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  • How to Win a Victoria Cross
    action activities are not neglected alongside detailed accounts of tanks in battle that are clearly informed by interviews with eyewitnesses A minor criticism is that these would have benefited from the addition of some extra maps to this reprint As it is the diligent reader will have to refer to other sources to help make sense of the battle narratives The introduction by the wartime commanding officer of the Tank Corps is a fascinating insight into the initial thoughts of a WW1 general who uniquely chose to personally lead his men into battle at Cambrai He is reluctant to be drawn into any grand conclusions about the overall contribution made by the Corps judging things not yet sufficiently remote in time either to be clear themselves or to be distinctly placed in a picture itself still unclear Nevertheless he does draw an analogy with developments in pre war rugby tactics and if the following words are somewhat redolent of Blackadder s General Melchitt then they are nonetheless an authentic voice from their time Whether the parallel of the Tank Corps to the extra three quarter is a completely true one history will record in due season What however we may claim is that the fourth three quarter after a nervous start in which perhaps he was sometimes out of his place nevertheless on more than one occasion got away unmarked and that he ran straight even when he was being heavily tackled and drew the oppostion for his side that he went down well to the rushes of the German forwards and that finally he more than once handled the ball in the great combined run which took his team from within its own twenty five over the opponent s goal line By contrast the authors draw confident conclusions about

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  • Games Workshop  Games Day 2004
    5 Some of the names are in Italian The guides complement the range of 25mm medieval personalities providing painting details for 50 of the range The guides only cost 0 01 when bought with figures Yes a penny They would have been free but PayPal does not allow items to have zero cost The minimum order online is 10 00 If you just want the guides and nothing else then

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    that we had to take a liberty with the game scale by keeping the vertical scale constant with the horizontal one Hill 112 was almost unnoticeable We therefore had to exaggerate height by a factor of 2 If you have seen the game you probably won t notice anything and even getting down to ground level all you ll see is a slight hill above you If you try cutting and Surforming at home you will need to be very careful The process throws up lots of dust that can quickly be trod all around the house Keep doors and windows shut to stop any sort of breeze and clean up every few hours Even with all these precautions Roger s cats seemed to attract the stuff and he was still finding bits weeks later We have included a couple of pictures of the terrain in its rough state When the terrain had been cut out each block we built it in blocks to make transporting it easier was stuck together using industrial strength white glue and set out in Dave Wood s garage where he keeps his 12 foot by 6 foot wargaming table The cars stay outside in all weathers he has his priorities right The whole model was painted with a base coat and sealant Detailing With such a large area to cover flocking took on a life of its own We decided to use Woodland Scenic material as a basis but because ground cover is never just one colour we pooled every spare bag we had The darkest hue was used along the rivers and streams then gradually lightened as the terrain got higher ensuring that each shade was feathered into the others The overall intention was to give a sense of perspective and depth Our local model railway shop must have wondered what had hit him as we cleared out his stock twice when we were doing this the second time after he had only just re stocked after the first Aerial photographs memoirs and descriptions helped us to work out where there were crops growing and again helped break up solid areas of grassland These were put in place using either corn flocking or by sticking down solid blocks of Woodland Scenic s tree material The waste flocking that fell off as we worked was collected into a box and the mixture used to represent rough pasture The map we were using showed that there were a large number of woods and orchards but we had to decide how we were going to be able to differentiate between the two especially as orchards were likely to be easily passable to vehicles within reason whilst woods wouldn t be The trees themselves came from both K M as well as a specialist architectural model shop in the City of London Eventually we decided to show orchards by orderly widely spaced rows and woods with scattered trees placed in underbrush formed from the tree material There

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    I went one further and purchased from Dave Thomas a pack of Renegade 28mm WW1 French A unit of painted Perry Norman knights from Dave Thomas and some more terrain maker hexes and GHQ bridges from Chiltern and a number of 1st edition Osprey Man at Arms books from the bring and buy completed my expenditure apart from beer Time flew as we were able to leisurely converse with trader and gamer alike in a most civilised manner In between which we took advantage of the location to view the extensive museum exhibits how on earth you get 8 troops in the BMP1 beats me and where do you fit the crew in the Panzer III Anyone over 5ft 8 would struggle to get in and out and I certainly didn t even try to see if I could fit in the cut away exhibit At 5 30pm we were thrown out of the museum and had to resort to a couple of cans in the back of the car whilst waiting for the bar at the camp site to open How we suffered for our hobby Having booked our places for the pig roast we waited our turn in the various queues and was pleasantly surprised as to the quality and quantity of food offered We wargamers tend to come mainly in the oversize versions myself being no exception and I was wondering whether 1 pig would be enough Several beers to the better we gathered our quiz team together sparing no expense in attracting the best we could afford well not quite in addition to our small team we had the services of Andy Grubby Tanks Julian and his wife Chiltern Miniatures Andy Last Valley and Dave and his mate from Pendraken what an eclectic spread of experience

