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  • The Difficulties of a 21st Century Phalanx Commander By Bob Crumpton
    ever come across deny me the abilty to avoid being flanked without covering troops Historically correct but should it hold true for the wargaming table Here we have a group of men brought together for battle as a phalanx They are not our technical equals but they are to the best of my knowledge our equals in intelligence Now I was in a school army cadet force We trained 3 hours a week on a Thursday afternoon I started when I was 13 and left when I was 17 A Sergeant By that time I was teaching recruits drill They could march in step left right and about turn on the march do basic rifle drill and many other field crafty type things all taught them by a 17 year old amateur Surely our ancestors had the ability to do likewise When I went to Police Training school aged 22 with 3 x 3 hour sessions a week for 13 weeks 400 of us did a synchronised marching countermarching display taught by professionals The course after mine did it on TV for a game show So back to the phalanx So many men wide usually 8 or 16 deep Each with a pike 12 24 feet lomg A nasty point at each end the butt spike is important in this Ranks 1 to 5 needed to lower their pikes to face the enemy without the butt spike causing injury to their own men behind them There can only have been one solution a basic drill to achieve this So how do they get flanked and routed so easily If we assume they can do the lower pike manoevre then surely they can do a left face or right face turn and do the same OK granted it will only present a narrow front BUT a front it will be Fair enough they couldn t do it if pinned but if most rulesets only allow a change of front by wheel then flanked they will be History records that at Leuctra Epaminondas the Theban general fielded a 50 deep phalax against the Spartans Taking Hanson others view that the rear ranks were there for othismos aspidon or the push of shields to give weight to the forward motion then surely 50 men deep would actually endanger one s own front ranks with the threat of suffocation by being shoved by the enemy ahead and the depth of men behind However if that same pike block feared a flank attack a quick 90 degree face would present a 50 shield wide pike block to the attacker a far more daunting prospect especially as in the above case the men were the cream of the Theban army and therefore one thinks better drilled This tactic completely threw both the Spartan infantry and the cavalry they had massed on that flank Take that a step further The Greeks KNEW that the original Hoplite shield big as it was only covered 2 3 of the

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  • How to Base Figures
    places around the base using the super glue gel Next comes the long grass To make this I took a small amount of hair and holding it with one hand I put a blob of gel across it I then gave the hair a couple of twists and held it whilst the glue set I then cut the hair in two at the point where it had been glued this is to be the base of the grass Now take the scissors and trim it slightly just to neaten the bristles Using the scalpel I then bored small holes just big enough for the base of the grass to stick in and glued the grass in position again with the gel Once the grass was dry in the hole I then splayed it by pressing my finger in the middle and adding a small amount of pressure once the grass was splayed I then trimmed it to look better and more natural This was done about a half dozen times After the grass was in place the next items were the Logs I used about three small twigs o this base and glued those in positions again with the gel Texturing the Earth I then added the texture and bird grit see my first article to find out how to do this And I also painted the earth and rocks using the same method as before Don t go on to adding the flock yet as this comes later The logs and grass were painted after the earth had been done and I will now cover this Painting the Logs First of all after the earth I painted the logs A base coat of black was applied to the twigs don t put this on too heavy otherwise the bark

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  • Moorcock, Elric and the origns of chaos
    sense of the weightiness of the doctrine of eternal recurrence The agency spoken of here is of course bound very closely to the doctrine of the superman which in light of the burden of eternal recurrence refers to the self overcoming Lowith 1997 Heidegger s interpretation of the eternal return emphasises future orientated action In Elric the past is looked at with considerable burden In addition Elric s accounts of his identity are permeated with a sense of having to overcome the self he had become a kind of self overcoming In the framework of self overcoming Elric has to accept that self overcoming could not occur unless he accepts that everything that has happened is integral to who he is and subsequently to who he will become He has to learn to accept that the chaos of his identity will