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  • Triples 2003
    replaced dice Doncaster gamers presented Mars Attacks based on the spoof sci fi film of that name The models used were cheap looking toys and the terrain was basic but all the players seems to be having great fun The best game in the room though was the eye level English Civil war game presented by Brompton Bankers This game saw a force of cavalry and infantry trying to force a river crossing The game was interesting fought in a relatively short time well balanced and featured lovely models and terrain The main hall was packed with games and traders and it was good to see Lancashire Games displaying their latest 28mm Medieval range the Front Rank Russians and Austrian Napoleonics and Gripping Beast who always have a stack of goodies on display My credit card was really under pressure by now then I found the Chelifer Books stall then Pendraken with their 10mm 7 Years War Oh Hell Despite the poor lighting in the main hall there were plenty of fine games to be seen A shining example was the beautiful Crimean War 28mm presented by Derby Wargames with superbly painted figures and excellent terrain COGS Chesterfield Open Gaming Society presented a Warhammer 40k game as I wandered past although they were also offering another fantasy game throughout the weekend The terrain and models were fine but what was outstanding was the way in which members of this group actively encouraged youngsters to join in and to enjoy themselves and some not so youngsters There were two massive 28mm Seven Years War games the first a refight of the Battle of Lobositz 1756 where Frederick the Greats Prussians defeated the Austrians under Marshal von Browne presented by The Ilkley Lads As usual with these chaps the figures were superb and the terrain very realistic The rules used were their favourite Piquet and they were even running a free raffle to win a set of these rules The other game was presented by the Mossborough Wargames Club and although the individual figures may not have been as finely finished as the first but the game itself was to my mind more exciting This maybe because it was a refight of an action from a club campaign in which a heavily outnumbered British and Prussian force are cornered by a French Austrian army Can the British and Prussians hold out until relieved by their Russian pals Good question and it certainly made for a superb display fought out with gusto by a team of players who did not forget they were putting on a display and were happy to brief the curious about the game details The Napoleonic Peninsular period was well represented by L Ordre Mixte Club who presented a 28mm refight of the battle of Sabugal while close by The October Club from the West Midlands presented the Battle of Vittoria in 15mm fought using Tom Penn s Principles of War rules And Tom and Sue were present to

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  • Salute 03 Review
    things Napoleonic Vive L Empreur even Slaughterloo was amusing fantasy Napoleonic with Elven hussars and dwarfish guard infantry There was a very impressive Victorian Military Society representation the old red coated Victorian Soldier displaying his drill with a rifle and bayonet a small taste of those bygone and un politically correct colonial wars The sound of fife and drum together with authentic uniform stands brought the past glory of the British Empire to Salute There was also displays featuring the Crimean War Research Society the Gurkha Museum The Royal Artillery Museum the Army Medical Services Museum and Anglo Boer Militaria V M S Reenactors My personal favourite participation game was the Staines Wargamers 15mm Charge of the Light Brigade a very playable and quick game involving loads of action packed card playing dice throwing and mini strategies The incentive is one of five players one player per regt Of the light brigade to get to the end of the valley and those pesky guns travelling half a league half a league onwards Or backwards depending on the cards and your fellow players Cannon firing from the front and sides dice throws getting harder to ensure survival together with Cossacks popping in to say Niet and general mayhem I unfortunately did not make it so no gongs for yours truly only the satisfaction of a well played charge into The Valley of Death The fantasy end of the convention was covered with the first floor with a whole corner full of role playing young persons with participating dungeons chariot racing with South London Warlords Circus Orkimus Orkimus Maximus Paleothic log combat from Kingston Games Group Log II Improved Log and various Warhammer games an efficient method of publicising their product range get them interested while they are young and enthusiastic the parents are picking up the tab What can I say about the South London Warlords Vengeance of the Daleks War of the Daleks II with every type of Dalek ever seen in both film and TV series colour style and presentation was impressive and very reassuring for this old Dr Who fan South London Warlords Vengeance of the Daleks Just around the corner was the Honington Wargame Group H Hour Sword Beach An exceptionally well detailed 20mm WWII Normandy landing demonstration game a pleasure to the eye in every regard I could have spent all day alone examining the models A rattling good game I was held Monty would be proud Other periods or wargaming interest was covered such as ancients with the Society of Ancients Strategos CANNAE 216 BC together with the Lance Longbow Society Battle of Shrewsbury and the Pike and Shot Society stand The restaurant did a roaring trade I believe with pasties chilli and curry served with Olympian efficiency and prices Watford Wargames Federation Star Fleet Battles The biggest participation game I can honestly say was the Watford Wargames Federation Star Fleet Battles a massive game with a Borg cube being the apparent centre of attention

