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  • Vitai Lampada
    play the game The sand of the Desert is sodden red Red with the wreck of a square that broke The Gatling s jammed and the Colonel s dead And the regiment s blind with dust and smoke The river of death has brimmed his banks And England s far and Honour a name But the voice of a schoolboy rallies the ranks Play up play up and play the

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/Poems/lampada.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • The Fall of Babylon
    alas Swell the sound ye kings and nobles priest and people rich and poor Babylon is fallen is fallen is fallen Babylon is fallen to rise no more Blow the trumpet in Mount Zion Christ shall come a second time Ruling with a rod of iron all who now as foes combine Babel s garments we ve rejected and our fellowship is sure Babylon is fallen is fallen is fallen

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/Poems/Babylon.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • Song of the Red War-Boat
    The Gods know they are forsaken We must risk the wrath of the Gods Over the crest she flies from Into its hollow she drops Cringes and clears her eyes from The wind torn breaker tops Ere out on the shrieking shoulder Of a hill high surge she drives Meet her Meet her and hold her Pull for your scoundrel lives The thunders bellow and clamour The harm that they meant to do There goes Thor s own Hammer Cracking the dark in two Close But the blow has missed her Here comes the wind of the blow Row or the squall ll twist her Broadside on to it Row Heark ee Thor of the Thunder We are not here for a jest For wager warfare or p under Or to put your power to test This work is none of our wishing We would house at home if we might But our master is wrecked out fishing We go to find him to night For we hold that in all disaster As the Gods Themselves have said A Man must stand by his Master Till one of the two is dead That is our way of thinking Now you

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/Poems/Warboat.html (2016-02-16)
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    celebration silence Though they went to churches for shriving True is the tale death confronted the m Men went to Catraeth mead nourished band Great the disgrace should I not praise them With huge dark socketed crimson spears Stem and steadfast the battle hounds fought Of Brennych s band I d hardly bear it Should I leave a single man alive A comrade I lost faithful I was Keen in combat leaving him grieves me No desire had he for a dowry Y Cian s young son of Maen Gwyngwn Men went to Catraeth at dawn All their fears had been put to flight Three hundred clashed with ten thousand They stained their spears ruddy with blood He held firm bravest in battle Before Mynyddawg Mwynfawr s men Men went to Catraeth at dawn Their high spirits lessened their life spans They drank mead gold and sweet ensnaring For a year the minstrels were merry Red their swords let the blades remain Uncleansed white shields and four sided spearheads Before Mynyddawg Mwynfawr s men Men went to Catraeth they were renowned Wine and mead from gold cups was their drink A year in noble ceremonial Three hundred and sixty three

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/Poems/Anierin.html (2016-02-16)
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  • we spoke not a word of sorrow But we steadfastly gazed on the face that was dead And we bitterly thought of the morrow We thought as we hollowed his narrow bed And smoothed down his lonely pillow That the foe and the stranger would tread o er his head And we far away on the billow Lightly they ll talk of the spirit that s gone And o er

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/Poems/Moore.html (2016-02-16)
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  • to guard the other And Hengest himself followed in their footsteps When he saw this Guthere said to Garulf That he would be unwise to go to the hall doors In the first fury of the onslaught risking his precious life For Sigeferth the strong was set upon his death But Garult a hero of great heart Shouted out Who holds the door I am Sigeferth a warrior of the Secgan And a well known campaigner I ve lived through many conflicts Many stern trials Here in strife with me You ll discover your fate victory or defeat Then the din of battle broke out in the hall The hollow shield defender of the body was doomed to disintegrate In the hero s hand the hall floor boomed Then Garulf the son of Guthlaf gave his life In the fight first of all the warriors Living in that land and many heroes lay prostrate beside him A crowd of pale faces fell to the earth The raven wheeled Dusky dark brown The gleaming swords so shone It seemed as if all Finnesburh were in flames I have never heard before or since of sixty triumphant warriors Who bore themselves more

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/Poems/ASChron.html (2016-02-16)
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  • The Grave of the Hundred Head
    his face They wept for their dead Lieutenant The men of an alien race They made a samadh 1 in his honour A mark for his resting place For they swore by the Holy Water They swore by the salt they ate That the soul of Lieutenant Eshmitt Sahib Should go to his God in state With fifty file of Burmans To open him Heaven s Gate The men of the First Shikaris Marched till the break of day Till they came to the rebel village The village of Pabengmay A jingal 2 covered the clearing Caltrops hampered the way Subadar Prag Tewarri Biddin 8 them load with ball Halted a dozen rifles Under the village wall Sent out a flanking party With Jemadar Hira Lal The men of the First Shikaris Shouted and smote and slew Turning the grinning jingal On to the howling crew The Jemadar s flanking party Butchered the folk who flew Long was the morn of slaughter Long was the list of slain Five score heads were taken Five score heads and twain And the men of the First Shikaris Went back to their grave again Each man bearing a basket Red as his palms that day Red as the blazing village The village of Pabengmay And the drip drip drip from the baskets Reddened the grass by the way They made a pile of their trophies High as a tall man s chin Head upon head distorted Set in a sightless grin Anger and pain and terror Stamped on the smoke scorched skin Subadar Prag Tewarri Put the head of the Boh On the top of the mound of triumph The head of his son below With the sword and the peacock banner That the world might behold and know Thus the samadh was

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/Poems/Grave.htm (2016-02-16)
    Open archived version from archive

  • stone beside the singing fountain And echoes list to silence now where gods told lies of old I took my question to the shrine that has not ceased from speaking The heart within that tells the truth and tells it twice as plain And from the cave of oracles I heard the priestess shrieking That she and I should surely die and never live again Oh priestess what you cry

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/Poems/Houseman.html (2016-02-16)
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