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  • Bivouac au Dernier Q
    sculpted and again is very shapely and proportionate no Miss cast on this she is in a typical serving pose and holding a large wine amphora I think that s what they call it if not a Jug The hoplite guards are again really well detailed and I feel that it will be nice to paint these I only found one problem with one of these pair and again this was due to a miss cast figure The bottom of the spear and a part of the shield had not cast properly and had left a hole in the spear and part of the shield missing A great shame I must say as I do like the look of these figures very much apart from the obvious and ignoring it looking at the spearman and the other figures in the set the detail is really first rate The Other Hoplite holds a sword he again is beautifully sculpted loads of detail and no thankfully miss casting This figure really shows off again the effort and time that has gone into the sculpting of the figure I have failed to mention that on both the Hoplites shields the Motifs a bulls head and a scorpion are cast onto the shields These too are detailed and should aid in the painting process Painting On with the undercoat and my hands a rubbing in anticipation These figures are indeed a challenge and a joy to paint I didn t at any point find myself getting bored or fed up with them in fact the more I painted the more enthusiastic I became Good results can be easily obtained as there is so much to work with and to enjoy all the build up work including on the armour was a doddle folds creases

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  • Hetzerdog Miniatures Babylons Burning  Review by Steve Crofts
    If you don t get the five packs of figures they will be available for sale separately Now the rules come on a professionally pressed CD Rom with some lovely art work on the front sort of comic book style Question Time It was nice to be able to ask Ian at Hetzerdog a few questions that you may be wanting to know and being the nice man he is he answered he also sent a list of there projected releases for the next few years which I will post at the end of the article 1 The list of new releases planned over the next few years is pretty lengthy are you managing to stay on target with those projected releases To be honest we ve had no end of problems with our manufacturer mentioning no names which has put us a few months behind in terms of releases That hasn t stopped us sculpting though and in addition to the first 6 packs we released we now have another 2 packs cast and on their way to us plus 5 more packs that are sculpted and ready to go over the next two months Once these production problems have been smoothed out we expect to be releasing two or three Babylon s Burning packs every month for the next couple of years in addition to our 28mm Irish Rebellion of 1798 range our 1 144th scale Canvas Falcons WWI aircraft range and other forthcoming miniature ranges and games we have planned 2 When developing new Figures for this range are you prepared to take on board customer Ideas for figures Of course we re always happy to hear ideas from our customers or potential customers for that matter We ve already made some alterations to planned packs in the light of feedback and suggestions the design of our forthcoming Cultist Templars for example If anyone wants to make any suggestions they can drop us a line at info hetzerdog com 3 How important are customer ideas when designing a new set of figures It s a balancing act on the one hand we have to make the miniatures our customers want to buy and on the other hand we have strong ideas regarding the game world the general aesthetic and where we want to go with the BB range In addition to this we also have to take the suggestions and requests of our retailers and distributor into account Of course it s not unusual to have different customers asking for the opposite thing so it s always a tough judgement call as to what to introduce and what to leave alone Since there are so many packs we want to bring out for this range we rely on our customers to let us know what factions we should concentrate on and what packs should take priority 4 When a customer Orders from the online shop or through mail order what is the usual waiting time before the

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/Pending/Archive/April04/April04a/hetzerdogminiatures.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • Games Workshop Mordor Troll Review by Steve Crofts
    and care with patience is needed to remove them properly There are a couple of slight mould lines on a couple of the casts but overall no others were evident and those that were were easily removed with the minimum of fuss Building the Model The only advise I can give you on this without writing another article is to take your time make sure all surfaces are clean and smooth and that the parts fit together properly before applying glue Again take your time and have patience This is a beautiful model once assembled and you don t want to spoil it by rushing in and cocking it up Generally the parts just needed cleaning up and the odd bit of filing and levelling to get them ready and to allow the parts to fit together properly I did get my miniature grinder out on just the one occasion After all the gluing and pinning there was only a few minor gaps to fill and shape with modelling putty so this was not a chore Painting After my usual undercoat colour was sprayed on and dried I took another look at the model Wow lots of lovely fine detail Painting began and to say the least this was a very enjoyable experience The only thing I can say and that is to plan the painting in stages the reason I say this is because the model weighs in at 5oz not heavy to start with but you know you have been holding it after an amount of time I did enjoy painting this model like I said but due to needing to get the review and painting report done I was running a tight ship so I didn t spend the time that this model deserves I may at

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/Pending/Archive/April04/April04a/mordortroll.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • Navigator Miniatures  28mm Rus
    Brooches buckles and belts are also detailed sufficiently Overall I reckon on this first look at the figures that they should be a nice set of figures to paint but as I always say the proof is in the pud so I ll comment on that later Spears and shields are cast separately The spears are nice although I was taken aback a little with the shields I was a little disappointed with these as quite a lot of detail was put on them the only problem was the wood grain on a close inspection it could be seen very faintly although the joins were very apparent this bemused me a little as I would have thought that if it had been cut a little bit deeper then these would have been exceedingly good Flash Not a lot at all just the odd bit here and there and this was in the usual places where I expect to find the odd bit Mould lines again a couple were apparent on the odd figure but these were soon sorted out with no hassle what so ever Painting Wow I had no trouble with these what so ever put the paint on them and watch them come to life The faces are really nice to paint and you do get plenty of detail to work with if I was to suggest anything to make these even more realistic I would say have the odd figure with an open mouth to make it look like the figure was shouting or the odd grimace like I said only a suggestion as it would benefit these figures and add even more to there character Details are easy to pick out and in this the figures tend to work with you as you add the different

