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  • I want to be number 1 on google
    Google is probably the most common request we get from potential customers In response my question is Why This may seem a strange response but when you understand how the major search engines work being number one is not always the best option for your business 5 reasons why being No 1 in Google is bad for business Achieving top position may cost you business more than the resultant traffic is worth to your business A phrase e g web design company in north london may be a phrase which people do not search on The phrase web design company in north london is not relevant to your jewellery business Just because you send large amounts of traffic to your website doesn t mean it s relevant traffic What s wrong with position 2 or even 8 do the people who click on these links not buy products or enquire about services Now this may all sound like a foreign language don t worry Over the next weeks and months we are going to be writing a series of articles on the secrets of Search Engine Marketing and hopefully you will understand more about why being no 1 in Google

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  • UK Ecommerce Market Size - Active Webdezign
    on the subject the figures are really quite staggering In April 2000 estimated online expenditure in the UK was 87 million By December of 2005 the figure had increased significantly to some 2 26 billion It is currently estimated that by the end of 2009 the UK ecommerce market will hit 68 4 billion On a larger scale European business to consumer B2C e commerce sales totalled 106 billion Euros in 2006 and are expected to reach some 323 billion Euros in 2011 The Land Grab Whilst few businesses are entirely immune from the effects of an economic slow down the figures above demonstrate the scale of the opportunity With some very early indications that the slow down may be bottoming out now is the ideal time for businesses large and small to create or indeed significantly revamp their online presence Pressure on marketing budgets has reduced expenditure on paid online advertising in many cases diverting resources to the land grab that is currently occurring in unpaid or natural search Many firms are diverting resources to their search engine optimisation SEO efforts in seeking long term presence in the search engines the return on investment figures for which can be literally incredible Even if you have an existing web presence it may fall a long way short of the requirements needed to thrive in the intense heat of SEO in 2009 Some 65 of consumers are now believed to browse for product or retailer reputation before making a purchase retailers will certainly need to ensure that they offer their customers the same level of service if not greater than that of a comparable in store experience Affiliate marketing online reviews blogs and social networking all make it particularly easy for the reputation of a retailer good or bad to be

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  • sIFR and What it Is - Active Webdezign
    constraints in accessibility and in search engine readability Enter sIFR sIFR or Scalable Inman Flash Replacement is an open source solution available free of charge under the CC GNU LGPL license sIFR uses a combination of JavaScript Flash and CSS to allow any text in the font of your choice to be displayed on the screen of any user around the world with Macromedia s Flash installed regardless as to whether they have your desired font installed or not How sIFR Works Although the internal implementation is complex sIFR is based upon on an essentially simple series of ideas which are almost guaranteed to result in the desired effect because of the omnipresent nature of Flash on the internet It is also robust and relatively simple to implement Firstly an entirely standard HTML or XHTML page is loaded into the user s browser At this point a JavaScript function is run to determine whether Flash is installed on the user s PC If Flash or indeed JavaScript is not present the page is displayed using standard CSS HMTL techniques However if Flash is detected the sIFR JavaScript function will then work through the HTML looking for certain classes tags and ids you have specified Any element found that you wish to use with sIFR is then sized and a Flash movie is overlaid to your specifications Within this movie element the text of your choice in the font you have designated is drawn up and then scaled to fill the Flash area This allows any font to be viewable on any PC with Flash installed and Java enabled Even without either of these elements accessibility is preserved and the page and text will still be displayed minus the sIFR enhancements Unlike pure image based text sIFR will also allow for

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  • What hosting is - Active Webdezign
    particular computer responsible for hosting the website in question Thus requests for the domain webdezign co uk will be routed through to the computer on which our site is hosted Web hosting companies thus have Domain Name Servers DNS which are used to finally route the requests to the correct machine Web Servers To make a website available to the Internet public it must be placed on a web server that is permanently online with a high speed connection A web server is a specially configured computer in most cases similar in performance to a high end desktop computer It runs a web server version of either the Windows or Linux operating systems In addition to standard operating system functionality a web server includes unsurprisingly specific web services to allow the management of one or more websites requests for web pages security and other elements specific to the needs of a website Web servers tend to be housed in large dedicated facilities with rack after rack of web servers all whirring away Although it is entirely possible to configure host and manage your own web server at home the costs and work involved in setting up and maintaining a web server are significant as indeed are the costs of the high speed connection needed to connect to the internet and to handle a reasonable volume of requests Thus most businesses and individuals alike choose to use a hosting company Email Servers Most hosting companies have shared email servers Even if your site is on a dedicated server you will often find that the emails for your site are handled on a separate mail server at the hosting company Mail servers are a science in their own right and require a great deal of management Some assessment of the hosting mail set up can be important for sites planning to use email as a key component of their marketing strategy not all mail servers are equal Shared or Dedicated A properly configured web server can potentially handle hundreds of websites assuming none of them has a huge volume of traffic Hosting companies tend to offer a range of packages from a small amount of space on a web server shared with hundreds of other sites through a premium type shared server with perhaps 10 or so sites all the way through to a dedicated server where you have the entire machine to yourself and may host one or more of your own sites exclusively Own Infrastructure or Reseller Some hosting companies own the web severs connections and even the building in which they are housed Others resell the services of other hosting firms without actually owning the hardware Although both types can deliver excellent service those who own the infrastructure are generally closer to the detailed operation of the business and may be able to resolve issues more quickly Creating and Uploading Your Site Site design and coding is a discipline in its own right which we cover elsewhere on our

