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  • We need this, that and the other - Active Webdezign
    process as is identifying the scope of the project and defining your image and target market The group will also work together to pre assess what impact the site will have in order to ensure the organisation has the time and resources to respond to the anticipated increase in business activity The JAD approach is a tried and tested framework for planning and controlling the creation of IT information systems and a way of guaranteeing that a website matches the company s projected image aims and objectives Less is more When it comes to website design less is definitely more There is little point in jazzing up your site with the latest web technology with cool sounds and funky flash clips if these take eons to load and result in your customers giving up after the first thirty seconds Keep the design clear and concise and ensure your company logo features on every page both for consistency and to maintain a professional image Each and ever element of the design needs to justify its existence and once again it is well worth listening to your web design professionals they have been through the process many times and understand what is essential versus what is simply noise Perhaps most importantly work on finding ways to have your customers coming back again and again However you decide to do this it is essential at the same time to keep the site up to date in any way possible even if you have no new products or services to offer Keeping the site looking fresh with newsletters articles polls blogs and even new FAQs will keep customers interested and coming back regularly to check on the latest news More importantly fresh content will attract the attention of the search engines and is vital

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  • Your real broadband speed
    Graphic Design Portfolio Next post Get a free Quote a cup of Coffee Broadband speeds not up to the mark Posted on July 29 2009 by Mike Estimated reading time 0 minutes 36 seconds It has finally emerged publicly that the speed at which our broadband connections actually operate at compared with what we are supposingly paying for is almost 50 slower on average In some cases users are only getting 10 of the advertised theoretical speed and the small print in the ISP s terms are currently covering them from the wrath of the trade description act There is a now a call to have a pay on speed pro rata system that would mean you only pay for the REAL maximum broadband speed you are provided with well that s my view in fact Test your ADSL speed at this nifty little website www speedtest net You can read the full article on the BBC website HERE Development Twitter Facebook Google Reddit Digg Email Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published Required fields are marked Categories By the water cooler Design Development eCommerce News Useful guides Popular Posts Free ecommerce template using HTML5

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  • Reading Glasses Direct Launched - Active Webdezign
    on an e commerce project of our own Reading Glasses Direct setting out to prove to ourselves that you can create a successful online retail website from just an idea hard work and dedication Initial research had shown that there is quite a high demand high keyword search volume for high quality well priced off the shelf reading glasses We took this data and followed it up by developing a search engine friendly online retail website focusing on the keywords we found people were searching by Finding a suitable supplier was not a problem since we have over the past years developed a large network of partner companies and clients always willing to do expand their own sales The site was launched back in June and has already taken some good orders The initial response from the users has been that the site is very easy to use simple and functional Reading Glasses Direct We are continuing to improve the website and market it through our existing channels and expertise within our own staff skill sets Starting from the design concept programming and development process right through to the final stages of marketing search engine optimisation we have proven that the recipe we recommend to all our clients can be shown in this live test model Whilst we have enjoyed the challenge over the past few months finding the time to plan and instigate this project it has now become apparent that this may also be a viable side line business The site is practically self running orders are sent and processed directly through our distribution partners which only leaves us the challenge of continuous marketing and making improvements to the website s usability which in turn will ultimately increase the traffic and sales News Twitter Facebook Google Reddit Digg

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  • Why does my logo not look the same on screen? - Active Webdezign
    a wide spectrum of colours and shades The use of this particular group of colours together is well known in the world of printing as the CMYK colour model for various reasons black or key is also used and this represents the letter K in the four letter acronym RGB Model The RGB colour model in contrast works in the opposite way and is known as an additive colour model In this model red green and blue light are projected onto a black background thereby adding light to black rather than subtracting light from white Superimposing these colours of light together at different intensities will actually produce white light Most people will be familiar with the RGB colour model if they have ever looked closely at a TV screen it is in fact clusters of tiny red blue and green components that make up pixels in all kinds of electronic input and output devices including digital cameras mobile phones and scanners The Pantone Model Anybody who has worked with colour matching in the world of interior design fashion or graphics will be familiar with the set of industry standard colours developed by Pantone the authority on colour around the world As a company they have spent 40 years continually researching changing trends in colour and not only issued industry standard colour swatches but also generated colour forecasts for companies in the FMCG sector and the dynamic world of fashion The Resultant Differences in the logo The real reason why your logo will look different on screen is due to variations in the gamut range between your computer monitor and where you see the logo on other devices or media such as printed paper The gamut range is simply the range of colours that your device is able to display or

