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  • Websites with Free Stock Photos - Active Webdezign
    a picture of a baby on a blanket 350 Let that sink in for a second Luckily with cameras now being predominantly digital everyone can take pictures and lots of people are happy to share those with others There have been a growing number of websites where people are curating these photos and best of all they are free Below I have listed the websites we have bookmarked over the years This is in fact the same sites we use when we are looking for free stock photos Most of these photographs are released under the Public Domain Dedication CC0 The best way to explain that I think they do on their own website The person who associated a work with this deed has dedicated the work to the public domain by waiving all of his or her rights to the work worldwide under copyright law including all related and neighbouring rights to the extent allowed by law You can copy modify distribute and perform the work even for commercial purposes all without asking permission I did say most some photos may still require attribution Always double check the license listed with the photo This way if you do your homework and determine how the images can be used you will never get in trouble If you are still unsure I would say give attribution to the photographer to cover yourself Websites you can find Free Stock Images on c00 Cupcake Death To Stock Photo Fancy Crave Foodiesfeed Free Nature Stock Free Refe Real Life Photos Gratisography Huney ISO Republic Jay Mantri Jéshoots Kaboompics LifeofPix Littlevisuals Lock Stock Photos Made In Moments Magdeleine MMT Move East Nabeel Syed Negative Space New Old Stock Photo Pexels Photocollections Photocrops Picjumbo Picography Pixabay Realistic Shots Raumrot Shutteroo Skitterphoto Snapwire Splitshire Startup Stock Photos

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  • Mike - Active Webdezign
    A new window will appear where you can navigate to the folder where your images are saved If you like to select more than one images at the same time you can drag your mouse around them and select them all When you are finished click on the Open button You can tick the Scale images to max width 800px or max height 600px tickbox if you are uploading really large images and you would like them to be scaled down Then you have to select the gallery where the images will go into Choose our newly created gallery from the dropdown box At this point your screen will look like this When you are ready click on the Upload images button to begin the upload process You can always add more images to your gallery later or remove and edit any existing ones When the upload process is finished you will see a confirmation message and a link will appear for you to edit your gallery Click on the Edit Gallery link to edit your gallery STEP 5 At this point we will edit our gallery and update the description for each image The gallery editor screen can be seen below As you can see we have changed the title and description of each image rather than leaving the default file names This is something that we recommend that you always do as it enhances your site s SEO and as a result the site may rank higher in the search results To sort the gallery you can click on the Sort gallery button and and you will see the Sorting screen where you can drag and drop your images to re arrange them You also have a variety of automatic sorting options When you are satisfied with the sorting click on the Update Sort Order button to save the changes STEP 6 Now that we created populated and edited our gallery it s time to display it on our site front end To do so we have to decide the page on which the gallery will appear At our example we will create a new page which will house our gallery Then we will link the main navigation menu to this page Firstly navigate to Pages Add New from your Dashboard The page editor will open Give a name for your gallery page and switch the Editor to Text mode by clicking on the Text tab Then paste the code which you took a note of earlier in step 3 which will link to your gallery Your screen should be similar to this You can add some text to accompany your gallery page if you want to When you are ready click on the Publish button to save your gallery page Now all you have to do is link the page to your navigational menu To do that navigate to Appearance Menus from your Dashboard and select your newly added page Then click the Add to Menu button to add it to your menu Once you are happy with the position of the menu items click on the Save Menu button to save the changes to your menu It s time to see the results STEP 7 Navigate to your new gallery page and you will see your new gallery images appear as thumbnails Clicking on an image will bring it up into full view in its own window You can navigate between the images by clicking on the and arrows or by using the keyboard arrow keys Click on the image or press the Esc button on your keyboard to close the full image view and return to your gallery page Congratulations You have successfully added a new gallery on your site that you can easily manage Stay tuned to our blog for more Tutorials and Guides regarding NextGen Gallery and other great WordPress plugins Useful guides Benefits of building your website in London Posted on May 29 2013 by Mike Estimated reading time 2 minutes 22 seconds It has been fifteen years since Active Webdezign opened its doors and modem connection to the world of the Internet Being a web design company based in London we were fortunate enough to have clients come to us for our services right from the word go Admittedly we did start off with minimal technical expertise and as you can imagine this was a steep learning curve for everyone embarking on this new communications phenomenon At the time way back in 99 there were not many programmers with enough experience in London to design websites or code them as required in fact this was a very specialised and sparse skill that was only just beginning to emerge in the London web design arena For this reason we had little option but to use some external services predominately in India and overseas development at the time was one avenue that could be explored to deliver fairly priced systems with enough functionality for the client s needs Cheap is often more expensive Of course our needs were soon to exceed the skills and capabilities that outsourced companies could offer due to their lack of expertise and the mentality many companies had with keeping up with the emerging trends and technologies Being the perfectionists that we are and striving to be at the forefront of web design we found this all very frustrating Once we started to find quality issues a general lack of communication and understanding from our suppliers and an overall laissez faire attitude to how we wanted to move forward we decided it was unacceptable for ourselves and our clients Design in London by Londoners Inevitably we made the decision to produce all our website developments exclusively in house at our London web design headquarters taking up new larger offices along with highly skilled permanent staff This has proven to be a great success as the majority of our