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  • West Midland Military Show
    bargains to be had However I was struck by prices that seemed remarkably high for some models I purchased a nice group of World War 2 vehicles and figures and some nice Greek hoplites which you will see at some time pictured in the Forum I also picked up some very reasonably priced and well painted Elven Warriors so that s my son s Easter Egg sorted Mark Copplestone s Punishing the Slavers Scimitars Gladiator So what struck me in the games Well Mark Copplestone presented a very simple Punishing the slavers game using figures from his In the Heart of Africa range in which a naval landing party advanced on an arab defended zariba Nice figures well painted and lovingly created terrain In all a great game and a fascinating period if you have not already done so get hold of Thomas Pakenham s The Scramble for Africa and be inspired Chase wargames club revealed a large World War 2 game with US marines taking on the Japanese unfortunately they had not thought of a title for the game when I spoke to them as originally the game was set in Burma against the British but they fancied a change and brought in the U S Marines Whatever the name eventually granted the game was impressive RAF Stafford refight the Spartacist Revolt The game with no name I also like the Spartacist Rebellion game brought to the show by RAF Stafford This was played using Warhammer Ancient Battles which the players said gave them an excellent game and which they have used to fight actions up to the late medieval period However they said that problems arise with the introduction of gunpowder weapons The demonstration itself was very impressive with well painted figures nicely sculpted buildings and even a galley patrolling the coast Fantasy fans were well served with tribes of Orcs and pygmies fighting around a stepped pyramid and the potential human sacrifice in Burton s Lustria Campaign game On a nearby table a Lord of the Rings refight with the Fellowship battling in the Chamber of Mazarbul attracted loads of younger gamers all who seemed to have great fun and seemed very well clued up on the details of the book and film Pyramids pygmies and human sacrifice Adventures in Moria Birmingham s Phoenix Group staged a large 25mm or is it 28mm Napoleonic game Talking to the players they were very proud of the fact that they were upholding a proud tradition of fighting large battles in this scale rather than using 15mm And I have to admit that en masse the figures did look good and maybe they have a point that for display purposes the 25mm scale is still the best However as a gamer my preference remains with 15mm or less for large games Having met up with Paul Kay we compared noted on the display games and we agreed that the game presented by Border warlords was the most impressive at the

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  • S
    far with a wide variety of demonstration and participation games Sadly certainly for the couple of hours or so that I was there visitor numbers seemed quite low The upside being that I was able to freely spend far too much money at the trade stands so like John I m now the proud owner of a medieval wooden fort with all the accessories Just one suggestion for the guys at SODS I m local so I knew where I was going but I found the white A4 notices on the lampposts very missable So please invest in some bigger or more colourful notices for next years event and maybe you ll attract some ad hoc visitors as well as making it easier for the travelling wargamer to find you Burma 1944 My eye was caught first by the impressive Burma 1944 diorama by John French of the Victorian Military Society who clearly has interests outside of his clubs main period Another view of this very impressive game John deservedly won the best game in show The biggest crowds seemed to be drawn to the participation game put on by the Guards Wargames Club with their Viking raid on a Norman castle and settlement circa 1086 using the Tactica rules They in turn won the runners up prize on the day From the Fury of the Norsemen Presenting his 162 nd demonstration in 13 years was the ever present stalwart of the hobby John Tuckey with his Seljucks and Byzantines 1029 As usual the game had masses of figures impressively engaged in ferocious combat Just what we like to see John Tuckey Master of the Wargame display While buying yet more 15mm Huns this time from Matthew Drayton of Table Top Miniatures and very nice they are too though when

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  • Fiasco II
    of the East Leeds Militaria Society explained to me the Italians undertook the campaign with only one map for the whole army The terrain was simple but effective and example of what can be done by all clubs with a bit of imagination The game was fought using Principles of War rules and figures from a range of manufacturers East Leeds Militaria Society and their Adowa game The Bring and buy was well stocked with some real bargains available As they took cheques I was tempted to invest in a range of purchases that even now I feel were real bargains Even though I have no interest in Ancient gaming I was almost seduced into buying a force of 15mm Romans because they were so beautifully painted but luckily I was dragged away by someone wanting to advertise on the website Back in the main room games were well under way with Chris and Roger from the Leeds Club staging an impressive World War II games based around the Fall of France in 1940 and entitled German Eagles V French Hedgehogs The intriguing title of the game was fully explained in the excellent illustrated handout available from the players Eagles versus Hedgehogs Hedgehogs were the defensive strategy developed by the French Commander In Chief Marshall Weygand in a bid to combat German Blitzkrieg tactics These were small defensible area based on suitable terrain blocking the principle movement routes required by the German forces Each Hedgehog contained a balance mix of all arms designed to be self supporting but the original plans called for groups of these positions to be mutually supporting with overlapping fields of fire Unfortunately the badly mauled French forces did not have enough men left to complete the deployments Impressive terrain made this game very popular Initially this plan met with some success and the German advance was stalled However this did not last long mounting casualties and German domination of the air led to the reduction of the French defences and their supporting armour The game represented an assault on two of these hedgehogs by elements of a Panzer Division with air support The models used were excellently presented and the terrain was most impressive Custer gets it wrong again and again and ag A few yards away the Harrogate Club were sending the 7 th Cavalry into the Little Bighorn much to the joy of the large number of youngsters who experienced this participation game Although I did not play myself I did spend some time watching the game develop It seemed to be based on the veteran Pony Wars rules with random event cards being drawn to everyone s frustration or elation The success of this game owed a great deal to the showmanship of the umpires who had no problem in playing to the gallery which the kids thought was great Lance and Longbow Society Fantasy was well represented with Kallistra Miniatures displaying their 10mm Hordes and Heroes fantasy range in a neat

