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  • The Charge of the Light Brigade by Alfred, Lord Tennyson
    Cannon in front of them Volleyed and thundered Stormed at with shot and shell Boldly they rode and well Into the jaws of Death Into the mouth of Hell Rode the six hundred Flashed all their sabres bare Flashed as they tuned in air Sabring the gunners there Charging an army while All the world wondered Plunged in the battery smoke Right through the line they broke Cossack and Russian

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  • Anthem for Doomed Youth
    The pallor of girls brows shall be their pall Their flowers the tenderness of patient minds And each slow dusk a drawing down of blinds Wilfred Owen 1918 In Flanders Fields In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses row on row That mark our place and in the sky The larks still bravely singing fly Scarce heard amid the guns below We are the Dead Short days ago We lived felt dawn saw sunset glow Loved and were loved and now we lie In Flanders fields Take up our quarrel with the foe To you from failing hands we throw The torch be yours to hold it high If ye break faith with us who die We shall not sleep though poppies grow In Flanders fields John McCrae 1915 Zion 1914 18 The Doorkeepers of Zion They do not always stand In helmet and whole armour With halberds in their hand But being sure of Zion And all her mysteries They rest awhile in Zion Sit down and smile in Zion Ay even jest in Zion In Zion at their ease The Gatekeepers of Baal They dare not sit or lean But fume and fret and posture And

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  • his gray bones And on the breeze his puzzled phantom moans Nightly to clear Canopus I would know By whom and when the All Earth gladdening Law Of Peace brought in by that Man Crucified Was ruled to be inept and set aside And what of logic or of truth appears In tacking Anno Domini to the years Near twenty hundred liveried thus have hied But tarries yet the Cause

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  • There was none to rend him or mark And I know nor how he fell The cross was raised on high The Mother grieved beside But the Mother saw Him die And took Him when He died He died He died Seemly and undefiled His burial place was made Is it well is it well with the child On the dawning of Easter Day Comes Mary Magdalene But the Stone

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  • Johnny Boer  by Andrew Barton
    sublime Weeks passed and at my window leaving bed By night I mused of easeful sleep bereft On those brave boys Ah War thy theft Some marching feet Found pause at last by cliffs Potomac cleft Wakeful I mused while in the street Far fooffalls died away till none were left Shiloh A Requiem April 1862 Skimming lightly wheeling still The swallows fly low Over the field in clouded days

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  • Warscape
    range of hills which hid both armies from each other Scouting Who needs it Pagondas formed his troops up with a centre centre left of the usual 8 deep Hoplites The centre right he left to the Thebans who placed their phalanx at 25 shields deep Cavalry and lights were dispersed on each wing On the other side of the hill Hippocrates arranged his whole phalanx 8 deep with the cavalry split on each wing The Boeotians then marched to the crest of the hill Naturally they decided to stay there and let the Athenians come up the hill at them well no actually they didn t they carried on over and down the other side Meanwhile the Athenians advanced quite happily uphill Somewhere along the way both armies lack of scouting came to a fore when they discovered watercourses which prevented the wings from engaging each other so the Boeotian lights could have stayed at home anyway The two centres hit half way on the slope of the hill On the Boeotian left the Athenians had the better of things and were quite merrily pushing the Boeotians back On the right the 25 deep Thebans were doing the same to the Athenians causing a pivoting action It was at this stage that Pagondas did the only bit of sensible generalship seen on the day He sent orders for 2 squadrons of his cavalry to gallop behind the hill out of sight and fall on the flank of the Athenian Right which was having the success The Boeotian cavalry actually got it right but didn t have to fight They appeared at the right place on cue and the Athenians who as stated were winning saw them panicked and ran The Athenian left which was on the back foot anyway

