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  • Ainsty
    41 Trade Goods I and FL 45 Trade Goods III This small range claimed five of the places in Ainsty s top twenty selling items For some time the potential to expand the Trade Goods element of this range into something akin to the Science Fiction Cargo Hold range has been needed giving both the historical and fantasy gamer a selection of accessories to enhance their games Ainsty is a company owned and run by wargamers and most of the model makers are also involved in the hobby A chance involvement in the 1920 s Yangtze River of China saw a number of models made for personal use which were also perceived to have commercial potential The Trader range was born The dozen items listed in Fantasy Ligne together with repackaged crates from Cargo Hold and some 15 new items ranging from boats jettys and trade goods now appear under http www ainsty co uk trader htm with the pictures on that page leading to an individual page for the model As with all our new pictures we include a selection of wargames figures to give the customer a visual idea of size and scale The new Trader range will

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  • Mentioned in Despatches
    of nuclear strike I do hope THE BUNKER will be of interest to all keen enthusiasts within the hobby who are able to participate in the lively atmospheric and forever memorable games I known to orchestrate Please telephone or cotact me at the abovce address for pricing details and to arrange bookings Yours Shaun Sir I am starting to look for 25mm figures for a late 15th Century Imperialist army The Front Rank War of the Roses and Hundred Years Wars ranges have been recommended to me However I would like to look at a few of the figures before placing an order Do you know where I might find some pictures of these figures I looked on the Front Rank web site through the link on your site but I can only find figure lists with no pictures Sincerely Peter Collett Peter My apologies this was an oversight on my part that I am happy to put right The Front Rank pages now have full colour illustrations of the Medieval ranges an example of which is shown below Dear John Thanks for your offer of help here are two photos of the 15mm figure I am trying to identify I think he is ancient Spanish See the pics below Do you know this man Does anyone recognise the manufacturer and know the listing description of this 15mm figure Any help at all is appreciated Thanks Regards John Hagan Hi excellent site just been reading about the teacher who has had a sudden influx of new members to his school club We had a similar experience at Deal Wargames last year when in the space of three weeks we had a 15 member increase because all the 9 15yr olds in the area found out they could play Warhammer 40K LotR in a club environment It had massive ramifications for the club the result of which I was elected chairman and we now have to have two sessions due to space restrictions one for the youngsters and one for us old foagies not to mention insurance etc The thing is and forgive me for rambling but the club has now gone from strength to strength The junior membership has it s core of regulars with a few occasional visitors they still have to do their homework after all and whilst some have disappeared over the last year others have taken their place We now have a solid base on which to carry on the club for years to come hopefully The additional bonus is that they are also now becoming aware of life after Games Workshop They still collect and play their 40K etc but now they also play Napoleonic Ancients and one which they all enjoy WW2 They may not have started buying the figures but time will tell It s interesting to see how many of them and their parents are gobsmacked when you show them a box of 50 Napoleonic plastic figures from Italeri that cost 3 or the fact than you can have a 15mm skeleton army for a fraction of the cost of other larger manufacturers Games Workshop despite all the criticism they attract for whatever reason are highly pro active in recruiting new members to the hobby I can t get to grips with Fantasy myself but I do paint the figures and I co exist peacefully amongst those who don t do historical Tolerance is a virtue Once again superb site Keep up the good work Adrian Thanks Adrian feedback is always welcome especially positive comments May I return the compliment and say thanks to you for the effort that you have put in to maintaining your club and the encouragement that you are giving to these newcomers to wargames Pure quality from Front Rank Hallo Webmaster I have a big problem I saw Front Rank miniatures in your traders list and it says they a accept mail orders but there is no E mail address Do you know the address or is it not possible to E mail them thanks Harold de Visser Netherlands Hi Harold At the moment Front Rank do not have a direct E mail address but orders and communications can be sent via webmaster wargames co uk or gec2001 lycos com Hi we are a new company manufacturing 28mm sci fi and fantasy miniatures and games systems could you please include our website in your list of traders our site will be up and running by the end of the month www apocalypseminiatures com thanks Stuart Hamilton managing director Hi Stuart The Forum is a commercial site no really that has some of the cheapest advertising rates available anywhere During the year to March 2003 we enjoyed almost 4 million hits