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/Pending/Archive/April04/April04a/navigatorminiaturesrus.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • Bolt Action Miniatures  World War II Infantry Review By Steve Crofts
    evident throughout the two previous packs that I have already looked at and this third one is no different again each figure has its own qualities which gives each one that individual appearance and appeal almost a personality Poses again are not overly done and are in all cases very realistic First Thoughts Overall Looking at all three packs it is quite obvious we are dealing with a manufacturer that is well up there with the big boys As Bolt Action Miniatures are from the same stable as Gripping beast this comes as no surprise Not one of the figures has the slightest drop in detail and I feel that if you yourself collect 25 8mm WWII that you should definitely check these figures out in the flesh I feel sure that you appreciate then what I am saying and that you will also be glad that you did Although I feel your bank balance may have different ideas Flash The figures had just odd bits here and there but nothing to give much trouble or to gripe about and this was very easily removed Mould lines Well I only spotted the odd one with a suggestion of mould lines and those were also easily removed Painting Before I start with the painting report let me explain something Due to the large amount of review Items that I have and I think John will agree with me on these next couple of statements that I am unfortunately in the position where I can only paint a few select figures from the review items from each trader I know in the past lot of articles that I have painted all of the miniatures but due to sheer numbers it will be at least for the foreseeable future nigh on impossible to

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/Pending/Archive/April04/April04a/boltaction.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • The Young British Soldier By Rudyard Kipling
    price There is a large side pocket on the back of the bag with a zip on three sides The pocket is certainly large enough to carry all your rules paper pens dice Kit Kats etc The carrying handle is again woven cloth but covered by a leather effect sewn sleeve which is attached to a black metal fitting sewn to the case At the corners of the top edge of the case are two securely fastened D shaped metal rings which hold the carrying strap This strap again from woven cloth with metal fittings is fully adjustable up to 130cm in length and includes a padded shoulder pad The top edge of the case is completed by a clear plastic address label The front of the case bears a very stylish embroidered logo and title Battlepack in crimson and silver a very nice touch that adds so much to the overall effect Opening the case an internal pocket is revealed again with a zip It also becomes clear how thick the padded lid is giving protection to the contents The main body of the case is divided into two sections with a semi rigid crossection held in place by Velcro providing additional support to the case lid Each section will hold a varying number of dark coloured foam trays in a range of designs depending on the army to be carried The first type of tray is designed for holding individual 25 28mm figures the second is designed for the safe transportation of model vehicle equipment and based models In the case under review the trays or clamps were designed for transporting vehicles and the case contains four pairs measuring 40cm x 36cm x 6cm and a pair of foam tops 1cm in depth The case includes an example sheet that illustrates a variety of methods of packing the models into the case enabling you to make the most of the space available packing the models is easy and the dogtooth pattern of the clamps certain holds them firmly I packed this case with a selection of Space Marine vehicles carried them to the club on Thursday repacked them after the game took them home on the late night bus left them in the hallway for two days where the bag was kicked and moved about and finally I took it for a ride on the back of my bike and for a jog around the park all without any loss or damage apart from the dispersal of a small amount of base scatter The Standard case is available in a number of different versions each supplied with a different selection of foam trays and clamps details are on the Chelgames website When I removed the foam trays from the case it was easily folded for storage The second case the Deluxe version 90 has a number of differences from the standard case First of all it is deeper allowing more carrying capacity It is also more sturdy being

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/Pending/Archive/March04/Chelgames.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • The Young British Soldier By Rudyard Kipling
    Her face is very detailed and gives the painter plenty to work with her slightly open mouth with Vampire teeth showing clearly this one should be fun to paint The final lady doesn t seem to be has well cut as the others as far as the facial detail is concerned which is to me a little strange as the rest of the figure is to a very good standard but as always the proof is in the pudding and we ll see what happens when the paint goes on As I have already said the rest of the figure is well detailed right down to the links of the chains and shackles which bind her behind her back there is also a metal band shackle around her neck Flash All the figures had a little flash on them but this was very easily removed also a couple did have mould lines but again care and patience removed this quite easily Their were a couple however that did have a lead stud on the bottom of the base this was fairly thick and a little time spent with a modeling drill or dremmel with a grinding disk is needed to make short work of this Painting Well once the undercoat was on it was start your engines I couldn t wait to get started No it wasn t because of the subjects being rude it was due to a case of I ve never done anything like these before and I thought they would be a good challenge I wasn t disappointed Each were a challenge in their own right and trying to work out what would be the right colour eye shadow to put with the right colour hair ect well I ll be honest the wife helped me

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/Pending/Archive/March04/Gentsselection.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • The Young British Soldier By Rudyard Kipling
    ect These plastic trays don t do that and figures weapons can get bent or broken The foam in the boxes idea I would personally like to see being brought back into service it was an excellent idea and why it got scrapped in favour of the plastic and polystyrene types I will never know Back to the figures One first inspection the figures are very nicely cast very clean and detailed All of the figures reflect very well the characters that they portray and are easy to recognise Faces and hands are in proportion to rest of the figures and there is plenty of movement in the figures Creases and folds in the clothing is as you would expect well cut and defined as is the armour and weapons Flash Not much at all and only the odd minor mould line which is easily removed so not much cleaning and tidying to do Eomers Eowyns Legolas s and Aragorns swords needed straightening as did Gandalfs staff care did have to be taken here as if you bend them too much the snap off so be careful Painting Oh what Joy I tend not to follow the Art work on the box as some of the painted models can look a bit too brightly coloured or wrong to me so I go with my own resource material if I can this was in the form of Photographs taken from the films and compiled into a couple of books that were available in WH Smiths at one point I do prefer this type of reference as you can get a truer colour match and you can match the characters in the photo s near as damn it The detail on the figures is beautiful and it does give you a lot

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