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    talks at the Napoleonic Fair include in alphabetic order for it is impossible to place them in any other Paul Britten Austin David Chandler Bernard Cornwell Christopher Duffy John Elting Ian Fletcher Charles Grant Paddy Griffith Peter Hofschroer David Markham Jonathan North Andrew Roberts Ian Robertson Digby Smith Ben Weider Eight exhibitors who have been at every event since the Napoleonic Fair started are Bonaparte s Caliver Books Greenhill Books of course Hersants Military Books Spellmount Ken Trotman Robin Turner and Worley Publications and all exhibitors are thanks for participation Amongst the regular standholders Greenhill Books have permitted a number to exhibit on a complimentary basis and over the years one of these complimentary stands has been the Sharpe Appreciation Society The war games have for many years been under the direction of Stuart Asquith and groups presenting war games have included the Loughton Strike Force the Napoleonic Gamers Southend Wargames Club the Naval War Games Society and the Rayners Lane War Games Group which has included Charles Grant Warm thanks go to the Napoleonic Association who have participated since the first event and have exhibited and encouraged re enactors to participate Paul Chamberlain has been the friendly and helpful

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  • Newbold Design
    eleven warriors as they age over hundreds of years they grow to resemble skeleton warriors Currently at war with the Umangans the Dross peoples of the Kingdom of Dalgleish These people are generally tall well built folk and fierce warriors although the Demi Dross of the south are dark haired and shorter of stature prominent in the Dross forces are an elite unit of heavy cavalry mounted on huge well muscled warhorses Allies in the war with the Umangans are the Khazadrim tall sturdily built warriors who excel in combat as heavy infantry and especially in mountain warfare Meanwhile waiting in the wings are the dragonoid ruthless Grak These creatures and their pitiless legions have been steadily marching westwards destroying or subjugating the societies they encountered Now they rest waiting just East of the Dross borders The models in the range are 28mm cast in pewter well defined and finely detailed and aimed at the model collector as much as the wargamer Each race has characteristics that are reflected throughout the models in the range So the Iron Fist heavy cavalry are mounted on tough hugely strong horses which are in character with the tall heavy boned warriors that ride them While the Umangan horse rider altogether leaner lighter mounts The models are distinctive and to my mind are impressive However they may suffer in the eyes of some gamers by being too distinctive and not easily merged into units of models from other manufacturers The figures are the work of the talented hands of a number of designers The popular Mc Taggart and Logan pack that is selling well to medieval and dark age gamers as well as fantasy players are the work of Bob Naismith The Umangan figures pictured above were sculpted by Bill Tyson with the paintwork

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  • Where have all the Heroes gone
    Chiefs of Staff arresting and deporting their families increasing the level of state terror and such other sensible manoeuvres are made by the assembled toadies and worthies Done all that Then give them hope is interjected by the Commissar above Show them they can win Give them Heroes Hero of the Soviet Union from Paul Colfer And thus starts Zeitsev s rise to fame and glory Now let us consider a typical battle as a wargame Your inferior or D class militia beat off an attack by good troops They throw three up the good troops 2 down Surely this is a Hero leading the troops Yet what happens No hero is generated the players grin or grimace at the luck and carry on regardless There is no roll model g for the next time those troops are in combat there is no leader benefit there is no paean for the victorious glorious gorious leader So what should be done Well first of all we have to decide what corresponds to an Heroic act This should be expressed in game terms that are easy to check There should be a good chance of a Hero per side being generated indeed it may be agreed that one or both sides start the game with a Hero Obviously in reality more than one Hero may be generated per side in a battle but excessive Heroics will lead to a game of Heroes not a wargame so I suggest limiting each side to either 1 or no heroes Then we have to decide what a Hero can do Well what do Heroes do Sadly they die gloriously Indeed the Victoria Cross association is very concerned that all of its new members seem to be eligible to join only posthumously So the first thing to do is to find out if our Hero is still alive in the turn that he is created It is no good simply calculating the percentage casualties and applying this risk to the Hero by the very nature of the beast he will be hands red and raw among the gore So let us assign an arbitrary risk to this paragon of Military Virtue in a Hero creating event there is a 50 chance that his glory is only noticed post demise Roll a 1 2 or 3 and like the dragonfly his was a transitory experience twixt heaven and hell But with a 4 5 or 6 and a mighty flourish of his enter appropriate weaponry for the period he is here to stay Now what can this military paradigm do He can enthuse he can inspire he can awe What could this mean on the table Enthusing is a morale boosting process One unit may be enthused per turn The process lasts through an agreed number of morale checks If a unit fails a moral test it has its failure raised by one level thus a halt becomes an OK a retire becomes a halt a retreat

