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  • Osprey Publications
    of fortications that are now being address by the new Osprey Fortress series And of course there is always the revisiting in the light of new research or fresh interpretation of popular subjects This volume in the Osprey warrior series which are designed to give an deeper insight into specialist or famed fighting formations their history social context and skills has to be welcomed as it explored amongst the most famous or infamous of histories martial races The Cossacks I have recently become more interested in the contribution made by these troops to the Napoleonic Wars having reread Imperial Bayonets by in which the author quotes numerous examples of troops that I had often dismissed as simply harassing light cavalry standing their place with distinction in the line of battle and being able to do more than hold their own against French lights including Imperial Guard units Time then for a personal reassessment of the Cossack units so this volume was very welcome The author a specialist in Russian military history treats us to a brief social history of the Cossack tribes in the period leading to the Napoleonic campaigns the relationship of the Cossack hegemony and the Russian throne and the organisation of the Cossack military machine The training for war and the penchant for plunder of the Cossack troops is covered in brief details as are the tactics used If I have to make a criticism it is that the section on tactics is too brief and does not fully detail for example the Lava attack which proved so successful against the French on occassion This however is a minor quibble given the scope of the volume and the space available The author draws on numerous contemporary accounts to illustrate the contribution of Cossack troops to the defeat

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  • Osprey Publications
    in American and clashes between French English Dutch and Spaniards all in competition for the riches of this new continent were frequent and at times bloody This in addition to clashes with the native peoples desperately seeking to protect their way of life Rene Chartrand has continued the work begun in MAA 372 with this study of the provincial troops and militia units of The Carolinas Pennsylvania Deleaware and the Canadian Provinces I found the sections describing the various Ranger companies very interesting Is suppose that most have heard of Rogers Rangers and their near legendary exploits near disastrous though many of them were but not much is heard of Goreham s Rangers who proved so valuable in the Quebec Campaign and even served in Cuba Even less is known of the various State Ranger companies and here Rene give an introduction to their activities and an extensive bibliography to allow further research by the reader The illustrations which include a selection photographs of historical sites and reconstructions as well as contemporary engravings are tothe usual high standard that has become the norm with Osprey products The colour plates produced by David Rickman perfectly compliment the text and are eye

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  • Two Towers Strategy game
    exceptional I was able to get a game set up within an hour of opening the book more to the point I wanted to get a game set up after reading through the rules So I took on John s son Richard and My own boy Garth The game went quickly and without any problems and as we went on we introduced a variety of the special rules included for various races and individuals These were easy to include and did not slow the game nor did they load the game play in favour of one side or the other And truth to tell I really enjoyed the game Enjoyed it so much in fact that I bought a few additional figures for my lad s collection to test out a few of the special rules well that is my excuse Over the last few weeks I must admit to having become hooked on these games They are not as serious as my club games but my lad loves using the rules and knows them off by heart and it is great to find a set of rules that are easy enough for a 9 year old to master while

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/BookReviews/TTstratgame.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • Osprey Essential Histories 44 The French Indian War 1754
    sides undertaking partisan warfare that led to civilian casualties and horrendous atrocities Plenty then to cover and Daniel Marston does a very fair job given the limited size of this book The volume is profusely illustrated with a wealth of contemporary pictures colourful maps and a limited number of uniform illustrations One thing that I found slightly irritating was that illustrations and maps do not always appear on the same pages as when covered in the text This means an amount of flipping backwards and forwards through the pages But this is a minor criticism the description of the various campaigns and major battles is comprehensive and interesting There is also a section on the Indian revolt that followed the French wars and culminated in the battle of Bushy Run From a personal point of view the problem with this work is that it fails to represent the drama and human story behind this series of wars and it does not fully explain the difference between the three main cultures engaged in the conflict France s plans and objectives for the Americas were very different from the land hungry settlers usually of Protestant extraction from many European states that fell

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  • Osprey Campaign 113  Rossbach and Leuthen 1757 By Simon Millar Ilustrated by Adam Hook  Of all history
    that his own foreign policies were not likely to gain him an awful lot of friends At the start of 1757 began well for Frederick but by Summer he had been pushed back from all he had gained His allies had been defeated as had his own Prussian forces Russian French and Austrian Imperial forces were closing in of Frederick s forces and matters looked increasingly dark for the Prussian king Simon Millar takes up the story and details the climactic battles of Rossbach and Leuthen He does this in a very accessible way giving a clear and exciting narrative that provides the newcomer to the period with a whole host of information about the opposing armies and their tactics Millar does not however give much in the way of uniform detail instead referring the reader to the excellent Osprey Men At Arms series The volume contains a myriad of illustrations both in black and white and colour The original artwork by Adam Hook is excellent and supports the text admirably There is plenty of information in these pages to enable the wargamer to refight these actions and to enhance the knowledge of the horse and musket era fan I

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/BookReviews/Osprey/osp113.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • Osprey Publishing
    vital trade routes Spain France Venice The Ottomans The Barbary States all controlled fleets that were a visible symbol of their power and military aggression And yet in the UK little is known of these naval campaigns strange perhaps in a nation whose own history has been so intimately involved with naval acumen Angus Konstam has produced a very readable and yet detailed account not only of the historical incidents of the period but also of the tactics and strategy of naval galley warfare This is totally different to the development of high seas sailing fleets and is far more to do with the rapid transit of land forces in order to capture and hold fortified bases The development of seaborne artillery brought changes in galley warfare but in the end it war the superiority in hand to hand fighting that was most often the deciding factor in action As usual though it is the superb illustrations that make this volume such an attractive buy The artist Tony Bryan has brought his tremendous skill and attention to detail to play in the 8 full colour plates These being supported by a whole host of contemporary black and white artwork The

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/BookReviews/Osprey/ospreygalleywar.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • Rules Review
    everything from grenades to naval bombardments However it became clear that prior to starting a game there was a whole stack of preparation work to be undertaken with artillery and HMG grids kill sheets ammo records recorded radio nets all to be prepared Admittedly once made these can be used again and again but even so it was daunting at first sight The game system is pretty standard and if you have used other rules such as Rapid Fire you will pick it up fairly quickly But the system itself is pretty quirky I could not find anything in the rules that allowed suppressive fire to support an assault which seems very strange While HMGs are interesting weapons because apparently unless I was reading the rules wrong they are as effective against targets they cannot see as targets they can within the HMG template Armour damage is rather strange to me with three levels light heavy and destroyed but with no quantative reduction in effectiveness as the hits mount up If you want a hint when using these rules keep an eye on your ammo it is limited for every unit This can create a nightmare in record keeping but

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/BookReviews/Rules/PanzerMarsch.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • The Civil War Reenactors Encylopedia
    yet there is information contained in this volume that is new to me The first section is designed for the re enactor and gives practical advise regards attending battles and living history events But even here there are some fascinating snippets of information for example regarding everyday attitudes to clothing during the period of the Civil War which should have an influence on figure design The second section looks at uniforms and equipment in fantastic detail And there is an absolute wealth of information here for figure painters and designers most taken from surviving examples of military kit and a lot of which is new to me Wait until you see General Beauregard s tasselled beret or the patent rubber rain hat There is a fine section illustrating the huge variety of weapons in use in both armies as well as some discussion of the practical problems this caused I was particularly impressed by the selection of unit flags and insignia illustrated in this volume but especially the photographs on the decorated drums that are included I have often wondered just what to paint on the drums of my miniature units now I know The final section includes a number

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/BookReviews/Chrysalis/cwre.htm (2016-02-16)
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