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  • Domain Registration Privacy - Active Webdezign
    far from being stored and secured is in fact freely available to the internet public at large in the form of WHOIS data There are a number of sites that allow you to freely interrogate this data examples including www whois search com Whilst using these services to identify the owner of a particular site may be interesting and indeed useful for genuine and ethical business reasons it is also ruthlessly exploited by those with less admirable intent As an example many spammers senders of unsolicited email will scrape this data and use it to add your email address to their databases If you own a website that may be for whatever reason contentious the threats that you may receive via email can be extremely alarming In truth we all know that there is an unreasonable element out there Almost regardless as to the type of business or site you own someone will be shouting at you Shouting via email is one thing but knowing that that individual has what may well be your private address to hand can be deeply unsettling Domain Registration Privacy Options Before you start feeling as if you are living in some kind of Orwellian nightmare online and that privacy is dead there are a few facts and options that may be reassuring Although the provision of this information is an understandable legal requirement to ensure that site owners are accountable for their actions online there are a number of ways in which you can control and limit the type of organisations and individuals that have access to this information Private Registration Your web hosting company or domain registrar if different may offer the option of private registration either using their own details for the WHOIS information or in some jurisdictions requesting that the domain registration authorities do not display contact information Most major registrars now provide this option Nominet being perhaps one of the best known Some will however charge for this service It is also worth noting that private registration is NOT generally available in this context unless the domain is registered by an individual Domains registered by companies will have their details displayed Privacy Service There is an useful and most importantly free service available to any domain name owner online who wants to obscure their personal details from all but the necessary parties This service rather than allowing anyone to look up the personal contact information stored in connection with your domain will redirect any inquiry to the website operated by this service From there the searcher will be required to fill out an application form requesting the information and you yourself can receive these applications and determine whether to release the information accordingly Alternatively you can require that the company providing this service filters these requests without your involvement They should be able to root out legitimate and safe enquiries from malicious nonsense Organisations such as privacyprotect org are championing the privacy of thousands of domain name owners It is

    Original URL path: https://www.webdezign.co.uk/articles/domain-registration-privacy/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Setup an Ecommerce Site - Top 10 tips
    protection and privacy in the UK The Data Protection Act 1998 Distance Selling Regulations 2000 and the Electronic Commerce Regulations 2002 are a good starting point Understand what you must can and indeed cannot do in the context of payment processing fulfilment returns marketing and email communication 4 Ensure Security It is vital that any site components involved in the capture or display of consumer information together with payment processing adhere to the appropriate security standards You will find it well worth investing time in understanding the rudiments of Secure Socket Layer SSL and basic web site security You will also need to assess the provisions made by your chosen web host in ensuring the security of clients sites and their associated data 5 Choose the Right Payment Service Provider Continuing the security theme PSPs are generally required in order for you to be able to take consumer payments There are a range of providers and a good many factors to consider including set up and ongoing transactional charges the ease and seamlessness of the integration of provider s system with your site the technology employed security their relationship with your bank and so forth Some ecommerce solutions will come pre integrated with an existing PSP others will offer a choice or simply an interface requiring potentially complex and expensive integration 6 Understand and Execute Effective Online Marketing You may create the best site in the business Without visitors however it is of little value If this sounds ridiculously obvious you are already ahead of many of your competitors Although far more businesses are now web literate there are still endless examples of pretty sites seen by almost no one Attracting traffic is a multi disciplinary exercise If you understand the concepts of a conventional marketing mix through multiple channels the same principles apply to the online world but the channels are very different The relevance and effectiveness of each channel will be determined by the nature of your business and the degree of market competition Online channels and thus disciplines include natural or organic unpaid search often referred to as search engine optimisation SEO paid search often referred to as pay per click PPC social media optimisation SMO and affiliate marketing Each of these areas requires deep knowledge and few firms can resource all of these channels in house with many using best of breed partners 7 Build in Reliability Don t skimp on website hosting it is vital that your website creates a good impression with customers if they are to return and recommend There are plenty of web hosts from which to choose many of which seem to offer competitive packages Ultimately it is best to opt for those that are used by other successful sites ensuring that your customers have access to the site 24 hours a day The same goes for the site implementation itself any development work must be thoroughly tested and should occur in a structured environment with appropriate change management discipline 8