clients return to us to upgrade or change the look and feel of their sites and we are happy to say regularly recommend us to their contacts It just proves that when you deliver a quality service you will be remembered Designing websites in house was the best way to ensure our future growth We like to think that our web design services in London may be the most cost effective way you can choose to take your business on line Trying to save money by outsourcing to an offshore facility is definitely a false economy and as they say cheap is expensive We have had many clients come to us after a failed offshore development over the years and it usually means biting the bullet waving goodbye to their money and starting again from scratch Don t fall into this trap develop and design your website in London with a long established and proven London based web design company That s us Articles The stupid EU cookie law in 2½ minutes Posted on April 23 2012 by Mike Estimated reading time 0 minutes 35 seconds We have spoken about the new EU Cookie law in the past and it has been one of those things we can t decide what to think about The just the other day I stumbled upon a video by Oliver at Silktide explaining this problem in more detail He goes into detail albeit non technical what the law states what our options are and I think it s quite a clear way of describing this issue If nothing else you can make a more informed decision about what you would like to do with your own website should you have this dilemma Have a look and let us know what you think in the comments The cookie law summarised News Steve Jobs RIP Posted on October 7 2011 by Mike Estimated reading time 1 minute 17 seconds It has been a difficult year for all of us as it is and to top it all up Steve Jobs the co founder of Apple Macintosh computers and our hero of tech has this week passed away Even one of our newest top of the range iMacs died yesterday as if it was coming out in sympathy from the departing of its great creator A recent email sent directly to Steve Jobs by myself was not replied to and had already raised my suspicions that there was something terribly wrong If there could be one thing that Steve would definitely be remembered for it s his passion and understanding of what a consumer really wanted not what a focus group of guinea pigs would come up with in there two or three hour paid for little sessions No because with the arrival of the first iMac back in 1998 when Steve Jobs was invited back to Apple Computers Inc the computer industry had seen the first step to bridge the gap between the scientific and industrial users to the masses of every day consumers wanting to get a piece of the action The public where hungry to get on the Internet simply and quickly with the added bonus of superb style thrown in to make this a household item of smooth functionality and tremendous beauty The rest is history as they say you can view a full timeline of all the apple products ever made since 1978 here as well as the original iMac launch presented by Steve Jobs himself below News New cookie laws un realistic within grace period Posted on May 31 2011 by Mike Estimated reading time 2 minutes 0 seconds The 25th of May marks what could be a major turning point of the internet s privacy laws This may change the way websites are developed forever Since the birth of the internet and its fast pace in growth which has already taken the world by storm and which still has a long way to go the enforcement and control of privacy and online content continues to be a major issue The new cookie laws state that we are to inform users when a website is placing cookies on their computer machines These cookies are used for profiling your surfing habits as well as saving useful data from websites that you visit frequently making for a smoother login and website experience in most cases The new law officially came into affect today but so far there are only two countries in Europe that have made an effort to comply with the new directive Denmark and Estonia Other countries including the UK have indicated that they are far from reaching any kind of solution to what has been marked as a near impossible logistical and technical task which indicates that there will inevitable have to be a compromise Companies have been given a year in which to comply to the new laws or face a possible fine a bizarre figure of exactly 806 000 being the maximum fine as quoted by the BBC which web site owners could theoretically face Who came to that random figure Since technically what the new directive is stating is from what we can tell going to be a mammoth task which is not only unreasonable to enforce overnight but the cost and development costs that this would imply would simply be un economical for most website owners This will leave the major corporations and leading companies with the most resources to gain another big step on the online battle to win market share Mozilla s Firefox browser and IE9 have made a concerted effort to integrate a new setting to protect users from services which collect and harvest browser data as well as Google working on integrating so called Do Not Track along with their future browsers it seems that the average website owner will need to rethink and develop their own methods to try and comply with the new laws as soon as they can You can read the BBC article on this at http www bbc co uk news technology 13541250 News YouTube is down OMG Posted on March 25 2010 by Mike Estimated reading time 1 minute 40 seconds It was a big shock but somewhat of a sobering revelation to see that YouTube website was down this morning In this fast moving technological age we live in it seems no one is invisible to the multitude of problems that a website and hosting platform can encounter As some of our own clients experienced themselves first hand this week when one of our premium web servers which is hosted in one of Europe s largest data centres suffered a technical fault on Monday morning leaving many of our clients website s inaccessible for a brief time Our engineers were quick to access the problem and took the necessary actions to resolve the situation as soon as possible It turned out that the morning glitch had caused one of the safety duplicated hard disks to loose its integrity and synchronisation with the other hard drive prompting the Linux programme safety system to shut down the system safely restart itself in rescue mode and begin the two hour process of checking the disk integrity and re mirroring them back to a synchronised status These things do happen in the world of computers as many of us have come to realise with our own PC s but when it comes to a web server which is constantly in use at a high level along with the millions of server requests by robot programs continually scanning the Internet probing the Internet for system vulnerability amongst other things that we manage to stay up and running 99 9 of the time The 0 1 accounts for unfortunate times like these when technical problems will inevitably occur YouTube is not immune With YouTube being down it does seem that there is no escape from the clutches of the Internet gremlins Although our own hosting solutions have only experienced two brief moments of