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  • Colours
    own assessment of the move And first impressions were very favourable First of all there is loads of free car parking which has to be a bonus and this went a long way to negate the small amount of additional travel undertaken by visitors and trade The venue itself is spread over three big floors accessible to the disabled and heavily burdened stall holders by two large lifts and plenty of willing club members for lifting and carrying The amount of natural light was amazing thanks to the main stand being designed for maximum visual access for the punter to the racecourse the building is constructed in steel and glass Walking around the floors before the arrival of the trade there seemed to be acres of space The one fly in the ointment is that the rail station a mere hundred yards or so from the show does not have a Sunday service and this may well had an impact on attendance Even so given the change of venue and the additional travel wargamers arrived in droves on Saturday and their general opinion on the new venue was as positive as my own It was even pointed out to me that the re enactment societies which so annoy some gamers had plenty of room to set up their camp and carry on their displays without the usual clash if interest and to the benefit of all Having said that The Hounds of Morrigan a fantasy reenactment group wandered around the show and I found them a puzzling distraction at times Can anyone explain to me just why any warrior in their right mind would wear a mailed coif back to front while in battle There was a large selection of games to catch the eye and Richard disappeared early on the Saturday to join in the brilliant First World War game presented by which quite rightly went on to win he best participation game award It was great to see a collection of kids really enjoying themselves in this fun but very professionally presented game from the Herne Bay and Whitstable Club club Richard also enjoyed a playing tank commander steering large scale radio controlled tanks with laser cannon around a simple assault course though at a couple of quid a time he soon got through his spends Meanwhile I hung around the English Computer wargames stand helping to play test the World War One rules that will probably be the next release Played at a skirmish level my French infantry swept into the attack held up by a stream one platoon took cover in some hedges and kept up a desultory fire on the German firing line Meanwhile the second platoon stormed across a bridge and using grenades and bayonets pressed the defenders from cover Meanwhile Dave Millwards company drove the Germans from a walled churchyard Not believing our luck or of course our pure military genius we regained our breath and then swept forward again and the Germans

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  • The Other Partizan 2003
    though is always books and having laid out thirty quid with Hersants and another twenty with Colin Worley and his excellent range of remaindered titles I thought I had got away lightly Then I noticed that Mike Smith of Chelifer Books was lurking quietly and although I tried really tried I was dragged inexorably to his display of rare and wonderful publications Within minutes Mike s charm and my own damned weakness had seen me down another 40 I just hope Mel does not read this Croatians at Stalingrad from League of Augsburg But of course it is the games that you want to know about and where to start is the difficulty Well size is not all important but is does catch the eye and I have to say that the Redcar Rebels display with a Caesarian Roman army bridging the Rhine with a host of barbarians waiting their arrival was superb The modelling and terrain was absolutely first class as was the painting and even a cynical old timer like me could not help but be impressed Next door Like a Stonewall Wargames presented another of their little skirmishes with a colonial battle in 25mm The action was the Battle of Tofrek the Sudan 1885 click and the refight called for hundreds of well painted models spread over nicely sculpted terrain Action in the Indies from Derby wargamers Size though is not everything and there were a host of excellent games throughout the stately pile of Kelham Hall I was especially struck by the West Indies Revolutionary Wars game presented by the Derby Wargames Group This is a fascinating period with French troops upholding the philosophy of Liberty Equality and Fraternity by crushing the attempts for freedom of the enslaved blacks of the West Indies and the intervention of a whole kaleidoscope of British troops If you want to know more about these campaigns I recommend Dreams of Empire by Paul Fregossi and excellent read that looks at the Worldwide nature of the French revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars There were a couple of Lord Of the Rings skirmishes presented by Les Birch and Chris Townsend where I was urged to take loads of pics and to spread their name all over the Forum Well this is the spread guys If you want to feature more prominently mail me for the advertising rates The Mongol Fleet Another game that may not have featured the best in terrain or the premier league painted models that appeared on so many tables was a representation of one of the Mongol invasions of Japan A fleet of war junks filling the bay whilst the defending samurai manned a defensive earthwork A very interesting subject presented in a workmanlike manner and the gamers John Kersey and the Foden Clan proved very knowledgeable about their subject Gentlemen Volunteers exchanging tips The Napoleonic period was well represented with a 28mm action the Mossborough boys and a 15mm battle Nottingham Wargames Club click all formed around the

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  • Derby show report 2003  by Steve Crofts
    cheerful As you can imagine the only reason I used to go to derby was to do my last bit of shopping at the end of my personal show season and zip off home ASAP their was very little to keep me there The new venue has it seems changed all this I ve noticed since the change that for one the atmosphere is not oppressed and there is not only a great wealth of traders but also quite a few demo and participation games something to keep you interested All the games were of various periods and of different how can I say without sounding nasty calibers this to me is just what a show needs its ok having loads of perfectly sculptured demos etc but without the simpler efforts people coming into the hobby can be awestruck by the site of all this lovely eye popping terrain and beautifully painted miniatures and think to themselves pointless trying to get into this hobby I can t make that or paint like this and bye bye another prospective gamer has gone to the dogs all shows need this mix so that this sort of thing can be avoided and I think the Derby lads have the balance just nice all the games put on were excellent in their own right from the game with the cardboard hills and trees yes you read it correctly first time cardboard to the to the Lance and longbow societies game and the lovely WWII game that was put on A very nice looking and simply ruled participation game involving vampires seemed to draw the attention of all ages and to be honest they were having so much fun if I d had the time I d have played it myself The bring and buy