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    Goss Pos Team Game1 Game2 Total Opp1 Opp2 Class Army 1 09 Dave Ruddock Dave Eltringham 11 11 22 16 35 03 1 22 New Kingdom Egyptian 1550 2 01 Bob Amey Andy Ellis 10 11 21 10 36 03 1 43 Kimmerian Slythian or Early Hu 3 12 Craig Davey Mark Edon 10 11 21 19 28 03 4 19 Tarascan or Toltec Chichimec 4 18 Chris Jackson Alan Pinder 9 10 19 20 04 01 4 32 Romanian Frank 1204 AD 5 08 Paul Johnson Paul Dawson 10 7 17 14 05 02 2 46 Kushan 135 BC 477 AD 6 06 James Hamilton Tim Watts 5 10 15 26 11 02 3 08 Central Asian City States 500 7 00 Split Team Dave Eltringham 6 8 14 07 24 01 2 83 Patrician Roman 425 AD 493 8 21 Dave Marchant Andy McKay 6 7 13 11 26 01 3 28 Carolingian Frankish 639 AD 9 20 Adrian Stubbs Alan Gilbert 1 12 13 18 14 03 1 43 Kimmerian Slclthian or Early 10 05 Sagar Kumaraswarmy Thom Richardson 10 3 13 03 08 02 1 49 Early Vietnamese 700 11 35 Stuart Brookes Carl Spalding 10 0 10 02 09 02 1 50 Lydian 687 BC 546 BC 12 17 Chris Tonge Alan Cole 4 6 10 28 07 02 3 51 West Frankish or Norman 888 AD 13 36 Matthew Martin Jonathan Martin 10 0 10 13 01 02 4 17 Later Crusader 1128 AD 14 16 Geoff Pearson Brian Peirpoint 0 10 10 09 10 02 2 69 Sassanid Persian 220 AD 15 13 Mike Goss Colin Betts 0 9 9 36 31 02 4 03 Anglo Norman 1072 AD 1181 AD 16 19 Paul Crozier Stuart Hunt 2 7 9 12 37 01

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  • US Wargames Conventions 2003
    a campaign setting Our primary aim was that DBA would form the basis for setting up procedures and the overall mechanics of the game and to that end DBN cannot be played without a copy of DBA rules Troop types cover the full spectrum from French Old Guard to Spanish guerrillas and levels of generalship ranging from Napoleon to the Prince of Orange are also covered So what do you get for your money The opening Section defines the troop types their capabilities base sizes and figures per base It also includes either additions to or additional movement and combat modifiers for such things as rockets and ubiquitous guerrilla Aggressive generals who insist on getting involved in combat are also catered for The next section is a one page Playsheet that once you are familiar with the rules is all you will need to fight your battles Section Three describes how to recruit your armies and gives some suggested orbats based on a Corps sized formation for most of the nations involved In many Napoleonic battles armies were rarely the same size and a relatively small force of well led motivated and trained troops often defeated a larger forces of poorer quality We therefore opted for a points system rather than the standard 12 element DBA order of battle as we felt that this provide a more flexible and realistic method of creating Napoleonic orbats To demonstrate the utility of this approach Section Four consists of four example scenarios each of which has a particular aspect or quirk that makes them different and interesting to play Also included are sections on how to fight larger battles and a unique and simple campaign system using the 100 Days Campaign of 1815 as an example And to round the whole thing off

