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  • Alex Mardapittas - Our man in China - Active Webdezign
    as a Designer at Webdezign for about 1yr I ve lost a lot of my memory since then Editors note that was in fairness all the way back in 2003 2004 Jaycee Chan Alex and Jackie Chan on set Where are you a designer now I m heading up a whole lot of different brands from Hong Kong right now where I m a creative director for Leo Burnett Some brands I look after globally others regionally others locally These brands include Coca Cola Greenpeace and Saab In my work I also meet loads of interesting characters Who can say they ve kung fu fighted with Jackie Chan and his son Me I can Tell us about a fun anecdote or a specific job you remember from your time at Webdezign Mike introduced me to all the local food in da hood What was your favourite lunch Lahore mmmm Editors note mmmmm What was the 1 single lesson you took away from your time at Webdezign That Mike was actually born bald Do you have an unforgettable moment from your time at Webdezign I always assumed that Mike was a registered sex offender But he never touched me up Go figure How did you find choose Webdezign in the first place Mike is a cousin of a cousin Do you have any recommendations or suggestions for future interns employees Expect to get your hands dirty Your ideas matter as much as anyone s a good idea can come from anywhere Editors note This does not mean we muck cow dung in the office but you will get a voice and an opinion on design solutions from day one Or to use a phrase Mike likes we will throw you straight into the deep end Can t get enough of Alex

    Original URL path: https://www.webdezign.co.uk/by-the-water-cooler/alex-mardapittas-our-man-in-china/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Luke Williams - The Young Gun - Active Webdezign
    internal sites and developing and rolling out new features a job I would not have had a hope of getting had I not already had 12 months commercial experience at Active Webdezign After University I was lucky enough to get a fantastic job at Forward in Camden a real technology driven company which an incredible amount of smart developers I learnt a ridiculous amount in my first 6 months including Ruby Node js using AWS deployment and operating at a huge scale with big data Again the most important factor for me getting the job was my wealth of experience gained so far despite being only 21 at the time Tell us a fun anecdote from your time as a senior programmer at Webdezign I have many fond memories of that year in Woodside Park particular the great chats we used to have around lunch time In terms of clients I pushed to use WordPress as our primary CMS pretty much as soon as I got to Webdezign so I learnt the idiosyncrasies of the platform pretty sharpish as I had to lead development on most of these projects Caribbean Unpackaged was a milestone for me as well as it was the first project I spec ed out the work and built a custom PHP application What was your favourite lunch Thats a tough one but I reckon it has to be Lahore in Hendon Delicious and spicy food every friday kept me coming back even after I d left for uni A special mention has to go the Vietnamese place under the Arts Depot in Finchley always loved the Pho there Editors note Pho phonetically Fah is no longer on the lunch menu as Khoai has unfortunately closed down What was the 1 single lesson you took away from your time at Webdezign I think the biggest takeaway I d take from my time at Active Webdezign is how different the commercial side of web development is from open source or just tinkering on your own Its not an easy task to balance personal satisfaction in what you are developing with keeping the clients goals in mind The other thing I think it taught me starting out in my professional career is working well with a team be it the project manager or designer making sure there is a lot of transparency in what is happening Do you have an unforgettable moment from your time at Webdezign Christmas Social 2007 at Belgos Such a fantastic night for myself Garry Pete and Mike full of laughs drinking and great food The next day was a brilliant scene where I dragged myself in late Pete was apparently fine Garry never turned up and Mike came in for about 10 minutes before deciding it was all too much and going home Editors note Mike has no recollection of this ever taking place so it must be a mistake How did you find choose Webdezign in the first place I found it initially