eternally recur In the above quote he leaves his sedentary life with his wife to once again become the wanderer One of the key images associated with Nietzsche is of course the wanderer which is in turn beautifully illustrated on the front cover of the Penguin edition of Ecce Homo using Caspar David Friedrich s picture of the Traveller Looking Over Sea of Fog 1818 The image of the Traveller Looking Over Sea of Fog is used by Penguin to emphasise the loneliness and aloofness of the wanderer Here the image of the Traveller Looking Over Sea of Fog is used by Penguin to emphasise the loneliness and aloofness of the wanderer Heidegger however emphasises the future from the moment and the importance of action towards the future The idea of eternal return however also suggests the relation between the moment and the past The longing for eternal return also means a turning away from the future in equal measure and thus the centrality of the moment The higher men do not long for something better says Zarathustra in the section towards the end of the work called The Intoxicated Song Their longing is not for something remoter higher brighter as in the longing for heirs which is actually the expression of present suffering I want heirs thus speaks all that suffers I want children I do not want myself Lloyd G 1993 Being in Time Selves and Narrators in Philosophy and Literature Routledge London Page 117 This is a very important part of Nietzsche s perspective In turn whilst Elric does display some desire for a new heir a new self This reflects his desire and struggle to become someone else In this way Elric is condemned to accept that he will always in some sense be an outsider Nietzsche s perspective on the determinacy of the past into the fluidity of the future encourages the person in becoming and overcoming the self to have no remorse The extension of the determinate past into the fluid future is crucial to how Lloyd interprets the centrality of narrative Lloyd 1993 There are two important ways in which narratives from the standpoint of Nietzsche are to be understood First they reflect how the present gets something of the determinacy of the past Second recurrence can also affect the past by giving it a sense of the not yet done with In this way then recurrence allows consideration of how narratives allow the barriers between the past and the present to be removed The past becomes less fixed and the process of self overcoming becomes more likely and hence it points to the significance of the moment in existentialist thinking Moorcock discusses the role of existentialist thinking as perhaps the major influence on him whilst he was writing Elric see here In this discussion he responds by citing Camus as a major source Yet from Lowith s account of Nietzsche you can see that the moment is crucial to the free spirit to the superman The closeness of living in the moment for Elric had the following implications Always he had been a slave to his melancholic emotions his physical failings and to the very blood flowing in his veins He saw life not as a consistent pattern but as a series of random events He had fought all his life to assemble his thoughts and if necessary accept the chaotic nature of things learn to live with it but except in moments of extreme personal crisis had rarely managed to think coherently for any length of time He was perhaps because of his outlawed life his albinoism his very reliance on his runesword for strength obsessed with the knowledge of his own doom Elric M Moorcock 2001 Gollanncz and imprint of the Orion Publishing Group Page 343 This is the real Chaos of Elric It is the heart of the novel and on this essence the story turns Living in the moment means he is destined to be alone apart from men an outsider It is here that you can see the idealism of the superman also encapsulated in his struggle to overcome who he was to overcome his ancestors It was not that he pitied the slain or hated the slayers he was too remote from ordinary men to care greatly about what they did His ancestors he knew had also been remote yet they had delighted in the conflicts of the men of the Young Kingdoms observing them from a distance and judging themselves above such activities above the morass of of sentiment and emotion in which these new men struggled But Elric the last in the direct line of emperors was not like them He could love and hate more violently than ever his ancestors Love and hate They welled in him now as bitter smoke stung his throat Elric M Moorcock 2001 Gollanncz and imprint of the Orion Publishing Group Page 204 Being caught in the moment is to be caught between opposite impulses just as Zarathustra was standing on the threshold of the present between past and future To do this is to love ones

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  • The Young British Soldier By Rudyard Kipling