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  • Claymore 2003
    of which were of the highest standard Elgin Wargamers The Iron Brigade presented an SAS raid on a desert airfield which was garrisoned by Italian and Afrikakorps troops Beautifully made and modelled this display may have lost marks simply because of the drab but authentic colours of both uniforms and terrain There was no lack of colour elsewhere particularly in the offerings from the League of Augsburg and the Lance and Longbow Society The former displayed a fictional encounter from the Italian Wars at the turn of the 16th century while the latter presented the Battle of Shrewsbury just a few days late for the 600th anniversary Both displays featured extremely well painted figures on very attractive terrain The Lance and Longbow Society eventually ran out winners thanks perhaps to their exceptional support displays and handouts Elsewhere the Storming of the Alamo 1836 was displayed by the Dingwall Wargames Club in 25mm scale The enormous mission building was very impressive and completely dominated the table Unusually in one corner the action was re created again in 6mm scale Lance and Longbow Society The Elgin Wargames Group brought a Samurai skirmish to life the Society of Ancients went into the woods with the Revolt of Civilis in AD 69 70 and the Phoenix Wargames Club of Glasgow presented an unusual battle from the Maori Wars In the public participation section Kirriemuir District Wargames Society went head to head with the Royal Airforce Wargames association from Leuchars both having chosen aerial subjects Kirriemuir chose World War One dog fighting with Baron von Richtofen s Flying Circus utilising clever adjustable stands for the aircraft over a patchwork landscape of fields The RAF gave their excellent Memphis Belle game another outing allowing several participants at a time the opportunity to shoot down a single

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  • No Quarter Fantasy Wargames now has a new web host and can be found at www
    feel although no free coffee or tea tickets were given to traders and demo ers We do get treated to this at Partizan One thing I must mention though and this happend often throughout the shows entirety and much to the credit of the organisers the control announcments were clear and also they let everyone know what was happening and where it was happening as well as the times Now to the nitty gritty Trade stands Although I m more used to larger shows Britcom although some what smaller than others was excellent as far as diversity and content of the traders that appeared some of the traders such as Battle Honours Andy Dumelow and Lancashire games to name but a few of the traders I recognised but also quite a few that were new to me Border Warlords All were pretty cheerful although a few did leave early on Sunday unfortunately one of which I was going to get some 25mm vehicles for WWII from and another who was selling some rules me and some of the club lads were possibly going to try for the same period The only thing I didn t like and this was no fault of the organisers was that it was extremely hot in the hall due to the nice weather we had The bring and buy was quite delightful and well run and it was nice to look at the items on offer without the usual rugby scrum rucksack in the face type at other shows The Five Armies Demo Games Well what can I say yet again more diversity again with historical games and fantasy including our own historical game which was Fantasy as it was a club 1813 Napoleonic game from our club campaign and yes the french won Playing our own demo and doing the usual job of public relations didn t give me much time to look at the other games although a couple I did note were as follows A nice little WWII at 25mm with some nice terrain and beautifully painted vehicles the camo on the German armour was particularly impressive The one thing I feel let the game down and this is just nit picking was the buildings don t get me wrong they were nice but could have done with a bit more detail and work to match the impressiveness of the vehicles Overall though a good game and a nice scene Another was the Battle of Five Armies fantasy game from Border Warlords and incidentally the winner of the best demo game The terrain was nicely sculptured and finish depicting the mountain spur and the wall and gate that the Dwarves defended in the story the figures were well painted and overall with the impressiveness of the game a deserved winner A Quick look at what I think was a French Indian wars skirmish type game was also worthy of note with some lovely figures nicely made terrain and a really nice fort

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  • No Quarter Fantasy Wargames now has a new web host and can be found at www
    reach unless you drive No really convenient rail station and the bus service is pretty infrequent if traveling from north Manchester Mailed Fist as the host club had a couple of interesting display games and I liked the WW2 airborne landing operation especially The British Model Soldier Society had a large display which had me getting all nostalgic 54mm Britains the back garden and an air rifle now that was wargaming The Ancients competition was well underway when I arrived and I spotted a number of familiar faces but they were so engrossed in their games that I did not get a chance to chat In fact the competition provided most of the action at the show The trading hall did not get busy when I was there and there was a general lackluster atmosphere This is a pity as this is my local show but next year I may give it a miss and save my dosh for Phalanx D Carr I asked Damian to report on this show as I was only there for an hour or so I have to agree with him that the atmosphere was suppressed and the number of base table where promised traders or games had failed to appear just added to the suppressed atmosphere The problem may be the date the first week of the school holidays and the busiest day of the year for the nation s airports as families rush to get away Or it may have been the weather very hot and very very sunny not the day to be stuck indoors whatever the reason the crowds were sparse I did not visit the competition games but I am told that there were a large number of people in there so I may have got a false impression of