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  • 4th Annual SWAGS Tournament
    now that the floor has been raised Triples is ok as long as you are prepared to take on the massed rugby scrum Ask Steve Crofts how I cope with this one he does not call me hell on wheels for nothing The one thing that attracted me to this hobby 30 years ago was that I could take part with no concessions towards my disability John Martin Thanks for

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/Pending/Archive/Sept%2004/update1/Disability.htm (2016-02-16)
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    obviously well written bearing in mind the scarcity of this information in the Tolkien books This will I feel assist everyone with their games both experienced or beginners I was also pleased to see a number of scenarios played on a gaming area 4 feet square This may seem a trifle irrelevant to those veterans with ready gaming tables but for those of us with limited gaming space sometimes 6 x 4 is too large and takes up lots of space The Mumak represents the main challenge for anyone fielding the forces of good It will take a great deal of stopping and the secret appears to be not to let it get moving Once on the charge the Mumak will reek havoc and will be extremely difficult to stop Priority will become a key factor in any battles involving this creature As usual with these rule sets the pictures are excellent and provide detailed painting instructions to help you build up your army Also included is a step by step painting guide for the Mumak and it s howdah All in all this looks a good supplement to the Lord of the Rings series and will provide for those

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/Pending/Archive/Sept%2004/update1/pellenor.htm (2016-02-16)
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    with other rolled canvas sheets ect T34 76 The T34 is marked up as a tank from the 112th Tank brigade 6th tank corps as per January 1943 Now this I think this one has to be a favourite of mine why you ask well to me it just sums up the Russian front cold muddy and rugged I do think that Corgi have done an excellent job in capturing the whole appearance of this tank to a tee the hurried whitewash camouflage slapped over the Olive green paint work looks really good just like the Russian crew have hurriedly applied it before going into battle Talking of paint work the mud is quite impressive the way that Corgi have done this is to make it actually look wet again a nice touch and to cap off the paint job they have also done a marvellous job of painting the soot from the exhausts The tank features stowage but something that I felt was a lovely addition to this model were the grab rails for the Soviet Infantry to hang onto as the tank transports them into battle SDKFZ 7 Krauss Maffei Semi Track This vehicle is modelled on a type used in Tripoli Libia in 1941 by the Deutsches Afrikakorps Amongst other roles this large half track pulled the mighty 88 flack anti tank gun there are two versions which Corgi have made depicting two separate variants of this semi track One variant carries the quad 2cm Flack gun but having not seen this model I cannot comment but if it s anything like this variant it will be just as well detailed They variant I was supplied with for review was the troop carrier Corgi have come up trumps with this model as they have given you the choice of either the canvas roof in the up and fitted position or in the down and open position Stowage bins are empty but has that stopped a war gamer from filling odds and ends like jerry cans and canvas roles or camouflage nets No so this shouldn t be a problem either Detail on this model again is superb right down to the exhaust and towage even the dust on the windscreen has a nice clean section that has been cleared by the windscreen wipers that I thought was a nice touch in itself Diamond T Tank Transporter The vehicles in this set are depicted as belonging to The Royal Army Service Corps and an M4 Sherman Tank belonging to 2nd battalion 1st armoured regiment 1st armoured division as they were in Sidi Bou Zid in 1943 This is a wonderful model which consists of three parts the Diamond T tractor unit the flat bed trailer and the Sherman tank yes you get a Sherman with it There are a few separate parts that come with this set for the tractor unit comes a spare wheel plus mirrors ect which need to be fitted for the M4 Sherman a

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  • News from Artizan
    miles long The Russian forces in Siberia were largely second rate troops with the best units retained in the West but even so they fought hard in the most extreme of weather conditions Equally the Japanese troops were well equiped tough and dedicated fighters They were battle hardened after seeing action in China and the Korean peninsular and their officers were well trained and used to using their initiative and used novel ideas to gain tactical and strategic advantage Details are provided of the Chunchu units that operated behind Russian lines and although nominally recruited from amongst the Chinese population were often Japanese regulars in disguise One of the greatest benefits of the end of the Soviet regime in Russia is that it has opened access to a host or archival material on the Tsarist Russian armies and their campaigns The authors makes use of this fresh material to produce an excellent volume that is full of interest and fascinating detail not just for the wargamer but also for the general reader For example the Russians insisted on clothing their officers in white greatcoats instead of the brown of the rank and file This was so they could be easily

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