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  • I have received details of the BMSS Manchester Branch meetings
    BMSS members and it is great to meet him a shows in the North still going strong after all these years If you can support these meetings please do and you never know you may see me there Editor British Model Soldier Society Northern Branch Manchester Associated Military Modelling Society Meeting arrangements for 2003 Venue Sale moor methodist Church hall Northenden Rd At the junction with Worthington Road Parking Ample in Worthington Rd Travel By Road Along M60 turn off at junction 6 turning right into Old Hall Rd left down Wythenshawe Rd At T junction with Northenden rd turn right The curch hall is on the right By Public Transport 41 Bus from Manchester Piccadilly to Altrincham Alight at Gratix Lane and the Church hall is on the opposite side of the road about 30 yards away From Altrincham Bus 41 stops outside church hall door Details of the Meetings 1pm to 5pm Date 2003 Meeting type Theme 15 February Ordinary Military transport 15 March Competions Entries on table by 2pm 12 April Ordinary Toy Soldiers 17 May Ordinary International Guard Regiments 21 June Ordinary Artillery 19 July Auction Lots on table by 2pm 23 August Ordinary Bands musicians

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  • Lord of the Rings
    down the battle scenes and avoid a 15 certificate so we will have to wait for the DVD release in the early Summer to see the fighting properly On the plus sides the detailing of the various characters and races is brilliant the least satisfactory probably being the Ents but this was to be expected I suppose I mean how do you realistically portray tree people I was particularly impressed by the way that the riders of Rohan have been portrayed the details on the armour and weaponry are superb with a definite Norse influence The Orcs also were brilliantly presented with fierce leathery faces and vicious cruel weaponry far better in my opinion than the sci fi like Uruk Hai Helms Deep is excellently portrayed if not quite as I imagined it and the siege and battle are superb I will not try a describe it you will simply have to go and see it yourself The film is not perfect and in some sections I found it quite a disappointment but all in all it is a must see movie I am sure that the release of this film is going to have major effect on wargaming in that it will inspire current gamers to revisit Middle Earth for battle scenarios and will bring a whole new generation of young potential gamers to the hobby keen of leading their own Riders of Rohan into action It will depend how other wargamers react to this enthusiasm and we will have to see if these newcomers stick with the hobby I hope they will be given every encouragement and advice we need the new blood Games Workshop have of course released a series of 25mm sets of figures depicting characters from the film As with the previously released models they

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  • IT Miniatures
    advanced east to attack Sidi Barrani This Arab revolt was planned and promoted by the Turkish government who hoped that it would tie down British and Italian troops in North Africa IT s new Senussi range from Lancashire Games The Commander of British Forces in Egypt General Sir John Maxwell was forced to divert troops from the Suez Canal to defend the Nile Delta from attack Maxwell created a mobile formation called the Western Desert Task Force to combat the Senussi It included an armoured car detachment engaging in the first full scale military deployment of these vehicles supported by a small number of camel mounted units and several mounted Yeomanry Regiments this mobile force was rapidly ordered west to quell the rebellious tribesmen The Senussi were familiar with the desert terrain and hardened by generations of tribal feuding to hit and run warfare The Senussi were able to cause the Allies considerable problems and eventually over 100 000 British French and Italian troops were engaged in tracking down some 10 000 tribesmen In a series of running battles including that at Wadi Majid on Christmas Day 1915 and at Halazin on January 23 1916 they inflicted hundreds of casualties on the British Task Force before melting away into the desert Scenery by S and A Scenics On 26 February 1916 however the Task Force captured the Turkish commander of the Senussi Division Jafar Pasha at the Battle of Agagiya Without his leadership the revolt quickly declined to almost nothing with the rebels coming to terms with the Allies in early 1917 The Figures The models themselves are as usual from this prolific manufacturer well detailed if not quite up to the finely detailed models of say the AB range of 15mms However at the remarkably reasonable prices charged for

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