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  • Blogs - UK Marketing Network
    August 5 2015 at 8 00 No Comments Hero s humiliation that lasts a lifetime We caught up with Oliver Parsons Digital Manager Brooks England before his upcoming talk at On The Edge Birmingham Oliver is leading their website launch including the management of design e commerce and marketing agencies whilst managing and creating content on all websites including Continue Added by UK Marketing Network on August 4 2015 at 9 00 No Comments The Event Marketing Trends of 2015 As all marketers know exhibiting at events is a costly marketing strategy that can be difficult to gain positive ROI But the staid days of tables and chairs and sales men pitching to people from all angles is a thing of the past as the event trends of 2015 show it s no longer about selling it s about Continue Added by David Walker on July 29 2015 at 9 01 No Comments Digital Marketing Tips to Maximise your B2B Event Marketing Is event marketing out dated in the era of all things digital Stats from the 2015 B2B Content Marketing Trends report proves not Despite the growth of digital trends and technologies In person events still come out on top when it comes to B2B lead generation We re a sociable bunch and it shows Marketing at tradeshows and events isn t easy or cheap but Continue Added by Katherine Boyce on July 28 2015 at 13 47 No Comments Meeting Cameron Doses of Insanity 60 Seconds with Gez Smith Meeting Cameron Doses of Insanity Gez Smith has been engaging people online for the last 13 years having designed and managed some of the largest online public engagement exercises ever run in the UK including campaigns for Continue Added by UK Marketing Network on July 23 2015 at 8 00 No Comments The Dalai Lama Astronauts Meerkats We caught up with Harold de Vries Head of B2B Marketing at LG Electronics in this quick 60 second interview to hear about his career highs and lows and who he thinks is the brand to watch What s the most embarrassing moment of your marketing Continue Added by UK Marketing Network on July 21 2015 at 8 00 No Comments Easy and efficient ways to collect your customers data Your marketing campaigns whether it be email or mobile will only be as good as your data So what s the best way to collect your customers data With so many different ways to be in contact with your customers these days it would be wrong to assume that only one way is best It always depends on your type of business and clientele The meteoric rise of online and social media has posed many different Continue Added by Jake Jeffries on July 16 2015 at 8 20 No Comments Turbo Charged Lead Generation Bottom of the Funnel Tips You ve turbo charged your way to the bottom of the funnel and the end is in sight Your prospects are qualified but

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  • Blogs - UK Marketing Network
    Love ad push Ditto s nude shot for the magazine s cover as a stand against bland perfection in fashion is appearing at key poster sites across the capital over the next week The bi annual title edited by former Pop editor and stylist Katie Grand will also be promoted via all 1 200 of Condé Nast s newsagent billboard sites across the capital and retail promotions nationwide from its launch day tomorrow February 19 The launch issue s key front Continue Added by Mark lennox on April 2 2009 at 12 00 No Comments Previous 1 107 108 109 Next Page RSS Featured Blog Posts 60 seconds with marketing gem Jellyfish What will the New Data Laws Mean for Your Marketing Low calorie content embarrassing career moments breaking stuff 3 Lead Generating Tips to Turbo Charge your B2B Event Marketing 60 Seconds with The View from The Shard London UK Marketing Network Blogging Guidelines View All Latest Blog Posts Grow With Digital The Growth Hub Periscope The Live Video Streaming App What s All the Hype About B2B Marketers Say hello if you would like to load your own articles into theMarketingblog Reach A Younger Audience Marketing To Millennials Why brand equity s at risk from advertising faux pas Moving consumer insight across the border European expansion and considerations for your target consumer The Future of Digital Marketing Most Popular Blog Posts Top 10 tips for modern PR How advertising has changed ads you wouldn t get away with today The Stories behind the Most Famous Slogans 60 seconds with LV Marketing Comms Manager Marmite Advert Receives 250 Complaints in 24 Hours ASA Clears Controversial Pot Noodle Ad Bodyform Makes A Witty Comeback At Facebook User Monthly Archives 2016 January 4 2015 December 1 November 16 October 12 September