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  • Chapter 1
    of Nottingham Long sword Chain mail Shield 4 x Soldiers Bastard sword Chain mail Shield 4 x Arbalests Arbalest Leather armour Sir Guy de Gisbourne Long sword Chain mail Shield 5 x Cavalry Spear Sword Chainmail Shield Setting the Scene Fleeing from Nottingham into the forest Robin Hood and the merry men are hunted down by Sir Guy and Black Hugo eventually being overtaken on a valley road in Sherwood Robin and his men start in and around the centre of the map The game begins with the merry men on the road hearing the approaching patrol lead by Sir Guy At which point the merry men have 1 round to get under cover In the second round Sir Guy arrives from the Southern map edge to the right hand side of the image In the fourth round Black Hugo and his foot soldiers arrive Also from the right hand side of the image Victory conditions Either side wins by killing incapacitating one general and two thirds of the enemy The top of the map is East The brown line is a forest dirt trail rather than a road Add plenty of bushes to create a nice over grown feel Game map is circa 90 cm x 120cm Chapter Four The Battle of Threstane Dale Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 17 men 11 Archers 1 crew 5 warriors Robin Hood Friar Tuck Allan a Dale Will Stutely Much the Miller Will Scathlock 6 x Merry men Aldfrid son of Aldhelm Mounted Keiren of Dublin Mounted 3x Saxon Cavalry Mounted 27 men 22 warriors 4 Archers and 1 Druid Chieftain Aldhelm Ceolwulf Champion of Threstane Dale Gefferix Druid of Threstane Dale 10 x Saxon Huscarles 5 spears 5 swords 8 x Saxon Villagers Little John Will Scarlet 4 x Merry men 20 men 14 Soldiers 7 Archers Black Hugo Mounted Rolfe of the Red Hand Baldwin of Nottingham 6 x Norman Arbalestiers Captain Steffan of Saxony Mounted 10 x Norman Soldiers Green 19 men 3 Knights 1 dismounted 4 Cavalry 12 Soldiers Sir Guy de Gisbourne Mounted Sir Ranulf de Greasby Mounted Sir Nigel de Grym dismounted 4 x Norman Cavalry Red Mounted Captain Guillaume of Rochester Reginald de Laurent 10 x Norman Soldiers Blue Setting the Scene Fevered in his sick bed the Sheriff of Nottingham calls upon his retainers Sir Guy de Gisbourne and Black Hugo and charges them to hunt down and kill the wolfshead Robin Hood However neither of the two lieutenants is eager to work with the other and so they both assemble men they themselves trust in a bid to out do the other Sir Guy calls upon his friend Sir Nigel de Grym and with four of his riders and ten of the Sheriff s men under the command of Captain Guillaume of Rochester he rides forth to find Robin Hood Black Hugo meanwhile calls upon his brother hires a famous tracker known far and wide as Baldwin of Nottingham and with a hand picked group of Arbalestiers he enters Sherwood to seek out Robin Hood However in the mean time Sir Ranulf de Greasby and his squire Tom de Boll are out hunting in the vicinity of the village of Threstane Dale when he meets with a young pretty woman The young Saxon damsel refuses his courtly advances though and soon a struggle commences The men of Threstane Dale rush from the fields to rescue their kinswoman and enraged Sir Ranulf slays one of them where upon the rest set about the Norman knight capturing his horse and wounding his squire In the confusion Sir Ranulf runs for the old Roman tower upon the hill and Squire Tom rides to nearby Greasby Manor for help On the road to Greasby Manor however Squire Tom meets with Sir Guy and Sir Nigel leading their search party around Sherwood Of course Sir Guy decides to help his friend and possibly lure Robin Hood out from the forest as well so he orders his foot soldiers to hurry after him and sets off with Sir Nigel and four Norman cavalry In the mean time Little John and a few Merry men chance upon the commotion by the old tower as they return to the forest At once they join the fray but upon Sir Guy s approach Little John immediately sends word to Robin who is at camp only a short distance away Squire Tom after leaving Sir Guy continues to Greasby Manor where he meets with the head guardsman Captain Steffan Upon receipt of the news Steffan orders his men to muster at once Starting The game starts with Sir Ranulf at bay in the ruined tower Chieftain Aldhelm and his men surrounding the tower or in the village at least four must be at the tower including Aldhelm Aldfrid and his men dismounted in the village Little John and his men also at the tower Round one begins with the Saxons catching sight of the approaching Norman horse riders off map Round Three Sir Guy Sir Nigel and four Red Norman cavalry riders move onto the map along the highway from the west left hand side of the map Black Hugo and his men enter the map along the highway from the east right hand side of the map Round five Robin Hood and his men enter the map from the northeastern corner of the map Top left corner of map Round eight Captain Guillaume and his Blue guards enter the map along the highway from the west left hand side of the map Round Twelve Captain Steffan and his Green guards enter the map along the highway from the east Right hand side of the map NOTE Sir Ranulf de Greasby can be supplied a horse at any point in the game and become a mounted knight Victory conditions Robin Hood and the Saxons will win if they manage to kill thirty Normans or three of the Norman generals This will cause the surviving Norman general to withdraw Sir Guy and Black Hugo will technically win if they manage to incapacitate Robin Hood and remove him from the map Or if they kill thirty Saxons and or Merry men Note If Gefferix is downed the Saxon name characters and Huscarles will fight to the last man regardless of victory conditions Threstane Dale Little more than a few houses the village of Trestane Dale is an important place for the local Saxons of ancient Celtic heritage The local druid Gefferix commands universal respect in the region and Aldhelm Chieftain of the Dale is sworn to protect the three holy stones The top of the map is north The red line indicates an all weather road and the brown line indicates a track or path The yellow indicates marshy terrain which is classed as difficult The river is in the usual two tone blue with lighter blue indicating where the water can be waded The forest area s are classed as rough Bushes may be added as players see fit and are classed as difficult The grey squares are the three standing stones which lend Threstane Dale its name They centre on Gefferix s hut marked with a red square The buildings are all timber and thatch and doors are marked with black Around the village is a stockade designed to keep animals in but not troops out The game map is 250 x 250 cm Chapter Five A Scuffle at the Boars Head Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Robin Hood Allan a Dale 3 x Merry men Rolfe of the Red Hand 4 x Norman guards Little John Will Scarlet 3 x Merry men Marcus the Inn Keeper Tiny the doorman 5 x Norman patrons The Boars head is a Norman inn situated where the road from Nottingham to St Mary s Abbey meets the road to Sherwood It s the only Norman inn in the local area and the only place that welcomes the Sheriffs men It is a two storey wattle and daub construction with a large taproom a barrell room and a kitchen on the ground floor Upstair is a large common room for over night guests and a single private room for guests There is also a room for the inkeepers servants and one for for the inkeeper and his wife A wooden stable with room for at least twelve horses is attached to the rear of the Inn with a hayloft upstairs Around both buildings is a sturdy ten foot high log palisade There are three ways into the Inn the front door that is guarded by Tiny the Doorman The back door that opens from the courtyard into the barrel room and which is always locked lest theives break in to steal the ale and a small door from