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  • By the water cooler Archives - Active Webdezign
    To finish my course I had to do a one term internship I always wanted to live abroad and this was my chance I sent out about a 150 applications for internships and as luck would have it Mike Yan from Active Webdezign replied and offered me a place Read more September 26 2014 Ed The Intern doing work experience What happens when you have a London lad and three web designers in the office while the boss is away We had Edward visit for work experience a few weeks ago and we tasked him with creating a promo video for webdezign Read more January 10 2014 Zsolt Hari The Hungry one I am Zsolt from Hungary and no I am not hungry I worked in London for 6 months in 2007 as a junior programmer Read more September 27 2013 Andreas Paech The english student AKAI My name is Andreas Paech I was born in Berlin 1993 but grew up in the area of Lüneburg I was unfortunately only in London for six weeks from March to Mid April 2013 Read more September 26 2013 Lebinh Ngo Our Food Taster Hi I m Lebinh Ngo I am a multimedia designer born and raised in London I have always been passionate about new media during my teens mucking in and customising my social media pages Creating fan sites interactive CD roms Read more September 23 2013 Alex Mardapittas Our man in China I m Alexis Mardapittas I worked at Webdezign for about 1yr I ve lost a lot of my memory since then Editors note that was in fairness all the way back in 2003 2004 Read more September 20 2013 Luke Williams The Young Gun I m Luke Williams a North London er born and bred and I first

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  • Design Archives - Active Webdezign
    their image and want to promote themselves effectively over the Internet Read more April 28 2014 How often should I redesign my website Revamp Modernise For 2014 So what if we told you that you could do better Have you ever heard of Responsive Design Technology moves very quickly and by using the latest techniques your website will be even more effective Read more March 25 2014 Free ecommerce template using HTML5 and CSS3 animations Christmas is over but I thought we would give away a little something even though it is mid January I ve created an ecommerce template in HTML5 and implemented quite a few CSS3 animations Read more January 10 2012 Form CSS Free download You know how you see all these great looking sleek UIs on websites giving away free PSDs Read more December 19 2011 Round navigation with overlapping CSS3 animations I had some time to kill on friday afternoon so I decided to try if I could make a navigation that overlaps the neighbouring menu items Read more October 21 2011 20 free fonts not the usual suspects There is a myriad of great free fonts out there we ve all heard of League Gothic and Museo but I wanted to list a few fonts that you may have missed Read more December 22 2010 The common fonts of the web and why we use them If your computer and browser does not support Verdana it will try and use Arial if there is no support it will try Helvetica and if all else fails it will use your computers default sans serif font Read more March 30 2010 Free wordpress 2 9 theme Bright lemon Bright Lemon is a free template to use with the open source blog WordPress Read more March 5

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  • Development Archives - Active Webdezign
    looking for a new website we recommend WordPress But I hear you ask Why WordPress Read more April 3 2014 Google to phase out support for IE6 rom the 1st of March 2010 Google are to phase out support for the Internet explorer 6 the so called week link in recent cyber attacks that compromised the Google itself Read more February 3 2010 Tomboy and how to sync two set of notes Tomboy is a note taking application from GNOME written in C I first came across Tomboy notes when using the Ubuntu LiveCD Read more January 26 2010 Google is A B testing image search We have mentioned google A B testing their homepage in the past and today we noticed they are up to exciting things on the image search page Read more November 12 2009 Themes for Google Chrome by famous designers The increasingly popular browser Google Chrome 3 0 195 3 and above only has just launched a number of themes for their users Read more October 6 2009 Microsoft new search engine Bing launches new visual search Software giant Microsoft has introduced visual search to its Bing search engine to try to further set itself apart from market leader Google Read more September 18 2009 Broadband speeds not up to the mark It has finally emerged publicly that the speed at which our broadband connections actually operate at compared with what we are actually paying for is almost 50 slower on average Read more July 29 2009 Spam spam spam and more spam where does it come from Spam Spam Spam and Spam the only encounter I had of that phrase in past years was the famous Monty Python sketch I have added the video below for fun and for those of you who have

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  • eCommerce Archives - Active Webdezign
    Mobile App Development Mobile First Websites Mobile Portfolio Branding Graphic Design Corporate Identity Branding and Graphic Design Portfolio Category eCommerce Magento E commerce For Fashion Retailers Industry experts are in agreement that Magento has the ability to save time allow you to offer a more engaging service to your client and it can help your firm to save money due to the open source nature of the platform Read more January 22 2015 SSL Certificates Padlocks For Websites London Ever noticed the padlock that appears when you re logged into your Internet banking It shows that the connection between you and the website is encrypted meaning there s less chance that anything sensitive you enter can be intercepted by hackers Read more April 9 2014 Magento eCommerce Web Design Specialists London If you are looking for an online shopping cart solution for your website Magento will make for an affordable customisable eCommerce platform that will handle many products with a variety of options Read more March 20 2014 Categories By the water cooler Design Development eCommerce News Useful guides Popular Posts Free ecommerce template using HTML5 and CSS3 animations Free HTML5 template Form CSS Free download Webdezign launches website 2