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  • Battlegroup South
    neighbouring game presented by The Old Dirigibles of Cranwell Well almost as no one from the club had managed to make the show thanks to certain military exercises in the Middle East and the display was presented by two noble affiliate members who drove down from Ripon to host the game And very well they did too As their s was one of the first games to be seen and featured tanks they became a centre of attention from visitors to the museum with no usual interest in wargames The father and son team presenting the game not only were able to keep the game going involving a number of youngsters as platoon commanders but were also able to give a number of off the cuff lectures on the tactics equipment and course of the battle Very impressive Old Dirigibles and Cambrai A different sort of armour was in evidence in a few of the games with the famous Mr Indefagitable Dave Lanchester and his colleagues from the Lance and Longbow Society presenting a medieval naval game on the Saturday and a very neat 10mm wars of the Roses action on the Sunday Meanwhile sandwiched between a group of AFVs the Levellers Wargames club of Weymouth presented a whole host of 100 Years War games using DBA The battles that they present over the weekend included Crecy Poiters and Agincourt amongst others and the games although small attracted interest because of the colourful supporting materials Levellers 100 Years war It was good to bump into a number of overseas visitors including friends from New York Italy Canada and from Tin soldier of Antwerp All of them seemed to be enjoying the show and also the museum which during the weekend had tank driving displays from a Matilda Mark1 Valentine and T69 which drew appreciative comments and even managed to tempt Richard and his new pals from the campsite away from the adventure playground Aylesbury s D Day terrain The modern theme of the show kept popping up hidden away in a corner the Aylesbury Wargames club were heavily involved in fighting a D Day game and it was interesting to see groups of players huddled together for briefing sessions and receiving sitreps In the Tamiya Hall Sussex Massif presented Bloody Aachen with masses of US armour advancing on a narrow front There was also a smaller scale armour action with WW2 Italians getting a very bloody nose on a carpet tiled desert terrain An armoured traffic jam at Aachen Richards favourite game though was Smudge s 54mm Streets of Glory Skirmish game with US Infantry clearing a ruined town of its SS defenders Throughout the weekend this game attracted a host of players young and old and all had a great time Richard talked about how his squad had taken out the opposition with only one KIA all the way home so he has already mastered one aspect of wargaming The key to success in this game was the hard

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  • Partizan 2003
    in the streets The action was as hot as the main hall which was becoming very sticky and uncomfortable as the sun carried on shining on to the packed building And it was no use trying to get to the bar where there was a shortage of cool non alcoholic drinks Anyway the bar area was so full of barking Mongrels that it resembled an RSPCA pen A very popular game in the main hall was the Skirmish Wargames Society and their 54mm World War II town clearance game This always had plenty of volunteer players and a collection of interested observers Backing on to this game I met up with my pals from the Mossborough and District club with their big and impressive ACW action at Gaines Mill I was also drawn to the war of 1812 display from Two Sad B ggers and the Sherwood Wargamers and their very smart Napoleonic action Skirmish Wargames Society However my personal favourite was the Back of Beyond game presented by South East Scotland Wargames Club Set in the 1920 s and part of an ongoing club campaign the scene is somewhere in Central Asia where a film crew are present to record the ongoing skirmishing between Chinese warlords Soviet cadres determined to spread the benefits of Bolshevism various adventurers and bandits The detail of the campaign was recorded and displayed around the game and was at least as interesting as the battlefield with each side producing newssheets with as much literary and journalistic merit as the National Enquirer or Sunday Sport I am happy to say that the club accepted my invitation to present an article on the campaign which will be the Random Shots article in the August update Back of Beyond The warped sense of humor of some show organisers continues as yet again TM Terrain and Touching History were placed side by side Both produce outstanding and realistic wargaming terrain it is only lucky that their rivalry is a friendly one Touching History had a new display based on the French Indian Wars with a colonial fort and settlement constructed by a lakeside Dave Marshall tells me that TM terrain are working on something new themselves when they get time from filling the regular flow of orders Touching History Still unable to get to the bring and buy stalls ably staffed by The Shedheads I spent a few pounds with the ever interesting Chelifer Books and stocking up my 6mm backlog with some of Baccus ACW where I was simply gob smacked by a 6mm vignette of a wargame complete with players table miniature terrain and figures amazing Gaines Mill a big big game from the Mosborough guys North Hull presented a truly wonderful looking Napoleonic naval game a what if scenario wondering what would have happened if Nelson had caught up with the French Egyptian expedition at Malta This game was graced with a realistic sea effect and well detailed port and terrain as well as exceptionally

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