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    American Army was close by and he could have destroyed it many argued he should have done so and indeed Howe has been criticised for not wanting to handle the Colonists to roughly at this stage Our Battle we will present at Partizan represents precisely this what if with the British pressing the attack figures used are either Wargames Foundry Perry Miniatures or Front Rank and the battle is fought on standard club terrain boards Rules used are our own adaptation of Fire Fury Regimental level which we find give a swift moving game American Order of Battle Harlem Heights September 1776 C in C General George Washington Heath s Advance Guard Division Major General William Heath Mifflin s Scouting Brigade Brigadier General Mifflin 3rd Pennsylvania 5 stds skirmish 5th Pennsylvania 6 stds skirmish Talcot s Connecticut Militia Rgt 6 stds 1 x Light grasshopper gun Nixon s Brigade Brigadier General Nixon 4th Continentals 6 stds 9th Continentals 6 stds Green Seldon s Connecticut Militia Rgt 6 stds 1 x 9pdr Field Gun 1 x 24pdr Heavy Gun Chesters Brigade Colonel John Chester 12th Continentals 6 stds 23rd Continentals 6 stds Green Pitkin s Connecticut Militia Rgt 6 stds 1 x 6pdr Field Gun Sargent s Brigade Colonel Paul Sargent 16th Continentals 5 stds Baldwin s New York Militia Rgt 4 stds 1 x 3pdr Light Gun McDougall s Brigade 7th Continentals 6 stds 10th Continentals 6 stds 22nd Continentals 6 stds Green Nicholl s New York Militia Rgt 6 stds 1 x 9pdr Field Gun 1 x 24pdr Heavy Gun Notes Unless stated Green the Pennsylvania and Continental Rgts Guns are rated as Line class All Brigades are deployed on Tabletop with exception of Sargent s arrives Turn 3 British Order of Battle at Harlem Heights Sept 1776 C

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    buildings The road is the correct width etc for the main road between Raleigh and Greensboro and was used by Sherman as one of his main routes I guess that you couldn t get 15 men shoulder to shoulder across it The fencing is the traditional split log type and would have lined most boundaries The house is not the original but another period farm house from a few miles

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    story Saruman has simply disappeared I was very disappointed that the allies of Gondor Dol Amroth including my personal favourite Forlong the Fat fail to appear as do many of the allies of evil so the Easterlings introduced in the second film are not seen in action The weakest parts of the film for me is the almost sickening sentimentality that slips in from time to time reflected in the sad cow eyes of Frodo However my comments must not detract from the overall triumph of the film and they may in part be answered next December with the release of the special edition DVD which Sir Ian indicated on the Jonathon Ross show may be 5 hours long and rumour says will include the Scouring of the Shire and maybe extended battle sceenes Not that they need much extending From a horde of images of battle surely the arrival of the Rohirrim at the battle of the Pellenor Fields is outstanding The whole scale of the computer generated armies is simply jaw dropping as the crescent of riders descends the hillside to smash into the ocean of waiting orcs There is no doubt that hundreds of gamers throughout the Uk and thousands throughout the World are going to rack their brains as to how they can refight these cataclysmic actions The problem is of course a matter of scale maybe even more so than the historical actions we try to refight The superb range of Lord of the Rings models produced by games Workshop are the only ones to portray the chararcters as envisaged in the film but the cost of these figures is comparatively high which limits the collection of large armies by individual gamers Even for a group or club raising the required number of orcs and

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  • The Seymour Relief Expedition
    the start things began to go wrong Boxer activity was much more widespread in the area than had been thought Despite heroic efforts to drive the Boxers off the tracks were being torn up in front of and behind them faster than they could be relaid On 19th June the relief column had to concede defeat they were not going to reach Peking and worse still they would have to abandon the trains With an increasing number of wounded from constant skirmishing the force managed to commandeer some junks to transport them whilst the main force marched along the river bank heading back towards Tien Tsin At every village the Boxers had to be driven out at the point of the bayonet before they could move on On 21st June a fortified Chinese government building was spotted which proved to be the Hsiku Arsenal they seized it and held out against several counter attacks They were also able to replenish their nearly exhausted supplies from stores of rice found there Now however the relief force had become besieged themselves Eventually a loyal Chinese messenger managed to slip through Boxer lines to Tien Tsin and pass on what had happened At that point there was no chance of a rescue mission as the Europeans in Tien Tsin found themselves besieged in their enclave fighting off Boxer attacks Eventually on 25th June the position in Tien Tsin had stabilised enough for a relief force of Russian troops to reach the Hsiku Arsenal Overnight the arsenal was abandoned and its store of weapons destroyed to prevent them from falling into Boxer hands By the afternoon of 26th June the relief column was back where it had started having lost some 295 officers and men killed and wounded and the legations in Peking no

