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  • No Quarter Fantasy Wargames now has a new web host and can be found at www
    expensive than an electronic one I should know 20 years as a journalist and publisher has left me counting the costs of both types of venture As John one of my graphics chaps tried to explain the initial business plan for the Journal was to charge for an annual subscription and this we duly did We had a 12 15 month breakeven plan and we were very happy when this actually happened in month two three Since then it has snowballed and our database of worldwide readers and this is the key to success worldwide is very healthy indeed But standing still as a publisher is never a good thing You always need to plan and re plan and keep coming up with new ideas I m very fortunate that the core people who make the Journal a reality keep coming up with great ideas and costing Rebel Publishing a fortune Several months ago we concluded that a generic magazine can only go so far to delivering the information that a wargamer wants So the concept of bi monthly and quarterly special interest titles came up WWII Ancients Sci Fi and so on and these will be charged for We are also developing DVDs both historical gaming resources and modelling which will come to market towards the end of this year Plus half a dozen other projects Revenue comes from a number of sources and to be blunt the wargaming community has been generous enough to fund the Journal beyond its needs and it is now time to generate revenue not from the Journal but from other sources Don t get me wrong here we are not a registered charity and we do carry costs associated with creating the magazine But Rebel Publishing is a publisher in its own rights

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  • Review of Games Workshop
    more than what I m used to put it that way It is here that I feel I must warn you when removing the flash use extreme care especially around the axe heads these are quite brittle and will break easily if you don t take the care required glueing them back on can be very labourious and difficult luckily for me this only happened once I found that I was getting a little frustrated at times removing the flash mostly when it was in difficult to get at places but time and patience eventually prevails All that said the figures are very highly detailed and both poses and movement are excellent After my usual clean and dry I then sprayed them with primer this really showed off the detail and incidentally small bits of flash that I hadn t noticed so more cleaning up had to be done and another quick spray of primer I wasn t impressed to say the least Painting Painting the figures was I must say to my relief was a real pleasure plenty of detail to work with and a good selection of poses again I feel that I must mention that no two of the figures are alike as far as there pose was concerned The detail can be really worked with on these figures and you can put as much or as little highlight on them It s all a matter of personal taste and the effect you want Final Thoughts A nice set of figures that will appeal to most and can stand alone or used together in a vignette or for gaming The only real problem I had with these figures was the amount of flash on them and the cleaning off time this required before the commencement of painting

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    still be alive so I first wrote to Prince Napoleon to ask if he could help me He replied politely but was unable to help Then I wrote to a genealogical society in Paris and they came right back with Clairval s address I wrote to him explaining that I was starting work on a book about his distinguished ancestor and hope to be able to meet him and discuss it When I was in Paris in September 2000 I called him and he invited me to visit him in his apartment Thus our very enjoyable collaboration started From the outset he has offered and given me his unstinting co operation and I am consequently greatly in his debt My book would be a shadow of itself without his very generous assistance The more I learned about the course of Daumesnil s inspiring career the more determined I became to tell his story His life story is a truly remarkable one As a raw provincial youth after a fatal duel with a soldier he had run off to join the army and had risen through the ranks over many campaigns and years accumulating 20 wounds and many honours in the process until he became a senior officer in the most prestigious regiment of the French army and a favourite of Napoleon Finally by virtue of his unshakeable courage and iron resolve he achieved the status of a French national hero There was something almost d Artganan esque about the man a mixture of quick often mordant wit an absolute contempt for danger all overlaid by a fierce loyalty to his comrades and most of all to his Emperor One of the most appealing qualities of his character I believe was the deep and lasting affection which united the battle scarred

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    number of possibilities for starting a rebellion but the best seemed to be a landing in the West Country In 1685 Monmouth lands at Lyme Regis and organises the volunteers that flock to his standard into 5 regiments His army enjoys early success over the Militia and Royal forces at Bridport Shute and Ashill and forces a crossing over the River Avon to encamp the rebel army just outside Bristol at Keynsham However faced with a gathering Royal Army Monmouth decided to retreat As Monmouth retreated the King s Army followed close behind Monmouth s army made a spirited stand at Norton St Phillip but after a strong fight Monmouth retreated to Bridgewater With his army starting to lose heart Monmouth makes a brilliant night attack on the Royal Army camped at Sedgemoor but a tactical blunder allows the Royal army to snatch a victory and the rebellion breaks up Monmouth flees but is captured and later executed his followers suffer the Bloody Assizes under one of James II s most notorious servants Judge Jefferies Three years later William of Orange responds to English Protestant dissatisfaction and invades England in the Glorious Revolution of 1688 This time the Royal army does not fight James II flees to the continent and William becomes King of England establishing the Hanoverian House The Wargame We are fighting all the battles of the campaign this weekend along with other battles that were possible depending on the outcome of the historical battles We considered three options for re fighting this campaign Free Form where the players have the general situation and armies at the start of the campaign but are then free to behave as they like While fun this rapidly leaves reality behind Strictly Linear where the players fight each battle in turn allocating

