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  • Welsh Speaking Red Indians
    told about him were true So strong was that belief that at the end of the 18th century a Welsh preacher from Caernafonshire went exploring the upper reaches of the Missouri River He was looking for the Padoucas which is the Anglicised way of saying Madogwys the descendants of Madog John Evans was quite serious as he travelled the Missouri looking for Welsh speaking Indians The story was still believed as late as the 1840 s A Dr David Powel published a Welsh manuscript and added some notes of his own These stated that Madog had sailed southwards from Wales passed Ireland and across the Atlantic to arrive at a land that must have been Florida or New Spain Apart from these notes the Doctor produced no evidence and there never was any factual proof to confirm the legend of Madog s journey The story was eventually disproved in the 1 840 s and today no one believes the legend of Madog journeying across the Atlantic Columbus has the honour of being the first European to discover the New World Madog Ap Owain has become a legendary figure again and is no longer a real explorer Unless of course you know any Padoucas the Welsh speaking Indians And I thought that was the end of the matter But the American writer and publisher Bill Biles was intrigued enough by the story to do some research He told me that along the banks of the Ohio River not far from the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers lies the town of Paducah Kentucky The following is taken from a book entitled Kentucky Place Names Paducah is said to have been named for the legendary Chief Paduke of a sub tribe of Chickasaw Indians known as the Paducahs According to noted

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  • The 2003 Programme for the NW Group of the Battlefields Trust
    For info on the Battle of Nantwich try this site www crewe swinternet co uk battle html Saturday 5 April The career of Sir Thomas Aston Brenda Rampling s and Howard Talbot s presentation of Sir Thomas s royalist contribution to the Civil War Meet for coffee at 10 am at Frodsham Art Centre Frodsham main street for lecture by Howard Talbot a descendent at 10 30 Lunch locally followed at 2 pm by visits to Aston church and the scene of a Civil War skirmish in Aston Park Cost 2 50 per head or more if you wish for hire of the Art Centre donation to the Aston Trust Sunday 29 June Rev Brian Swynnerton s tour of the Sandbach Barthomley area the scenes of many dirty historical deeds mainly in the Civil War Meet at the Saxon Crosses on Scots Common Sandbach at 10 15 for 10 30 am Parking 200 yards away on Scots Common Travel to Haslington Slaughter Hill and Crewe Hall to arrive at Barthomley for lunch at the White Lion by the church at 12 30 pm Tour the church scene of the massacre then go on to Bridgmere Note E Ronay restaurant in Garden World and then Doddington Crecy Tower Wybunbury Stump and possibly the Delves Broughton Keep if time allows Saturday 13 September The Battle of the Atlantic 1939 45 sites on Merseyside Paddy Griffith leads a tour starting at 10 am at the Historic Warships museum on Dock Road the East Float dock Birkenhead the inlet just South of the Kingsway approach to the 2nd tunnel in Seacombe and directly opposite the Liverpool Pier Head We will lunch locally then take the ferry from Seacombe to Pier Head and walk up Water Street to the Western Approaches war rooms in Rumford

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/RandomS/Shorts/nwbgt.htm (2016-02-16)
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    waited for a nearby settlement to surrender But Yadrei had not reckoned on one of his men Savko who betrayed him to the Yugrians Captain Yadrei was persuaded by Savko not to attack the settlement Russ warriors from Gripping Beast The Novgorod Chronicle tells the story of the death of an army We are gathering silver and sables and other precious goods do not ruin your serfs and your tribute said the Yugra but in fact they were collecting an army Then they said Select your bigger men and come into the town And the captain went into the town taking with him a priest and Ivanko Legen and other bigger men and they cut them down on the eve of St Barbara and they sent out again and they took thirty of the bigger men and these they cut to pieces and then fifty and did the same to these On Savko s orders more men were killed and then the Yugrians sallied out of their settlement to attack what was left of Captain Yadrei s force Only eighty men returned to Novgorod the following spring A sad tale and one unlikely to be re enacted on the wargames

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/RandomS/Shorts/Bigmen.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • A Simple Solo Wargame set of Rules
    tails flee to fort DICE ROLL OF 2 Patrol maximum move allowance north 2 turns east 2 turns south 2 turns west 2 turns and attack any enemy report for new orders if enemy sighted the three non combating nearest units travel imediatly to support and then all out attack DICE ROLL OF 3 Patrol maximum move allowance north 2 turns east 2 turns south 2 turns west 2 turns and repeat this 3 times attack any ememy DICE ROLL OF 4 Remain in the fort for 4 turns and stand guard DICE ROLL OF 5 Take this turn for Rest and do not attack any ememy if attacked flee to fort DICE ROLL OF 6 Camp for 2 turns remaing on high alert DICE ROLL OF 7 14 Procede Imediatly to any attacked units and support when ememy disengages return to fort for orders if there is no attacked units to support throw a D6 D6 ROLL OF 1 2 or 3 Report to Fort for orders D6 ROLL OF 4 Camp for 1 turn and rest flee if attacked back to fort for orders then report to fort for orders D6 ROLL OF 5 Brawl due to drink 4 men dead 1 unit return to fort and put 3 units in the stockade for 2 turns D6 ROLL OF 6 2 Horses loose shoes or if on foot 2 men fall on rocks and break legs the two units travel at half movement speed for 5 turns DICE ROLL OF 15 if enemy within sight of unit all cavalry within 2 full movement allowance distance congregate and attack enemy If enemy not in sight patrol 3 turns south then return to fort for orders If enemy sighted all cavalry within 2 full movement allowance distance congregate and attack enemy DICE ROLL OF 16 Proced to the nearest unit who has sighted the enemy if no enemy sighted procede to support the nearest unit DICE ROLL OF 17 Reinforcments arrive add 3 units to the current units location DICE ROLL OF 18 Gun runners come upon your unit and kill all units at the location sell the guns to the indians and creating an indian unit to be placed anywhere you wish DICE ROLL OF 19 Reinforment of 1 unit arrive DICE ROLL OF 20 flash flood this unit dies Situations these situations apply unless orders specifically order something else 1 when enemy is sighted all units within 1 move allowance attack the enemy all unit attack in formation side by side and advance on the enemy at half speed when in firing range and 1 volley is over if the enemy outnumbers the cavalry flip a coin for stand ground or flee this coin rule applies after every volley 2 when enemy is attacking send messengers asking for help flip a coin heads 2 units from the fort gallop at top speed to your aid and arrive in 2 turns all units attack in formation side by side