    Original URL path: https://www.webdezign.co.uk/by-the-water-cooler/luke-williams-the-young-gun/ (2016-04-24)
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  • What lies beyond Webdezign? - Active Webdezign
    and track down some of the web designers and web developers we have had at Webdezign over the years I ve been here If you ve read our about us page you may have seen we ve had 39 people from 18 countries come through the doors In this new series I will try and locate some of these people and see what they are up to these days and where their careers have taken them Obviously some of them I have kept in contact with over social networks and socially but some of them we have not heard from in years The reason for this series is very simple we had a new intern join us not long ago and he asked why there where only 3 in the office apart from him when the website stated we have had that many people here It started a conversation over coffee about some of the old staff and it got me curious how many rebels we had sent of into the world of tech Of course not all ended up in our industry I m sure but it would be interesting to find out what they are up to now and how they think working at Webdezign might have helped or hindered them from getting there So I aim to find out what has happened to some of those 39 people who have moved on from the company and I hope you enjoy these stories as much as myself IF YOU ARE ONE OF THE 39 BE IT A GRAPHIC DESIGNER WEB DESIGNER DEVELOPER OR SALES REP NEVER FORGET THAT YOU ARE A PART OF THE STUDIO 1A FAMILY Series of Blogs Luke Williams Senior programmer Alex Mardapittas Designer in China Lebinh Ngo Multimedia designer Andreas Paech UK Agency experience

    Original URL path: https://www.webdezign.co.uk/by-the-water-cooler/what-lies-beyond-webdezign/ (2016-04-24)
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  • How to Create an impressive Image Gallery on your Wordpress site - Active Webdezign
    images that belong to NextGen Galleries Right now we haven t uploaded any images or created any galleries yet so everything displays as zero We are about to change that Click on the Add Gallery Image s item and you will be taken to a new page where you can create a new Gallery or add images to an existing one once you have created at least one Type in a name for your new gallery and click on the Add gallery button Upon successful creation you will see the screen below On the confirmation message that appears highlighted in yellow background you will see something like this nggallery id 1 Take a note of this piece of code as we ll need it later It will be used to tell WordPress how to link with our gallery and display it STEP 4 Now that we have successfully created our gallery it s time to upload images to it As you noticed on the above screenshot the Add Gallery Images screen has now changed and it allows us to upload images on our newly created gallery To upload images to our gallery we have to make two simple steps 1 Select the images that we would like to upload and 2 Select the gallery where we would like them to be uploaded To select the images to be uploaded click on the Select Files button A new window will appear where you can navigate to the folder where your images are saved If you like to select more than one images at the same time you can drag your mouse around them and select them all When you are finished click on the Open button You can tick the Scale images to max width 800px or max height 600px tickbox if you are uploading really large images and you would like them to be scaled down Then you have to select the gallery where the images will go into Choose our newly created gallery from the dropdown box At this point your screen will look like this When you are ready click on the Upload images button to begin the upload process You can always add more images to your gallery later or remove and edit any existing ones When the upload process is finished you will see a confirmation message and a link will appear for you to edit your gallery Click on the Edit Gallery link to edit your gallery STEP 5 At this point we will edit our gallery and update the description for each image The gallery editor screen can be seen below As you can see we have changed the title and description of each image rather than leaving the default file names This is something that we recommend that you always do as it enhances your site s SEO and as a result the site may rank higher in the search results To sort the gallery you can click on the Sort gallery button

    Original URL path: https://www.webdezign.co.uk/useful-guides/how-to-create-an-impressive-image-gallery-on-your-wordpress-site/ (2016-04-24)
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  • How to setup your domain's email in Gmail - Active Webdezign
    some settings might differ depending on your hosting provider During most steps in Gmail you have links to more information so please click if you are curious and or confused the documentation is quite extensive Click the images for larger versions For the purpose of this exercise we are going to assume that you have successfully registered an account with Gmail and you are already logged in Let s get started In the top right corner you have a cog click on it Select Settings Step 2 Select the Tab labelled Accounts Then click Add a POP3 account Step 3 A popup will display Enter the Email address you would like to control Then click Next Step Step 4 Enter your Username If you are hosting with Webdezign that is your email address Enter your Password supplied by your hosting provider Enter your POP Server supplied by your hosting provider If you are hosting with Webdezign that is mail yourdomainname co uk Then click Add Account Step 5 We will assume that you want to send out emails and or reply to incoming emails as your example domain co uk and not as the HappyGoLucky1968 gmail com that we are using Tick the first option Then click Next Step Step 6 Select the Name for the email this could be the company name in some cases Then click Next Step Step 7 We recommend you tick the first option to use Gmail for sending out Then click Next Step Step 8 You will then be asked to verify that you own this email Click Send Verification Open a new tab or window and access the verification email If you are hosting with Webdezign use the same login details at http webmail domain co uk there you will be able to

