time from slideshows to spreadsheets and text documents There is no broken formatting like you can hit in Microsoft Word no forgetting to save as it auto saves and you can even work offline if you need to 4 Lead Forensics You ll never miss a single website lead again thanks to this clever software If you re driving web traffic then Lead Forensics can reveals the identity of anonymous visitors helping to turn them into actionable sales leads in real time This valuable data ensures no opportunity is ever missed and lets you engage with prospects right at the top of the funnel identifying sales leads you never knew you had and accelerating marketing ROI 5 GetSidekick com The tool every sales person needs in their life You ll get the ultimate in email data with Sidekick Know who opens your emails when they opened them how many times and even from where When you re writing an email with Sidekick s tools you ll have all the relevant information about your recipient at your fingertips from contact history to social media content mutual connections and more And the best of the rest Buffer com In a nutshell Buffer is a way to simply and easily share social media posts on multiple platforms You simply add your Tweets Facebook stories or LinkedIn updates onto your Buffer queue and Buffer will post them for you all well spread out over the day and at the best times Teamwork com This free and easy to use online application is perfect for team members who are collaborating on larger projects that may have multiple tasks assigned to lots of different people Trello Millions of people and companies of all kinds and sizes love using Trello It s a free flexible and visual way to organize anything with anyone Perfect for those to do lists showing your priorities at a glance Buzzsumo Not just a great name but a great tool too perfect for use with content marketing and SEO campaigns It helps you quickly identify what content is working well in an industry which topics related to your business are getting the most attention and who the major influencers are Canva A great online image manipulation and creation tool Makes it super easy for non designers to create stunning graphics In today s world images are more important than ever and with Canva you can quickly create them 1Password With all these apps and new technologies our modern world is becoming

    Original URL path: http://www.ukmarketingnetwork.co.uk/profiles/blogs/top-5-tools-every-sales-and-marketing-team-needs-to-know-about (2016-02-14)
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  • Marketing To The Modern B2B Buyer - UK Marketing Network
    delivered a better mix of content knowing what information your buyer needs and when could be the difference between winning and losing that sale By mapping out the B2B buyer journey and identifying your buyer s information needs at each stage you ll understand what content will have the most impact Overlaying your content strategy according to these information needs will guarantee to inform educate and influence the decision making process Step 3 Nurture the sales out of those leads The average sales cycle has increased by 22 over the past 5 years due to more decision makers being involved in the buying process But as the sales cycle grows so does a marketer s ability to turn a not right now into a find out more But in a world of real time results and instant gratification monitoring your twitter feed for interaction and sending out an email campaign isn t enough You ll need real time digital intelligence in place across multiple channel touch points in order to keep those buyers moving along their journey When nurtured leads on average produce a 20 increase in sales leads spending extra time on effective lead nurturing will build trust with buyers and establish your company as a credible information source Step 4 A community of brand advocates is essential When it comes to making that all important purchase decisions 67 of B2B buyers agreed that they had heard of the chosen supplier before So if you want to win that well earned business it s time you had an army of brand advocates ready to spread the word about your product With B2B marketing stepping away from the dull and dreary and into the limelight why not get creative with your brand advocacy and make it fun for your customers

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  • How are your beginning of year marketing plans stacking up? - UK Marketing Network
    lows along the way so you need to maintain your momentum and energy levels Try not to get too distracted by thinking about the end of year results just yet Get your head down and concentrate on achieving your Q4 goals Look at your existing goals is there anything that could be improved for this quarter Are they still challenging enough What has been working well for you and what hasn t been quite as good Are there any opportunities or gaps there that could help you even more Give some thought to what additional opportunities there may be If you re not on track Time for an honest review of what s not been working If you pinpoint what may have caused you to veer off track then you can make some adjustments for this final quarter Make sure you re using your energy wisely There is no point focusing in on things that you have no influence over Instead look at what you can control and have goals that work around them Here are some points to consider are you fully armed will all the information you need Have you done your research and got all the data you need before you make your approach Is your pitch the strongest it can be or could it be refreshed and improved For example are you confident in talking about all the benefits not just features And are you maximising opportunities to grow business from existing client accounts and through referrals A survey by Gigaom in 2014 found only 39 of marketers use referral marketing regularly but 43 of those who do acquire more than 35 of their new customers with it Whatever you feel about the previous three quarters elation frustration or a mixed bag see this final quarter

    Original URL path: http://www.ukmarketingnetwork.co.uk/profiles/blogs/how-are-your-beginning-of-year-marketing-plans-stacking-up (2016-02-14)
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  • Blogs - UK Marketing Network
    placed in a national paper The take up was Continue Added by UK Marketing Network on October 8 2015 at 14 30 No Comments 5 minute interview with Rachel Waller Global Head of Online Communications at Farfetch Name Rachel Waller Job Title Global Head of Online Communications Company Farfetch What was the most embarrassing moment of your marketing career Building a huge all bells whistles app for one of our Holiday campaigns and then realising on the day a final tweak we d made meant it didn t work on iPhones What has been the highlight of your career Continue Added by UK Marketing Network on October 1 2015 at 14 00 No Comments Is SMS marketing the future for your new business Having a great product service or system that you want to get launched and marketed is only half the battle with new business Although it may be partly about how good your business idea is you will find that victory lies more in how successful your strategy and plans to market your idea Continue Added by Nadya Ahmed on September 16 2015 at 13 08 No Comments Classic advertising blunders In a global campaign a brand can still get things badly wrong in terms of product names creative copy and design Due to the increase in brands international reach we ve seen a growth in international campaigns bringing with it and increasing need for brand control consistency and visibility At the same time international campaigns mean accommodating wide diversity whether regulatory cultural or linguistic And With the dominance of digital comic or offensive slip ups now Continue Added by Kate Robinson on September 10 2015 at 11 00 No Comments Is it time for the B2B world to embrace mobile marketing Whether appointment reminds promotional offers or order confirmation SMS has served a purpose for B2C marketers to communicate with customers in a more personal and dynamic way than ever before As one of the most popular choices for advertising marketing and communications with customers mobile and SMS has changed the marketing landscape and marketer s ability to contact customers with their messages more personally while on the go But can Continue Added by Nadya Ahmed on September 10 2015 at 9 30 No Comments 10 Tips for the Best Product Ads on Facebook Facebook product ads are the latest medium for companies that want to advertise their products on social platforms Unlike conventional links and like ads Facebook product ads let you advertise multiple products or even entire product catalogues on all devices It distinguishes Continue Added by UK Marketing Network on September 8 2015 at 14 43 No Comments The Work Perk Continues FMCG drive in the UK market partnering with both Mondelez and Global Functional Drinks The Work Perk has confirmed two new sampling campaigns with global snack and beverage conglomerate Mondelez International as well as with Swiss drinks company Global Functional Drinks The Work Perk has been briefed by Mondelez to distribute a

    Original URL path: http://www.ukmarketingnetwork.co.uk/profiles/blog/list?page=2 (2016-02-14)
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