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  • Our Pets, Page 2 - Wafcol
    gundog Talents Knowing when the cheese is coming out the fridge Falling a sleep sitting up Telling the time Looking sad Jake Breed Jack Russell Likes Wafcol S P Talents He is a very happy loving dog Very playful Loves his Good Boy Giant Meerkat toy and he loves the Good Boy Fresh Breath Rolls Captain Jacks Salmon treats and Good Boy Choc drops Lego Breed Jack Russell x Chihuahua

    Original URL path: http://www.wafcol.co.uk/about-us/our-pets/?ccm_paging_p_b48=2 (2016-02-08)
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  • Our Pets, Page 3 - Wafcol
    a phone in her direction Misty loves all toys will destroy them if you do not play with her her favourite one at the moment is the raggy fox Misty likes all treat her favourite would be the knuckle bones or large chomp stixs Molly Breed Golden Cocker Spaniel Wafcol Types We have fed her Wafcol Salmon Potato Puppy S M since the age of 8 weeks Talents Molly is 8 months old Golden Cocker Spaniel She is a very cheeky playful character Her favourite toys are the GB Tug Rope GB Space Lobber and Squeaky Face Ball She enjoys playing with other dogs and regularly visits the seaside where she loves playing in the sand Sugar Bull Nelson Breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Likes Sugar loves her Gboy Lob It Space Lobber and Jumpin Jabber they are her favourite toys Her favourite treats are anything from the Gboy Deli Treat range and milk puppy drops Donut the cat her brother from another mother she likes to steal his Cat Food and prefers her own wafcol food to be warmed up She loves chewing shoes and going to sleep on washing Her Favourite cuddly toys are the Gboy Meerkat and Christmas Fat Rat Dislikes She hates fireworks and loud noises She doesn t like Big Dogs as they tend to knock her over She dislikes Long Car Trips and the dark She is very girly and won t go out in the rain or in the cold Personality She is very playful and loving Loves Her Bother Donut the Cat She loves to wake him up in the morning by jumping on him and kissing him She is adventurous and very submissive to other dogs She is very jealous if she is not getting all the attention She loves cuddles

    Original URL path: http://www.wafcol.co.uk/about-us/our-pets/?ccm_paging_p_b48=3 (2016-02-08)
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  • Success Stories, Page 1 - Wafcol
    seem to suffer from then about two months ago he started to have a lot of tummy upsets and diarrhoea he was treated by the vet but it kept coming back and it was then I decided to do my own research He was already on a puppy sensitive food so I was perplexed as to why he didn t improve Then by pure chance I came across the Wafcol website I had been searching for some sort of allergy free food as a last resort and when I came across The Best Kept Secret I decided to give it a try I went to my local supplier and after talking with them I decided to put both my dogs on Wafcol so Dolly has the small medium adult Salmon and Potato and Teddy has the puppy one They took to it straight away didn t even bother to change the food over gradually such was my desperation to help them both and since that first meal they have not looked back Teddy is no longer having loose bowel movements and is not looking tired and listless anymore he is a bubbly puppy again They are both always eager and ready for their meals too Wafcol is a wonderful product and I would never give them anything else They do not have titbits or treats I have to be very careful of that but they don t seem to want anything else either all I can say is a big thank you to Wafcol for helping my dogs live the life they should be living Fletcher Wafcol Salmon and Potato for large breeds has completely changed our labradoodle Fletcher s life After a problem when Fletcher was a puppy he was left with a number of food intolerances Fletcher was extremely poorly due to his body rejecting all other forms of food eventually after recommendation from a vet we tried him on Wafcol and he has never looked back Fletcher has gone from strength to strength and is now a happy healthy dog and all thanks to Wafcol He loves his food so much he even dances on his dish for more Thank You Wafcol for giving us our happy chappy back Oreo Hi I m Oreo I m a black Labrador and I would like to thank you for your Salmon and Potato food We got Oreo when he was 8 and half weeks old after a few days of feeding him Wainwrights Puppy Chicken and Rice he started to have severe diarrhoea and very bad flatulence We took him to the vets and he was put on special food After a couple of tests we brought him home and after a few days again we started on Wainwrights again unfortunately diarrhoea started again we were advised the food could be too rich We mixed it with Chappie biscuit and again we ended up at the vets again with diarrhoea and a very hard bloated stomach He was kept