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    to set up camp two miles short of his intended destination in order to permit the Indian Brigade to return to Suakin before nightfall Work began immediately 10 30am on building three zariba s one for the transport animals and stores 120 yards square and two smaller ones at the north east and south west comers for the Marines and Berkshires respectively Many of the troops were cutting down the thick mimosa scrub to make the zaribas while the others were at stand to The southern flank was picketed by the 5th Lancers the scrub was very thick and visibility poor At 14 230 the Berkshire half battalion working to the east of the zariba piled arms to have lunch and many were queuing at the water barrels when all of the Lancers came flying in from the scrub followed closely by many small darting groups of Hadendowa The halfbattalion of the 17th Bengal NI fired one volley and ran into the large central zariba stampeding the animals Other groups of Had endow a swarmed into the SW zariba and broke into the square The firing alerted the rest of the regulars who rallied and thereafter followed some of the hardest fighting that ever took place in the Sudan The action resulted in 117 officers and men killed and almost 200 wounded on the British side 500 camels an estimated 2000 killed on the Hadendowa out of a possible 5 7000 For the gallant and timely conduct shown by the Berkshires Queen Victoria conferred the prefix of Royal on the regiment After this battle the Hadendowa showed little enthusiasm for charging formed regular troops The campaign continued until a Russian General disobeyed orders and advanced into Afghanistan 30th March for Gladstone this was a heaven sent opportunity and very quickly

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    King s Royal Rifle Corps is simply KRRC but the choice of the words themselves is often explicable only to one who has the mindset of the military forces concerned in this case the use of both King s and Royal would appear to be tautologous the Rifle often anachronistic in the desert war they used Bren gun carriers and the very word Corps is a notoriously ambiguous misleading term Hence in order to invent one of these acronyms one should display the mental agility imagination to think oneself into the military mind Another problem is the use of the same initials for several different things Thus SAR in the desert war represented the South African Rifles while in Vietnam it meant Search and Rescue and doubtless at the battle of lsandhlwana it meant the vital Small Arms Reserve wagons This flexibility is actually a help to inventing acronyms although it can be very confusing to anyone trying to decipher them Playing the Game The Games Master GM or Genetically Modified goes round each player in turn and randomly deals them three Scrabble tiles in the order they come out of the bag The player must then attempt to explain

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  • In April of 1
    only they can lead the attackers to victory or defeat This game is our first attempt to showcase our main passion in wargames aerial warfare As dedicated Airheads we have been playing aircraft based games for a long time since the Seventies in Fatman s case In the past while we have considered running an air combat game the complexity of most rule sets that recreate this type of warfare has discouraged us The Blue Skies rules by John Stannoch have changed all this Designed to allow experienced players to control up to twelve aircraft they let complete novices control a couple of planes after only a few minutes instruction So who are the Blues Bears We are a small disorganisation centred on the lunatics running today s game Kevin Dinky Shand The small hyper one and Neil Fatman McDougall The big fat hairy one In 1992 we began to put on a simple participation game at a local club visitor nights and open days No one was more surprised than us when the game was a success Since then we have dedicated our lives That part not spent working raising families and drinking too much to taking a series of games on the road In recent years we have been invited to take our games to an ever expanding circle of shows While the shows have got bigger our games have stayed the same The Blues Bears consists of only two of us Though we now have an Honorary Bear Phil Other One Gray the big fat not so hairy one who helps us run the games at shows and as our modelling skills are best described as limited our games have tended towards the cheap and cheerful end of the market The philosophy behind our games is to show that with a little effort and a good idea anyone can put on a game with which to promote their club favourite period or even just the hobby in general After all if geeks like us can do it surely normal people can To keep scenery as simple as possible basing it on dyed sheets or curtains scrounged from rag bins We make the buildings from sheet balsa whilst defensive positions are usually commercial models from a number of sources Add some trees lichen sisal string grass and cork rocks and scatter some boxes barrels and oil drums etc and you have terrain suitable for most games Thc main reason for this simple scenery is that a curtain can be folded up in a carrier bag while the rest of the scenery and the other pieces fit in a standard metal toolbox This means that at a pinch one of us can transport it to venues even using public transport Obviously this game is even simpler the scenery is an old bed sheer dyed blue and the required hex grid drawn on We use models from several manufacturers usually from our own collection most are used as designed but

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