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  • List of Advertisers
    Publishers of Brassey s Military Conway s naval and Putnam s Aeronautical books Crusader Miniatures Finest quality detailed miniatures for wargamers and the collector Dixon Miniatures 28mm Figures for the discerning Wargamer English Computer Wargames Computer moderated wargames Fernando Painting Services low cost painting service Figures in Comfort Quality transport for your models Front Rank Figurines The finest 28mm models from The Medieval Era to Waterloo Gladiator Miniatures Gladiator Games is a premiere figure supplier GJM Miniatures Collector quality painting for wargamers HCH Painted Figures Super quality and a super price Hovels The leading manufacturer of wargaming Buildings and Accessories in the U K Irregular Miniatures Lance and Musket Painting service Martin Robson High quality painting service Matchlock Miniatures Extensive Ranges of 15mm Figures Miniature Wargames One of the best Wargames Magazines in the world Newbold World Superb Fantasy models and a whole World to explore Old Glory Simply the Finest 15mm 20mm 25mm Figures plus Terrain Buildings Rules Outland Games Wargames Figures Rules Accessories from the U S A Partizan Press producing a very wide range of magazines Testudo fine figures from Italy Tin Soldier U K Top quality 15mm and 25mm historical and fantasy figure T F T

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  • Painting Services
    the Military and Fantasy Wargamer Big Battalions The finest quality painted units but ready made battalions or use the bespoke painting service Fernando Painting Services Professional Miniature Painting Service from Sri Lanka GJM Figurines Wargames Figures painted to Collectors Standard HCH Painted Figures Available exclusively from The Tin Soldier UK Ltd High quality painting at a bargain price Lance and Musket Why pay high prices for your wargames figures when

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  • Lakota Sioux Kill Songs
    brought me many I thank you You make me laugh Long Hair guns I had none You brought me many I thank you You make me laugh Long Hair where he lies nobody knows Crying they seek him He lies over here On the 25 th June 1876 George Armstrong Custer led elements of the Seventh US Cavalry into a massacre The popular view now seems to be that he was a criminally stupid incompetent driven by a lust for military glory fueled by political ambition But this has not always been so to some he was and remains a hero betrayed by his government and his subordinates It is not for me an Englishman to stand in judgment on an American Historical icon as my view is corrupted by those peculiarly British prejudices and an over indulgence in Hollywood history However I believe I can say that it is dangerous to make judgments in hindsight and without a full appreciation of the moral imperatives that drove those living in mid 19 th Century society If you really feel that Custer s assault on the huge conglomeration of native American tribes was madness then I recommend you study the history

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  • Previously Published Poems
    from the wars We be Soldiers Three and Ghost Army of Korea Lakota kill songs Unknown Vita Lampada Sir Henry Newbolt Babylon has Fallen Unknown Song of the Red Warboat Rudyard Kipling The Aneirin From the Gododdin The Burial of Sir John Moore Charles Wolfe The Finnesburgh Fragment From Boewulf The Grave of a Hundred Head Rudyard Kipling Epitaph on an Army of Mercenaries A E Houseman The Oracles A

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  • Random Shots
    Century Phalanx Commander By Bob Crumpton More Advanced Basings More tips from Steve Crofts The Origins Of Games Workshops s Chaos The backgound to Warhammer World Crofts Secrets Steve Crofts lets you into the top secret techniques he uses to bring his models to life Games Day and the Games Workshop Hobby Show report and musings on the phenomena of GW Battle of Sahagun John Moores army hits out at the French an account from the Portsmouth Napoleonic Society Adventures in the Back of Beyond South East Scotland wargamers spill the beans on their fascinating campaign Gaines Mill ACW action with a contemporary account and then a report of a refight from Mosborough and District Wargamers More sickeningly good work from Martin Robson Through Mud and Blood Marked Top Secret these documents outlined the tactics for the operation of the tanks at Cambrai as far as we are aware they have not been published previously Monte Cassino Phil Vernon reports on Sherwood Wargames Group magnificent award winning games Big Battalions Andy Copestake lets in rip love him or hate him he is worth reading Chronology of the British Civil War 1643 Part 2 of John Ramscars s research marathon Games

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  • Excalibur
    not civil ones For the remembrance of so desperate a blow to the island and of such unlooked for recovery stuck in the minds of those who witnessed both wonders That was why kings public and private persons priests and clergymen kept to their own stations But they died and an age succeeded them that is ignorant of that storm and has experience only of the calm of the present All the controls of truth and justice have been shaken and overthrown leaving no trace not even a memory among the orders I have mentioned with the exception of a few a very few Britain has kings but they are tyrants she has judges but they are wicked They often plunder and terrorize the innocent they defend and protect the guilty and thieving they have many wives whores and adulteresses they constantly swear false oaths they make vows but almost at once tell lies they wage wars civil and unjust they chase thieves energetically all over the country but love and even reward the thieves who sit with them at table they distribute alms profusely but pile up an immense mountain of crime for all to see they take their

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  • Random Shorts
    E Mailed to webmaster wargames co uk The Battle of Haarlem Heights Holiday pics from the ACW Flamwerfer from Paul Colfer Return of the King Seymour Relief Expedition Action at Tofrek The Glossary Game Blue Bears The Journal Balin s Guard the painter s view Greenhill Books the tale behind their latest volume Fear Nothing but God Monmouth Rebellion Korea A Lesson from History Figure painting by Paul Colfer Operation Bluecoat Thieves Dishonesty and irresponsibility just what we don t need The Italian Job A visitors impression of Sheffield Triples Napoleonic Fair The final salute Newbold Enterprises A complete galaxy of games figures and novels Where Have All The Heroes Gone Simon Norburn ponders the question Northern DBM League News D B N a fresh approach to Napoleonics British Model Soldier Society Manchester Area meetings for 2003 Lord of the Rings The Two Towers is it worth the hype Senussi Revolt New figures and a new conflict to many Welsh Indians More thought provoking stuff from Bob Black News from the Battlefield Trust site visits and activities in the North West Hoplites from Brian Holroyd of Chesterfield The Fall Of the Big Men a tale of treachery and slaughter Fast

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  • Book Reviews
    Cossacks Colonial America Two Towers Game Long Road North Essential Histories 44 Prussian Victory Osprey Galley s Panzer Marsch Salamander Naval Weapons Osprey Spartans Leadership History Today Louis XIV s Infantry The Byzantine Wars Vampire Wars Italian Medieval Armies Vis Bellica Armies of Arcana Soldiers of the Revolutionary War Aircraft The Sun King at War Miniature Wargames No 231 Osprey s Falklands Gallows Thief Shieldwall Ron Field Martin Brayley Various

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