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  • New Releases
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    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/Pending/Archive/May03/FRnewreleases.htm (2016-02-16)
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    Infantry in Cap CWF3 Infantry March Attack CWR4 Firing Line Skirmish Infantry in Cap CWF4 Infantry command CWR5 Infantry Command CWF5 Zouave Advancing CWR6 Riflemen Skirmishing firing line CWF6 Zouave Firing Line Skirmishing CWR7 Infantry in Cap March attack CWF7 Zouave Command CWR8 Infantry in Helmet March Attack CWF8 Artillery Crew CWR9 Artillery Crew CWF10 Hussar CWR10 Hussar CWF11 Chasseur de Afrique CWR11 Cossack CWF18 Generals CWR12 Uhlan CWR18 Generals British CWB1 Infantry Advancing CWB12 Guards Infantry Advancing CWB2 Infantry Firing line Skirmish CWB13 Gaurds Infantry Firing line Skirmishing CWB3 Infantry Flank Company advancing CWB14 Gaurds Command CWB4 Infantry Flank Co Firing line Skirmish CWB15 Artillery Crew CWB5 Infantry Command CWB20 Light Dragoon CWB6 Highland Infantry Advancing CWB21 Hussar CWB7 Highland Infantry Firing Skirmish Line CWB22 Lancer CWB8 Highland Flank Co Advancing CWB23 Heavy Cavalry in Helmet CWB9 Highland Command CWB24 Scots Grey CWB10 Rifle Brigade Advancing Firing Line CWB26 Generals Raglan etc CWB11 Rifle Command New Battle packs New 1 Pack 14 00 2 3 Packs 13 50ea and 4 Packs or more only 12 50ea each 25mm pack contains 24 Foot 10 Mounted each 15mm pack contains 100 Foot 40 Mounted 25mm Medieval 25 500 Archers 25 501 Crossbowmen 25 502 Infantry Advancing 25 503 Infantry Standing 25 504 Sword and Buckler men 25 505 Men at Arms Advancing 25 506 Men at Arms Standing 25 507 Mounted Knights Charging 25 508 Mounted Knights at Rest 25 509 Hobilars 25 510 Assorted Armed Peasants 25 511 Mounted Knights with melee weapons 15mm Crimean CBP350 Russian Infantry in Helmet Advancing CBP362 French Zouaves CBP351 Russian Infantry in Cap Advancing CBP363 French Hussar and Chasseur d Afrique CBP352 Russian Infantry March Attack in Helmet CBP370 British Line Infantry CBP353 Russian Infantry March Attack in Cap CBP371 British Gaurds Riflemen 70 30 CBP354 Cossacks CBP372 Highlanders Riflemen 70 30 CBP355 Russian Hussar and Uhlan CBP373 Light Brigade 1 20 Lancers 20 Light Dragoons CBP360 French Infantry Advancing CBP374 Light Brigade 2 Hussars CBP361 French Infantry March Attack CBP375 Heavy Brigade 30 H C 10 Scots Greys IT Miniatures Below are the new releases so far for the IT Miniatures range ex IT Figures we have more things planned for 2003 so watch our websites and adverts 20mm Indian Troops IND1 Sikh Infantry Advancing IND2 Sikh Infantry Charging IND3 Sikh Infantry Standing firing IND4 Sikh Infantry Kneeling Firing IND5 Sikh Infantry officer IND6 Sikh HMG 3 crew 1 80 IND20 Punjabi Infantry Advancing IND21 Punjabi Infantry Charging IND22 Punjabi Infantry Standing firing IND23 Punjabi Infantry Kneeling Firing IND24 Punjabi Infantry officer IND25 Punjabi HMG 3 crew 1 80 INDC1 Indian Cavalry at Ready INDC2 Indian Cavalry Charging Lance INDC3 Indian Cavalry Charging Sword INDC4 Indian NCO Officer 20mm Horses 3 per Pack HOR 1 Horse Standing 2 30 HOR 2 Horse Galloping 2 30 20mm Sanussi ARAB20 Sanussi Advancing ARAB21 Sanussi Charging ARAB22 Sanussi Standing Firing ARAB23 Sanussi Kneeling Firing ARAB24 Sanussi Officer in Regular Uniform ARAB20 24 are in Full regular

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/Pending/Archive/May03/lancashiregames.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • The following new items are now available at www
    87064 Phanomen Granit 25 German WW2 light truck 87065 BP 44 Panzerjagerwagen MATCHBOX COLLECTIBLES 97056 US Modern 2 5 ton truck 1 87 scale 92674 M3A2 Mortar halftrack 1 76 scale 97055 Willys Jeep Trailer 1 76 scale PREISER 16516 SdKfz 251 1 Ausf C 16517 SdKfz 251 3 Ausf C Command 16518 SdKfz 251 7 Ausf C Engineer 16523 SdKfz 251 9 Ausf C 75mm 16538 SdKfz 11 3 ton halftrack 18362 Bundeswehr motorcycles 16530 Soviet Infantry Partisans 16532 Soviet Tank Riders 16537 German WW2 Howitzer Gun Crew 18339 Military Sentry Hut Barrier 18357 German WW2 Weapons Equipment 18358 German WW2 Weapons Equipment 18365 Bundeswehr Weapons 18366 Bundeswehr Seated Military Passengers ROCO 452 Unimog 1300L with trailer 470 MAN 451 461 5 ton truck 477 M988 HEMTT Truck 497 Antenna wires 508 Unimog 1300L Ambulance 596 Bundeswehr antennas 624 Wiesel 2 Ozelot 630 Elefant tank transporter 834 Magirus airfield tanker painted 861 Roland LVB painted 864 Set of two Wiesels painted 865 Set of two Avengers on rail car painted 866 Panzerhaubitze 2000 on rail car painted TRIDENT 90128 SdKfz 251 16 Ausf D Flamethrower 90190 SdKfz 251 8 Ausf D Ambulance 97003 BV 206D 80043 T72M Tank 80044