the stable to the kitchen There are two trees against the inn that have been allowed to grow unchecked in recent years One grows up against an upstairs window of the inn itself whilst the other overhangs the palisade allowing access to the courtyard On one dark summers night Robin Hood learns that the evil Rolfe of the Red hand is staying the night at the inn Robin who has sworn to avenge the Saxons put to death by Rolfe for killing the Kings deer takes a hand full of men and approaches the inn Starting The Game starts after night has fallen and the patrons are pretty drunk The Normans all start inside the taproom of the inn Robin and Little John start outside in the dark any where outside the palisade The Inn should also contain ten to twelve non combatants older patrons the serving maids and the Inn keepers wife these all start within the inn at random locations Victory conditions Robin Hood wins if he can kill Rolfe The Normans win if they can capture Robin Hood The Ground floor Rooms 1 The Tap room The bar should be in front of the barrel room door 2 The Snug This is where Rolfe and his guards are playing cards 3 The Kitchen 4 The Stables 5 The Barrel room The First Floor Rooms 6 Common sleeping room 7 Servants room where the maid sleeps 8 9 Marcus the inn keepers rooms 10 The private guest room reserved for quality guests like Rolfe 11 The Hay loft Access is by a ladder which is marked in purple Game Report We gamed this last night taking the opportunity of a missing player to introduce his son into the game The game began with Robin Little John and the Merry men approaching from the rear of the inn scaling the back wall and sneaking up to the barrel room door Allan a Dale and a single Merry Man then entered the stable and from there into the kitchen which was deserted However a creaking door and a perception roll alerted Marcus the inn keeper that a very heavy rat was in his barrell room so he sent Tiny to go and have a look Tiny found the barrel room empty but upon making a perception roll became aware of some one trying to force the back door lock Tiny foolishly opened the door and was jumped by Robin A second blow and the door keeper was down At this point Marcus slammed shut the tap room door and raised the alarm Rolfe and his guards some what drunk and playing cards gathered up their weapons and all rushed for the door which Marus had locked Robin and Will Scarlet were unable to force the tap room door so they exited out into the courtyard they were the only ones wearing chain mail on the good guys side The rest of the Merry Men scattered up into the tree which over hung the courtyard except for Little John and Allan a Dale Little John to one side of the Inn s rear entrance with drawn bow and Allan a Dale was still lurking in the kitchen At this point the game got interesting as Marcus the Inn keeper rallied his patrons They all drew arms of one sort or another and charged out the front door and ran around the back of the inn Rolfe and his guards who all wore chain mail took the other route though They sped through the barrell room and into the kitchen forcing Allan a Dale to flee for his life out into the courtyard This pincer movement seemed to work well at first but the Merry Men quickly shiften positions and began to fire on the Norman patrons from their tree At that the Patrons rushed to the tree and began to climb it My pub brawl was taking place up a tree Rolfe and the Guards though moved through the stable and rushed Robin and Will Scarlet Little John and Allan a Dale had moved back into the rear of the courtyard to give covering fire but within seconds Robin had been forced to jump back into the barrel room and Will Scarlet found himself battling two Norman guards and Rolfe all alone in the corner It was looking dire for the good guys but at that point our newby player put several arrows into Marcus s body as he climbed the tree thus killing player 4 s general Immedietly the rest of the Patrons fled from the tree and ran through a gate in the palisade to take Will Scarlet from the rear Scarlet went down but Robin held the doorway The Merry men were shooting up everything in sight from their vantage point in the tree so the Normans all rushed back into the pub to try and get Robin from the rear Robin however was wise to their capers and jumped from the barrel room into the taproom slamming and locking the door behind him At this point the two remaining patrons entered the tap room from the front entrance and Robin was essentially trapped However Robin hood is a hero and far outclasses a pair of Norman bar patrons armed with knives or hand axes he vaulted over the bar to engage them but rolled a critical fumble and sat on his arse He was saved by the tap room door which he had locked since it stubbonly refused to be kicked down and scramblingto his feet faced the two patrons In the meantime Allan a Dale realising that the Normans were now all inside the building set fire to the barn The rest of the Merry men all ran to the front of the building to help Robin escape Robin did manage to get out of the building by beating up the two patrons Finally some bar room brawling He failed to kill them but did force them back enough for him to narrowly escape as Rolfe and his guards kicked down the tap room door and poured back into the tap room None of them fancied being first out of the front door though where Robin Little John and several Merry Men were waiting with bows drawn but they quickly became aware that the rear of the building was on fire There were nineteen Normans in the Inn and they all scrambled for cover In the confusion Rolfe escaped into the night and Robin missed his mark The good guys won technically though because our newby 8 years old had killed his opposite number up the tree Chapter Six The Tax Collector Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Robin Hood Friar Tuck Allan a Dale 4 x Merry men Allain the Tax collector 4 x Norman guards 2 x Norman abelestiers 1 horse carrying tax money Little John Will Scarlet Much the Miller 4 x Merry men Sir Guy de Gisbourne Squire Harry 2 x Norman cavalry Allain of Nottingham is the most hated man in all of the Sheriffs lands As the tax collector it is his job to enforce the payment of taxes upon the Saxon s in order to pay for the Kings wars in the holy lands However in recent months the Sheriff has raised the taxes so high that many can no longer pay them and Allain has begun to burn down the homes and evict the peasants Robin Hood upon hearing this news immediately lays an ambush for Allain in a remote corner of Sherwood Forest Mean while on the very same road as luck would have it Sir Guy de Gisbourne is travelling back to Rochester He has been to visit a lady friend and her family and is quite a foul temper Suddenly up ahead he spies what appears to be Robin Hood in the process of attacking the tax collector He reaches for his sword Starting Robin and Little John and their men start anywhere they like The Tax collector starts on the East side of the map on the road travelling west Sir Guy and his retainers start two rounds after the ambush has begun on the west side of the map on the road travelling east Victory conditions Robin wins if he can defeat two thirds of the Normans or grab the tax money horse The Normans win if they can defeat two thirds of the total of the Merry men or capture incapacitate Robin The top of the map is North The brown orange line is a dirt track road In the centre of the map it passes through a bog in a shallow valley where it becomes more difficult to move Add bushes as you see fit The map is about 80 cm x100cm Game Report The game began with the tax collector his tax horse and six guards two with crossbows travelling along a winding dirt road through Sherwood Forest At one point the road led through a small valley where the ground and the road were somewhat marshy and this was where