downtime this year we are implementing additional investment to take the best possible care of our servers This will help in monitoring continuously and have support on any problems 24 7 which will subsequently reduce any unforeseen downtime News Launch of the all new Back2 ecommerce website Posted on November 5 2009 by Mike Estimated reading time 0 minutes 53 seconds Back2 ecommerce website We are proud to announce the most recent launch of the long established central London based ergonomic furniture company Back2 After an uphill battle with their previous web design company which had not delivered the ecommerce website they were promised Back2 decided to bite the bullet and start out from scratch They approached us with extreme caution and a very tight functional specification we gave them assurance that we would deliver an extensive ecommerce system to meet their expectations They were not disappointed this time around as we made sure that the brief was followed in every degree and our best and most dedicated project manager kept the project and all involved on track throughout The web designer was briefed as to the functionality required along with the challenge of creating a new cutting edge design around their minimalist corporate brand After redesigning the site from scratch the designer was also the lynchpin in the whole development ensuring that everything was accounted for and the deadlines would be met News Pro bono work for local charity Posted on September 3 2009 by Mike Estimated reading time 0 minutes 51 seconds Our London based web design and development team at Active Webdezign ltd have been doing some Pro bono work on charity website that we have donated to the Wingate and Finchley football club as part of an ongoing commitment to help out local charities in need This is not only personally rewarding in the knowledge that we are helping in the community but they have also offered to place a large advertising board with our company details in their stadium Working on website projects on a pro bono basis is not a new thing and we certainly have many charities approaching us for this however we can only commit to two of these web design and development projects twice a year Therefore the enquiries we receive have to be considered carefully and the choice is made by a panel decision internally Pro bono work If you are a member of a charity in need of a new website please feel free to contact us with details of the project for our consideration News Team building day at the Go Kart track Posted on August 20 2009 by Mike Estimated reading time 1 minute 42 seconds The summer has once again finally arrived without any sign of a heatwave but that can be expected in the UK it s not unusual Following a stronger 3rd quarter of trading we decided to treat ourselves with a day at the race track in Brentwood The Team building day started rather on the wet side and made for some fun spinning off the track and having some rather long skids and crashes The sun did finally come out on our second session after lunch and we managed to notch up som e impressive lap times Some of the lads did start to get carried away and we had some rather painful collisions I myself took a step back as Richard who had no sense of who or what was behind him was unpredictable in the lines he was taking and most times just rammed anyone trying to get by I was also unfortunate myself to have been sandwiched by two of the guys which has left me with a funny ankle still to this day The track had just had new 200cc carts this season and therefore the performance was quite outstanding Maybe because I m getting old or it may be that I suffer from travel sickness but by the 20th lap in the second session I had

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  • New Home - Active Webdezign
    Development Content Management Systems CMS E Commerce Web Design Copywriting for the web Software Partners Magento WordPress Yii Web Hosting Email UK Hosting Domain Names Email Accounts Web Design Portfolio Mobile App Development Mobile First Websites Mobile Portfolio Branding Graphic Design Corporate Identity Branding and Graphic Design Portfolio New Home Legalities 1998 2016 Active Webdezign Ltd Sitemap Terms Conditions Contact a Web Designer Get in touch info webdezign co uk

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  • About Active Webdezign | Great Web Design London Prices
    Software Partners Magento WordPress Yii Web Hosting Email UK Hosting Domain Names Email Accounts Web Design Portfolio Mobile App Development Mobile First Websites Mobile Portfolio Branding Graphic Design Corporate Identity Branding and Graphic Design Portfolio Choose more than an agency choose a partner Our aim is to make our relationship with you seamless and enjoyable whilst developing the web presence you want Legalities 1998 2016 Active Webdezign Ltd Sitemap Terms

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  • WEBDEZIGNS PROCESS - Active Webdezign
    Identity Branding and Graphic Design Portfolio WEBDEZIGNS PROCESS Discover Develop a thorough understanding of the project audience and objectives to formulate a digital strategy Design Craft a purposeful design to reflect the objectives and indicate the direction for the entire project Implement Bring the design to life in the form of an interactive and functional prototype Review refine and optimise Develop Incorporate implementation and technical components into a highly functional

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  • SQL Joins CheatSheet - Active Webdezign
    such as Left Join Inner Join Full Outer Join and Right Join variations Download the PDF Transcribed SQL Joins SELECT select list FROM TableA A LEFT JOIN TableB B ON A Key B Key SELECT select list FROM TableA A LEFT JOIN TableB B ON A Key B Key WHERE B Key IS NULL SELECT select list FROM TableA A FULL OUTER JOIN TableB B ON A Key B Key SELECT select list FROM TableA A INNER JOIN TableB B ON A Key B Key SELECT select list FROM TableA A FULL OUTER JOIN TableB B ON A Key B Key WHERE A Key IS NULL OR B Key IS NULL SELECT select list FROM TableA A RIGHT JOIN TableB B ON A Key B Key WHERE A Key IS NULL SELECT select list FROM TableA A RIGHT JOIN TableB B ON A Key B Key Development Twitter Facebook Google Reddit Digg Email Barry says July 31 2015 at 10 39 am These are called joins not joints https www google co uk webhp sourceid chrome instant ion 1 espv 2 ie UTF 8 q sql joints great article though besides that Reply Peter says July 31 2015 at 10

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  • Webdezign - Active Webdezign