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/ShowReviews/Fiasco/Fiasco.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • particularly impressive Also impressive was the large American Civil War action presented by Derby Wargames Society Well painted 25mm figures many converted in order to supply the support units so often ignored by gamers such as medics and engineers filled the table The terrain was based on the excellent TSS blocks but very heavily converted and expanded and on to which sculpted terrain features had been added such as tree lined roads marked by split rail fences If I have a criticism of this game it is that the table was too crowded giving a feeling of confusion If I have to make a more general comment it concerns the failure of a number of display games to make any effort to communicate with the public I noted that a few of the displays included great efforts to involve visitors especially youngsters in explanations of all aspects of the game Others sadly made no effort players ignoring people who obviously had questions to ask and crowding round the table making it impossible for the games to be seen properly Gentleman Volunteers impressive 1707 display No such criticisms can be made about what was for me at least the best display of the show by far The Dark Ages game included first class sculpted terrain with villages and fortifications I was particularly impressed by the detailed field systems and the finely painted figures used in this display The members of the Like a Stonewall group who presented this game are based I understand in the Mansfield and Derby area and the effort they made in explaining the game and the historical background to visitors was exemplary Mount Badon presented by Like a Stonewall Derby is of course first and foremost a competition show and for this reason large numbers of gamers

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/ShowReviews/Derby02/Derby.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • Total System Scenic
    Standard 600mm x 600mm boards Terrain 2000 300mm x 300mm boards Hex 300 hexagonal boards All major credit cards accepted Full Catalogue available from P M C 61 Harecroft Rd Wisbech Cambs PE13 1RL U K Tel 01945 581 803 Email us here enquiries pmcgames co uk Illustrations to come T S S items will be sent by courier with a two day delivery date from dispatch at additional charge

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  • Dday
    While hawkers who ve robbed you here look for fresh jobs At a dance when you say to a girl May I please She will look as though you ve crawled from some cheese Wherever you go they won t ask you to leave Just because you ve got Iess than three stripes on your sleeve Oh won t it be wonderful after the war Though you will miss your Sergeants whom you all adore To buy things you couldn t afford in Bombay As you were not getting American s pay To see a real show with Max Miller and a11 And not Harry Potter here at the Town Hall To wear what you want free from Webbing and straps And tell the M P s where to put their Red Caps Oh won t if be wonderful after the war At home with your wife and Mother in law And when wife says Were you true to me John To say More or Less Yes or No Off and On And wont s it be nice to sit down to Roast Pork And not to pay Right Annas to hire knife and fork To rest in an armchair

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/Poems/AfterTheWar.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • A  WAB Scenario
    Battle of Mons Badonicus ECW s Mons Badonicus is not based on the Cornwell Warlord series but on the historical work of John Haldon John Morris Guy Halsall and others and on several other works of Arthurian fiction The most popular sites for Mons Badonicus are all in the South West and most are centred on a hill fort We take the view that a late 5 th century date is more likely than the 6 th century possibilities so the most likely leader of the Anglo Saxons or English is Aella King of the South Sæx So in our version in 493AD Ælla with his ally Æsc the King of Kent have marched west and laid siege to hill fort of Mons Badonicus perhaps Badbury Hillfort held by the forces of King Constantine of Dumnonia A day s march behind them are the combined hosts of the East Angles and the East Sæx Constantine has mobilised the full strength of Dumnonia to relieve the fort and repel the invading Saxons The day before the battle he lies at Durnovaria 19 miles South West of Badon Arthur the Dux Britanorium has come south to aid Dumnonia with his retinue of both cavalry and infantry trained in the Roman manner and a band of Irish mercenaries He has arranged to rendezvous at Cold Kitchen Hill some 25 miles north west of Badon with his allies of Gwent Powys and Ceredigion under their Kings Aurelius Caninus known as Conan Maelgwn and Tewdric It s envisaged that there will be roles in the game for three to four players on each side and that we will play fresh games on each of the show s two days At the moment we have two Saxon and two British players so we would invite any

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/RandomS/Library/MonsBadonicus.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • Barbarossa
    set of simple wargames rules for 16th Century Galley Warfare They are available to download from Wargames Forum Recently I received the following letter from an American Forum member describing a game with the rules Last month we conducted our first play test of your Barbarossa rules I had converted your hex based movement and ranges into an inches based system but everything else was left as is The game was played on a 6 x 8 table with three players per side The Christian players each had three galleys while the Turks each had four We played two games and had a blast The rules are very easy to learn and to use The games went very fast The game begins I ve attached three pictures showing some of the combat the white smoke indicates burning ships just about everyone used the flamepots and the grey smoke indicates that a ship has fired its cannon In the second picture I m standing at the far side of the table and my son is standing on the extreme left The ships I used are the Barbary corsair galleys from the WizKids Pirates of the Barbary Coast collectible game system There

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