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  • Age of Reason
    cover a frontage of 1 080yds or well over ½ of a mile A Light Cavalry Column of 12 Squadrons deployed in two lines in chequer board would cover a frontage of 1800yds or just over a mile Thus even a fairly small army of 24 battalions and 24 squadrons with the infantry deployed in the centre and two cavalry wings would cover a front of about 3 miles Road Movement When moving strategically Armies would adopt Road Column one unit moving behind another For large Armies overall column length could assume mammoth proportions This is an essential consideration for anyone running a campaign Baggage The above Road Column rates allow for very little baggage or additional ammunition to be included in the unit depths Army baggage train and camp followers can be estimated to compose between an additional 50 200 of the Army s total combat unit depth dependent on how lean and well disciplined the Army is The Road Column Thus an Infantry Column of 24 battalions with 4 batteries of Field Artillery attached would stretch 12 800yds 7¼ miles without baggage and between 20 000yds and 35 000yds including its baggage 11 and 20 miles At normal pace of 2 3 miles per hour such a column would take up to twelve hours to pass a single point Adding the Cavalry of our example Army of 24 battalions and 24 Squadrons with 6 batteries would create a road column 20 000yds 11½ miles long without baggage and up to 60 000yds 35 miles including its train Road Capacity The above Column lengths are for a formation marching along a single road In developed areas larger formations may be able to advance over a road net rather than a single route In good weather some of the troops will also be able to move cross country to relieve congestion on the roads However the artillery and baggage will always need a road and in bad weather most tracks and many roads would soon become virtually impassable to guns carts and wagons In mountainous or forested areas off road movement would be difficult in the extreme for Infantry and Cavalry and impossible for the Artillery and Baggage Choke points such as bridges fords or defiles roads through forest or marsh would preclude any off road movement to all but light infantry and cavalry At such places the breakdown of a wagon or gun limber carriage could result in delays for the whole army The Corps System The answer to the problem of road capacity was sought in the Corps system of the Napoleonic Wars This was an attempt to organise Armies into semi independent self contained forces called Corps which could operate along a single road or local road net Several Corps could then advance along parallel or converging routes to re unite as an Army at the designated destination In theory this enabled a large Army to advance upon a given target without clogging up its own road

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  • OldGlory
    Tel 01207 283 332 Fax 01207 281 902 Box 20 Calumet Pa 15621 USA Tel 724 423 3580 Fax 724 423 6898 Click here to Enter the Old Glory UK Website Now 40mm Dark Ages Please remember to mention Wargames

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  • The Professional Painting Service
    to 5 000 figures we can do it all Battledress prices click here To order or discuss your ideas Email us here info battledress co uk or write to us at BATTLEDRESS STUDIOS 7 LITCHATON WAY WOODFORD ESTATE PLYMPTON PLYMOUTH

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  • Latest Issue
    of Wargames Illustrated is available now No 238 August 2007 Published on the last Wednesday of each and every month Contact us at wargamesillustrated net Back to Wargames Illustrated Back

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  • Latest Issue
    The latest issue of Wargames Soldiers Strategy is available now July 2007 Contact us at soldados revistaaprofesionales com Back to Wargames Forum

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  • Continental Infantryman of the American Revolution  Osprey publishing Warrior 68 Written by John Milsop with illustrations by Steve
    28mm and 40mm Please see our website here www frontrank com Please contact us at FRONT RANK FIGURINES tel 44 0 1327 262720 fax 0 1327 260569 The Granary Banbury Road Lower Boddington Daventry Northants NN11 6XY Please remember to

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  • Extract from
    into account in estimating the radius of action which of course will be greatly increased thereby Considerable attention has been devoted to the arrangements for the accommoda tion of the officers and men In view of the increasing length and greater power of modern ships the usual position of the admiral s and captain s quarters right aft is becoming more and more open to objection Up to the present the principal officers have been berthed at the farthest possible distance from the fore bridge and conning tower where their most important duties are performed It has been decided that in this ship the admiral s and captain s quarters shall be placed on the main deck forward near the conning tower also that the officers quarters shall be placed forward both on the main deck and on the upper deck in the fore part of the ship Ample accommodation for the remainder of the crew is available on the main and lower decks aft The distribution of armament of the Dreadnought will be best understood by reference to the Plate in Part II The ten 12 in guns are mounted in pairs in five barbettes One barbette is on the fore castle but rather farther aft than usual the guns being 35 ft above the water line Four barbettes are on the upper deck of which one is placed on either side nearly 100 ft abaft the bow guns the fore castle being recessed so as to enable the guns to fire ahead while as the upper deck is completely clear of obstruction they will be able to fire nearly right astern This disposition gives the ship a broad side fire from eight 12 in guns Four and possibly six guns can be used as bow chasing guns The guns are so distributed that the blast of no pair of guns will interfere with the fire of the others This is far from being the case with some ships of German French and United States design Amongst other new features in the Dread nought the masts are built as tripods which diminishes the risk of communication with the gun sighting station and wireless telegraphy apparatus being destroyed the boats are carried round the foremast and funnels and the officers quarters are located on the main deck forward There is considerable difference of opinion in naval circles British and Foreign as to the abandonment of all secondary armament in the Dreadnought On the one hand it is claimed that the naval battles of the future like many of those in the Russo Japanese war will be fought at long range and at long range 12 in guns have an overwhelming advantage over the 9 2 in and guns of smaller calibre and it is further claimed that even at close range the smashing power of the 12 in gun will compensate for the rapidity of fire of the smaller guns Lt Commander Sims Inspector of Target Practice to the United

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  • Search
    shown otherwise only the document s file name is displayed A brief explanation of the query language is available along with examples Search for Query Language The text search engine allows queries to be formed from arbitrary Boolean expressions containing the keywords AND OR and NOT and grouped with parentheses For example French Napoleonic finds documents containing French or Napoleonic French or Napoleonic same as above French and Napoleonic finds

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