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  • Hi Everyone
    as 300 History books and thousands of figures in all scales I am about to start a new Wants Database If you want to register your latest interests please re enter your details through the web site contact page I am moving over to an Access system so I apologies for the need to ask you all to do this but hopefully it will be a benefit in the long

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    Wargames Union s policies re development programmes and the sponsorship received from the Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited all entries for Draughts and Morabaraba are free to the players who enter such championship Eugene Burger Tel 033 344 1799 is the senior umpire for the Championships ALL entries and army lists must be faxed to Eugene 033 344 3900 on or before 11 November 2002 Accomodation at the hostel can

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  • Derby Review   On the Sunday of this years World championships at Derby your favourite editor and mine John Sharples asked if I would
    games taking centre stage in the foyer or the bottom level as you entered these included a superb 25mm 7yrs French and British in North America with a siege a relieving column and an ambush all in the same game Graham Campbell s superb Seven Years War display terrain by TM Terrain what a superb water effect On the top level more games and these included a fine 25mm Napoleonic but the game that grabbed my attention over the weekend was the 25mm WW2 skirmish this fine array a participation game in which lots of interesting action arose from the French resistance sneaking around down to the German dog and it s potential to bite friend or foe I never found out what happened On this initial pre opening foray I also discovered the bring and buy stand being set up in a small hall on the top level an ideal spot it seemed but alas it wasn t and it was moved to another spot on the Sunday Guards Club popular D Day game As the day progressed much talking to the various customers and friends who attended was carried on but eventually the thought of food arose the top level I was informed had a cafeteria So of I went with all the trepidation of the catering at war game shows I had seen in the past but to my surprise the choice of food was good and at very reasonable prices a comment I was to hear over and over again as the weekend progressed from numerous peoples After the food another quick walk around to chat to fellow traders and see how they where feeling about the show and everyone thought the new venue to be a huge improvement in every way compared with the old venue pleased with my chats I returned to the stand to work away the remainder of the day talking and selling Dave Marshall and Mark Thornley s skills on display again After the show it was a short walk to a local hostelry where a meal was eaten and a few ales sunk then back to the hotel to get changed for a night out the details of which to protect the innocent will remain a secret The only comment is to say the 3 30am return to the hotel by one and all was the result of an excellent night in the friendly town of Derby Derby Wargames Club excellent Crimean action The following morning the condemned ate a hearty breakfast and of to the show we went the Sunday turned into a quieter day trading which allowed a bit more walking and talking to fellow traders and a foray into the competition hall to see the eager gamers bent over the tables trying to will there armies onto one more desperate charge before like sand caught in a flood from left to right the army routs and the universal it was close and it was the die s

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/ShowReviews/Derby02/Derby02.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • Mpumalanga Championship Results
    other than the older clubs has managed to win a medal The draughts section was of course dominated by the young Ronnie Manana who is now becoming a major force in draughts The biggest surprise of the championship occurred in the Primary School Section of Morabaraba Right from the word go a major tussle broke out between Innocent Kubheka cuurent Junior World Champion and Madoda Hlophe for control of the championship In a surprising finish Madoda pipped Innocent at the post to take the honours The final top three positions were ANCIENTS Premier 1st Matthew Strachan Old Edwardians 80 points 2nd Colin Webster Old Edwardians 79 points 3rd Richard Ligualt Old Edwardians 74 points ANCIENTS High School 1st Benjamin Shulman Old Edwardians 31 points DRAUGHTS PREMIER 1st Ronnie Manana Leandra 9 points 2nd Mbuso Maseko Leandra 8 points 3rd Velly Mtsweni Leandra 7½ points DRAUGHTS High School 1st David Mbonani Leandra 6½ points 2nd Doctor Mlotshwa Leandra 6 points 3rd Mxolisi Radebe Leandra 5½ points DRAUGHTS Primary School 1st Jabulane Hlatshwayo Leandra 7 points 2nd Moses Mokoena Leandra 6 points 3rd Jabu Mabungu Leandra 6 points MORABARABA Premier 1st Sifiso Bomela Leandra 25½ points 2nd Thomas Simelane Leandra 22 ½

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/International/SA/mpumalangaresults.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • The Battlefields Trust  Registered UK Charity
    to 5 pm including FREE lunch A study day to be held in conjunction with the Museum of The Queen s Lancashire Regiment with a range of different distinguished speakers including Professor Christopher Duffy Bill Turner Mark Hone with two talks on the 1715 rebellion and 2 talks on the 1745 rebellion Cost 15 per head includes lunch and wine Please make cheque payable to The Battlefields Trust And send

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/RandomS/Shorts/battlefieldstrust.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • Elite Miniatures  Email
    mounted officer with horse 1 figure horse 1 70 Discounted units UBP21 Limbered 6pdr Foot Battery 3 limbers guns 38 75 UBP22 Limbered 9pdr Foot Battery 3 limbers guns 38 75 FRENCH NAPOLEONICS 1812 15 LINE INFANTRY FW54 Fusiliers advancing campaign dress 4 different figures 2 65 FW55 Flank Company advancing campaign dress 4 different figs 2 65 FWC16 Mounted officers Regulation dress 4 different figures 2 65 Discounted units Line Infantry campaign dress FWU17 Advancing 1st battalion 36 figures 22 50 FWU18 Advancing 2nd battalion 36 figures 22 50 PRUSSIAN NAPOLEONICS 1808 15 RESERVE INFANTRY Sleeved waistcoat with shoulder straps shakos LP41 March Attack 4 different figures 2 65 LP42 Command Pack officer NCO drummer standard bearer 2 65 LP43 Skirmish Pack 4 different figures 2 65 Sleeved waistcoat shakos LP44 March Attack 4 different figures 2 65 LP45 Command Pack officer NCO drummer standard bearer 2 65 LP46 Skirmish Pack 4 different figures 2 65 Discounted units ULP13 21st Regiment 3rd battalion 32 figures 20 25 ULP16 12th Regiment 1st battalion 32 figures 20 25 ULP22 19th 22nd Regiment 1st 2nd 3rd battalion 32 figures 20 25 ULP23 23rd Regiment 1st 2nd 3rd battalion 32 figures 20 25

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/ProductReviews/Review/Lancsgames/elite.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • Crusader Miniatures
    to receiving samples for review sometime soon For more information look for the Crusader Miniatures page in the Traders section JOS Hi there I have been planning on making Normans since I was at Foundry and it seemed only natural to make them for myself now that I ve left They are in the same style as the Vikings that I made and will be making more of for a Crusader Miniatures range later on I have 7 packs released now with about another 10 planned I have listed all of the packs that are on their way with a note next to the ones that are available now All of the packs and figures can be seen on the web site DAN001 Norman Spearmen in Chain I 8 figs AVAILABLE NOW DAN002 Norman Spearmen in Chain II 8 figs DAN003 Norman Spearmen in Quilted Armour 8 figs DAN004 Unarmoured Norman Spearmen 8 figs AVAILABLE NOW DAN005 Norman Crossbowmen 8 figs AVAILABLE NOW DAN006 Norman Bowmen 8 figs DAN007 Dismounted Norman Knights with axes 8 figs AVAILABLE NOW DAN008 Norman Infantry Command 8 figs AVAILABLE NOW DAN009 Norman Infantry Characters and Casualties 8 figs DAN100 Norman Knights in Chain with

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/Traders/Crusader/crusWN.htm (2016-02-16)
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