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  • Korea
    was completed Macarthur though was not satisfied un happy total victory of the enemy had not been completed UN forces now crossed over the border to pursue the enemy capturing the Northern capital of Pyongyang and rapidly pushing to the banks of the Yalu River and the Chinese border ignoring the over extended supply route and the encroaching winter of 1950 51 The next phase of the war despite warnings from the recently installed Communist Government of China completely surprised UN forces of which the majority were US Hundreds of thousands of men from the Chinese volunteer army attacked and overran much of the UN forces It was the first time a US army was put to flight since the Civil War Notable actions by the USMC division supported by a small number of Royal Marines meant they managed to withdraw in good order despite appalling casualties Eventually the fighting stabilised around the 38 parallel and the original border between the North and South This line remained give or take a few bloody fought over miles until the armistice signed at Panmunjom on 27 Jul t953 The Game This game is loosely based on the heroic yet doomed defence action of the British I battalion of the Gloucester regiment at Irnjin in late April 1951 The scenario sees two battalions of UN forces British and Turkish with a small ROK contingent in the centre holding a ridgeline South of the Imjin River Located to the North of Seoul In the UN rear a forward airfield held by US and ROK forces is the centre for suppon elements UN reinforcements consist of a battle group consisting of Canadian Infantry New Zealand Anillery and British tanks in addition a USMC and ROK infantry supported by tanks form another battle group Communist forces represent an under strcngth infantry division consisting of two Chinese and one North Korean Regiments supported by a small armoured force Substantial UN air forces include Royal Navy fighter bombers USMC attack aircraft and a variety of USAF types featuring many jet types Ancillary aircraft depict FAC s helicopters and transports Ranged against these are the ubiquitous communist MIG s and Yak s A communist infantry assault on the ridgeline in a dawn attack is supported by a subsequent armoured thrust into the UN flank by North Korean forces that broke through collapsing ROK defences UN forces must hold the ridgeline and airfield until relieved The Communist objective is to dominate the ridge and secure as much land as possible beyond the ridge Rapid Fire is the rule set used slightly modified to accommodate the large numbers of infantry and aircraft Model Source Flags The Square Communist Forces Chinese Infantry Outpost Wargaming Service OWS Nonh Korean Infantry Russian actually used Revell Esci SHQ Cavalry Russian actually used Kelly s Heroes Britannia T34 85 Revell SU76 SHQ Cromwell captured British Britannia BA64 Skytrex Guns and Large Monars skir Milicast Raventhorpe SHQ Skytrex Softskins SHQ Britannia Fort PST Mig 15 Ji 2

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  • Blandford Camp Wargames Club
    the first armoured formation to successfully apply the lessons of combined Infantry and Armour working together Because of the unique nature of the GAD all its armoured SNCO s and Field Officers would have been experienced Infantrymen before training on tanks After the lessons learnt from Operation Epsom infantry and armoured units from the same regiment or brigade were paired off together to provide an especially close level of co operation which we attempt to reproduce here Why Operation Bluecoat After Operation Epsom had succeeded in drawing the bulk of the German heavy armour to the Eastern side of the Allied lodgement US Forces launched their dynamic offensive in the Western flank against comparatively weaker opposition The danger now was that the Germans would be able to use the ideal defensive terrain of the Suisse Normande particularly Mont Pincon as the key to a new defensive position or as a hinge for withdrawal The British XXX Corps launched Operation Bluecoat to unlock the Normandy Campaign GAD were fed into the battle once the 11 th Armoured were exhausted tasked with securing the Vire Estry road Bluecoat was characterised by the channelling and canalisation of the British thrust in piece meal actions owing to the intensely wooded bocage country of the Suisse Normande This offers unrivalled opportunities for the kind of independent company squadron actions in close country for which 1 76 is the ideal scale Progress was made on narrow fronts with little more than a dozen tanks and supporting infantry a precursor of to day s all arms Combat Teams In this scenario A Squadron 1st Armd Bn Coldstream Guards are providing the armoured support to A Company 1st Bn Welsh Guards who are tasked with taking the small hill to their front Opposition consists of small pockets of

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  • Random Shorts
    ready for the following days demo ing and talking to Joe public When we returned the following day at least a dozen or two figures had been stolen All single based skirmish figures we were extremely mad about this mainly because in all the years we had attended the show we had never once had anything stolen We have since decided that as a club we do not leave the show until the last moments before they lock the doors and then get their as soon as the doors open This way we can ensure the figures are left alone as little as possible This is unfortunately a sign of the times as thieves do not get what I feel they should get as punishment severing of hands I do sympathise with people that have had things stolen but you cannot blame Mark or anyone else that runs a bring and buy to blame when something is stolen All I can suggest is that if any one sees someone thieving report them to the vendor or the club that runs the stall or game or if their is a security guard tell them If you are lucky enough to find one What these thieves don t realise is that stealing off people is not doing these shows any good vendors and Clubs will stop going to the shows and that will be the end of it On a different but I feel related note I noticed at one show we attend regularly a young lad sat at our game he was with us that long I actually thought he was a siamese twin the lad then started picking up marker figures and messing around with them he was told to leave them alone Nicely which he did for a short

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  • The Italian Job
    the Italian wargames magazine of which I m the editor Dadi Piombo and the show I organize DADI COM but also to enjoy a big British show The show was excellent outstanding games and an huge selection of traders Among the scenarios I fell in love with Monte Cassino presented by Sherwood Wargamers Another great game was the Crimean scenario presented by Derby Wargames Society but many more display games should be mentioned for the very high quality level as well as some participation games those I saw were always well attended by gamers of all ages Unfortunately the lights were not so good above all in the Octagon itself where a strange yellow light spoiled many of the pictures I have taken From an economical point of view the Italian traders did well though the expedition was very expensive and all three traders have registered more expenses flights couriers accommodation car renting than sales By the way the aim was more promotional and more business is expected also by postal orders I talked with all of them and everybody was very satisfied for the feedback received from British customers and from all who joined them for extensive chatting at

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