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  • Basil - Wafcol
    News Contact FAQs Home Success Stories Basil Basil Dear Wafcol a little poem for you Basil was a fussy eater Sausages would only do Then we discovered Wafcol salmon Now Basil is fit and healthy too Thank you Wafcol From

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  • Thank You - Wafcol
    FAQs Home Contact Thank You Thank You Thank you for contacting Wafcol We will get back to you as soon as possible Our Range Puppy Adult Senior Light Keep Me Updated Made in the uk View or Download our 2015

    Original URL path: http://www.wafcol.co.uk/contact-us/thank-you/ (2016-02-08)
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  • Home - Wafcol
    symptom of dietary sensitivities in dogs However common signs of either a food allergy or food intolerance can be diarrhoea inflamed skin and vomiting Our Range See Our Range Unlike the majority of sensitive diets available Wafcol is a true sensitive recipe as we ensure many of the ingredients known to be high risk for allergies and sensitivities are excluded from our food Success stories read Success stories We re

    Original URL path: https://www.wafcol.co.uk/ (2016-02-08)
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  • About Us - Wafcol
    in 1989 by Armitage Pet Care Wafcol Sensitive has been at the heart of sensitive diets for over 30 years There is a simple reason why we have stayed in the affections of British pet owners for so long because our food changes dogs lives Our Commitment to You Unlike other sensitive diets available Wafcol is a true pure sensitive diet Developed with Dermatologists and Veterinarians our food has been specially developed to be sensitive on the digestion system Formulated with only a single source of animal or fish protein we use only the minimal ingredients necessary to help you lower the risk of an allergic response from your dog Our brand values purity quality and trust are more important to us than ever and enable us to remain at the heart of the sensitive market Manufactured to the strictest exclusion principles and with a commitment to maintain and protect recipes with only the highest quality raw material sourcing Wafcol offer one of the most comprehensive range of sensitive dog foods available on the market today to help keep dogs fit happy and healthy throughout their life For advice on health nutrition or for more information about the Wafcol range

    Original URL path: https://www.wafcol.co.uk/about-us/ (2016-02-08)
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  • Our Range - Wafcol
    Weight All Breeds 2 5kg All Breeds 12kg 0 00 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Free shipping on orders over 50 More Information Light Available In Salmon and Potato Breed Weight Not Used All Breeds 12kg 0 00 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Free shipping on orders over 50 More Information Learn About Our Ingredients Corn Corn or maize is an excellent carbohydrate source within an extruded diet and is often used as a replacement for wheat Corn is used in two of our diets within the sensitive range Chicken Corn and Ocean Fish Corn however if a cereal free diet is desired our Salmon Potato diet fulfils this need Linseed Linseed or Flaxseed as it is also known is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acid and helps to promote healthy skin and superb coat condition Lupin Lupins are related to legumes such as peanuts peas lentils and beans Lupin seeds can be ground up to make flour which is used to replace wheat and other cereal products in our gluten free diets Ocean Fish Fish meal is an excellent source of protein and fish oil All our fish comes from sustainable sources in the Pacific Ocean and is naturally preserved Potato Potatoes are an excellent carbohydrate source and provide an alternative to cereal carbohydrate sources for dogs that require a sensitive diet Potato starch is also used as a thickening ingredient due to the fact our diets are manufactured without wheat gluten Poultry Poultry meal is an excellent protein source and offers an alternative to a red meat diet At Wafcol we don t use any poultry meal from battery reared chickens Prebiotic MOS FOS MOS Mannan oligosaccharides and FOS Fructo oligosaccharides help promote optimal nutritional uptake and remove

    Original URL path: https://www.wafcol.co.uk/our-range/ (2016-02-08)
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  • Health and Nutrition - Wafcol
    any food product but in most cases it is usually in response to a protein in the product Once the ingredient that causes the reaction has been identified it will need to be excluded from your dog s diet for life Food Intolerance A food intolerance is where the reaction to a particular ingredient does not cause an allergic reaction but where an ingredient cannot be tolerated In some cases

    Original URL path: https://www.wafcol.co.uk/health-and-nutrition/ (2016-02-08)
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  • Success Stories - Wafcol
    seem to suffer from then about two months ago he started to have a lot of tummy upsets and diarrhoea he was treated by the vet but it kept coming back and it was then I decided to do my own research He was already on a puppy sensitive food so I was perplexed as to why he didn t improve Then by pure chance I came across the Wafcol website I had been searching for some sort of allergy free food as a last resort and when I came across The Best Kept Secret I decided to give it a try I went to my local supplier and after talking with them I decided to put both my dogs on Wafcol so Dolly has the small medium adult Salmon and Potato and Teddy has the puppy one They took to it straight away didn t even bother to change the food over gradually such was my desperation to help them both and since that first meal they have not looked back Teddy is no longer having loose bowel movements and is not looking tired and listless anymore he is a bubbly puppy again They are both always eager and ready for their meals too Wafcol is a wonderful product and I would never give them anything else They do not have titbits or treats I have to be very careful of that but they don t seem to want anything else either all I can say is a big thank you to Wafcol for helping my dogs live the life they should be living Fletcher Wafcol Salmon and Potato for large breeds has completely changed our labradoodle Fletcher s life After a problem when Fletcher was a puppy he was left with a number of food intolerances Fletcher was extremely poorly due to his body rejecting all other forms of food eventually after recommendation from a vet we tried him on Wafcol and he has never looked back Fletcher has gone from strength to strength and is now a happy healthy dog and all thanks to Wafcol He loves his food so much he even dances on his dish for more Thank You Wafcol for giving us our happy chappy back Oreo Hi I m Oreo I m a black Labrador and I would like to thank you for your Salmon and Potato food We got Oreo when he was 8 and half weeks old after a few days of feeding him Wainwrights Puppy Chicken and Rice he started to have severe diarrhoea and very bad flatulence We took him to the vets and he was put on special food After a couple of tests we brought him home and after a few days again we started on Wainwrights again unfortunately diarrhoea started again we were advised the food could be too rich We mixed it with Chappie biscuit and again we ended up at the vets again with diarrhoea and a very hard bloated stomach He was kept

    Original URL path: https://www.wafcol.co.uk/success-stories/ (2016-02-08)
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  • Stockists - Wafcol
    products in the UK or check out Wafcol online retailers Alternatively you can buy online from us Stockist Finder To find the 10 nearest stockists in your area please enter your postcode in the box below UK only Postcode Retailers You can view a list of all our online stockists here If you have any questions don t hesitate to contact us on 0844 375 7002 or make an online

    Original URL path: https://www.wafcol.co.uk/stockists/ (2016-02-08)
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