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  • Italian Medieval Armies 1000
    political and military situation in Italy during the period this book necessarily must be an overview It does this effectively with sections covering feudal and communal armies in the wealthy north detailing the way in which the cities organised themselves into quarters each responsible for raising troops The section also covers the tensions between the city and the nobility of the surrounding countryside Further sections deal with the south and Sicily covering the Lombard states the Norman conquest and the Hohenstaufen and Angevin periods Dr Nicolle discusses the importance of Islamic and Byzantine influences in the region The book is completed with sections on strategy and tactics and the development of fortifications There is also a substantial bibliography for those wishing to study the subject in more detail The book is illustrated with supporting photographs showing depictions of soldiers of the period in manuscripts wall paintings and sculpture together with surviving fortifications particularly the characteristic Italian towers There are drawings showing plans and sections of fortifications There are eight coloured plates by Angus McBride in his well known highly detailed style These tend to focus on the better equipped elite of the armies though some examples of the poorer soldiers

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/BookReviews/Osprey/Ospreymedit.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • Vis Bellica
    desire to play interesting wargames People can order them direct at www visbellica com and they are gradually making their way out to various traders as well There s also all sorts of other useful information at www visbellica com including a brief description of the rules some pictures from the VB Gallery battle reports army results and of course the dreaded Rules Lawyer ready to adjudicate on any disputes that might arise during the course of gaming I will put a review copy in the post to you and would ask that you mention the rules in the appropriate news sections of the Wargames Forum Please feel free to contact me with any further questions or queries Many thanks Robert Avery Well as you expect I responded straight away and have now received a review copy and very impressive they seem on first reading 59 pages of rules and sample army lists clearly and logically presented in an A4 soft back format Read the rules is also interesting the author Robert Avery is an experienced Colonial gamer and in seeking a set of rules to re enter the Ancient period sought certain elements to the game that he found pleasing form his colonial wars He did not find them and so he did what any self respecting gamer would do he wrote his own There are a number of things about his preferences that I wholeheartedly agree with including the basing of units in large realistic looking figure groups and more importantly the impact of command and command structure on the combat efficiency of units This in particular has been a bug bear of mine and so it is very interesting to see Robert s approach to this issue I have played a couple of test games with the

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/BookReviews/Rules/visbellica.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • Soldiers of the Revolutionary War by Stuart Reid and Marko Zlatich
    of 19 99 compared with almost 50 for the separate Men at Arms issues makes this a real bargain The format is the familiar one with pages of excellent colour illustrations each supported by a short description While the main body of the text gives a very brief history of the historical background to the period and then a fairly extensive and incisive narrative of the individual units covered their uniforms and equipment This is in turn supported by a range of contemporary illustrations in the sections covering Washingtons army and also re enactors photographs for the British Personally I think the sections covering the Continental forces are superior to the British First the title Soldiers of the Revolutionary War is somewhat of a misnomer in regard to the British as the period covered runs from 1740 1793 and includes sections on the Jacobite rebellion and the various colonial conflicts in the Indies both East and West having said that the text is interesting supported by many illustrations as is usual with Stuart s work But I am afraid that I feel the photographs on re enactors rather let down the rest of the work their is one particular picture

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/BookReviews/Osprey/Osprevwar.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • Aircraft of the Second World War The Development of the Warplane 1939
    gain or retain an edge over the other side The essays show that in common with war on the ground and at sea gains in technology were worth more in terms of final victory or defeat than any of the sacrifices made by individuals It should be noted that there is a little crossover between some of the essays However as each is written in its author s own style and from differing points of view the repeating of a few points is hardly noticeable at all Illustrated by a collection of photographs that in many respects differ from those normally seen Not just in terms of the details illustrated but the fact that the standard planes of the countries involved the Spitfire Bf109 Mustang Zero etc are joined by some of the less well known examples of development In addition there are number of fine illustrations of engines etc little seen outside the most specialised of publications Last but not least mention must be made of the excellent line drawings scattered throughout the book Taken as a whole this book is as well illustrated as any I have seen on aircraft in World War 2 Is the book perfect

