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  • This year BRITCON will be held from the 14th
    the team and are bringing their free games library with them 150 board and card games of all descriptions for you to enjoy Whether you fancy trying something new or would like to introduce someone to an old favourite there will be plenty of playing space and someone to help match people to games games to people and people to people Regulars at the annual Beer and Pretzels Games Weekend

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/RandomS/Ranshorts/Britcon2003.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • Monlunda Latest
    FULL VALOR MONLUNDA CONTROL 5 5Mb Additions to Key 5 50 RANDOM DI 1 00 VALOR 1Mb Added information drag able map 1 00 ARELLIS DISTRICT 3 5Mb Trapped Valorian Units 3 50 ARRELLE DISTRICT 2 5Mb The Victorious Thoglanders 2 50 ASHBORN DISTRICT 2 5Mb Added Link to Amorath mini dungeon 2 50 AMORATH S KEEP 2Mb Small Dungeon leading to a further adventure 2 00 MATTINTON DISTRICT 2 5Mb Borders Matinlak in Valor 2 50 MATINLAK DISTRICT 2 5Mb Borders Avestry to the North West 2 50 ZALAMAR DUNGEON 3 5Mb The Old Tower of Dwarflore 3 50 MAGARA DISTRICT 1 5Mb Trapped between the Thogland Armies 1 50 CASTLE MAGARD 4Mb Large imposing Castle 4 00 AVESTRY DISTRICT 3 5Mb Better Border Guards 3 50 BLACK CATACOMBS 5 5Mb Second Level opened up 5 50 ASHTROVE VILLAGE 1 5Mb Village in Avestry 1 50 AVESTRYLAK DISTRICT 3 5Mb Borders Avestry to the East 3 00 HERCALE DISTRICT 3Mb East Valor 3 00 SOUTH HERCALE DISTRICT 2 5Mb Valors main seaport 2 50 Total 35 50 The latest updates of free programmes on Trial CD update of module that was free with questionnaire Offer 25 00 More info

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/RandomS/Ranshorts/monlunda_latest.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • HCH
    cheaply Consequently I have a rather small collection of 25mm figures is rather small So I suppose that a great many wargamers are looking for a cheap source of high quality painted figures And now it is just possible that HCH are able to supply this gaming Utopia Click here for the HCH website HCH are able to supply figures from the Tin Soldier UK range painted to a very

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/ProductReviews/HCH/hch.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • Another Great Napoleonic Event
    wargames and displays put on by the Napoleonic Association and others The exhibitors included a number of veterans such as Battlescene Pictures Bonapartes Ian Fletcher Battlefield Tours and Librarie Historique Teissedre from Paris A vast range of antiquarian and secondhand books were also on offer making the show the event to come to if you want to track down that elusive first edition This years wargames featured the Loughton Strike Force presenting the Assault on the Hill of Arinez Vittoria 1813 the Battle of Toulouse by Southend Wargames Club and a Peninsular Battle by the Napoleonic Gamers Lectures at the International Napoleonic Fair are often regarded as a highlight of the event and this year was no exception David Markham who flew in from Seattle especially for the event spoke on the way Napoleon used his bulletins for propaganda then signed copies of his new book Imperial Glory His speech was chaired by John Hughes Wilson Ian Robertson later presented a well attended talk on Wellington¹s Campaign in France chaired by John S White then autographed copies of his latest book Wellington Invades France The Final Phase of the Peninsular War 1813 1814 The Fair had a real international flavour

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/RandomS/Shorts/napfair.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • Elite Miniatures Latest Releases
    stovepipe shakos with their own distinctive front badge and a diamond shaped badge worn at the rear which was awarded commemorating the action at Alexandria when the rear rank faced about to repel an attack from the rear Also the figures are wearing French hide knapsacks captured in Egypt BRUNSWICK LINE LIGHT INFANTRY BK1 March attack 4 figures BK2 March attack 4 figures BK3 Command pack 2 officers drummer Nco

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/RandomS/Shorts/elitefeb.htm (2016-02-16)
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    Shieldwall during the fight between the Saxons and the Normans The objective of the game is to capture the most possible spaces on the opponent s flank each player has to delicately balance the ability to defend and attack Attacking pieces can only operate in pairs and the defending pieces can be re formed into stringer units called shieldwalls Greg s workshop is based in Penzance Cornwall and he is

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/RandomS/Library/shieldwall.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • Slitherine Strategies are pleased to announce that their latest game
    be familiar with many of the game elements if you have played Legion Some areas of the game have been completely rewritten such as diplomacy AI as we ve tried to build on the success of Legion and alter the areas people were not so happy with There are also a host of new features some of which are listed below High resolution 1024x768 graphics engine that brings the ancient world to life Play one of 58 different nations on a large beautiful grand campaign map covering the whole Middle East including 164 cities and 80 minor settlements There are 10 types of nations each with their own unique units Smaller campaigns are also included for gamers who want a shorter game Build hundreds buildings and city improvements and re fine 9 different resources such as Myrrh Gems and Horses A Random event system that depicts the Era in colourfully detail recreating historical phenomena such as Earth quakes Floods and Locusts storms The Happiness and welfare of the inhabitants of your cities will depend on overpopulation recruitment levels garrisons and food and by developing temples entertainment and other buildings you keep revolters at bay Advances will increase the development of

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/RandomS/Library/slitherine.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • Amazon Miniatures announce Amazon Club Rewards
    getting discount on orders placed with Amazon Miniatures and at the same time build up Rewards for your club society Rewards can then be used as club prizes for tournaments and competitions Clubs will also receive advance notice on new releases and be able to take advantage of Amazon Club Rewards members only Special Offers Details are on our web site www amazonminiatures com Paul Amazon Miniatures www amazonminiatures com

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/RandomS/Shorts/amazonrewards.htm (2016-02-16)
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