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  • WaxFresh Organic Candles
    and natural including the oils waxes natural candle dyes and essential oils and is as local as possible We are based on a Sussex South Downs farm and we use oilseeds from local farms including rapeseed sunflower and linseed These are pressed by us at harvest time and turned into oil We also use local beeswax organic South Downs lamb tallow and Italian Olive Oil Thus we make extraordinary olive oil candles tallow candles rapeseed candles sunflower candles linseed candles hemp candles and woad candles What We Offer If you want more than artificial supermarket candles or better value than premium brands then you have come to the right place What about a candle making kit if you fancy making your own local candles See us at the Brighton Festival on May 2012 weekends details on Facebook and please Like us to get special offers Visit the Shop visit the Google Plus page or get the iPhone app Android compatible We are also pleased to work with businesses who want to offer or improve their candles We offer unique natural organic candle dyes and with help from our aromatherapist we can offer bespoke natural fragrances Farmers We love you Let

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  • Contact WaxFresh
    value value Name Email type text value value Email Phone type text value value Phone Message value Message value Address The Drum Barn Applesham Farm Lancing Sussex BN15 0RP 01273 808686 This website was made using Yola No HTML skills

    Original URL path: http://www.waxfresh.co.uk/contact.php (2016-04-26)
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  • WaxFresh Shop
    Natural Fragrances NEW Buy WaxFresh Your browser does not support JavaScript Please proceed to HTML version of Peter Mydlarz s store This website was made using Yola No HTML skills required Build your website in minutes Go to www yola

    Original URL path: http://www.waxfresh.co.uk/shop.php (2016-04-26)
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  • WaxFresh Hints, Tips & Offers
    particles rising to the surface Pour this into a container along with a little cold water or ice shake to mix and leave in the fridge to cool When cold pour through the coffee filter in the cleaned sieve don t squeeze the mixture as the filter will break and retain the liquid for vegetable stock Once drained let the the green chlorophyll paste dry overnight then scrape it from the filter into a small jar and cover with rapeseed or sunflower oil Shake and store in the fridge Keep watering the Parsley plant the leaves will grow back quickly Yellow Dye Made from carrots Make a free lunch as well as a great dye You will need a juicer a double pan Bain Marie or an oven that can reliably work under 100C an 18cm funnel 1 from WIlkinsons a big glass jar like a 500gm Pasta sauce jar and that will be the last time you buy one and another coffee filter paper A juicer is needed to remove most of the water and you will get a free healthy carrot juice Slice the tops off a handful of mud free carrots Juice them and you will get a big glass of carrot juice Lay the carrot pulp on a sheet or two of absorbent kitchen roll Put another sheet or two on top and leave overnight so that most of the water evaporates or is absorbed by the paper Weigh the pulp and put it in the Bain Marie Add the same weight of sunflower oil or supermarket rapeseed which is colourless natural rapeseed is already yellow Bring to a boil but do not cover so as to allow the rest of the water to boil off then turn the gas right down for an hour stirring occasionally A Bain Marie will not go over 100C but if you use an oven instead over 110C then the carrot will discolour Turn the gas off and leave for 15 minutes to cool Now get the jar funnel and filter paper ready to take the pulp Carefully pour it in whilst keeping the filter paper level and open Leave overnight You should get a nice clear orange liquid weighing the same as the original pulp You can squeeze another 10 oil out of the pulp if you are careful That s it The oil can be diluted by 50 to get an acceptable yellow candle colour Now for the rest of that free lunch Pasta a la Carota This is adapted from the recipe by chef Mario Batali You will need an onion tomatoes herbs and some more preferably olive oil Chop and fry the onion add the carrot pulp pureed tomatoes and herbs Mix well and then add some of the boiling water or chlorophyll vegetable stock until the sauce is suitably runny You could try swapping the tomatoes for mushrooms if you have enough pulp Natural Candle Making Kit Hints tips offers This is a good kit

