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  • Excalibur
    gradually become Mounted spearmen at a rate controlled by your skill and the amount of money you pay towards the policy Obviously their riding skills will also only improve by stages Recruiting to the Household is governed by the amount of money you give in gifts At 5 per year you can expect it to stay the same At 4 some men will leave you at 6 some could be expected to join you Reputation also counts so the more battles you win the more men you will attract You can also directly recruit Simply tell me that you wish to recruit say 100 men to your household and it shall be done However recruiting this way will lower the quality of the Household How can you remove unrest Is it just the case of leave the county alone and hope the next test will be good enough to bring the populous back with your current popularity or do we need to do something like try to raise our popularity in the county which I assume means that the county is retested anyway against this Can a county be left alone and we just hope it comes out of it eventually Unrest can only be removed by making a successful Progression through that county If you fail it goes into open rebellion if you succeed it returns to the fold If you do neither it remains in Unrest Can you improve or influence even if by a little some of the characteristic stats such as Administration school hire scholars Diplomacy court guests Health Gym hunt Loyalty money gifts and Tactics Tactics school hire scholar as it looks like the rolls for my guys didn t quite go so well as the kings around me Not complaining mind just want to see if I can do something about them Nothing succeeds like success In real terms traits are fixed There will be minor adjustments based on success Rewarding people will increase their loyalty Winning battles will improve Tactical skill Hunting and successful combat will improve personal combat skill etc etc 8 Movement I assume we can ask you if it is possible for troops to reach a destination in the season How do you track the troops locations I assume their is more to it than me measuring on a UK map if I had one how many miles from A to B Eventually there will be a mechanism for making marches between the named locations in the counties However this hasn t yet been written and to be honest it will be some time as it s a mammoth task For now we will just make rule of thumb assumptions To give you some idea in 1066 Harold covered the 200 miles form York to London in 4 days Marching at normal rates a mounted force will cover that distance in 7 days under the Excalibur system So within a season you are going to be able to march just

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