    too much as you need to keep it at a nice wet cement like concentration Once this is mixed you are ready to begin basing How long does it keep I hear you say well I ve had my mix in this air tight bucket over two years now and all I do is give it a stir every now and then and add a little water to the mix if it is getting a little stiff Simple basing Using the scalpel get a little of the texture mix and start applying it to the base Once this is done and the texture is still wet add in small patches the bird grit once a pleasing amount has been put on lightly press on theses patches just to firm it into the texture it helps it to bond Now leave to dry When the mixture is dry turn the figure upside down and gently tap the bottom of the base this will remove any loose grit Painting You should know be ready to start painting the Earth colour on your base I use a dark Earth colour for the first coat or like in this case Raw Umber Paint the texture and the bird grit and then leave to dry Second coat this is dry brushed heavily onto the texture and the grit the colour I am using here is Teddy Bear brown Highlight this is done by lightly dry brushing the texture and the grit the colour I ve used here is Oat Meal That s the Earth painted now leave to dry Flocking Blob some PVA onto a palette now add some water it should end up with the PVA resembling thin paint With an old brush paint patches on the base where you wish to have grass

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  • Games Day and the Games Workshop Hobby
    to me it seems it is the tactile aspects of the gaming that prove so attractive to the average GW customer Perhaps this is why such a wonderful game as the El Cid battle drew admiring but passing glances rather than the three and four deep crowds at other tables I was very impressed by the terrain figure painting and modeling workshops that were in progress throughout the show Here gamers got the opportunity to prepare and create their own models from materials supplied by the show organisers and with the active help of a host of experts The seats at these table were filled all day and more showgoers queued for their opportunity and many were still waiting when the show closed But perhaps the longest and most persistent queue were those waiting to enter the lower hall and view the Golden Demon painting competitions and meet the model designers and painters whose superb work was on display in serried ranks of glass cabinets I was really struck by the popularity of this aspect of the show as I have noted that at many wargames shows the painting and modeling competitions are sparsely supported and often totally ignored by the majority of attendees But here these aspects were an important and sought after element of the event This indicates to me that there is an element in the GW approach that not only values high quality painting and modeling skills but also successfully encourages individuals to aspire to such achievements and to recognize their own skills whatever standard they might be As a VIP Guest I had access to the press lounge and the opportunity to meet with a number of the Games Workshop directors and designers I was also given a press pack that included a copy of the company s Annual Report This made fascinating reading and led me to ponder yet again the Games Workshop phenonema and the relationship between the company and the mainstream wargaming hobby though this may be a misnomer There are always complaints from wargamers about the cost of GW products And yet their ranges continue to grow and to sell The evidence of this was start at Games Day where the retail stalls ringed the main area and were busy all day with eager buyers gathering bag after bag of models and terrain I saw box after box of Helms Deep gateways being carried away at 50 a throw So if these models are so seriously overpriced why do they sell in such quantities Well maybe they are not overpriced maybe the wargamer has for too long had the benefit of underpriced models supported by a garden shed or cottage industry based on the self employed enthusiast whose ambitions are limited to supporting a decent standard of living for themselves or their family Maybe the wargames mainstream is actually no longer the mainstream but an increasingly isolated and archaic element of the hobby It is certainly true that the hobby is

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  • Setting The Scene  As the climax of the Campaign of 1808 approached
    is it you I took you for a Frenchman turned my horse and galloped back to the scene of action The shock I felt from the idea that I had been on the point of destroying a brother officer instead of an enemy deprived me of all inclination to use my sword except in defence of my own life and the hostility I had cherished against the French only a few minutes before was converted into pity for them When I met with Hancox after the action I found that he wore an oilskin cover on his cap and was not the person I had followed who I conclude was an officer of the grenadiers a cheval or compagnie d elite which is attached to each regiment of dragoons in the French service and doubtless was much astonished at my sudden appearance and abrupt departure For my own part I shall always consider it a most fortunate circumstance that I was thus