with over 200 000 regular visitors I can only in fairness to the other traders include companies in our Traders List if they pay the normal fees I am happy to post your notice here in the despatches section Dear Webmaster I have been a wargamer for over 30 years and a teacher for 20 during which time I have tried to get children involved in the hobby by using wargames as part of history lessons and figure painting in craft I have run lunchtime and after school wargames clubs that have always had nothing more than a small if loyal following It was a request from two of the children some four years ago that led to the introduction of Warhammer into our activities and the group became larger However since the release of the Lord of the Rings films and the figures from Games Workshop to accompany them the club has been overwhelmed with players Kids who could not be crowbarred from their X Boxes are now regular gamers More importantly they are preparing and painting their own armies and helping each other in planning designing and collecting their armies and terrain Then last week The Lord Of The Rings fortnightly battle gaming magazine supported by Games Workshop was released I have been overwhelmed by the response from the children with huge numbers asking for help in painting the models and wanting to join the club My point is having followed the debate about historical versus Fantasy in your excellent site easily the best on the Web so please keep it up that it is clear to me that fantasy is not only here to stay but has taken the whole wargaming hobby to a new level It remains to be seen whether the traditional wargaming community will be able to react positively to this flood of interest To help and encourage these newcomers to the hobby and by taking an inclusive approach bring much needed new blood into the historical gaming arena A Coffin West Mids Thanks for this report Allan and congratulations for keeping the school club going through the thin times that sort of encouragement for youngsters is excellent I am currently preparing a Random Shots on the Lord of the Rings phenomena and will return to some of the points you make JOS AB Figures super detail in 15mm The following is a mailing part of an exchange taking place in the pages of wargamesclubs yahoogroups com The subject is the number of traders who are increasingly absent from shows I thought this an interesting subject and response worthy of wider circulation However I would urge others to join the yahoogroup I know from talking to traders that there is a general feeling that there are just too many shows out there for them to support them all This is not to say that clubs should not organise shows my feeling is the more the merrier particularly if they can encourage other clubs to provide games for them Anything that increases the public access to the hobby is good But perhaps more of these shows should consider following the line of the Durham club where their show is more of an open day to show what they do If this were the case then they could get local traders in both large and small but would perhaps not expect traders to travel long distances A trader has to make money That is why they are in the business and when you add up the transport costs on top of the stand cost etc it quickly becomes clear that some shows just are not viable for a trader traveling any distance Some shows like Salute or Derby will always be able to attract traders as they are at least on one level shopping malls where gamers know they will be able to get everything they need But others particularly in areas which have a relatively large number of shows such as Leeds or Birmingham simply are not worth going to for a trader as the customer base is spread too thin Unfortunately it is true that there is nothing like success for attracting traders Partizan went for a good few years perhaps 5 or 6 making a loss and being subsidised by a trader who was willing to put the money in as there was a long term objective I believe that clubs cannot afford to see shows as a means of raising funds for the club activities Any profits can only come slowly as a result of long term success In addition Partizan has only grown in terms of trade as long as we have had a large enough customer base to support the increase in trade It is something we continue to monitor carefully and in spite of a waiting list we do not let more trade in if we are not seeing an increase in people through the door each year We have inclined towards filling any extra space by allowing the existing traders more room so as not to dilute that customer base The other thing to consider is that many of the figure traders can sell their goods over the internet with non of the overheads involved with traveling to a show I wonder how much the average trade stand costs now and whether some shows are simply pricing themselves out of the market These are all just thoughts but the bottom line of course is that people need to remember that traders have to make a profit and it is that bottom line which will dictate whether or not a show is worth supporting cheers Richard Tyndall John Have just read your account of our Recon adventures ref On the next table a group of gamers quietly played Die Siedler von catan whatever that is To be honest they seemed so engrossed in the game that I did not dare ask So if anyone would care to enlighten me please send an E mail I can tell you about Siedlers translates Settlers of Catan It is