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  • Top 10 Benefits of a Website - Active Webdezign
    set up to provide the exact information your customers need Some businesses simply need a basic business description address and phone details Others add testimonials photographs and other detailed information which if correctly constructed can inspire a level of confidence in your company that can be hard to achieve offline A well designed website allows the user to quickly navigate to the product or service information that interests them most often far more so than the equivalent printed brochure Naturally the information can be kept completely up to date further providing peace of mind and improving consumer confidence 4 Beat the Competition If you have lots of competitors how many of them have good websites Or indeed how many have a website at all By creating an online presence which is better presented and better marketed than theirs you can gain market share at the expense of your competition 5 Attract a New Type of Customer Following on from the new business theme above more and more people are now using mobile phones PDAs and other hand held devices to access the internet Some of them may be in demographic groups that you have not previously been able to reach or effectively target With the right web presence you are suddenly propelled into their world 6 Get Interactive Feedback Modern websites are something of a multimedia affair You can add a blog and perhaps include videos audio live chat forums RSS feeds and even podcasts All these elements can attract customers and create interest You can offer advice on your subject of expertise and communicate directly with potential customers building a reputation as you go By entering into a dialogue with your customers and potential customers this way you can solicit the kind of detailed feedback that offline marketers can only dream of 7 Develop a Brand All big companies have a recognisable brand Whilst Coca Cola is the best known brand globally most of us operate on a more modest scale That said the global reach of the internet allows small business to build reputation and brand at a speed and within a cost framework that would be simply impossible offline Business that have never previously considered brand or brand values are now able to leverage these to full effect in gaining mind share and thus market share A well conceived and well constructed website is the starting point 8 Create Return Business Anyone can easily lose a business card or forget the name of a builder they spotted in the local phone book However if they have a website stored in their web browser s favourites they can return to your site whenever they need more information or indeed help Once again the use of interactive media helpful information questions answers and forum software can maintain a high level of dialogue and thus help in securing customer loyalty Another great benefit of a website 9 Provide Guidance and Information In an offline world you may regularly have had

    Original URL path: https://www.webdezign.co.uk/articles/top-10-benefits-of-a-website/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Google is A/B testing their homepage - Active Webdezign
    Websites Mobile Portfolio Branding Graphic Design Corporate Identity Branding and Graphic Design Portfolio Next post Get a free Quote a cup of Coffee Previous post Google is A B testing their homepage Posted on October 7 2009 by Peter Estimated reading time 0 minutes 30 seconds A few days ago we read about how google was experimenting with their homepage again And sure enough this morning we had 2 different pages in the office one as per usual and one with the logo and search box until you moved your mouse then the rest of the links slowly faded in Update According to an update on Techcrunch there are also reports that there is another version with the Google Search and I m feeling lucky buttons before you move your mouse So if you see a strange page don t panic it just means that they are multivariate testing Design Twitter Facebook Google Reddit Digg Email Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published Required fields are marked Categories By the water cooler Design Development eCommerce News Useful guides Popular Posts Free ecommerce template using HTML5 and CSS3 animations Free HTML5 template Form CSS Free download

    Original URL path: https://www.webdezign.co.uk/design/google-is-ab-testing-their-homepage/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Themes for Google Chrome by famous designers - Active Webdezign
    Peter Estimated reading time 0 minutes 38 seconds The increasingly popular browser Google Chrome 3 0 195 3 and above only has just launched a number of themes for their users Not only their own themes that match your iGoogle accounts but also some by famous brands such as Porche Dolce Gabbana and Vivienne Westwood It would be nice if we could submit our own themes but at the moment it does not seem like that is an option available Google Chrome Google Chrome is a freeware web browser developed by Google It used the WebKit layout engine until version 27 and with the exception of its iOS releases from version 28 and beyond uses the WebKit fork Blink It was first released as a beta version for Microsoft Windows on September 2 2008 and as a stable public release on December 11 2008 source Wikipedia Development Twitter Facebook Google Reddit Digg Email Polprav says October 16 2009 at 12 44 am Hello from Russia Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you Reply Peter says October 16 2009 at 4 16 pm Polprav sure you can quote us Reply Leave a Reply Cancel Reply

    Original URL path: https://www.webdezign.co.uk/development/themes-for-google-chrome-by-famous-designers/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Bing launches new visual search
    new visual search Posted on September 18 2009 by Webdezign Estimated reading time 1 minute 17 seconds Software giant Microsoft has introduced visual search to its Bing search engine to try to further set itself apart from market leader Google But can it ever compete against Google and it s ever evolving suite of online applications and power of its most popular search engine Although Bing has only added visual search to their travel health leisure and shopping there are plans to roll it out across all categories Mr Mehdi the firm s senior vice president of online services said that the concept in the way people search is heading for a big change It is expected that the way people search will be much more graphical in the near future we can already see an example of this graphical orientated search on many of the popular browsers all giving users the ability to scan quickly through their browser history visually Microsoft unveiled the beta or test version of the feature at TechCrunch 50 at a conference being held in San Francisco for start ups to pitch their ideas to investors Competition breeds innovative new ideas and keeps both Google and Microsoft on their toes which is great for the end user especially since they offer these new tools for free Shopping will be made so easier since scanning through the blocks of text based search results is like finding a needle in a haystack sometimes especially for user who find it hard to pick out what they are looking for in the muddle of words Having the results display as graphics will make shopping online move to the next level Development Twitter Facebook Google Reddit Digg Email Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published