deceived since I have escaped the feeling of remorse to which I should have been exposed had I taken that man s life Many mistakes of the same kind must have occurred in the confusion after the charge One of our men told me that I had a narrow escape myself for that during the melee he had his sword raised to cut me down but luckily recognized his officer in time to withhold the stroke At this time I witnessed an occurrence which afforded a good deal of amusement to those who were near the place Hearing the report of a pistol close behind me I looked round and saw one of the Fifteenth fall I concluded the man was killed but was quickly undeceived by a burst of laughter from his comrades who exclaimed that the awkward fellow had shot his own horse and many good jokes passed at his expense The melee lasted about ten minutes the enemy always endeavouring to gain the Carrion road The appearance of their heavy dragoons was extremely martial and imposing they wore brass helmets of the ancient Roman form and the long black horsehair streaming from their crests as they galloped had a very fine effect Having rode together nearly a mile pell mell cutting and slashing each other it appeared to me indispensable that order should be re established as the men were quite wild and the horses almost blown therefore seeing no superior officer near I pressed through the throng until I overtook and halted those who were farthest advanced in pursuit As soon as I had accomplished this object the bugles sounded the rally Whilst we were re forming our squadrons the enemy also rallied and continued their flight by different routes Our left and left centre squadrons were detached in pursuit of the chasseurs a cheval who took the road to Carrion the other two squadrons followed the dragoons who retired in the direction of Saldana Lord Paget accompanied the left centre squadron and allowed the body he pursued to escape by sending an officer with a white handkerchief as a flag of truce to propose to them to surrender The French took advantage of the delay this occasion and gained so great a start as to render further pursuit hopeless The left squadron was more successful and made about seventy prisoners amongst whom were a Lieutenant Colonel and three other officers but we could not prevent the escape of the main body which although more than double our number never attempted to face us Soon after our left squadron was put in motion in pursuit of the chasseurs a cheval Baron Tripp came up to us and said that Lord Paget had sent him to desire the commanding officer to ride forward with a flag of truce and propose to them to surrender Major Leitch made no answer but as if he had misunderstood the order immediately gave the word of command to Gallop upon which the squadron rushed on leaving the Aidede Camp petrified with astonishment it was entirely owing to Major Leitch s judicious conduct in declining to act upon the flag of truce system that his squadron was enabled to secure so many prisoners Whilst we were engaged in the pursuit of this division my mare fell with me in leaping a very wide ditch and floundered in a snow wreath on the farther side my foot hung in the stirrup and being encumbered with my cloak it was some time before I could extricate myself The mare in the meantime ran away leaving me in no very enviable situation Moore s Campaign Whilst I was following the squadron on foot after having been dismounted by the fall of my horse I was greatly shocked at witnessing an act of wanton cruelty which it was not in my power to prevent A man of Griffith s troop rode up to a French dragoon who was lying wounded on the ground and at his approach raised himself with difficulty to beg for mercy stripping off his cross belts at the same time to show that he surrendered I hallooed to the fellow to spare him but before I could reach the spot the villain had split the Frenchman s skull with a blow of his sabre and galloped away It was fortunate for him that he got out of my reach for in the indignation I felt at his conduct I should certainly have treated him in the same manner I beard afterwards that the excuse he offered for this dastardly conduct when twitted by his comrades was that be did not like to let the day pass without cutting down a Frenchman and could not suffer such a favourable opportunity to slip It was also reported that several of the French who were wounded and had received quarter fired at our men as soon as their backs were turned and of course paid the forfeit of this treachery with their lives