a very successful German board strategy game which is a fairly simple economic planning game It has a very strong following and has generated numerous expansions variants e g ancient versions space versions Best Wishes God Bless Tim Cockitt Thanks for the heads up Tim and to those other Forum regulars who mailed me with this info See you learn something new every day Dear John I wanted to write to say thanks for all the help you gave me in tracking down figures for the Paraguayan War Your site is the best of the various wargame sites on the web I check it out every week and usually find something new each time and that takes some doing Is there are chance of you posting the last part of the Spanish battlefields article which was great Thanks to Bob Black for his shorts I have found them very interesting and to your reviewers who I have found to be very accurate in their comments I attended Fiasco in November and I agree with you about the venue It is a pity that the main hall was poorly laid out and the games could not be seen properly While the upstairs room was a dead loss too cramped crowded and with bloody awful lighting The organisers really need to rethink the layout to improve a goot show into a great one Have a great Christmas and New Year Steve Oaks Thanks Steve it was a pleasure to help someone with such obvious good taste and critical insight Hi there Keep up the good work on the website Here is some information for you IT figures are now available from the following suppliers 20mm WW1 Lancashire Games big thanks to Alan Lumley for his very prompt replies to my emails 20mm WW2 S A Scenics regards Stuart Insch President Aberdeen Wargames Club Thanks Stuart I thought I had changed all the relevant page entries but I missed one Yes the IT WW1 range is now available from Lancashire Games and check out the review of the new Senussi Revolt range I wonder if you could help My grandfather Frank Mallelieu Hamer was mentioned in Despatches due to his service in the Italian campaign in WW2 I am trying to find the associated press clipping Is there any way you can help Thanks Mark Taylor I can certainly try Mark If anyone out there can help trace this information please mail me at gec2001 lycos com Hi John I am not sure if you remember me but we had a long discussion at Warfare about display games at shows I am concerned at the increasing number of games that are sponsored by manufacturers They look really good I now and show off their products to the best advantage but is this really what the hobby is about Surely the games put on by clubs and individuals reflect the real state of the hobby Graham Hamilton I remember the discussion well and at the time we were standing between two of the best displays of the show both sponsored by a manufacturer I would not like to see displays turn into solely trade exhibits but I think that is unlikely to happen but what do YOU think Dear Webmaster I have just discovered your brilliant site by following a link from another part of the web I was wondering why you do not have a links page I am sure that most sites would be more than happy to include a link to the Wargames Forum because of it s high quality and professionalism something missing on most of the others So come on add an extra page for those links R L Leeds Hmm there are a few problem with Links pages not least the fact that the sites to which they take you are all too often closed and unavailable Maintaining a good Links page is a full time job and I already have two besides editing the Forum The other point is that though it may not always seem it the Forum is a commercial venture that is supported by returns from advertising Many links on club pages and on webrings belong to traders or potential advertisers on this site If the Forum is to remaon viable I need to attract more paying advertisers not likely if I provide free links Dear Webmaster I just wanted to let you know that I thought your comments on the rules supplement Shieldwall are spot on Although the publication is very attractive and contains some really great photographs the real wargames information is very sparse indeed The rules themselves are very good and give a great game but I would suggest buying one set for your club library and spending the rest of the money on new figures Howard Sutcliffe Boston Mass Thanks Howard nice to know we get it right sometimes Dear Sir I was interested to read the article about 6mm wargaming on the site as some years ago I made what was the a major investment in Heroics and Ros 6mm figures all of which ended up being sold on at a huge loss simply because I could not paint the things to look like anything other than blobs of painted metal there was no detail or character to the figures The article though shows how far this scale has come on since then and I have to say that I am now reconsidering my long ambition to refight Borodino this time in 6mm Yours R Cooke Leeds Help wanted I receive a number of letters and mails from folk requesting help of one sort or another If anyone can help with the queries below please mail me at gec2001 lycos com thanks for your help JOS Dear Sir I was interested in your piece on your French Indian wars games I ve also been collecting plenty of figures for this era both for the Seven Year s War as a whole the American campaigns and the American War of Independence I am however having trouble finding a set of small scale rules to use company level or skirmish are there any you can