    to this question is not a single sum nor is there a standard equation to determine the website cost However building a website does not have to be an expensive or time consuming activity and whether you are planning on using your site for promoting a single product or running your entire business online then the costs themselves should be recouped within a relatively short space of time if the site is properly conceived constructed and marketed There are of course a few basics that everyone will need to pay for thereafter the considerations and costs will vary depending on your intentions The Basic Website Cost The first cost you will incur is in the registration of your domain name Registering a domain name is in itself a simple and relatively painless process typically costing you between 5 to 10 as an annual fee However as you will no doubt realise you need to choose a name that is unique and one that will be easily marketable If you have a business with a unique name or operating area then a domain name may be easy to come by However if you are working with an exclusively online business model you will need to take your time and pick an effective domain name with relevant keywords to market your business Since most meaningful domain names have already been purchased many of them by firms and individuals who have bought them specifically to resell at a profit there may be an additional one off purchase cost perhaps via a domain broker The second cost you ll need to pay is that of web hosting Every website needs some online storage space to live on Packages features and quality vary widely and some advice from your web designer may be beneficial at this stage Although web hosting packages can cost from as little as 2 a month and there are even some companies who will host for free many of these packages impose horrendous constraints and may swamp your site with advertising Decent professional hosting is likely to start at 10 to 20 per month and will rise as your traffic levels and thus the service you require from the hosting company increase The Design and Build Once you have your web space and domain name you will need a site This is where the website cost can really vary It ultimately depends on the size and complexity of the site needed This will determine what technology must be used in its construction and how much resource that is likely to require Don t however fall into the trap of believing that building it yourself must be cheaper Unless you have significant web development skills of your own and the cost of your time is minimal after all you have a business to run the real costs of using a web designer to create the site are likely to compare favourably Web design and construction is about far more than just aesthetics It is vital to take into account Search Engine Optimisation techniques SEO in order to ensure that your website performs well in the search engines over time This will drive natural free traffic to the site offering a return on investment that is unmatched in virtually any other marketing channel online or offline As such the site needs to be designed around relevant keywords or search terms from the outset These will require research and are the terms your potential consumers are likely to enter into a search engines when looking for the type of goods or services you provide The website cost can be as little as 200 to get a basic single or two page website online with an attractive user friendly design that won t put off the casual browser Since professional web designers maintain libraries of sites and site components they can offer a huge head start Thus at the other end of the scale you can expect a pretty serious site for a few thousand pounds Web Design Directory A list of website designers in London that you can use to compare Articles Do I Need A Website Posted on November 11 2009 by Webdezign Estimated reading time 3 minutes 30 seconds Let me start by stating the obvious you need a website In the context of a credit crunch when businesses rely upon retaining and growing their customer base in order to simply survive the types of businesses that don t require more direct and widespread marketing are perhaps limited to smaller self employed trades people Even here in practice the smallest of businesses can find that having a website may reduce costs increase reach and enhance profits not least because the internet has long since overtaken the likes of a simple listing in directories and advertisements in the local Post Office A website doesn t need to be particularly sophisticated to work for you though of course the better the image it projects the more successful it is likely to be Smaller companies and individuals may well find that a single page site listing company name address contact details and a brief description of what is on offer to customers is enough to convince people that you are serious and to reach out to a wider audience Although some companies may not feel that they need to enhance their customer base such as a fully booked dental practice building a professional online image can nevertheless help in building loyalty and thus in retaining existing customers The Good the Bad In those instances where new customer traffic is vital then a website is of course an essential marketing tool However it is no exaggeration to say that having no website at all is better than having a bad one Even though some people may be sceptical there is no denying that we live in a technical age and not getting in on the act is as good as condemning your business to failure at the very least it suggests a lack of understanding as to how modern audiences and markets are behaving You don t need to be an expert to create an effective website there are plenty of website design companies that can do the hard work for you For almost any business it is certainly worth investing a little bit of your time and money with a design firm that will take the trouble to properly understand your business needs and to translate these requirements into an effective online presence Key Requirements Basic needs for any website include domain registration web hosting graphic design and knowledge of web development For those that want something more sophisticated in appearance and who want to attract as many customers as possible then they will need to work with a web design company that can offer wider online marketing skills These include search engine optimisation SEO for natural unpaid placement in the search engines search engine marketing SEM if you are considering paying for traffic Affiliate management if you are looking to drive traffic through this channel and social media optimisation SMO to ensure that you gain recognition in the fast growing range of blogs forums and specialist social media sites out there An Integrated Approach All of your online marketing activities need to work together the whole being greater than the sum of the parts As an example SEO requires that your website is designed with traffic in mind From the outset you will need to understand what your potential users are searching for and to drive all optimisation efforts from the set of search terms you identify as a result A good web design firm will understand how to identify and prioritise these based upon your business They will then build the site around these terms with the correct use of a myriad of code elements to support them Not all of the elements described above will necessarily apply to every business or market sector and a good understanding of online marketing strategy is something that you should expect from your design partner If handled properly however an effective website and integrated marketing strategy should Increase awareness of you and your products Reach customers all over the world Increase your hours of operation Improve or replace traditional more expensive offline marketing Improve