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  • Encaustic Wax Art Supplies, UK
    out of something The Monthly Offer Free hire of a DvD when your order is just 5 or more I ve now got the flat 5 point star tips for the stylus in stock again 6 each Six encaustic DVDs available for purchase or hire News Wax Painting Supplies Large Stocks Rapid Delivery Unusually Large Range of tools and materials Wax melts at any time coated card allows liquid wax to move producing wonderful magical effects The four basic effects are shown in the three photos below Your FIRST results will probably look quite similar to these but the more you make the better you get NO PREVIOUS PAINTING OR DRAWING SKILLS ARE NECESSARY TO ENJOY THIS ARTFORM RIGHT FROM THE START SMOOTHING See more examples LIFTING SLIDING WITH IRON POINT SLIDING WITH IRON EDGE If you would like Barry Moulton to produce an A6 size picture for you which includes specific effects please click here Waxart This is the modern version of Encaustic Art Anyone and everyone produces unique intriguing artwork right from the start As you will soon realise it can be far more interesting than candle making To Start A small dry iron cool about 80 C one is made specially and is highly recommended Encaustic colours basically beeswax and pigment A flat non porous surface white sealed surface card is ideal Results are Dry in seconds Unique Colourful Stimulating to the imagination Intriguing Impressive Permanent unless remelted Wax art Images Have a wonderful 3D effect Can be changed at any time by remelting Can be used as pictures Can be used as greeting cards Can be used as bookmarks The process is Enjoyable whatever your ability Therapeutic Not expensive to start Addictive Many people have stayed up all night to prolong their first experience of this

    Original URL path: http://www.waxes.co.uk/ (2016-04-27)
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  • Encaustic Wax Order Forms
    one sheet and other information about encaustic by ordinary post please ring Barry Moulton on 01787 227320 or email your name and address to info waxes co uk If you just want to order from one section it might be easier for you to print out just that section SETS TOOLS WAXES PAINTING CARD RUBBER STAMPS and INK BOOKS and DVDs PRESENTATION ITEMS Sealer Aperture Cards Mounts Bags Tape etc HOTPLATE TOOLS and ODDS ENDS PEEL OFFS FULL ORDER FORM FOR UK lists almost everything that we ve got in stock if it s not on here don t despair we might still have it or be able to point you towards someone who does NON UK customers If you are outside the UK it might be easier for you to source items within your own country but these sources are few and far between So we can and do send goods anywhere in the world and you need to email your name and address to info waxes co uk so that we can send you our International Order Form by Air Mail Please note that our prices are in Sterling We don t accept cards of any sort so

    Original URL path: http://www.waxes.co.uk/ukorderform.htm (2016-04-27)
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  • Contact information for Wakes Waxes
    Supplies Large Stocks Rapid Mail order For FREE information pack email your name address to Contact Barry at Wakes Waxes Wakes Waxes Loveneys Farm Wakes Colne COLCHESTER CO6 2BJ Telephone

    Original URL path: http://www.waxes.co.uk/contact.htm (2016-04-27)
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  • encaustic art and wakes waxes
    that they wanted to know all about it and where they could buy materials to have a go themselves Have to send away for it I said We actually went home in profit and decided to try a few more shows but as there had been so much interest in the encaustic materials we bought extra and had some for sale on the stall a few people bought waxes etc but enquired as to how to get more supplies You take my details and I ll send through the post I said Once back home it dawned on me that we could have a mail order business Better produce an order form dear I said We needed a name we live in a tiny Essex village called Wakes Colne Wakes Waxes sounded good so it got added to the address on the order form Since then many people have pointed out that our surname could have been used Moulton Wax or some such but I m glad we stuck with Wakes Waxes I think we started advertising in the Classified section of the UK craft magazines in 1993 and this has gradually generated more customers Since that tentative start in 1992 our range of encaustic tools materials and presentation items has increased every year and I m sure that we now offer a greater range than anywhere else People sometimes ask Where to buy from We haven t got any stockists as such but some of our customers do also take a few of our Starter sets out to craft fairs Encaustic art isn t a franchise anyone can stock and sell the items but because it is a real minority art at present most shops can t warrant shelf space for it as the turnover is so low So

    Original URL path: http://www.waxes.co.uk/about.htm (2016-04-27)
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  • Search the Wakes Waxes web site
    Search this site powered by FreeFind WAX PICTURES Contact Barry HOME PAGE

    Original URL path: http://www.waxes.co.uk/search.htm (2016-04-27)
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  • postage and packing charges from wakes waxes encaustic art
    on the next working day Wherever I can I re use packaging but my large turnover now means that I do have to buy most boxes instead of getting them all from the local shops If you would like all the packaging used in your parcel to be brand new just ask People sometimes ask Where to buy from I haven t got any stockists as such but some of our customers do also take a few of our Starter sets out to craft fairs Encaustic art isn t a franchise anyone can stock and sell the items but because it is a real minority art at present most shops can t warrant shelf space for it as the turnover is so low So since about 1993 I ve been one of the main suppliers mostly by mail order but also at craft shows around East Anglia My mail order service is very quick as my customers would testify many actually phone me to say how surprised and pleased they are to get such speedy delivery There isn t a Wakes Waxes shop but locals do come and see me by appointment just ring 01787 227320 to tell me roughly

    Original URL path: http://www.waxes.co.uk/p&p.htm (2016-04-27)
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  • Encaustic Wax Stock and Delivery
    have a chat about encaustic and I ll try to stop you buying uneccesary things If you do ever put your card details in an email please split those between 2 emails for your security If you bank online and don t mind paying that way just ask for my bank details this is my preferred method as it costs me nothing and just a few minutes of your time Some people still prefer to order by post and cheque that s good too I don t have to pay to process cheques When you order by post I ll include a new pricelist order form in your parcel along with a stamped SAE for your next order If you want something quickly but still want to pay by cheque please ring me with your order and I ll send it straightaway with an invoice I trust you to pay later Paypal my least favoured method as it s more costly but if it s what you want to do email your order with that request and I ll make a Paypal Invoice for you DELIVERY I nearly always manage to process and dispatch orders on the day that they are received so if you haven t heard anything from me within a few days please contact me as something has probably got lost in the post We may close down for a few days each year but you should still get a reply if you ring 01787 227320 and leave a message if necessary If you do need to contact me by phone or fax please don t do it on Christmas day Any other day is acceptable between the hours of 9am and 9pm My normal arrangement is to use Royal Mail for deliveries usually 1st Class occasionally

    Original URL path: http://www.waxes.co.uk/stockanddelivery.htm (2016-04-27)
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  • samples and typical first results of encaustic art
    This produced the branching patterns as the air rushed in The whiter marks were made last by touching with the iron s curved edge and moving that edge through the wax in various ways We can all produce images like these right from the start and they look fantastic they re always unique and you ll see different things in them The above examples only took about a minute each

    Original URL path: http://www.waxes.co.uk/samples.htm (2016-04-27)
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