recommend Also do you know of any manufacturers who make American Canadian native indians in 20mm scale They would need to fit roughly in size with 20mm plastics Thanks R Yaxley My son 9 has some soldiers and is interested in playing structured battles with these I can recall playing when I was a boy using Donald Featherstone s rules Are these still available If not can you recommend some simple easily available rules We re really looking at W W II or maybe medieval knights I would prefer Airfix style and don t really want to go down the Warhammer route We re based in Hatfield Peverel and would appreciate your comments Thanks Steve Paddon I visit new site for Caliver but didnt find any trace of 9101 HORNET LEADER GMT and that is a game I hunt for a while Can you help me find a copy for purchase Zoran Hello http www igorlab com Soldiers of Empires High detalized turn based wargame 1941 East Front Stalin or Hitler USSR or Germany Features a Big map 360 300 cells b Max 1490 units c 145 types division and brigades d 363 real models combat vehicles of WWII e High AI f Easy controlled production of combat vehicles g Really historical correlation of power h Possibility of use trophy combat vehicles System requirements a Pentium II 333MHz or higher b 64mb RAM 128mb recommended c Windows 95 98 ME 2000 XP d DirectX 5 or higher June 22 1941 In Your hands a fate of war on the East front Nazis tanks to thunder caterpillars on paving stone before the Kremlin Or russian soldiers drinking vodka on ruined of Berlin All depends from Your talent only Sincerely yours Igor Kulakov ik igorlab com IgorLab Software http www igorlab com wargame Soldiers of Empires The Despatches section is not really for the use of Traders to advertise their wares The Forum the cheapest commercial advertising rates in the hobby and one of the largest readerships I have also introduced Random Shorts where traders can inform us of upcoming new releases and special offers So Igor is the first and last in the spirit of international agreement whose mail will appear in this section JOS Dear John I have just spent 2 hours on your web page and had a really enjoyable time feel enthused to do a diorama of 7th Cavalry at the Big Horn or Battle of Towton Loved the wargame convention photos and this letters page with poor Mr Charleton losing the plot I did think the idea of wargames was to have fun I left the wargame scene in 1980 as far too serious and people picking on little details such as the colour of Rommels dogs eyes these were folk from the gun club and then when in Oz 1989 I decided again to wargame I joined the ACW of Queensland and the 1st Sunday morning was treated to more lunacy great models and terrain but again folk of such immaturity shouting the odds about what unit regt would do what and why I questioned this was this not supposed to be enjoyment And then I shown to library in house with walls full of ACW vidoes showing people just walking over ACW battlefields and doing a running commentary very scary and boring has anyone read Confederates in the Attic these guys were the real deal in OZ all very blinkered I found I was driven away to PC games such as Warcraft and Medal of Honor But wargames was just large size chess I enjoyed the painting and historical research and finding the illustrations Osprey and Children s history books to see how my soldiers fitted in and the best was the advice from the older wargamers on painting and research I agree with John one does go thru stages in wargame life but to treat the younger wargamers like Mr Charleton has does he want wargames just to be done at West Point Duntroon and Sandhurst or worse a museum setting such as the Imperial War Museum Young folk are the life blood of wargaming they have the most money it seems Thank you again for a brilliant read Ashley Tasmania Thanks Ashley it seems then that Wargames purism is an international phenomena Hi John I thought I would mail you as I have just discovered your site I was actually looking for another on line magazine that I had been told about and stumbled on yours and I have to say that it is great and the content is of a very high standard And on top of all that its free The other site will be subscriber only it seems and at 28 a year seems a bit of a gamble as these things don t usually last Keep up the good work Patrick Kelly Dublin Thanks Patrick I have seen the adverts for the Journal and visited the site which looks good and hopefully will develop over the coming months The Forum site is funded from two sources Trader advertising and the goodwill and deep pockets of the site owners The stats for the site show that we are well on our way to having 2 million hits this year with a daily average of 10 000 hits Over 48 000 of you visit the site on a regular weekly basis which is why I try and add new pages at least twice a week Our advertising rates are the lowest in the hobby but it is important that when you respond to Trader you mention this site so we retain their custom The success of the site depends on the in put and loyalty of the readers as much as the work I do JOS Dear Sir I have written a review of the Gothic Horror rules from West Wind Would you be interested in seeing them Thank you and thank you for the Forum which I think is great D Gent Accrington David thanks for your offer and the answer is yes I am always on the look out for articles reviews show reports wargaming ideas painting and modelling tips etc etc to fill the pages of the