efficiency and reduce costs Enhance your image Create a competitive edge Provide information In the current climate can you afford not to do this Articles Top 10 Benefits of a Website Posted on October 24 2009 by Webdezign Estimated reading time 4 minutes 47 seconds We are often contacted by people who have been told that they need a website but they are not really sure as to why they should get one or what the benefits of a website would be The following is necessarily generalised as each and every business and market sector has different requirements However it represents the most common 10 ways in which a business can potentially gain advantage as a result of having a website 1 Increase New Business If you needed a plumber or electrician you would probably start your search online rather than thumbing through the yellow pages It s so much easier to simply type plumber into a search engine With ever more people turning to the internet in search of even local services rest assured your main competitors will either have a website or be considering one That is a very real benefit of a website 2 Save Money Advertisements in papers magazines and other traditional offline media generally cost far more than advertising online and for many business are something of a law of diminishing returns as again more people turn to the web Even businesses that simply use their websites as an online brochure rather than necessarily attracting traffic directly should still see significant cost savings when factoring in printing costs and of course electronic media are widely held to be better for the environment 3 Provide Information Websites can be set up to provide the exact information your customers need Some businesses simply need a basic business description address and phone details Others add testimonials photographs and other detailed information which if correctly constructed can inspire a level of confidence in your company that can be hard to achieve offline A well designed website allows the user to quickly navigate to the product or service information that interests them most often far more so than the equivalent printed brochure Naturally the information can be kept completely up to date further providing peace of mind and improving consumer confidence 4 Beat the Competition If you have lots of competitors how many of them have good websites Or indeed how many have a website at all By creating an online presence which is better presented and better marketed than theirs you can gain market share at the expense of your competition 5 Attract a New Type of Customer Following on from the new business theme above more and more people are now using mobile phones PDAs and other hand held devices to access the internet Some of them may be in demographic groups that you have not previously been able to reach or effectively target With the right web presence you are suddenly propelled into their world 6 Get Interactive Feedback Modern websites are something of a multimedia affair You can add a blog and perhaps include videos audio live chat forums RSS feeds and even podcasts All these elements can attract customers and create interest You can offer advice on your subject of expertise and communicate directly with potential customers building a reputation as you go By entering into a dialogue with your customers and potential customers this way you can solicit the kind of detailed feedback that offline marketers can only dream of 7 Develop a Brand All big companies have a recognisable brand Whilst Coca Cola is the best known brand globally most of us operate on a more modest scale That said the global reach of the internet allows small business to build reputation and brand at a speed and within a cost framework that would be simply impossible offline Business that have never previously considered brand or brand values are now able to leverage these to full effect in gaining mind share and thus market share A well conceived and well constructed website is the starting point 8 Create Return Business Anyone can easily lose a business card or forget the name of a builder they spotted in the local phone book However if they have a website stored in their web browser s favourites they can return to your site whenever they need more information or indeed help Once again the use of interactive media helpful information questions answers and forum software can maintain a high level of dialogue and thus help in securing customer loyalty Another great benefit of a website 9 Provide Guidance and Information In an offline world you may regularly have had a great idea or some information that would be extremely useful to your client base However sitting down and creating a letter or postal mail shot to keep them up to date would have been nigh on impossible after all you have a business to run Now with a decent website you can add the information directly to the site and notify your subscribers pretty much in the time it takes to write down the information itself Fresh relevant information will not only keep your clients returning to the site but will also help to convince the search engines that you deserve high placement for relevant search terms thus driving further traffic and potential new business It should also help to persuade potential customers that you re the best firm for the product or service in question 10 Create Privileged Connections With modern internet security not only can payments be taken online securely but other information can be passed between computers safely too You can for example create passwords to allow entry to restricted areas of your website Many site owners do this to create a VIP section perhaps for strategic business partners or major clients further reinforcing the relationship With online spend continuing to grow even in the face of or in some cases because of the current economic climate there has never been a better time to consider an online presence Articles Microsoft new search engine Bing launches new visual search Posted on September 18 2009 by Webdezign Estimated reading time 1 minute 17 seconds Software giant Microsoft has introduced visual search to its Bing search engine to try to further set itself apart from market leader Google But can it ever compete against Google and it s ever evolving suite of online applications and power of its most popular search engine Although Bing has only added visual search to their travel health leisure and shopping there are plans to roll it out across all categories Mr Mehdi the firm s senior vice president of online services said that the concept in the way people search is heading for a big change It is expected that the way people search will be much more graphical in the near future we can already see an example of this graphical orientated search on many of the popular browsers all giving users the ability to scan quickly through their browser history visually Microsoft unveiled the beta or test version of the feature at TechCrunch 50 at a conference being held in San Francisco for start ups to pitch their ideas to investors Competition breeds innovative new ideas and keeps both Google and Microsoft on their toes which is great for the end user especially since they offer these new tools for free Shopping