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/RandomS/Shorts/wwrules.htm (2016-02-16)
    Open archived version from archive

  • The new Élan 3rd Edition now here
    to enhance your gaming experience and contributions will be sought from players The new rules introduce many new ideas for players yet retain many of the best features of the 2nd Edition Current players will have no trouble learning the new aspects and the new game plays at least 25 faster as well has having any previous grey areas resolved Many rules and procedures that were in 2nd Ed have been re formatted to ensure that they are easier to follow Besides a completely new layout with improved indexing grouping of subjects and rules and clauses written in a crystal clear easy to read style the rules incorporate several new aspects such as New formations such as open and closed columns or squares and lying troops down to reduce impact of artillery Fast target category deleted Close ranges for artillery extended slightly Simplified fire tables with an innovative fire zone template method for both small arms and artillery fire Removal of 45 degree arc fire all stands except skirmishers now fire directly ahead No more repeat volleys for class 1 s nor compulsory unsteady fire for Russian infantry No more extra dice for British infantry or Class 5 6 troops volleys they fire on the steady table instead unless shaken for successive volleys Artillery batteries can fire at multiple targets Bombardment now part of the Tactical Fire phase and available to nearly all artillery units as an option instead of tactical fire Using Aide figures to add morale benefits to units at critical moments by attaching them Rockets now only cause morale and damage hits and simpler method of use Command now requires visible Staff stands for units Additional unit ratings for several nations and the introduction of some new nationalities New enhanced layout of the play charts and rules

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/RandomS/Shorts/Elan3.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • Please remember to mention Wargames Forum when contacting traders
    web site and have been properly painted ie not by me so I think they are one of the nicest looking sets of figures I have put up so far I have also added the Dwarf Explorer command pack to the Uncharted Lands range not painted yet but they are up on the site too For those interested I am also now selling rules that go with the figure ranges

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/RandomS/Shorts/Crusadernews2.htm (2016-02-16)
    Open archived version from archive

  • Elite Miniatures
    86 XF2 Light Cavalry Brigade 3 x 24 figure regiments 90 XF3 Heavy Cavalry Brigade 2 x 32 figure regiments 83 XF4 Grand Battery 12 guns crews 61 British Napoleonic XB1 Infantry Brigade 4 x 30 fig btns 12 skirmishers 73 XB2 Light Cavalry Brigade 4 x 16 figure regiments 80 XB3 Heavy Cavalry Brigade 3 x 24 figure regiments 93 XB4 Grand Battery 12 guns crews 61 Austrian Napoleonic XA1 Infantry Brigade 4 x 36 fig btns 12 skirmishers 86 XA2 Light Cavalry Brigade 2 x 36 figure regiments 90 XA3 Heavy Cavalry Brigade 3 x 24 figure regiments 91 XA4 Grand Battery 12 guns crews 61 Portuguese Napoleonic XPO1 Infantry Brigade 4 x 30 fig btns 12 skirmishers 73 XPO2 Grand Battery 12 guns crews 61 Russian Napoleonic XR1 Infantry Brigade 4 x 32 fig btns 12 skirmishers 77 XR2 Light Cavalry Brigade 2 x 30 figure regiments 75 XR3 Heavy Cavalry Brigade 2 x 30 figure regiments 78 XR4 Grand Battery 12 guns crews 61 Prussian Napoleonic XP1 Infantry Brigade 4 x 32 fig btns 12 skirmishers 77 XP2 Cavalry Brigade 3 x 24 figure regiments 90 XP3 Grand Battery 12 guns crews 61 PLEASE REQUEST THE

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/RandomS/Shorts/eliteminiatures.htm (2016-02-16)
    Open archived version from archive

    to take Black Bob with them He was put up for sale and bought by a civilian at Cawnpore The regiment returned half the purchase money on the condition that the old horse should pass the remainder of his life in comfort But as the days passed and Black Bob saw no more uniforms nor heard the sound of trumpet or familiar voices he began to pine and refused his

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/RandomS/Shorts/blackbob.htm (2016-02-16)
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