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  • DBAmedievals
    Airfix figures which inspired these rules MEDIEVAL RULES Arrow fire Close Combat Morale General Sides have alternate turns During a turn each man can fire or move He can move and fight hand to hand during the same turn Moving Shake dice for each sub unit commanded by a noble or captain The unit moves at the rate for the slowest man Score 1 No move Score 2 3 All foot move 3 All horse move 9 Score 4 5 6 Fully armoured foot move 3 all other foot 6 Fully armoured horse move 9 all other horse 12 Obstac1es cause one move delay Arrow Fire Front rank in groups of three fire at front rank of enemy up to 18 Shake for each enemy eligable as target 6 means he can be fired on Nominate one man as target for each fire unit Shake for result If target is a horseman 1 2 means horse killed 3 4 5 6 means shake again for rider a footman If target is a footman the following scores are required for ki1l In fu11 armour 6 Half armour plus shield 5 Half armour or shield 4 No protection 3 Single archers shake two dice 1owest score counts Close Combat Encounters are individual man to man First blow is struck by defender if behind an obstacle Otherwise by man with longest weapon a Pike b Spear Lance c Pole Axe Halberd Bil1 Quarterstaff d Sword mace Hand Axe e Dagger Al1 men carry Otherwise by horseman Otherwise by man with advantage from sloping ground Otherwise by highert ranking a Baron b Knight c Captain d Others Otherwise by attacker Scores required f or a disabling blow are No armour Half or shield Half shield Full armour Pole axe halberd bill 4 3 4

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