will be made so easier since scanning through the blocks of text based search results is like finding a needle in a haystack sometimes especially for user who find it hard to pick out what they are looking for in the muddle of words Having the results display as graphics will make shopping online move to the next level Development We need this that and the other Posted on July 30 2009 by Webdezign Estimated reading time 3 minutes 45 seconds All over the world businesses deciding to launch an internet website often make the mistake of believing that their website will be easy to set up and head into the project with very little forethought and even less expertise It s certainly true that with the introduction of user friendly technologies such as content management systems CMS even the least technical amongst us can throw together a website these days However sometimes it really does pay to call on the professionals Something that can never be underestimated is the positive contribution a well designed website can have on a company s success and by the same implication the negative effects of a poor quality badly designed site are significant Steaming in Going into website creation with blinkers on and demanding this that and the other from a web design company is thankfully starting to become a thing of the past Nowadays wise businesses are recognising the importance of a two way discussion After all there is a reason you have engaged experts in the field and it is essential that you listen to them Through the process of JAD or Joint Application Development a company can bring together IT staff business representatives and external website design specialists to participate in detailed ongoing discussions surrounding the myriad of factors involved in the website design Defining business requirements is a key element in the process as is identifying the scope of the project and defining your image and target market The group will also work together to pre assess what impact the site will have in order to ensure the organisation has the time and resources to respond to the anticipated increase in business activity The JAD approach is a tried and tested framework for planning and controlling the creation of IT information systems and a way of guaranteeing that a website matches the company s projected image aims and objectives Less is more When it comes to website design less is definitely more There is little point in jazzing up your site with the latest web technology with cool sounds and funky flash clips if these take eons to load and result in your customers giving up after the first thirty seconds Keep the design clear and concise and ensure your company logo features on every page both for consistency and to maintain a professional image Each and ever element of the design needs to justify its existence and once again it is well worth listening to your web design professionals they have been through the process many times and understand what is essential versus what is simply noise Perhaps most importantly work on finding ways to have your customers coming back again and again However you decide to do this it is essential at the same time to keep the site up to date in any way possible even if you have no new products or services to offer Keeping the site looking fresh with newsletters articles polls blogs and even new FAQs will keep customers interested and coming back regularly to check on the latest news More importantly fresh content will attract the attention of the search engines and is vital as part of achieving those all important search positions for relevant keywords and phrases Structured Development professionals Proven IT development methods have much to offer in today s web development environments and yet have historically been ignored by many of the new generation of web developers lacking the disciplined background of corporate information technology Setting up a QA and Development site as well as a production site is a sure fire way to avoid any pitfalls and protect your organisation against the risks involved when making changes to your site In this IT operating model web developers would have free access to a copy of the site on a development server to test new functionality and add ons for a site designed to constantly evolve with the business environment New elements can be tested their impact and value properly assessed and subsequently approved or rejected All of this occurs within the QA environment before the code is promoted to the live website on the production server under the protection of an agreed change management control process Such a structured approach ensure that not only will the live site be as stable as possible but that this that and the other will need to demonstrate real value and proper integration with the objectives and structure of the site before being promoted from pencil and paper into reality Articles Domain Registration Privacy Posted on June 30 2009 by Webdezign Estimated reading time 3 minutes 55 seconds Everyone wants to keep their information safe and secure online with various organisations constantly reminding us not to give out any personal information to third parties without being safe in the knowledge that this information will be kept secure and not shared However in the context of the individual as a website owner there seems to be a degree of discrepancy in the safety of personal information Indeed many consider this to be a breach of privacy specifically Domain Registration Privacy WHOIS Information Essentially it is a legal requirement that anyone who signs up for a particular domain name must provide basic personal identifying information namely email address postal address and full name It is not hard to understand a domain registrar s need for this information which must of course be disclosed to the authorities if a website owner appears to be acting illegally However this personal information far from being stored and secured is in fact freely available to the internet public at large in the form of WHOIS data There are a number of sites that allow you to freely interrogate this data examples including www whois search com Whilst using these services to identify the owner of a particular site may be interesting and indeed useful for genuine and ethical business reasons it is also ruthlessly exploited by those with less admirable intent As an example many spammers senders of unsolicited email will scrape this data and use it to add your email address to their databases If you own a website that may be for whatever reason contentious the threats that you may receive via email can be extremely alarming In truth we all know that there is an unreasonable element out there Almost regardless as to the type of business or site you own someone will be shouting at you Shouting via email is one thing but knowing that that individual has what may well be your private address to hand can be deeply unsettling Domain Registration Privacy Options Before you start feeling as if you are living in some kind of Orwellian nightmare online and that privacy is dead there are a few facts and options that may be reassuring Although the provision of this information is an understandable legal requirement to ensure