Forum so thanks for the offer JOS 11 10 02 Webmaster I have been a fan of your site for some years now and it is so much better since you became editor and reinvigorated it But there is always a but some of your Traders adverts are so out of date that prices are wrong and goods are not longer in stock Can you do something about it Phil Myatt Why is there always a But Ok you have a point and one that I find frustrating as well The truth is I do not have time to continually review every page of adverts to ensure that details are up to date I am dependent on the trader to inform me when things change and many of them simply do not Others keep me very well informed and you may have noted a major overhaul of the Front Rank pages recently Please if you have any problems mail me and I will try and put them right JOS 10 10 02 Webmaster I have just read the review on the latest Warhammer publication Shieldwall and I would just like to compliment you on a very accurate description and summation The book is very slick and obviously designed to appeal to the younger end of the hobby market The army lists are fun if not altogether historical and will no doubt produce some good games The price though is silly money The rules themselves cost 15 so why a small additional volume of army lists should cost the same I can t say Certainly I have spoken to a printer friend who feels that 10 would have more than covered all costs and still left a very tidy profit The colour pics in the book are very pretty but add nothing to the information In all a pretty expensive disappointment Karl Infantino Smethwick Thanks for your comments Karl would anyone like to take up the cudgels on behalf of the publishers Dear Webmaster thank you very much for the advice you sent about medieval figures In the end I decided to buy a selection of the Front Rank models and they are superb Thanks as well for the details of the books on Heraldry and I have ordered them through the Library loan service and that will save me a bomb You mentioned a medieval society that would have more information but I have not been able to track them down have you got a contact number Thanks Allan Ross Fife Allan the Society is The Lance and Longbow Society who specialise in warfare during the period 1040 1526 They produce a regular newsletter for members that includes items on research and articles on the period Dave Lanchester the Secretary can be contacted on LandLSOC aol com and the society has a website at www lanceandlongbow com hope this info helps Kentucky Mounted Rifles from the talented brush of Pete Rowley Dear Webmaster for those looking for Russian made 1 72 figures might I suggest the following dealer Harfields 32 Saint Winifreds Road Biggin Hill Westerham Kent As a 20mm gamer I have dealt with him for many years and he has always proved reliable only recently found your web site and have really enjoyed going through it keep up the good work Cheers John Cunningham North Wales You certainly may John thanks for the tip and the positive comments Bring and Buy A I contacted you several weeks ago concerning my dealings with Mr H with regard to the late delivery of figures which I purchased from him The two armies arrived almost one month after I ordered them and there was a short fall on what I order via his advert and what actually arrived I advised Mr H and he promised to send the short fall but they never arrived I eventually took my complaint to the Trading Standards who contacted Mr H on my behalf and he said he would send me a cheque to cover the short fall again it never arrived The Trading Standards have viewed the website and are of the opinion that Mr H is an undisclosed trader due to the number of adverts which he has placed on the website I have now raised a Small Claims Action against Mr H at Glasgow Sheriff Court and the papers will be served on him by the week end I now noticed that he has a new advert on your website with the e mail address Kinderstodjager blueyonder co uk along with his previous addresses Enigmatica and Agent x blueyonder co uk Mr H is a trader and your opening statement on your site is that it is for members of the public Mr H is a member of the public who happens to be a dealer or trader and I don t think your site was designed to be used by the wargaming traders Why would someone bother to try to disguise there identity by using different e mail address I would be interested in your comments B Today I received from Mr H a cheque to cover the cost of the missing figures and rules which was not posted to me when I bought two armies from him in May of this year I cannot help the thought that it was the intervention of other parties and the Small Claims Action scheduled to be heard on 3 October that changed his mind I hope that you print a warning against this individual who I feel has changed his e mail address again and is still trading The Trading Standards in Glasgow have been advised and their advice was to bank the cheque ASAP The matter is not closed as I am still out of pocket for raising the Small Claims Action and this will be pursued I also understand that the Trading Standards will be notifying their colleagues in Sheffield to visit Mr H and explain Consumer and Criminal Law to him Sorry for going on for so long with this problem and thank you for all your assistance The Bring and Buy is one of the most popular pages on the site and is one of the most popular and successful market places available for the disposal of your