    Original URL path: https://www.webdezign.co.uk/useful-guides/how-to-setup-your-domains-email-in-gmail/ (2016-04-24)
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  • London web design benefit from London based development
    websites or code them as required in fact this was a very specialised and sparse skill that was only just beginning to emerge in the London web design arena For this reason we had little option but to use some external services predominately in India and overseas development at the time was one avenue that could be explored to deliver fairly priced systems with enough functionality for the client s needs Cheap is often more expensive Of course our needs were soon to exceed the skills and capabilities that outsourced companies could offer due to their lack of expertise and the mentality many companies had with keeping up with the emerging trends and technologies Being the perfectionists that we are and striving to be at the forefront of web design we found this all very frustrating Once we started to find quality issues a general lack of communication and understanding from our suppliers and an overall laissez faire attitude to how we wanted to move forward we decided it was unacceptable for ourselves and our clients Design in London by Londoners Inevitably we made the decision to produce all our website developments exclusively in house at our London web design headquarters taking up new larger offices along with highly skilled permanent staff This has proven to be a great success as the majority of our clients return to us to upgrade or change the look and feel of their sites and we are happy to say regularly recommend us to their contacts It just proves that when you deliver a quality service you will be remembered Designing websites in house was the best way to ensure our future growth We like to think that our web design services in London may be the most cost effective way you can choose

    Original URL path: https://www.webdezign.co.uk/articles/benefits-of-building-your-website-in-london/ (2016-04-24)
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  • We use Wordpress - Active Webdezign
    those numbers The reasons why WordPress is one of the best software s on the internet include it s user friendly interface the fact that it s free to use for anyone beginner or professional availability to download endless useful and free plugins as well as the website templates The software itself can be downloaded and installed in their famous 5 minute installation and they also have a nice handy guide for you WordPress is an open source CMS Content Management System platform and it is downloaded onto your web hosting server which makes it very cost effective To have the custom CMS developed on your web server that would work on the same principals as WordPress does would cost you a fortune This amazing platform is updated regularly with bug fixes security fixes easily customizable actively supported by a wide community of users designers and developers With WordPress you can go very far and by using plugins even further Our specialised team of web designers have come up with a list of useful plugins for you SEO All in One Pack SEO is very important for the search ranking of your website and with this plugin it couldn t be easier Once you activate this plugin you will have to fill in the form where you can specify the keywords that you want users to find you by Gravity forms there is so many contact forms that you can use but remember to check the star ranking for each of them and download the one that has the most stars makes sense doesn t it Usually you need to add your e mail address to your new form and you will see the code in the brackets which you need to copy and paste into the page on which

    Original URL path: https://www.webdezign.co.uk/useful-guides/we-use-wordpress/ (2016-04-24)
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  • We are utilising responsive design! - Active Webdezign
    a web design agency we are responsible for creating websites that are available to view for everyone whether they are using a mobile laptop or any other device and to achieve that flexibility is the key Responsive design what is that Instead of creating a new website version for every different device that exists we can work on making the information itself to be flexible and not the outside form of the website That is where responsive architecture comes in it s introducing a set of techniques and ideas that make website adjust itself to fit the browser comfortably even if you make the page as skinny as the resolution of a mobile phone The best way would be to try it yourselves If you are using a laptop or a PC we are inviting you to click on the corner of your browser window and drag it through the monitor You can see that the website s content is now intelligent on its own and it will resize the images change the resolution and adjust itself to the size that you choose If you are using your iPhone then flip it vertically or horizontally and you can see that all the content is loaded logically and it fits your device perfectly you don t have to scroll horizontally any more From now on weather you are using a PC laptop iPhone iPad Kindle or any other device you will always get the same results So you are probably asking yourself why the sudden change Before we used to create a new website version for every different device separately but because the number of new devices grows so fast and different screen sizes come with it it s getting near to impossible to follow all the changes The responsive design

    Original URL path: https://www.webdezign.co.uk/news/utilising-responsive-design/ (2016-04-24)
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