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  • Berlin
    rules of human decency have been abandoned and despotism has taken over For the wargamer this book gives you numerous small actions to refight from the fighting on the Baltic coast as the Germans desperately try to escape by sea to the desperate defences of villages and towns by small under equipped units so if you have only a small force you are quids in The big finale is the

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/Pending/Archive/April04/April04a/berlin.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • Osprey Warrior Series  British Infantry in South Africa 1877
    Castle the Author of the book is quite an authority on the subject and he has written articles discussing the period Ian also has the back up of the archaeological evidence form his project on the Zulu war battlefields he has written other titles five of them being Ospreys The book to me is not what I d call heavy reading and does have a wealth of information within the covers following the book is quite easy as it is well set out and references easy to find The prints these are a little different to the normal ones that you see in the men at arms series of books and are what I would call art prints you know what I mean Stuff that you see hanging in galleries the good stuff that has been what I call proper painted and doesn t look like a finger painting by a three year old that type All are beautifully painted and are very well detailed I found myself looking at one in particular entitled Training and Drill it concerns a line of soldiers practicing bayonet drill the sergeant is holding one soldiers bayonet out to him as the soldier gets

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/Pending/Osprey/WarriorBSinSA.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • Osprey
    two rival Daimyo or feudal warlords Takeda Shingen and Uesugi Kinshen who struggled for dominance of the fertile mountainous provinces of central Japan Turnbull studies the personalities of the rival commanders in detail as he realises it is their peronal ambitions that were the principle drivers behind the campaigns And fascinating colourful characters they undoubtably were He also tries hard to unpick the fact from the fiction of the story

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/Pending/Osprey/campaign103.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • Osprey
    history are aware that Santa Anna was the commander of Mexican forces the slaughtered the defenders of the Alamo However it may not be so well known that he also commanded the Mexican forces that engaged the US in the war of 1846 8 The book contains a brief historical background to the period then goes into more detail of the organisations of the army the sources of its officer

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/Pending/Osprey/elite102.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • Osprey Elite
    Fraser Hobart Horton Portal Slessor Tovey and Urquhart and others Each subject features one or more photographs and a short but detailed biography I found this a very interesting read and I am sure that this would be a very useful reference to anyone wargaming the period If I was frustrated by anything in this volume it was that it features snippets about other commanders such as Lt General Scoones

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/Pending/Osprey/Elite98.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • Osprey Men at Arms Series The British Army in World War 1
    how much information is packed into so few pages The introduction gives a basic history to the lead up to the time period covered Then under a sub heading it continues with the relative changes and practices that were altered after the Boer war Most of the services of the Army are covered from the front line soldiers to the medical staff and even veterinarians Before reading this book I like I suppose many others of you and some of you may think it daft but I actually thought that when a horse was wounded that it was put down not so indeed it was looked after by the army s Vets and orderlies and there is even a photograph of a horse being treated for shrapnel wounds Although not fully covered in the text but they do get mentioned The colour plates are as can be expected from other Osprey publications Excellent and very well detailed Again they cover most of the various arms of the army There is also a very nice plate of Albert Ball the fighter ace and further in the book is a photograph of his grave marker a sad end to a brave man

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/Pending/Archive/April04/April04a/ospreyWW1Brits.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • Operation Goodwood
    different Although Sweet was privileged to attend a Staff College Battlefield Tour of the GOODWOOD battlefield in 1971 Dunphie is even more heavily influenced by the BFT format Hardly surprising since he was a Staff College instructor Pendulum of Battle is rich in British Army anecdotes We find all the classic yarns told by the old soldiers to every year s BFT by such respected old soldiers as Pip Roberts and Bill Close and finally enshrined in film in 1979 when Staff College decided to capture their tales for posterity As a readable summary of years of experience of Battlefield Tours this book works very well indeed And Dunphie is admirably honest when expressing his own personal views and judgements Whether discussing the personality of Montgomery or the tactics of Monty s forces these insights add value to his work One criticism of this book is that it could have been written twenty years ago and takes little account of information that has come to light in more recent times Certain key primary sources are acknowledged but the book also leans heavily on secondary sources that are at best anecdotal and sometimes questionable While a few of the recently published memoirs have proved useful additions to our knowledge many more do not stand up to scrutiny any more than did some tales told during battlefield tours Like many sadly most books about the Normandy campaign this work suffers from numerous errors of detail Taken individually these are perhaps not serious Today s mis captioned pictures are arguably comparable with the British inability in 1944 to identify enemy tanks or guns But one has to ask why write that Dollmann had a heart attack on 28 June when for 20 years we have known he killed himself why write that Wittman

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/Pending/Archive/March04/operationgoodwood.htm (2016-02-16)
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  • The Young British Soldier By Rudyard Kipling
    on which are the British forces equipment and other equipment I have used from other armies I found that the author has gone to great lengths to list all specifications of equipment and weapons Also on some of the weapons and equipment has either had or has talked to people who have had first hand knowledge or experience with the weapons or equipment There is a good selection and variety

    Original URL path: http://www.wargames.co.uk/Pending/Archive/March04/Brassey%27s.htm (2016-02-16)
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