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    himself was captured by the Beg of Bokhara s bodyguard More recently the Reds have lost and then recaptured the Tsar and his family They also failed to prevent the American film crew from penetrating deep into the Pamirs in their search for the yeti 2 White Russian Forces Led by General Nemesisky in theory In practice no White troops had been available for any major campaign so the General remains in his mountain fastness claiming to be the Emperor of the Roof of the World Despite his non appearance small White forces have started to make significant efforts namely the temporary saving of the imperial family 3 Chinese Forces There are three warlords currently operating in Sinkiang We are not aware that they have been co operating with each other in any way First and foremost is Char Li Chan currently in undisputed but incomplete control of Sinkiang He has fought several actions against Commander Gilkristi s Reds once in support of an American fossil hunting expedition which was under attack by a rival German expedition and their Red allies Secondly Admiral Loo Fah self publicised hero of Chinese interference in the Afrindo campaigns now claims to be the official representative of the Chinese president who he continues to refer to as emperor Despite much verbal posturing nothing had been seen of the inscrutable admiral or his troops until the most inappropriately named Tashkent Peace Conference Finally a late entrant in the warlord stakes is Sue Manchu the Dragon Lady She appears to have seized power from her father and has been sighted wheeling and dealing across Central Asia as she attempts to build herself a power base 4 The Muslim Forces The Beg of Bokhara is the rallying point for most of the Muslim community He has managed to retain his independence in the face of strong military action by the Reds He achieved a major coup when his forces captured the Red Army commander Currently he is still at odds with the Reds over the missing members of his harem The Afghan general Oyesai Khan gave a British punitive force a bloody nose when it attempted to force the Malakand Pass 5 The British Have generally remained aloof just watching from the sidelines They did however send troops to help the Beg of Bokhara regain his capital They also made a punitive foray into Afghanistan but were forced to withdraw after a very bloody but inconclusive action with tribal jezzailachis 6 The Americans Have an interest in historical artefacts fossils and the flora and fauna of the region The ill fated Oklahoma O Brien expedition was destroyed by the Chinese This was followed by the Idaho Jones expedition and so far she has proven more indestructible Recently famous Hollywood film director WD Forte with his film crew have been searching for the elusive abominable snowman or yeti They have been assisted by Captain Kirk and the shipless crew of the sunken gunboat USS Enterprise who have acted

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    but even his rays could scarcely penetrate the sulphurous clouds of smoke that floated here and there over the field Amid the smoke and dust I could just catch glimpses of the line as it pressed forward into the very jaws of death Over the brow down the bare sides of the hill they poured with cheers that rent the very heavens Heedless of the leaden shower that rained upon them the living mass sped on The brook was reached but they waited not Through it they plunged and scaling the fence leaped right amidst the first line of the enemy Amazed and panic stricken the foe broke and fled up the hill with the brave Texans at their heels The second line confused at seeing their own men thus rushing headlong among them and unable to fire from fear of killing their comrades broke also and joined in the flight Pell mell they came plunging upon their third and last line drawn up on the summit Little time had they for explanations With wild shouts of victory our gallant boys came on but the Yankees waited not for the bayonet Their whole left wing gave way and terrified fled down the rear side of the hill towards the Chickahominy Then followed a fearful scene of slaughter Between the bullet and the bayonet many a Yankee found a grave that evening The pursuit continued until long after dark that night and the next day on walking over the track of the flying foe I saw terrible proofs that the pursuit had not been a bloodless one Well were the gallant men who fell that day avenged Almost simultaneous with the rout of the enemy s left wing old Stonewall pounced upon their right and flanking them drove them headlong before him Thus was won the battle of Gaines s Mill Hi John Steve from the Mosborough and District wargames club Sheffield we spoke at Newark Sorry it s taken so long to get this together for you but I ve had to wait for the pictures being sent through from my photographer which can take some time he s a very busy chap Right down to the nitty gritty the following is the account penned by one of our resident gamers Martin Howroyd The article appears on our website at the moment and is a taster of some of the stuff that appears on it It is only a small site a mere 9 pages including the home page but it does it s job to show who and where we are and what we do as well as let members and none members share opinions etc on various aspects of gaming So the article now follows Hi Here s the battle report of the Gaines Mill run through I hope this is okay as I ve never done this before Before I start I must point out that anything that happened at the other end of the table is

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