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  • Wafcol Partnership with Nottingham Search & Rescue - Wafcol
    year and a half to provide their dogs with a year s supply of Wafcol dog food Available 24 hours a day 365 days a year Nottinghamshire Search and Rescue aid the police in searching for vulnerable missing people They are a team of highly trained searchers who are called out by Nottinghamshire Police to help locate missing people and return them to safety Made up entirely of volunteers the service is provided completely free of charge and is funded through charitable donations from the public and local businesses Paul Bousfield Armitage CEO commented We are really excited about working with the Nottingham Search and Rescue Team and hope the Wafcol food proves to be a success and a favourite with the dogs Vice Chairman of Nottinghamshire Search and Rescue Terry Smith said We would like to thank Armitage for providing our dogs with their supply of food Our search dogs train several times each week no matter what the weather brings to become certified lowland air scenting search dogs and assist the Police in locating missing vulnerable children and adults throughout the county of Nottinghamshire This kind donation to the team from Wafcol provides the dogs with a well

    Original URL path: http://www.wafcol.co.uk/news/wafcol-partnership-nottingham-search-rescue/ (2016-02-08)
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  • Chelsea - Wafcol
    old and my poor dog has suffered with vomiting upset tummy and not wanting to eat her food more or less from about 16 weeks old I tried every combination of food possible and the only food she could almost tolerate was Hills Prescription food Z D Ultra but even with this she would still vomit at least once a week in the morning and her stools were still very soft I knew something wasn t right and my vet still recommended either Z D or chicken and rice but chicken and rice made her really poorly so Z D it was even though she wouldn t always eat it and was never very excited about meal times Then I tried Wafcol and wow what a change in Chelsea she likes it softened with warm water but she loves it and what a difference in her health she is no longer sick no more upset tummies and she loves meal times I do add a small amount of Natures Harvest Ocean Fish wet food and she has always had wet and dry food mixed and both really agree with her I can t recommend Wafcol Salmon and Potato enough and

    Original URL path: http://www.wafcol.co.uk/success-stories/chelsea/ (2016-02-08)
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  • Dolly & Teddy - Wafcol
    and diarrhoea he was treated by the vet but it kept coming back and it was then I decided to do my own research He was already on a puppy sensitive food so I was perplexed as to why he didn t improve Then by pure chance I came across the Wafcol website I had been searching for some sort of allergy free food as a last resort and when I came across The Best Kept Secret I decided to give it a try I went to my local supplier and after talking with them I decided to put both my dogs on Wafcol so Dolly has the small medium adult Salmon and Potato and Teddy has the puppy one They took to it straight away didn t even bother to change the food over gradually such was my desperation to help them both and since that first meal they have not looked back Teddy is no longer having loose bowel movements and is not looking tired and listless anymore he is a bubbly puppy again They are both always eager and ready for their meals too Wafcol is a wonderful product and I would never give them anything else

    Original URL path: http://www.wafcol.co.uk/success-stories/dolly-teddy/ (2016-02-08)
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  • Fletcher - Wafcol
    life After a problem when Fletcher was a puppy he was left with a number of food intolerances Fletcher was extremely poorly due to his body rejecting all other forms of food eventually after recommendation from a vet we tried him on Wafcol and he has never looked back Fletcher has gone from strength to strength and is now a happy healthy dog and all thanks to Wafcol He loves

    Original URL path: http://www.wafcol.co.uk/success-stories/fletcher/ (2016-02-08)
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  • Oreo - Wafcol
    the vets and he was put on special food After a couple of tests we brought him home and after a few days again we started on Wainwrights again unfortunately diarrhoea started again we were advised the food could be too rich We mixed it with Chappie biscuit and again we ended up at the vets again with diarrhoea and a very hard bloated stomach He was kept at the

    Original URL path: http://www.wafcol.co.uk/success-stories/oreo/ (2016-02-08)
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  • Izzy - Wafcol
    which made me itch terribly and after a good scratch I made them bleed I was taken to the vets and put on a special shampoo and antibiotics It seemed to calm them down for a while but they didn t disappear The vet was convinced that I had developed an allergy to wheat and suggested I tried this special food made of Salmon and Potato It took me a

    Original URL path: http://www.wafcol.co.uk/success-stories/izzy/ (2016-02-08)
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  • Sasha & Sophie - Wafcol
    to just about everything and by the time they were 10 months old I really thought that I was going to lose her Then I read in one of the dog papers a letter from a lady who had a dog with similar problems She said Wafcol Salmon and Potato had improved her dog s life considerably and although I had tried lots of foods that were had been recommended

    Original URL path: http://www.wafcol.co.uk/success-stories/sasha-sophie/ (2016-02-08)
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  • Harvey & Tefa - Wafcol
    too This required an immediate change of diet Wafcol was recommended by my vet as it was hypo allergenic and there was also a senior version which would help give Harvey all the other essential oils and good things he needed as he got older He has loved it from the first day he has had it and I now wouldn t feed anything else I honestly think Wafcol has

    Original URL path: http://www.wafcol.co.uk/success-stories/harvey-tefa/ (2016-02-08)
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