    Original URL path: https://www.webdezign.co.uk/development/microsoft-new-search-engine-bing-launches-new-visual-search/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Pro bono work for local charity - Active Webdezign
    3 2009 by Mike Estimated reading time 0 minutes 51 seconds Our London based web design and development team at Active Webdezign ltd have been doing some Pro bono work on charity website that we have donated to the Wingate and Finchley football club as part of an ongoing commitment to help out local charities in need This is not only personally rewarding in the knowledge that we are helping in the community but they have also offered to place a large advertising board with our company details in their stadium Working on website projects on a pro bono basis is not a new thing and we certainly have many charities approaching us for this however we can only commit to two of these web design and development projects twice a year Therefore the enquiries we receive have to be considered carefully and the choice is made by a panel decision internally Pro bono work If you are a member of a charity in need of a new website please feel free to contact us with details of the project for our consideration News Twitter Facebook Google Reddit Digg Email Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not

    Original URL path: https://www.webdezign.co.uk/news/pro-bono-work-for-local-charity/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Table Less Design is not the future it's the past keep up! - Active Webdezign
    site which relies on HTML tables But what are the benefits of switching to a site which uses table less design over more traditional methods and why should you make the jump sooner rather than later The Wonders of CSS Essentially Cascading Style Sheets CSS have long been available but have evolved significantly in recent times most notably since 2006 However it is proving hard to persuade some people that this is now the way to go as CSS used to be regarded as difficult to use and to maintain Thankfully this is no longer the case and CSS now provides the wise developer with a hugely powerful means by which to remove the clutter of HTML markup from a page and manage a vast range of attributes in one or more separate style sheets Whereas with pure HTML many attributes have to be explicitly and repeatedly asserted throughout a particular page CSS affords the designer not only far more freedom of expression but also accuracy and ease of use For use read also re use and the ability to make and propagate site wide changes in one place In its most optimised form a modern CSS driven design may require only a few lines of HTML on a given page the vast majority of the page being defined by reusable CSS elements Cutting down on HTML also has a resultant improvement on page loading speeds as there is far less code for a web browser to download This translates into shorter page load times and a higher capability to throughput traffic at a lower cost in the context of your bandwidth usage From a pure business perspective this reduces costs and improves sales and conversion rates SEO and Other Benefits of Table Less Design Depending on the browser used

    Original URL path: https://www.webdezign.co.uk/articles/table-less-design-is-not-the-future-its-the-past-keep-up/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Team building day at the Go-Kart track - Active Webdezign
    in Brentwood The Team building day started rather on the wet side and made for some fun spinning off the track and having some rather long skids and crashes The sun did finally come out on our second session after lunch and we managed to notch up som e impressive lap times Some of the lads did start to get carried away and we had some rather painful collisions I myself took a step back as Richard who had no sense of who or what was behind him was unpredictable in the lines he was taking and most times just rammed anyone trying to get by I was also unfortunate myself to have been sandwiched by two of the guys which has left me with a funny ankle still to this day The track had just had new 200cc carts this season and therefore the performance was quite outstanding Maybe because I m getting old or it may be that I suffer from travel sickness but by the 20th lap in the second session I had to retire to the pits before I would be sick inside my helmet The smell of the petrol fumes and the rattling of my bones was enough for me to retire to the pits for the day The other guys gave no way and raced to the full till the last minute Garry Davis our SEO and marketing person won the race and also the fastest lap time of the day but he was wearing his red driving shoes which apparently helps Rizwan came second and Matthias came in third on the podium Overall it was a great team building day which we finished off with our favourite food snack Kebab Rolls from the famous Lahore restaurant in Hendon on the way home News

    Original URL path: https://www.webdezign.co.uk/news/team-building-day-at-the-go-kart-track/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Cameron calls Twitts Twats, but what exactly was he implying?
    Graphic Design Portfolio Next post Get a free Quote a cup of Coffee Cameron calls Twitts Twats but what exactly was he implying Posted on July 30 2009 by Mike Estimated reading time 0 minutes 36 seconds What a fiasco David Cameron made a remark which backfired on him Twat can i say that I suppose I can since it has been rationalised by explaining that a Twat is a pregnant fish and that s what Cameron actually meant apparently Well it seems to have transpired into another channel to promote the Twitter brand into our heads if nothing else According to the BBC the word Twat is classified as mild forms of insult but it also mentions the ruder meaning which I always remembered as a kid So was Cameron being very rude or was he merely being mildly insulting Watch the video clip of the interview on the BBC website HERE and you can decide for yourself News Twitter Facebook Google Reddit Digg Email Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published Required fields are marked Categories By the water cooler Design Development eCommerce News Useful guides Popular Posts Free ecommerce template using HTML5

    Original URL path: https://www.webdezign.co.uk/news/cameron-calls-twitts-twats-but-what-exactly-was-he-implying/ (2016-04-24)
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