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  • Fantasy Partizan
    what I have heard from those who did attend the show was excellent with some of the nation s finest figure and model making skills in evidence making this a show for your diaries WW2 Zombies from Bruno Allanson of Legio XX and Nick Eyre of North Star More from Bruno and Nick Helms Deep Game by General s Store iKore demonstration game 10mm Warmaster Battle by Ken South LOTR

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  • Alumwell
    table The Stoke wargames group presented a game based around the early WW2 desert campaign with a British motorised column assaulting at Italian garrison in Cyrenieca The Terrain was simple but well executed The figures were lovingly and immaculately painted while the vehicles were simply wonderful The game and the models were inspired work and for me formed one of the real gems of the day At the end of the room the table were laid out for the bring and buy and the crowds were already gathered around the slow trickle of lots appearing on the tables As always it was very frustrating why is it that the box you want to have a look at is always deposited at the other end of the stall and by the time you get there the stuff you want has gone This time it was a collection of Blandford uniform books labelled at 2 each I asked to see them but I was in the wrong zone and by the time I got to the right zone a trader had snapped them up snarl Still such the joy of bring and buys and I must not complain as I eventually came away totally skint and loaded with goodies I did overhear a strange conversation though something to do with wargamers deliberately not washing so their BO would drive away other buyers cheeky blighters Meanwhile in the main hall Vietnam was suprisingly popular with two neighbouring tables carrying different displays The first showed a US mechanised column pressing into Cambodia and featured some exceptional models The other featured an extensive rural area with paddyfields villages and an American firebase over which helicopter gunships boldly patrolled a very impressive piece of work One of the pleasures of going to this show is that you get the chance to see the games presented by RAF Stafford Last year it was the Slave Revolt of Spartacus complete with galleys This year it was a Darkest Africa game and who ever had devised it obviously enjoyed reading boys own adventures I have copied the game scenario below as it illustrates an intriguing slant on the scramble for Africa and may remind some that wargaming can just be fun RAF Stafford s Colonial fun and games The year of the Three Caesars was a superbly presented game with huge armies of excellently painted models clashing across the tabletop Tell me is it only me who finds that there is something remarkably impressive about imperial roman legions I don t know what it is but they just look well so invincible And I am not an ancient gamer Looking round the traders I noted a pile of new releases and put in my usual plug for review samples I will just have to see what arrives Lancashire Games are about to release a range of 28mm 100 Years War and the samples that I saw were really very good indeed and of course extremely cheap Alan also gave

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  • Marcher 2002
    built as a manor house as well as a castle During the Tudor period it was further developed with the addition of fashionable half timbering and a solar for the pleasure of the noble family The wargame illustrated an attack by Parliamentary forces on a small Royalist garrison The figures were excellently painted and the terrain was superb In particular the castle itself seemed perfect in every detail and was immediately recognisable sparking happy memories This display was in itself worth the trip down from Stockport and Keith Underhill and John Parkes are to be congratulated on their work Hidden away in a far classroom was the bring and buy very small but crammed with bargains As usual I was tempted then tempted again and again I really must go for counselling about this compulsion to buy Mind you maybe I could find a better use for 25 per session the new French Indian Wars ranges from Redoubt look interesting but I am flying away at a tangent Tucked in another corner I found Alan and Phil from Lancashire Games they really get around luckily without the 70 proof melon that proved so devastating at Reading Of course that meant I had to buy more Westwind Vampire Wars models Along another corridor the DBM 100 competitions were underway This consisted of 100 point games with armies having 1 general and no sub or allied commanders The games were fought on 2ft x 2ft tables with deployment concealed by the simple trick of holding up a curtain Any army from WRG armies books 1 through 4 could be usedIn order to ensure that everything was above board Phil Barker was present as umpire and all in all everyone seemed to be having a pretty good time The competition was sponsored by