    Original URL path: https://www.webdezign.co.uk/articles/top-10-tips-when-considering-the-set-up-of-an-ecommerce-site/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Should I change my browser from Internet Explorer IE 6? - Active Webdezign
    6 However no matter how hard they may work malicious attacks continue and there comes a point for every software producer where it starts to make sense to devote ever more engineering efforts to later versions of a product It is not just the security issues and obsolescence that should put you off using IE6 It now lacks the features and functionality to be compatible with some of the most current content on the internet including the popular Gmail service from Google to name but one example It is also cumbersome for website designers to accommodate in the latest site designs because of its bug ridden CSS rendering capabilities and sluggish performance For this lack of rapidity alone most people should be convinced that a switch or an upgrade is necessary IE6 no longer conforms to the guidelines set for by the World Wide Web Consortium W3C and although some designers are still using hacks and clever coding to make content render correctly for the 37 of internet users who still use IE6 it is important that more people realise that this really is an obsolete version Poor security led Microsoft to withdraw IE from Apple s Mac platform which has otherwise been fairly resilient when it comes to security Upgrading to Internet Explorer IE 7 or Not The solution to almost any Internet Explorer IE 6 woes lies in a simple free upgrade For many this will be directly to the latest version of Internet Explorer itself version 7 However anyone who has made the switch to a rival browser will realise that even with Internet Explorer IE 7 Microsoft is still playing catch up Mozilla s Firefox browser has long been the preferred alternative to Internet Explorer IE for many Firefox offers enhanced performance and tabbed browsing eliminating the need for hundreds of open browser windows It also includes much improved security Many users have noted that even the latest version of IE is some 50 slower than Firefox Google Chrome Google has also recently released its own browser software Chrome which as with Firefox offers a much faster Java engine and compatibility with all of the latest internet functionality some of which IE just cannot handle with sufficient speed or accuracy That said Chrome is still a Beta product and despite being almost frighteningly quick even when compared with Firefox it has a number of compatibility issues of its own No doubt these issues will be addressed in the near future and for heavy internet users Chrome s sheer speed may offset any problems Opera The Opera browser also has a modest but loyal following Opera started life in 1994 as a research project at Norway s telecom company Telenor It later became an independent firm Opera Software ASA Today s Opera Web browser supports a range of platforms operating systems and embedded products These include the Apple Mac Windows based PCs and Linux computers together with mobile phones PDAs and game consoles There is also support

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  • Maintaining a Website - Active Webdezign
    effective web presence There are a large number of hosting firms and a bewildering array of features and packages on offer You need to work with your design agency to ensure the selection of the right host Factors range from simple issues such as support hours through to complex technical set up and reputation criteria which may affect the long term success of the site in many ways including ease and cost of maintenance A poor host can even create problems in achieving search engine rankings Scripting Languages The most basic websites are written in HTML a tag based scripting environment that provides for the displays of largely static content via a web browser HTML was the sole basis of many of the very earliest websites from the early 1990s Although HTML is still an essential part of any site today demand for dynamic content on websites led to the introduction of a range of dynamic scripting languages These allow the web server to create the content of a web page on the fly providing browsers with a combination of HTML and in some cases other client side scripts such as JavaScript which provide enhanced functionality to the end user Popular scripting languages now include Microsoft s Windows Active Server Pages ASP latterly in the form of ASP net which is a web application framework widely used today to create anything from a basic site to a complex web application Linux sites tend to use PHP scripting to achieve similar results By dynamically creating pages often driven by information held and modified in an underlying database the maintenance burden in keeping your site layouts and content up to date should be dramatically reduced Publishing Packages As websites grew ever more sophisticated and interactive more and more packages were created to help structure and design websites easily Microsoft Frontpage was developed around ten years ago as a website administration tool to allow relatively non technical users to create websites without any knowledge of HTML aided by a bundled image composer web templates and a range of built in automation features Other popular publishing packages include Macromedia s Dreamweaver Coldfusion and various offerings from Adobe and Corel to name but a few Once again an experienced design agency can use or recommend the most appropriate package for your site Most packages will again substantially reduce the costs of ongoing maintenance However packages come at a price and this is not just limited to the licensing costs The code produced by many packages is not necessarily particularly well optimised for performance or for vital search engine indexing It is well worth seeking advice in these areas Content Management Systems Whatever your business fresh content is a vital element in search engine optimisation SEO helping to secure and preserve visibility in the search engine results for your site Working with web technologies has now entered a new age with the development of Content Management Systems CMS such as Joomla and WordPress These are software

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