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  • 60 seconds with marketing gem: Jellyfish - UK Marketing Network
    s your all time favourite quote We always shine in the end It comes from my university days I was never the most organised student writing about 3 000 4 000 words the night before a deadline the system worked really well in the end So every time I m snowed under and trying to hit multiple deadlines at once it reminds me that in the end everything will be fine What s your favourite marketing campaign at the moment It s actually an evergreen I believe it s been going on for several years now It s Patek Philippe s You never really own a Patek Philippe You merely look after it for the next generation I often fly to Switzerland to visit family and as you may imagine Geneva s airport is filled with watch ads But those of Patek Philippe always stand out The slogan the product the imagery I ve rarely seen an ad selling the emotional benefits of their product so well and I m not even a fan of watches Which brand are you keeping an eye on this year Google Historically they re really good only at a selection of products or across certain verticals but now they ve been releasing new features at such a pace that their full marketing suite can compete and win against many ecosystem including that of Adobe We re seeing a lot of clients switching from competitive analytical packages and I expect the next few quarters to see more exciting features to come out and win market share What s the most annoying marketing jargon right now It would be either big data or data science Often marketers don t fully understand what these entail and the technical expertise that is needed to deal with data at

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  • What will the New Data Laws Mean for Your Marketing? - UK Marketing Network
    news stories about people taking ownership of their data and selling it on to companies for a fee But with this new law businesses will now be held accountable for any personal data that is lost or stolen And in our digital heavy world this is something that many businesses are now more at risk of than ever before With many hackers becoming increasingly clever about the way they gain our data A pivotal point that comes across in this law is that a business can no longer purchase data Something which many markets may bear the full brunt of when it comes to sourcing their engagement for campaigns Instead businesses will now have to review any third party contracts in order to ensure that the data is gained appropriately and in accordance with the new regulations Easy Law Suits Marketing is getting a serious clean up from this new act and it s certainly going to set apart the good from the bad There s not a day goes by that you don t hear of a law suit against a brand due to a breach of data Many have been affect including Sony and EBay and it s simply something that won t be hindered by this new law Consumers will have more power than before and be able to contact a company if they feel their information has been misused for any marketing purpose Omar Choudary a Private Client Solicitor from Taylor Rose comments that Many people are now coming to us with concerns about their personal information and this is something which is a grey area within the world of Law however in most circumstances there is a case What to Do Next The alarm bells may be ringing for you but if you source your

    Original URL path: http://www.ukmarketingnetwork.co.uk/profiles/blogs/what-will-the-new-data-laws-mean-for-your-marketing (2016-02-14)
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  • Low-calorie content, embarrassing career moments & breaking stuff - UK Marketing Network
    of the best work I ve ever completed it touched a huge number of people and I felt it was flawless What s your all time favourite quote Never let the truth get in the way of a good story Mark Twain I used that to introduce the best men at my wedding What s your favourite marketing campaign at the moment Very recently it has to be an interesting challenger brand piece from none other than Strongbow in the U S They are positioning themselves in the U S as hard cider Using Patrick Stewart as the talent but firing him halfway through the ads I think its from Droga5 Which brand are you keeping an eye on this year I have been watching them closely for a few years but Uber are an obvious one They just never seem to put a foot wrong even when they have a PR disaster their crisis comms are so on point and they don t advertise at all in a traditional way having intense market and user focus at their core To use that overused phrase they are truly disruptive and I am keen to see with growth when they might move into a more traditional approach Recently I have become interested with Lego as a brand too I have always loved their product but since watching a documentary and reading about their company I have found their approach to things from an organisational structure to the way they communicate to children fascinating What s the most annoying marketing jargon right now So many Recently though disruptive has become horribly overused as I mentioned before people are using it to describe a suite of banner ads I heard the phrase low calorie content the other day too I thought snackable was

