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  • Money
    set at a rate per hundred households the names of the hundred will vary from area to area but it s all the same really The Normal rate of tax is equivalent to the county s prosperity level You may however set a tax at above or below that level If you set a tax rate higher than the county s prosperity rate this will be adversely effect the county s economy and increase the possibility of the county going into Unrest Your set up sheet will tell you how many households there are in each county you control The prosperity of a county can normally be expected to grow each year The level of growth will depend on your background policies Collecting a tax from a county will severely reduce the possibility of growth for that year Collecting a tax higher than the prosperity level will result in no growth whatsoever and may indeed actually reduce the prosperity level The percentage of Potential tax that you collect in an county will be limited to your authority E g Constantine of Dumnonia taxing Dorsetshire Dorsetshire contains 36 Hundreds rated at 16 each Constantine has 60 Authority and 70 Popularity in the county The county s Potential Tax is 36 x 16 i e 576 but the king will collect only 345 12s i e 60 of the Potential The basic chance that the tax is collected without causing the county to fall into Unrest is equal to the Administration Rating of the Official collecting the Tax If that fails an additional test is made against King s Popularity in that county only if this too fails will the county fall into Unrest If the initial test fails the Tax will be deemed Unpopular and the King s popularity rating in the County will fall Thus there will be at least a 70 chance of success i e a 30 chance of causing Unrest If the county falls into Unrest less tax will be collected Any attempt to tax a county already in Unrest may result in that county rising in rebellion against its King Collecting a tax in excess of 16 will cause an increased risk of unrest and a limited chance of direct rebellion Other income There are safer forms of income Royal Manors Warlords were land owners in their own right and in your Home County you will certainly own certain Royal Manors from each of which will derive an income which is free from all risk You may well also have Manors in other counties in which you have Authority E g Constantine of Dumnonia has 3 Royal Manors Dorsetshire each rated at 24 so he will collect 72 per anum free of risk Trade and Excise Each county will have a Trade rating which you may tax This is normally set at One in Ten You may increase this as you wish but increases may damage trade Decreasing the Excise may increase trade but there is

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  • Posts
    Administer Appointments Diplomacy Hunt Make War Posts Progression Raid Back to top Return to Excalibur Return to Forum

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  • Official Posts in Excalibur
    chance of success is 70 If he fails His Authority falls by the percentage points by which he failed If he passes this test The Actor receives a baseline score of half his Diplomatic Rating one third in a county in which he has no prior Authority plus 1 for every 10 spent in support Maximum 95 Progression Score is established as a random between the baseline and 100 a The Ruler will first test for each unassigned Authority point in turn until he fails a test Each time he passes one is added to his Authority count E g Conan of Guent progresses through Herefordshire with his household His baseline score is 70 2 i e 35 Conan scores 68 He will have a 68 chance of gaining an additional Authority point for each unassigned point There are 40 points unassigned and he will continue to test until he fails First try he scores 44 adding 1 to his Authority and testing again Second he scores 34 adding 1 to his Authority and testing again Third time he scores 74 failing the test and bringing the sequence to an end b If the Ruler is in the Ascendant and there is a non player Character active in the county he will attempt to make that Character his Liegeman A Defensive Score is established for the second Character as a random between his Reputation 2 10 and 100 To achieve success the Ruler must more than double the Defendant s score If he achieves a score three times higher than the defender then the defender becomes is vassel The balance of available forces is then established expressed as a ratio of Defenders to Progressors and applied to the defender s score Agepetus Neckbreaker has 20 authority here so must test to remain independent His baseline is 60 2 10 i e 40 Agepetus scores 78 Conan is accompanied by 286 Combrogi at 8pts each 2288pts whilst Agepetus can call on 48 Equites at 9pts 98 Pedytes at 8pts and 180 Scriberes at 2pts 1576 so Agepetus final score is multiplied by 1576 and divided by 2288 giving him a final score of 53 7 So Conan has the upper hand but not by enough to force Agepetus to swear Fielty Method Administration Secondly a test is made against the Actor s Administrative Rating plus 1 for every 10 spent in support Maximum 95 as a percentage chance of basic success E g Conan of Guent progresses through Herefordshire with his household He has a Administrative rating of 50 and spends no money so his chance of success is 50 If he fails Tax will be collected in the usual way by the High Reeve If he also failed Authority then the County falls into Unrest If he passes this test An ordinary tax can be collected at the year s end without fear or risk of unrest Additionally if no money has been paid there may be an income from