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/Pending/Archive/May03/fidelis1.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • The following new items are now available at www
    almost exclusively with a distributor rather than direct with retailers This frees up much more of my time to devote to sculpting and running the company I am actively looking to expand the trade side of the business in the coming months so if you feel like mentioning that I m keen to have more shops distributors get in touch that would be a nice start Also I have had

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/Pending/Archive/May03/CrusaderApr.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • We would like to remind you of this upcoming event
    a 3 day convention hosted by HMGS South To be held at Travel Lodge formerly Best Western at Busch Gardens Tampa Florida 40 vendor tables 100 games an Advanced Armati Tournament Warhammer 40k Warmaster Rogue Trader Tourneys roleplaying games sponsored by the Lakeland Roleplaying Guild a flea market and much more For further details please contact Rhett Scott RECON 2003 Registration 1416 Forsyth Way Brandon Forida 33511 Tel 813 661

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/RandomS/Library/USRECON2003.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • UK Fire and Fury Championship 2003
    UK Fire and Fury Championship 2003 Return to Wargames Forum Return to What s New

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/RandomS/Shorts/faf.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • T
    used for sentry duty and gives a high vantage point for a heavy weapon or sniper again as soon as we have a painted model we will have pictures to release so stay tuned We are also working on a huge fire base control centre which we hope to release at the beginning of March more on that at the beginning of next month with a full progress report defence walls large corner and buttress figures by games workshop internal defence wall corner figures by i kore all figures for scale purposes only Buy miniatures from www i kore co uk all terrain products sold unpainted At present we are concentrating on terrain for the near future and sci fi battlefields compatible with any 25 30mm scale game played on the tabletop such as Void by I Kore or warhammer 40k by games workshop We have battlements and industrial floors towers turrets command centres etc all waiting to find a home on a tabletop near you The current range is as follows Range and price list Code Description Size of base RRP Price FP1 Concrete panel floor plate 15 x 15cm 3 00 FP2 Industrial steel floor section 15 x 15cm 3 00 FP3 Industrial steel floor plate with hatch 15 x 15cm 3 20 FP3 Industrial steel floor plate with air lock 15 x 15cm 3 20 FP4 Industrial steel floor plate x2 5 x 15cm 4 00 FP5 Industrial steel floor plate x2 5 x 10cm 3 00 FP6 Industrial steel floor plate x2 10 x 15cm 5 00 FP7 Tamped concrete floor plate x2 5 x 15cm 4 00 FP8 Industrial steel Floor section with exhaust vent 15 x 15cm 3 20 FP9 Industrial steel Floor section with central hatch 15 x 15cm 3 20 MS1 Missile silo 15 x 15cm 8 00 DW1 Concrete defence wall straight x2 variations 5 x 15cm 7 00 DW2 Defence wall corner x2 5 x 5cm 5 00 DW3 Defence wall buttress x2 5 x 15cm 5 00 DW5 Defence wall internal corner x2 5 x 5cm 5 00 DW6 Defence wall large corner with Industrial steel floor section 15 x 15 cm 6 00 DW7 Defence wall large corner 2 pack 15 x15 cm 10 DWT1 Defence wall tower 5 x 15cm 3 50 T1 DWT1 Turret with machine guns coming soon 5 x 5cm 12 00 T2 DWT1 Turret with laser gun coming soon 5 x 5cm 12 00 T3 DWT1 Turret with multi launch missile system coming soon 5 x 5cm 12 00 T4 DWT1 Turret with quad flak coming soon 5 x 5cm 15 00 CB1 Octagonal bunker with roof 1 15 x 15cm 15 00 CB2 Octagonal bunker with roof 2 15 x 15cm 15 00 CB3 Command bunker with roof 15 x 15cm 15 00 B1 Barricades no1 set of first 2 coming soon 15 x 5cm 9 00 B2 Barricades no2 3 rd straight section coming soon 15 x 5cm 5 00 B3

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/RandomS/Shorts/tft.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • I am pleased to inform you that Chariots to 1BC
    them and many illustrations Most of the illustrations are used with the kind permission of various figure manufacturers so the book also provides the reader with a guide to what mini s are currently available The lists will retail at 7 75 and are available to buy at www visbellica com or from selected traders Army Lists Books 2 and 3 for Vis Bellica will follow later in the year

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/RandomS/Library/vblists1.htm (2016-02-16)
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