    Original URL path: http://www.ukmarketingnetwork.co.uk/profiles/blogs/low-calorie-content-embarrassing-career-moments-breaking-stuff (2016-02-14)
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  • 3 Lead Generating Tips to Turbo-Charge your B2B Event Marketing - UK Marketing Network
    The result By creating an enticing pre event campaign and following up with an invite to the event Payscale generated over 600 leads before the conference had even started AND created an awesome conversation starter for stand visitors too nice work for some furry friends Tip 2 Conduct a survey or research study to support your event Content marketing is all the rage right now and that doesn t stop when at a conference or marketing event With some strategic thinking and a little pre planning you can boost your on the day lead generation with a live industry study or survey while speaking to delegates on your stand it makes a great conversation starter too By creating a short survey of questions related to your industry your delegates needs and their future predictions as an example you ll have all the data you need to create an original whitepaper or marketing guide Creating a captivating first hand research paper and then distributing it to your attendees will help boost lead generation and reinforce your brand as a trusted information resource Tip 3 Take the event experience into hyper drive Encouraging delegates to visit your stand or workshop on the day is kind of the point but what about all those prospects who couldn t make it to the stand If you re feeling techy and brave hosting and streaming live from your event can be an effective way of boosting your on the day lead generation Engineering com felt brave enough to pull it off and saw 4 times as many people attend the webinar as were at the event workshop itself well they are engineers By extending your on the day reach online with live webinars social media events or video streaming you ll boost your opportunities for

    Original URL path: http://www.ukmarketingnetwork.co.uk/profiles/blogs/3-lead-generating-tips-to-turbo-charge-your-b2b-event-marketing (2016-02-14)
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  • 60 Seconds with ...The View from The Shard, London - UK Marketing Network
    the team that created a journey experience for Top of The Rock at the Rockefeller Center Indeed I felt like giving birth to a beautiful son All the ones we were part of the opening we knew we were making history The opportunity to participate in the journey creation and experience helped remarkably shape the product and experience that was pre opening easier to market As any start up the creation of the team and brand is very special What s your all time favourite quote The future belongs to those that believe in the beauty of their dreams by Eleanor Roosevelt I guess I am a dreamer and romantic at heart What s your favourite marketing campaign at the moment I love Delta Airlines new approach on their creative everywhere especially how they finally raised attention on inflight videos They keep it fresh and seasonal The company went through an intensive re branding and are really quite good online and on mobile platforms Clean and simple messages A classic for me is The Hide films by BMW Which brand are you keeping an eye on this year The Freedom Tower since is the new sister tower opening an observation deck in NYC and could change the tourist pattern in the city Also from an emotional angle towards what post 9 11 means and trying to see how the company will target tourists What is the driver The angle The idea of 3 observation decks in one city very interesting What s the most annoying marketing jargon right now Make it viral I wonder really As a senior marketer we know not all products can go viral and volume driven Certain brands require secrecy and exclusivity the right moment to the right audience Talking and generating interesting content Views 84

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  • UK Marketing Network Blogging Guidelines - UK Marketing Network
    Blog length Your blog should be between a minimum of 150 and a maximum of 500 words in length Links Blogs should contain as few links as possible though we do allow them if they are pertinent to the article and not blatant plugs of other sites If you are posting a blog from another site you should credit this at the bottom of the blog content with SOURCE insert link Images Please provide images with your copy taking care not to flounce copyright laws Google is a great source for public images Ensure your images are bright and lively depict the article and are as high resolution as possible The larger the better so we can really make your blog stand out Views 112 Tags Share Tweet Facebook Facebook Previous Post Next Post Add a Comment You need to be a member of UK Marketing Network to add comments Join UK Marketing Network RSS Welcome to UK Marketing Network Sign Up or Sign In Or sign in with Top Content Edit 1 Introduce yourself 2 Excellent role for a Senior Marketing Manager in South East England UK 3 Come join ClearScore team as a Digital Marketing Manager SEO Specialist

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