excess figures or for you to obtain some genuine bargains Unfortunately a small number of advertisers can bring the rest into disrepute as the example above show However I have to say it seems to me that most of the problems arise from a lack of consideration and professionalism than any attempt to be dishonest The proprietors of the site maintain a record of every advertisement placed on the site so we can identify disputed adverts and those acting as traders However it really is a matter of buyer beware and we would advise always using due caution such as making payment by cheque using recorded delivery keeping copies of all correspondence etc In the event of problems arising we will provide what help we can but accept no liability for losses arising from the transaction We would remind both parties that breach of contract can be pursued through the courts and that repeated sellers may be designated small traders and subject to the relevant trading legislation The Inland Revenue are also interested in identifying undisclosed small traders And of course attempting to obtain money under false pretenses is a criminal offence Because of the problems faced by some buyers a minority though it is we are having to consider changes to the way that the Bring and Buy is operated These may include a register of authorised users who would pay a small fee to use the service We would like to know what you think about this and other ways in which the service could be improved so please drop me a mail JOS John we met at Phalanx St Helens you invited me to e mail you regarding my problems with Age of Warfare Having been a previous user of the system Hard Pounding I decided to invest in the full blown version When it arrived it was loaded and I set to work inputting army lists When I tried to print off the OBs my computer just froze oh dear I thought a glitch no problem I ll speak to the nice people from ECW they will help me I sent off an e mail and received reply from Dave Millward try a b c etc all to no avail sent another e mail sorry Dave no joy reply back try another printer confused look on my face my computer is brand new all singing all dancing my printer is brand new Lexmark X83 I do not have another printer E mail sent again reply back if none of that has worked sorry can t help you tough Not very businesslike I thought my hard earned cash wasted Still a duff disc is no good to me so it was consigned to the bin I doubt if I will be compensated for this but I felt I had to tell someone it has taught me never to invest my cash on a company who are only interested in monetary gain NOT customer service Phil Roberts Phil I am sorry that you have had such problems with an ECW product I have to admit I have met a similar problem in that my printer does not seem to recognise the information given to it Having said that the rest of the programme is fine and perfectly playable Still I am passing your comments on and we will see what response is forthcoming JOS Good morning good sir My name is Frank Hammond and I am a member of the Newark Irregulars club which hosts the Partizan Shows at Kelham I have just read your review of our latest show and would like to thank you for your kind comments I had to laugh though when I came to the review of the Waterloo game hosted by the Cultural Cowards giggle and I am sure they will love your comments too except for the fact that they are actually the CALTISHALL COWARDS wargames club based in yes you guessed it Caltishall An easy mistake to make I grant you and of course this would be remedied by having some sort of display board or plaque to identify themselves I hope you don t mind me dropping you this line but I just couldn t resist Best wishes and keep up the good work on the site as I am a regular visitor and enjoy it very much Sincerely Frank Hammond DOH Thanks Frank I can only blame my growing deafness old age and the deep richness of the Norfolk accent for the error Still it is amusing really Dear Webmaster Re SODS Skirmish review On behalf of my club and as duly appointed organiser of the above show thank you very much for your review the choice of venue was a little bit last minute but it seems to have worked out not too badly and was a definite improvement on the West Bromwich site My own show Wargamer previously at Aston Villa Leisure Centre Birmingham would have benefited from such a review This years new venue changed as a result of the new leisure centre Managers deciding to make Sundays a sport only day at Aston I know will feel a little cramped after the massive Aston s hall If one of your reviewers does make it there I hope they will bear this in mind I will work on the white directional signs Thanks Paul Broadhurst Thanks Paul I try and attend as many shows as I can for The Forum but with a young family and a wife in the last year of a degree course My time is limited Paul Kay is based in the Midlands and so is able to make a few more and he will be at Colours while I am hoping to cover Warfare in November as well as Fiasco at the Royal Armouries Recon and Marcher well that is what I hope I welcome input from Forum fans which included their own reports on their favourite or local shows I would especially like to receive reports of shows from outside the UK as I know we are achieving a growing number of visitors from the America s Africa and Australasia JOS Vendal Miniatures Fantasy and Hovels hovel John Just a note to say thank you very much for the help and advice you gave me I found just the figures I was looking for and bought them