that site owners are accountable for their actions online there are a number of ways in which you can control and limit the type of organisations and individuals that have access to this information Private Registration Your web hosting company or domain registrar if different may offer the option of private registration either using their own details for the WHOIS information or in some jurisdictions requesting that the domain registration authorities do not display contact information Most major registrars now provide this option Nominet being perhaps one of the best known Some will however charge for this service It is also worth noting that private registration is NOT generally available in this context unless the domain is registered by an individual Domains registered by companies will have their details displayed Privacy Service There is an useful and most importantly free service available to any domain name owner online who wants to obscure their personal details from all but the necessary parties This service rather than allowing anyone to look up the personal contact information stored in connection with your domain will redirect any inquiry to the website operated by this service From there the searcher will be required to fill out an application form requesting the information and you yourself can receive these applications and determine whether to release the information accordingly Alternatively you can require that the company providing this service filters these requests without your involvement They should be able to root out legitimate and safe enquiries from malicious nonsense Organisations such as privacyprotect org are championing the privacy of thousands of domain name owners It is their assertion that they do not own any of the domain names for which they work but rather provide the service as a means of restoring privacy and protecting their clients These services are not just aimed at protecting domain owners but also at protecting the average surfer Privacy Protect has a policy of rejecting any domain names known to take part in spamming and other unscrupulous activities online and has made it easy to report a domain name on their site In this sense the fight for domain name privacy can be seen as a reciprocal relationship that isn t aimed at the exclusion of one party in favour of another nor at protecting those who use websites for unethical practices It is in fact a step in the right direction for the internet as a whole Articles Top 10 Tips The Set Up Of An Ecommerce Site Posted on June 20 2009 by Webdezign Estimated reading time 5 minutes 39 seconds Any business that has yet to develop an online presence is missing out on the strong growth in online spend in the UK even in the context of the current economic climate Estimates vary widely but spending figures in the region of 9 billion a year are often quoted The following are some of the most important elements to consider in the set up of an ecommerce site 1 Set A Realistic Timeline Researching and selecting web hosts web designers agencies affiliate networks affiliate management firms payment gateways and the myriad of other providers potentially required in creating an online presence is time consuming Whilst you may ultimately decide to single source much of this via a decent agency acquiring at least a rudimentary understanding of the key issues in each area is necessary to ensure that any such prime contractor is suitably qualified You will need to confirm that they have the requisite skills and technology in house or have appropriate best of breed partnerships Many new entrants attempt to follow unrealistic time lines and either fail to deliver on time or are forced to cut corners with potentially disastrous results 2 Research The Competitions Ecommerce site If you are an established firm you will no doubt have a good understanding as to the main players in your sector Check out their online presence Who looks good Who is at the top of the search engines for relevant search terms and phrases Who is buying advertising on the search engine pages Spend time on their sites studying not only the price points but overall usability and consumer feedback Many businesses flourish by simply doing something only slightly more effectively than the competition As a late coming entrant to the online market you should take full advantage of the very visible propositions of your competition learning from their mistakes and indeed from elements of their businesses that appear to well implemented 3 Understand Online Law and Regulations Consumers enjoy a reasonable level of protection and privacy in the UK The Data Protection Act 1998 Distance Selling Regulations 2000 and the Electronic Commerce Regulations 2002 are a good starting point Understand what you must can and indeed cannot do in the context of payment processing fulfilment returns marketing and email communication 4 Ensure Security It is vital that any site components involved in the capture or display of consumer information together with payment processing adhere to the appropriate security standards You will find it well worth investing time in understanding the rudiments of Secure Socket Layer SSL and basic web site security You will also need to assess the provisions made by your chosen web host in ensuring the security of clients sites and their associated data 5 Choose the Right Payment Service Provider Continuing the security theme PSPs are generally required in order for you to be able to take consumer payments There are a range of providers and a good many factors to consider including set up and ongoing transactional charges the ease and seamlessness of the integration of provider s system with your site the technology employed security their relationship with your bank and so forth Some ecommerce solutions will come pre integrated with an existing PSP others will offer a choice or simply an interface requiring potentially complex and expensive integration 6 Understand and Execute Effective Online Marketing You may create the best site in the business Without visitors however it is of little value If this sounds ridiculously obvious you are already ahead of many of your competitors Although far more businesses are now web literate there are still endless examples of pretty sites seen by almost no one Attracting traffic is a multi disciplinary exercise If you understand the concepts of a conventional marketing mix through multiple channels the same principles apply to the online world but the channels are very different The relevance and effectiveness of each channel will be determined by the nature of your business and the degree of market competition Online channels and thus disciplines include natural or organic unpaid search often referred to as search engine optimisation SEO paid search often referred to as pay per click PPC social media optimisation SMO and affiliate marketing Each of these areas requires deep knowledge and few firms can resource all of these channels in house with many using best of breed partners 7 Build in Reliability Don t skimp on website hosting it is vital that your website creates a good impression with customers if they are to return and recommend There are plenty of web hosts from which to