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  • Administrative Capability
    Charisma female Charisma male Courage Diplomatic Skill Health Intellect Loyalty Personal Combat Skill Physical Appearance female Physical Appearance male Self control Sociability Tactical Ability Back to top Return to Excalibur

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  • cordial 70 affable 60 friendly 50 sociable 45 somewhat unsociable 40 rather withdrawn 30 occasionally unfriendly 20 downright hostile 10 Intellect a true genius 95 a genius 80 perceptive 70 intelligent 60 bright 50 bright enough 45 no genius 40 dull 30 stupid 20 an idiot 10 Self control rash 95 impetuous 80 precipitant 70 impulsive 60 watchful 50 vigilant 45 careful 40 circumspect 30 wary 20 cautious 10 Personal Combat Skill heroic 95 masterly 80 expert 70 highly skilled 60 skillful 50 proficient 45 indifferent 40 clumsy 30 poor 20 incompetent 10 Tactical Ability a tactical genius 95 a brilliant tactician 80 a gifted tactician 70 a sound tactician 60 tactically sound 50 a competent tactician 45 not tactically gifted 40 a poor tactician 30 a niaive tactician 20 tactically incompetent 10 Administrative Capability is an administrative genius 95 is an inspired and tireless administrator 80 is a gifted administrator 70 is an energetic administrator 60 is a sound administrator 50 is a competent administrator 45 has little interest in administration 40 is a careless administrator 30 is an incompetent administrator 20 is a disastrous administrator 10 Courage heroic 95 dauntless 80 fearless 70 gallant 60 courageous 50 brave 45 firm 40 faint hearted 30 shy 20 cowardly 10 Loyalty as steady as a rock 95 faithful 80 steadfast 70 true hearted 60 dependable 50 reliable 45 unreliable 40 fickle 30 disloyal 20 treacherous 10 Charisma male a born leader 95 a natural leader 80 a good leader of men 70 a competent leader 60 a good enough leader 50 an adequate leader 45 not a natural leader of men 40 reluctant leader 30 a poor leader of men 20 no leader of men 10 Diplomatic Skill a consummate diplomat 95 shows excellent diplomatic skills 80 has considerable diplomatic

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  • Military Policy
    Military Policy Troop Ratings Back to top Return to Excalibur Return to Forum

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  • Military Policy in Excalibur
    their Equipment Level Background Most Dark Age armies were not Regulars in any sense of the word Excalibur classes some troops as Soldiers these are paid full timers as opposed to household followers tribal warriors or semi feudal retainers and levy These along with the rest of the host were susceptible to influences by long term Royal policy So you may also select a Military Option each Winter and let it run in order to change the balance of your forces and or increase their equipment and skills No money is necessarily involved unless you have Soldiers for whom any change of equipment must be paid for directly However you may increase the effect of any of these policies by allotting money to it the more you pay the more successful it will be Troop Ratings In Excalibur troops have certain ratings which effect the outcome of combat Attack Value This is a measure of the troops offensive capability The number shown as Att is a combat bonus when on the offensive Defensive Value This is a measure of troops defensive capability The number shown as Def is a combat bonus when defending Steadiness This is a measure of the troops ability to absorb casualties and resist attack The Std value shows the morale loss suffered when the troops fail a morale test Aggression Rating This reflect troops behaviour The higher the value the more likely they are to attack This will give them advantages when on the offensive The Agr value is added to the troops chance of launching an attack and to their Av in the first round of an attack Morale Value This is a measure of the troops confidence MrV is the troops basic percentage chance of passing a morale test Armour Value This reflects the

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  • QALeft
    a character Equipment Feudal Troops Fielty Fealty Finance Improving Characteristics Movement Official Posts Progression Raising Household Troops Removing Unrest Sea Transport Secrecy Troop Points Values Warfare Back to top Return

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