    Original URL path: http://www.waxfresh.co.uk/peters-blog.php (2016-04-26)
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  • Organic Plant Dyes only from WaxFresh "Say No to Azo"
    we know many of our suppliers personally and those we don t we careful vet This however is not easy for wild harvested ingredients say from Pakistan We do not use Genetically Modified or unsustainable crops which includes much soya and some palm these also have a high Carbon Footprint All our colourings are oil based or dispersable in oil or wax If you want water dispersable colours for dyeing garments then please visit wild colours co uk The contents are mostly the same whether water or oil dispersable such as Madder Alkanet Weld Turmeric Carrot Woad Indigo but the processing is different Our blue colouring is English woad and grown to organic principles It is a pigment not a dye as unlike the other plant colourings the woad is preserved as tiny particles in the oil or wax and does not dissolve We could have used certified organic indigo and may still do if a Demeter blue is called for but this country has a fascinating history with woad and it s a privilege to work with it so in this case Local beats Organic Products offered are currently Craft Kits and Raw Colourings New products will include encaustic beeswax pigments Craft kits Click the picture for candle making kits including our new WigglyWax bendy beeswax kit and Woad Warrior finger painting kit Raw Colour Click the picture for max strength plant colours in convenient chip or organic oil forms Dye petitions Say No to Azo In Soviet Russia Bug eats You Azo dyes are banned in Europe for food colouring cf the Tartrazine scare But not banned yet in the US and Asia They will also be banned in textiles It will happen eventually in cosmetics and candles so why not bail out now and insist on natural

    Original URL path: http://www.waxfresh.co.uk/colours.php (2016-04-26)
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  • Free range links
    r oil co uk Hants www prattsfood co uk Kent www thechapelpress co uk Northants www farrington oils co uk Norfolk www yarevalleyoils co uk Northumberland www borderfieldsrapeseedoil co uk Nottinghamshire www borderfieldsrapeseedoil co uk Oxon www stainswickfarm co uk Perthshire www summerharvestoils co uk Shropshire www greatnessoil co uk Somerset www fusselsfinefoods co uk Staffs www statfold oils co uk Suffolk www hillfarmoils com Sussex www sussexgold co uk

    Original URL path: http://www.waxfresh.co.uk/useful-links.php (2016-04-26)
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  • WaxFresh
    a grape candle Well grapeseed oil is plentiful enough The main problem is that the red colouring from grape pomace the leftovers after the juice has been pressed is Anthocyanin which is only water soluble So I had to use an emulsifier to make it oil dispersible None of the usual emulsifiers worked So I had to develop my own Which I did and it works and it s natural

    Original URL path: http://www.waxfresh.co.uk/news.php (2016-04-26)
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  • WaxFresh
    oil We are looking for other people to do this from their local plants and seeds such as gorse and bluebell so Essential Waxes can be both local and global There are lots of tree shrub notes which allows practically any place in europe to be recreated olfactorily including the obligatory Cote d Azur and its English equivalent Even a Celtic Ogham tree calendar can be created The City smells are great and not nauseous including Fuel Stop Underground and Sweat shop These are still naturals though it would have been so much easier to use synthetics The recent Scent Of Departures fragrance line of nice City smells can now be recalled more realistically and so can all the smaller cities please check out our Brighton candles Other perfume houses we love and try to emulate not copy are L Artisan Perfumier Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Diptyque and Lush The Essential Waxes are made of top quality beeswax which happens to be local Beeswax has a fabulous lingering sweet base note Sometimes this note is muted by using white beeswax The initial aroma or top note has to be louder in comparison to standard fragrances to compensate for the strong base note Beeswax is the best wax to bind the maximum amount of Essential Oils or natural aromachemicals with plant infusions The Essential Waxes are made in Sussex by WaxFresh the same business that reintroduced natural colouring to natural candles The problem with artificial colourings is similar to the Natural or Artificial Fragrance debate by forgoing Naturals the eye or nose OK brain then is perplexed by the single frequency artificial notes The Essential waxes are supplied in a box of 28 chocolate type chips costing 18 on Amazon or the Shop here These chips can go straight into an electric diffuser including those 2 USB coffee mug warmers which can let you use your smartphone to turn on a fragrance or on water in a candle type burner or just onto a hot radiator in a suitable container Candles are quick and easy to make pop 7 chips into a votive type glass holder available from supermarkets top up with Sunflower oil heat in a microwave oven pop in the supplied wick et viola That s four Diptyque style 75gm candles for a quarter of the price There is a choice of 50 accords And you can also request half of one accord and half of another For instance to recreate Diptyque s popular Baies you request half each of Blackcurrant and Rose Diptyque suggest pairings including Opoponax Maquis To recreate L Artisan Perfumier s Riviera request Riviera Mimosa Lush do a great inexpensive solid fragrances so we are delighted just to offer Lush type candle kits Karma is Orange Patchouli Lust is Jasmine Rose Dirty is Mint Seaweed Vanilliary is Vanilla Jasmine and Goathorn Furze is Seaweed Gorse The accords include Fruity Apple Blackcurrant Fig Orange Quince Floral Bluebell Gorse Hawthorn Hyacinth Jasmin Lilac Lily of the Valley

    Original URL path: http://www.waxfresh.co.uk/natural-fragrances--new.php (2016-04-26)
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