    Original URL path: https://www.webdezign.co.uk/articles/what-is-hosting/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Website Cost - Active Webdezign
    Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ICANN who essentially authorise all domain names used on the internet Finding a unique name has become ever more difficult as the internet continues to grow and some businesses make a living by buying attractive domain names holding onto them and selling them at a premium Whatever domain name you ultimately decide to register be sure to check that it doesn t infringe anyone s copyright for example in the UK check for a company of the same name registered at Companies House and that it is available in the geographies you require For many UK businesses this may simply require the co uk version but if the com net eu versions for example are already taken you may decide to look for an alternative Registering your domain name can cost as little as 5 for a year another website cost with com domains often costing more than geography specific versions such as co uk Hosting Providers In most cases choosing a hosting provider can be handled at the same time as choosing a domain name particularly if you shop around for the right packages Hosting providers give your business the server space to house your website on the internet There are a huge number of factors involved in selecting a decent web host and you may want to check with your web designer before committing As with renting office space the greater the facilities you require the more it will cost The costs associated with bandwidth data transfer as a result of visitors to the site can also affect the price but there are plenty of hosting providers out there willing to offer competitive packages A simple site on a shared server may cost as little as 10 20 per month but it s still a website cost A complex and busy site on its own dedicated server can run into many hundreds or more if traffic volumes are really high Construction a website cost If you choose to build the site yourself you will need to factor in the costs of the staff time and any web development software package licenses There are many hidden costs including of course the opportunity cost of your own time Although using a web designer may initially appear to carry a higher capital cost in practice you benefit from deep knowledge and experience together with pre existing development technology licenses and so forth Website cost vary widely depending upon the nature of your business and the site required and are explored in further detail elsewhere on our site Marketing Again you may be able to resource this in house but the reality is that search engine optimisation SEO search engine management SEM Affiliate management social media optimisation SMO all require complex skill sets and unless you are an expert are generally best outsourced to the experts Ongoing marketing costs range from a few tends of pounds a month to virtually unlimited numbers based upon the scale

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  • Website Security - Active Webdezign
    threat of spammers forging your communications and damaging the reputation of your company Hosting Considerations No less important is the decision as to where to host your company s website For most small and medium sized businesses constrained by cost shared hosting is the preferred solution Shared hosting implies that your website will sit alongside many others on a shared server which could be located anywhere in the world The particular vulnerabilities associated with shared hosting centre on the fact that some sites that share the server may well be unscrupulous This not only means that the owners of these sites could with a little know how access your data but there are other dangers that could potentially damage your reputation with the search engines and thus lead to a reduction in traffic to your website These focus on the sharing of class C IP addresses with some search engines known to apply dampening factors or even complete blocks on the IP addresses of servers known to host spammers adult sites or sites that may otherwise be construed as malicious There are a number of useful online resources including DNSStuff com which can provide useful information relating to a specific IP address or domain name in this regard Secure Socket Layer SSL For sites transacting with consumers via Payment Gateways or perhaps capturing and displaying personal or other sensitive information protecting selected functionality and areas of your website via SSL has become a basic industry standard in terms of website security It involves the purchase of an SSL certificate via one of a number of official certificate authorities such as Verisign Once successfully installed the SSL certificate generates the trustworthy padlock icon as well as the familiar https header at the beginning of the URL On a technical level this

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  • Barbeque Crocodile burgers - Active Webdezign Team Building
    Design Portfolio Next post Get a free Quote a cup of Coffee Previous post Team building extravanganza crocodile burgers and poker Posted on May 11 2009 by Peter Estimated reading time 0 minutes 36 seconds This Friday we gathered the troops of webdezign and invited some of our friends over for a barbeque and poker evening at the office All went well until our captain went to answer the phone His masterfully built 1 hour previously bbq corner caught fire and panic ensued After a few buckets of water however all was fine and we managed to save most of the coal and continued to grill our burgers Barbeque or forest fire We can with a uniform voice tell you that Crocodile burgers no matter how hyped up the event tastes of absolutely nothing Well kind of like chicken but without any sauce it was not worth 3 50 per burger View all the images over on flickr By the water cooler Twitter Facebook Google Reddit Digg Email Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published Required fields are marked Categories By the water cooler Design Development eCommerce News Useful guides Popular Posts Free ecommerce template

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  • How do I optimise my images for Google? - Active Webdezign
    2004 and 2005 the number of image searches conducted on Google was reported to have increased by an astonishing 91 Images and Indexing Although search engines can only read text specialists have come up with key ways in which to make the image visible to Google via other means To maximise the chances of your image appearing in Google search results it s important to name your image files using the keywords that would be used to find them rather than something unconnected such as a number Google doesn t realise that IMG123456 jpg is a picture of the latest Sony Plasma TV If the filename contains more than one word these should be separated by hyphens The ingenious use of the Alt tag is another way in which to optimise your site for Google image search This involves adding an ALT alternative text tag to the HTML code behind the site the ALT tag being a keyword rich description of the image which can then be picked up by Google The positioning of the image on your webpage is also key to the interpretation of its relevance If you position it directly above or below a piece of relevant text containing matching keywords customers linking to your website from the image itself will be more likely to stick around Tracking Results and Fine Tuning Installation of a Google Adsense unit can help you assess whether you have in fact chosen the correct keyword to try to optimise your site images for a given page A key function of the Adsense system is the display of ads based on your keyword optimisation To test this effectively you could perhaps involve two pages in benchmark test Ensure that all other on page optimisation factors are equal keyword density tags headers and

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