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  • Fiasco II 02
    trooper having his leg sawn away and the dog helping itself to a tasty tidbit from a pile of discarded limbs And of course the rampant hussar advancing with his weapon at the ready on a nubile nymph frolicking naked in the waves Brilliant absolutely brilliant but it was not a wargame true the models were moved from time to time but this was really a large diorama The lads from North Hull they of the very colourful T Shirts presented a vary large ACW game which promoted their own rules for the period and which I am still awaiting a review copy As usual with this club the terrain was excellent but at the times that I passed all you were looking at was the terrain A huge table with all the action in the woods at one end such are the vagaries of a wargames display game The Lance and Longbow Society led as always by the indefatigable Dave Lanchester refought Grandison This is always a colourful display with well painted figures and interesting features such as a fortified camp and supply cog However it is a familiar sight and perhaps due for revision Over on the other side of the room Amazon Miniatures hosted a Sumo Basho that attracted a fair amount of interest especially from younger players The Ilkley lads continued their promotion of the Piquet Rules this time with a very large and well presented Seven years war game that was well up to this club s normal professional and impressive standards Across the way the East Leeds Militaria Society gave their Italian colonial troops another run out this time to fight the Seige of Makalle of 1896 There was a crowd of young players arounf the Fantasy and Science Fiction wargames table having an enjoyable time whilst nearby T and M Terrain presented their impressive World War 2 canal crossing game that drew admiring glances not only to the superb terrain and buildings but also the finely painted figures and AFVs Chris Flowers and friends presented the 1809 Battle of Landshut This was a large scale 28mm action with the Austrians of General Hiller and Archduke Lois fighting a desperate rearguard action in order to let the main army escape the ferocious French assault A very nice game fought using the Grand Manner rules written by the late and very much lamented Peter Gilder The show seemed very busy and throughout the day people were paying their entrance fees and at times the show seemed very crowded and of course the museum was doing good trade as well perhaps both benefited from the fine autumn weather as well as the goodies they had on show I ventured upstairs to the bring and buy and tormented myself with all the bargains that I could not afford and let my jaw drop at some of the ridiculous prices asked for some of the lots I was particularly impressed by a series of 6mm collections that were

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  • The Other Partizan
    the main hall The Mansfield Mob were drawing interested glances with their Pig Wars skirmish action in the early medieval period when men were men and pigs were worth fighting wars over Pig Wars There was a very nicely presented 28mm American Civil War game presented by Westbury Wargamers entitled Lovejoy Station 1864 The had a large Union cavalry column storming into a Confederate held rail junction Again the terrain was very good including a nicely detailed locomotive and flat cars and the idea for the game unusual displaying well painted figures to advantage Lovejoy Station 1864 from Westbury Wargamers There were a number of games that were being presented either by or on behalf of commercial ventures North Hull Wargames presented two lovingly created and large games which illustrated not only the painting and terrain making skills in the membership but also advertised the World War 2 and American Civil War rules produced by the club I extracted a promise that a review copy of these would be sent to me so keep your eyes open North Hull Wargames There was a very well presented Russian Front game using large 1 48th scale figures from North Star Military Figures Again nice terrain this time a range of excellent vehicles and an unusual scale used to promote a set of rules The Face of Battle produced by Meramic Enterprises Inc of Canada Our friends from The Lance and Longbow Society ever present at wargame shows the length and breadth of the country were present fighting the battle of Boroughbridge a small action fought simply over a small table but very attractive none the less Face of Battle with North Star Miniatures Right next to this game Serb Croat and UN forces let rip at each other over very impressive terrain This time the work of Dave Andrew of the Lead Boiler Suit advertising the company s range of figures and equipment Meanwhile in the main hall a note of controversy was being raised by Manchester Area Wargames who were presenting a sci fi fantasy game called girls and guns which displayed the rules and figures from Amazon The thing is that all the girls were naked or semi naked which may be ok when you are looking at a 25mm figure but lurid photos of large bare breasts scattered around the table was causing some comment not all disparaging but some were clearly incensed by the display HLBC s Balkans display Mosborough and District wargames group who I recall presented a very impressive Battle of Shiloh at Triples were gathered round a large table filled with masses of 28mm Russian Prussian and French Napoleonics The battle was Katzbach 1813 fought in the preliminary campaign to the battle of Leipzig and historically ending in a crushing defeat for the French Again the overall impression of the game was excellent but when you got up real close the quality of the terrain and the painting of the models was first class Manoeuvres

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  • Fiasco 2002
    a nearby field which was fine if you were in a 4x4 or half track but my Punto s exhaust did not like it at all Once in the show I was greeted by Alan Lumley of Lancashire Games who showed me some of the new releases which will be reviewed in the Forum shortly The competition games were in full swing and I spotted a few familiar faces veterans Bob Amey and Paul Beckman amongst them As usual I made a beeline for the Bring and Buy There were a few bargains to be had especially if you were into fantasy or were handy with a soldering iron There was a superb group of plains indians that I was very tempted by but they suffered from a number of broken weapons which put me off But I did spend too much In the display games I was impressed by Intake High Schools Warhammer 40K games good to see school clubs participating in major shows The Lance and Longbow Society as usual presented a colourful and interesting game to supplement the Society display of publications The Ilkley Lads struck again this time with a Seven Years war game with their trademark excellent figures and good terrain Stuck away down the end of a corridor I Kore had a room to themselves and I mean to themselves a massive stall a display game two staff and no customers This is one of the problems with the venue parts of it are pokey and not well signed so unless you studied the programme you were likely to miss these smaller rooms This is a pity the I Kore range is well worth a view and the game looked interesting but it may be that this company will not travel south again after

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