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  • News Archives - Active Webdezign
    to contribute beyond the boundaries of your role Read more November 14 2011 Steve Jobs RIP It has been a difficult year for all of us as it is and to top it all up Steve Jobs the co founder of Apple Macintosh computers and our hero of tech has this week passed away Read more October 7 2011 New cookie laws un realistic within grace period The 25th of May marks what could be a major turning point of the internet s privacy laws This may change the way websites are developed forever Read more May 31 2011 Webdezign joins the Annual Design Awards When we were approached to join the Annual Design Awards by it s founder we were delighted These awards are truly a salute to originality inspiration and excellence Read more November 4 2010 234 Million websites on the Internet Dec 2009 Put simply if you are not online You are most definetely missing out on potential clients customers Here is a video showing you the state of the internet and this is 6 months ago Read more June 22 2010 Google looked different this morning testing As most of you will know Google actively A B tests a multitude of elements and pages at any given time So why this blog post you ask well lately I ve been seing quite big changes including the new logo Read more April 20 2010 YouTube is down OMG It was a big shock but somewhat of a sobering revelation to see that YouTube website was down this morning Read more March 25 2010 Launch of the all new Back2 ecommerce website We are proud to announce the most recent launch of the long established central London based ergonomic furniture company Back2 Read more November 5 2009 Google robots txt defends itself on Halloween Google has decided to add 3 lines into their robots txt this Halloween Read more October 31 2009 Pro bono work for local charity Our London based web design and development team at Active Webdezign ltd have been working hard on a charity website that we have donated to theWingate and Finchley football club as part of an ongoing commitment to help out local charities in need Read more September 3 2009 Team building day at the Go Kart track The summer has once again finaly arrived without any sign of a heatwave but that can be expected in the UK it s not unusual Following a stronger 3rd quarter of trading we decided to treat ourselves with a day at the race track in Brewtwood Read more August 20 2009 Cameron calls Twitts Twats but what exactly was he implying What a fiasco David Cameron made a remark which backfired on him Twat can i say that Read more July 30 2009 Reading Glasses Direct Launched We recently embarked on an e commerce project of our own setting out to prove to ourselves that you can create a successful online retail website from

    Original URL path: https://www.webdezign.co.uk/category/news/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Useful guides Archives - Active Webdezign
    sometime it appears Read more September 2 2011 Setting up an email account on your iPhone If you have any problems to setup your email account on the iPhone or iPad have a look at this article Read more July 8 2011 Setting up an email account on your BlackBerry The process of setting up an email account on your Blackberry is fairly easy Read more July 7 2011 Default search in Chrome how to setup We are not quite sure how you lost them in the first place but Mike managed to do so So we thought someone else might misplace them and need some help Read more September 16 2010 7 BetterJPEG Macros and batch processing Batch processing enables you to perform the same set of actions on different images saving you time and effort This tutorial will teach you how to do so in BetterJPEG Read more April 14 2009 6 BetterJPEG watermark Watermarks add extra infomation to your images This tutorial will teach you how to add watermarks in BetterJPEG Read more April 13 2009 5 BetterJPEG cropping images This tutorial will teach you how to crop images in BetterJPEG Read more 4 BetterJPEG resizing images This tutorial will teach you how to resize images with BetterJPEG Read more 3 BetterJPEG Interface This tutorial will give you a brief introduction to the BetterJPEG user interface Read more April 12 2009 2 Running and Register BetterJPEG In this BetterJPEG tutorial we will guide you through the process of running and registering the software Read more November 4 2008 1 BetterJPEG Tutorial Series Welcome to our series of tutorials on using the BetterJPEG software Here you ll learn how to resize crop and watermark images as well as performing these operation in batch Read more Outlook Express Setting

    Original URL path: https://www.webdezign.co.uk/category/useful-guides/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Historvius | Portfolio
    the client and to understand the required functionality We worked closely with the client spending time to determine the way in which the site was to work We then began to identify the technical tools we could use and the methodology we would employ to achieve the client s objectives In addition to general technologies such as HTML CSS 2 Javascript and PHP with a MySQL database this site required very specific applications Google Maps Functionality One particularly complicated element of building the site was its use of Google Maps functionality The site was to use API application programming interface in order to connect with Google Maps and for this application to interact with the client s database such as to dynamically place markers and information on a Google Map Users would even be able to click on the markers as shown on the map to see a short description of the sites they represent a complex aspect of development and one on which our team worked together to devise Furthermore we used the API to manipulate the data shown by the map For example when showing the results of a search the Historvius map automatically zooms in or out to fit the area in which the sites are contained So if the sites are close together the map will be zoomed further in and if they are far apart it will zoom out to the required area Flash and HTML One of the most important elements of web development is to recognise and use the appropriate technology as and when required This was particularly important in the case of the Historvius itinerary planner Having initially designed this in HTML we soon found that we needed a more institutive technology for the complex action this application performed Not only were

    Original URL path: https://www.webdezign.co.uk/portfolio/historvius/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Institute of Professional Sound | Portfolio
    via customer relationship management CRM tools Our challenge was to combine these various requirements with a practical content management system CMS and a user friendly front end design to create a seamless user experience Overall the site had to be simple to use and easy to manage The Design and Development We began by working with the client to prepare a wireframe of the site map marking all the main sections and sub pages with notes detailing what each page would display and how it would function Through this method we were able to identify the key aspects of the new site whilst keeping the whole static page structure and any off site links in mind We also devised ways in which to achieve their individual aims including Articles to allow IPS to display a range of information and offer their members access to their archives in an accessible way Wiki s this software allows users to create content and edit web pages perfect for IPS as it would let their members interact with their organisation and other members via the web portal As with all projects of this size and complexity there were a variety of ways to achieve the client s different aims some more effective than others When it came to member management we initially chose one method but found that it did not fulfill the brief appropriately Mindful of the client s timescales our team of developers put their heads together and found an alternative solution a key factor in the success of the project The Result The end product www IPS org uk is a comprehensive multi functional website with a clean modern front end design thus appealing to all the target groups Meanwhile the back end administration area is a bespoke flexible system allowing

    Original URL path: https://www.webdezign.co.uk/portfolio/institute-of-professional-sound/ (2016-04-24)
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