choose many of which seem to offer competitive packages Ultimately it is best to opt for those that are used by other successful sites ensuring that your customers have access to the site 24 hours a day The same goes for the site implementation itself any development work must be thoroughly tested and should occur in a structured environment with appropriate change management discipline 8 Plan for Change Whilst some businesses are of sufficient size to finance their own in house technical staff others will retain the services of an agency Either way you need to have consistent access to someone who understands your ecommerce platform and who can fix any issues and implement any necessary changes promptly and accurately In choosing your ecommerce site whether an out of the box solution a bespoke creation or a combination of the two ensure that it includes a Content Management System CMS to facilitate regular updates and additions to your on site content This includes not only product information but also text content which is a vital element of search engine optimisation 9 Ask for Feedback Every business should solicit and act upon consumer feedback Those new to ecommerce should pay particular attention if they are to keep up with the competition and deliver competitive products and services Well designed ecommerce sites can readily support the feedback process with many sites making active use of user generated content UGC as a key element of their own on site content This may appear in the form of reviews questions and answers forums and blogs 10 Keep Set Up Costs To A Minimum This final point appears to ignore the complexity described above and yet should be a guiding principle during your initial foray into ecommerce Virtually no one ever gets it completely right the first time Identifying and working with the right agency partner is perhaps the most important element in the entire process The right partner can steer you through the minefield and work with you to plan an effective yet cost conscious market entry As you will see the breadth and depth of choice in our ecommerce solutions can provide a suitable starting point whatever your business You need a partner that has strong client references and a genuine commitment to the delivery of value for each and every one of its clients large or small Articles Maintaining a Website Posted on June 9 2009 by Webdezign Estimated reading time 4 minutes 28 seconds There is little doubt that creating a website opens up doors for any forward thinking business whether it be for e commerce web based applications or simply for advertising the company s products But equally important is the need to dedicate time to maintaining a website and to continually monitor and review the ways in which the website is benefitting the company on an ongoing basis Successful companies measure the effectiveness of the website against initial objectives and decide how it needs to evolve as the business environment changes Development Platform and Web Server Once you have made the decision to create a website it is easy to become confused by the wide choice of development platforms that are available as a base upon which to design and create your site The development platform that you ultimately choose will not only be determined by cost criteria but will be driven by the degree of sophistication and functionality required of the site The only fixed prerequisite will be a web server which can be your own server based at your premises or more commonly will be located at a third party web hosting firm The selection of the right web host is vital in establishing a manageable and cost effective web presence There are a large number of hosting firms and a bewildering array of features and packages on offer You need to work with your design agency to ensure the selection of the right host Factors range from simple issues such as support hours through to complex technical set up and reputation criteria which may affect the long term success of the site in many ways including ease and cost of maintenance A poor host can even create problems in achieving search engine rankings Scripting Languages The most basic websites are written in HTML a tag based scripting environment that provides for the displays of largely static content via a web browser HTML was the sole basis of many of the very earliest websites from the early 1990s Although HTML is still an essential part of any site today demand for dynamic content on websites led to the introduction of a range of dynamic scripting languages These allow the web server to create the content of a web page on the fly providing browsers with a combination of HTML and in some cases other client side scripts such as JavaScript which provide enhanced functionality to the end user Popular scripting languages now include Microsoft s Windows Active Server Pages ASP latterly in the form of ASP net which is a web application framework widely used today to create anything from a basic site to a complex web application Linux sites tend to use PHP scripting to achieve similar results By dynamically creating pages often driven by information held and modified in an underlying database the maintenance burden in keeping your site layouts and content up to date should be dramatically reduced Publishing Packages As websites grew ever more sophisticated and interactive more and more packages were created to help structure and design websites easily Microsoft Frontpage was

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    to local hairdressers including our clients and there s plenty of reasons why Add or Edit Content Yourself Good news it s not rocket science to add or edit content on a WordPress website After your WordPress website has been developed and launched by a web design company you can make changes without too much effort This is good long term thinking because it means that you don t need to pay extortionate fees for a web design company to update a little paragraph do it yourself don t be scared WordPress Is Fully Brandable One of the great things about having a WordPress website is that it is fully brandable When you walk into a shop in London or elsewhere notice how their brand is consistent ranging from the shop front to labels colour schemes and more The same concept applies to a web design By getting the right company to design your WordPress website you will be able to work with them to portray your organisation in accordance to your requirements and include the web design features that you desire WordPress Is Extendable WordPress is designed especially to allow for it to be extended to include features that are specific to your industry WordPress contains a plugin system that allows web developers to integrate tailored features to make your website do what you require Whether it s an eCommerce extension business directory a map to your premises in London a members area or whatever WordPress is up to the job We love WordPress at Active Webdezign Are you looking for Web Design or WordPress design in London or nearby Give us a call on 020 8446 1515 and come and visit us at our North London office so we can discuss a WordPress web design that s right

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