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/BookReviews/Chrysalis/aircraftww2.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • Armies of Arcana
    to use them to fight a large scale battle quickly sensibly and to a clear conclusion in a Saturday evening Superb painting by Daya click here for her website The rules include army lists which give details of all the major fantasy type forces that you may be familiar with and obviously some thought has gone in to this Not only are there the Beastmen forces Saurians and Ratmen familiar to Warhammer players but you could also raise Roman style armies as in the Lost Legion tales from Harry Turtledove or maybe a 1001 Nights style army or a barbarian horde are more to your taste all can be accommodated Although these lists are not fully comprehensive they are varied enough to provide the beginner with all the guidance they need and a not just a few tips for the more experienced gamer The fighting rules are easy enough to follow and are clearly illustrated in the text and decisions are moderated by the throw of a 6 sided dice There is nothing particularly innovative in these tactical rules but they do flow and are easy to pick up The key to a successful set of fantasy rules though does not lie in the straightforward tactical simulations but in how these integrate the more unusual aspects such as the characteristics of Heroes and of course the impact of magic and magicians Daya again maybe a self portrait Magic has to been very powerful without being all powerful There is little point in having a really well balance drilled and equipped army if the rules allow them to be blown to dust by the whim of some Chaos inspired sorcerer as some rule allow Armies of Arcana seems to get the balance right There are a limited number of spells available

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/BookReviews/Rules/armiesofarcana.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • Osprey Publishing
    situation until I read this impressive little publication John Lynn is Professor of History at the University of Illinois and he makes clear that it was the character of Louis XIVth and his perception of the role of kingship that was the principle cause of a series of conflicts during the period under discussion And because it was the personal impact of Louis that created the conflicts the impact of his far larger than life personality on the diplomatic exchanges means that the alliances and influences throughout these years can be very confusing Basically Lynn argues that Louis s preoccupation was to develop an impermeable frontier with a series of border fortresses and strongholds In order to do this he undertook a series of military actions to rationalise his frontiers These moves were interpreted as his gross and insatiable desire for conquest by many of the other European states How this conflict of ideas resulted in a series of military campaigns is succinctly and fascinatingly recounted in this book As usual with Osprey publications the publication is in a paperback format and is profusely illustrated this time with a mouthwatering range of contemporary paintings and prints many of which were

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/BookReviews/Osprey/sunking.htm (2016-02-16)
    Open archived version from archive

  • Essential Histories
    point of view These works have ranged from the excellent to the mediocre usually those with an axe to grind and it could fairly be said that there is probably little if anything new to say on the War Why then should this new publication from Osprey be greeted with anything other than a yawn Well firstly it doesn t set out to tell a warts and all history of the War by examining everything that happened in minute detail This after all has already been done many times Instead in common with all the sister works in the Essential Histories series it provides a balanced overview of the War and thus provides an eminently sensible summary of the events that occurred in the Spring and Summer of 1982 It would be impossible in less than 100 pages to deal with everything Instead Anderson has concentrated on setting out briefly but succinctly what happened why it happened and what was the end result both militarily and politically Throughout the book excellent use is made of maps to illustrate the positions and manoeuvres of the opposing forces Many of the illustrations have been little used in previous works though the relatively

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/BookReviews/Osprey/Falklands.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • Gallows Thief
    maybe too much lingering detail as at times it interferes with the pace of the tale Still no matter the story is intriguing enough with enough plot twists to keep most of us guessing Fans of Sharpe however will be seeking similarities and links to their hero Well as previously stated he is a gentleman he is also a veteran on the Peninsular and Waterloo having commanded a company of

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/BookReviews/Fiction/GT.htm (2016-02-16)
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