    Original URL path: http://www.wafcol.co.uk/success-stories/?ccm_paging_p_b400=1 (2016-02-08)
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  • Is My Pet Sensitive? - Wafcol
    a food allergy or food intolerance can be You may find that your dog does not suffer from these health problems all the time more that they will come and go Also it is possible for your dog to react to an ingredient that they have previously eaten with no problem NB It is important to point out that these symptoms can be caused by other conditions so it is

    Original URL path: https://www.wafcol.co.uk/health-and-nutrition/my-pet-sensitive/ (2016-02-08)
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  • Our Pets - Wafcol
    she eats anything she shouldn t Bracken Breed Chocolate Labrador Likes Food Especially eating my Salmon Potato puppy food Being played with 24 7 Having my belly tickled Toys my favourite toys are my Good Boy Meerkat Good Boy Space Hopper and Good Boy Raggy Being with my family mom dad and grandma Walks Dislikes The dark Having my feet wiped My two sisters Poppy Daisy the rabbits My collar and car harness they make me scratch Personality Bubbly loving full on and funny Talents Stealing food especially off my grandma s work top and shoes Begging Coming down the stairs in 2 seconds flat Opening the stair gate and sneaking upstairs Daisy Breed Sprollie Springer CollieX Wafcol Types Chicken Likes Tennis balls Rubber balls Bouncy balls Not bouncy balls Cricket balls Table tennis balls Anything shaped like a ball Walking in Derbyshire or anywhere that has places to let my hair down get completely mucky and wet through so I get threatened with walking home I luv swimming chasing squirrels and if someone kicks piles of leaves up in the air well I can jump like a salmon bark and wag my tail all the same time I like my dinner pigs ears munchy chews and time out on my retirement bench in the garden My Dad thinks the retirement bench is his Wrong Dislikes Humans who don t pay attention when I want to play Having a shower Having a hair cut after my shower Going too far in the back of the car when everyone else gets to ride in the front Sleeping in the house I d much sooner be in my bed box guarding my pigs ears Fireworks Personality I am an all round Good Egg cos my Dad says so I am learning to

    Original URL path: https://www.wafcol.co.uk/about-us/our-pets/ (2016-02-08)
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  • What Causes Dietary Sensitivity? - Wafcol
    Golden Retrievers Irish and English Setters and other breeds that tend to have more than their fair share of dietary intolerances include the Labrador Retriever German Shepherd West Highland White Terrier and Schnauzer Whilst the age of your dog is not strictly a cause of sensitivity it may help differentiate whether your dog has a food allergy or intolerance Food allergies are more likely to affect adult dogs whereas food

    Original URL path: https://www.wafcol.co.uk/health-and-nutrition/what-causes-dietary-sensitivity/ (2016-02-08)
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  • Why Choose Wafcol? - Wafcol
    Unlike other sensitive diets available Wafcol is a true pure sensitive diet All our dog food recipes are developed to be sensitive on the digestion system and use a single source of animal or fish protein and the minimal ingredients necessary to help you lower the risk of an allergic response from your dog Our Salmon and Potato recipe is made from Salmon and Potato no other fish or meats

    Original URL path: https://www.wafcol.co.uk/health-and-nutrition/why-choose-wafcol/ (2016-02-08)
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  • Success Stories, Page 2 - Wafcol
    it and I now wouldn t feed anything else I honestly think Wafcol has changed and saved his life My 11 year old Springer Spaniel who was rescued 4 years ago also came with unbelievable runny stools and grumbling tummy and he went straight on to Wafcol too Two days later the improvement was amazing and he has stayed on Wafcol Senior with Harvey ever since I don t rave about products very often but Wafcol really is the best food I have ever fed and would recommend to anyone from puppies to golden oldies and everything in between Roxy Daisy Roxy has been ill with her stomach all her life we have changed her foods on numerous occasions from Iams to Autarky and Science Plan to no avail She has been in and out of the vets had trouble with constipation and diarrhoea She has gone for up to two days without eating never looked forward to food It has been terrible 2 years ago we got ourselves a puppy lab Daisy very greedy girl and putting on weight rapidly We also found her coat was a bit flaky Well 3 months we discovered your Salmon Potato my god what a difference Roxy hasn t skipped a single meal her stools are perfect no upset stomach and she is behaving like a puppy Daisy has lost 3 kg and her coat is like silk I cannot thank you enough for such a brilliant product wish is was more widely available Please feel free to use any of this in your testimonials you have a fantastic product Tracey Flack Jackson I am just writing to tell you what a great difference your food has had on my dog s life My eldest dog who is now 4 has allergies to

    Original URL path: https://www.wafcol.co.uk/success-stories/?ccm_paging_p_b400=2 (2016-02-08)
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