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  • Bob Conner
    orders J D McNeil BHGS It was with a sense of shock as well as sorry that I received the above message posted on the yahoo wargames group site I have known Bob for what seems like a lifetime and he was one of the friendliest helpful and truly nice guys I have ever met With the Tabletop Games stall Bob was a fixture at the vast majority of shows both large and small up and down the country through the seventies and eighties I asked him why he attended so many shows especially when his takings at a number of them would not have covered his costs His response was typical first and foremost that show takings were only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sales and he thought that the follow up mail order more than made his investment of time worthwhile He also said that encouraging clubs in presenting shows helped develop the hobby and that it was a role of the trader to be part of that process But Bob also encouraged rule writers and was responsible for a whole range of products that challenged the WRG stranglehold on rules and which were

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  • Old Glory
    marked 15mm Command Decision WW2 CDAI14 US infantry in Greatcoats CDAI15 US infantry Greatcoats Weapons Command CD figure packs 9 00 each 15mmCommand Decision WW2 Russian Vehicles CD412 T 60 Light tank CD412a T 60 Early Tracks CD413 T 70 Light Tank CD413a T 80 Light Tank The above at 12 00 per pack of 3 vehicles 15mm Command Decision WW2 French CD583 Skoda 100mm Field Guns CD584 Schnieder 105mm

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  • Welcome to the latest update for TFT
    we will be releasing over the next few weeks We are aiming to add some detail and variety to the existing Defence grid range These three are all bombed out leaving debris all over the place Again no detail has been spared with dust grit missing screws twisted sheet metal These are quite a challenge to paint and look superb in place with the rest of our floor sections So if you like the battle damaged siege look well look no further than this set All three are based on 15 x 15cm floor sections The prices for these floor sections are as follows Damaged floor sections 3 each or 8 for a pack of all 3 Also just released are these lovely chemical tank sets these are available at 3 00 for the twin tank set and 3 20 for the triple In the next few weeks there will be more new releases we will unveil our new long defence wall bunker quite a beast plus all the rest of the detail floor sections this time with less damage Plus more level 2 pieces So for the latest information on our products check this site or sign up to

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    modules that are dotted all over the place This has now opened up links to a pile of semi built modules and I hope to release one module per month for each country Pop into the website to see what is available and what is coming along www monlunda com VALOR Human With Invasion from the North and Civil War Valor is in a sorry state Good pickings for adventurers and those who wish to improve their position in life MOLOGUN Goblinoid The Plotting of the Orcs When it looked like the Orcs were about to pour over the Dwarven City States they withdrew What wind changed the tide Perhaps this is the lull before the storm KHUZUDOR Dwarven After the last Orc Wars the City States are still under threat from the Orcish hordes The loss of Bigor and the near destruction of Kharza kha has awaken the dwarves to the danger of becoming over run Dwarvism is growing at the failure of the humans to come to the Dwarves aid NORLUND Human Elven Resting on an uneasy Peace of intrigue but with all eyes looking towards Mologun Pirates and Buccaneers fight for control of the sea And some Elves still dream of days of the Carlagian Empire DUNEDOR Human Prospering with the deadlands as a barrier to the Blathblade Orcs All look to see how Dunedor is going to play its part in the forcasted storm Starter packs will soon available similar to the Trial CD consisting of the Country module two Districts Village a Dungeon and extra stuff for running a complete scenario UPDATES I have placed new improved updates on the website replacements for the Monlunda Trial CD modules Check your version in the Copyright info ie avestdis vol1 Ch1 v3 Go to the Demozone and

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  • Artizan Update
    packs to our Medieval Moors range with the addition of Berber and Andalusian Cavalry Unit Builder Packs Both packs contain nine riders and horses plus shields for 20 00GBP and should get the cavalry arm of your Moorish army off to a flying start See these giant packs at http www artizandesigns com in our Medieval Moors section Artizan Design Now Accepts Credit Cards Our miniatures are now easier to

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  • Games Workshop
    Middle Earth are reinforced with a range of models representing not only characters featured in the Lord of the Rings films but also those who do not appear Science Fiction fans will be pleased to see the new additions to the Eye of Terror series The Warhammer collection expands again with a host of Chaos creatures Amongst the range of publications on the way is a long awaited painting guide

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