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  • E-Commerce Web Design - Active Webdezign
    are even more important because it is a shop We want your online store to stand out from the crowd to be a place that your customers will want to visit time and time and time again We also understand the importance of functionality Your e commerce store should be set out in a way that makes it easy for your customers to find what they re looking for It should be easy for them to pay for their goods And last but certainly not least your e commerce website should be seamlessly integrated into your back office software to facilitate stock control and accounting Just up your street For e commerce web design that looks the business and delivers the goods get in touch with one of our web design consultants today for a free no obligation consultation and to discuss your options Integrated Payment Mechanisms Our integrated payment mechanisms include Sage Pay Authorize net Linkpoint WorldPay PayPal Pro PayPal Standard and more Each of these will allow your customers to upload their payment details safe in the knowledge that your ecommerce site is secure Customer Relations Tools We know that great customer relations are at the core of every successful business That s why we ensure that your Magento ecommerce on line shop has all the tools you and your customers need to communicate with each other Get a free Quote a cup of Coffee Shipping Options Our numerous shipping solutions available in Magento ecommerce mean that whether you want your on line shop to offer delivery via UPS Real time Rates UPS Live Order Tracking USPS Real Time Rates FedEx Real Time Rates or any other method you ll have the benefit of our extensive experience in that area Content Management Systems Think of your content management

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  • Keyword Copywriting for the web Services
    and marketing means your end product has been designed developed and written by experts in each field Website Writing Website writingis about producing copy that reflects your company in the best possible light Our copywriters work with you to understand your goals and audience so that your web content is squarely aimed at your target market We ensure that the tone and character of your copy is suitable to your potential customers while having a clear call to action to turn leads into sales We ve worked with a diverse range of businesses from social networks to e commerce sites so whether you want your website writing to have corporate undertones aimed at the youth market formal or informal we can deliver SEO Positioning Do you want to maximise your website traffic One of the most effective forms of online marketing is search engine optimisation Our copywriters and technical experts can work together to optimise your website so that it rises up the rankings of search engine results Using tried and tested SEO techniques our writers will ensure that your website copy targets the phrases or keywords that your target market is most likely to input into search engines Most importantly we ll ensure that the SEO elements of the copy never compromise the quality of your website s writing E Commerce Your e commerce site needs to offer your users a clear route through your online shop while promoting your brand Our online copywriting experts will guide your customers creating a user friendly environment and a great forum through which to display your products and or services Marketing copywriting Whether you require print or online copywriting for your marketing campaign our experts can generate leads for your business From writing your customer newsletter or e shot for your email

    Original URL path: https://www.webdezign.co.uk/copywriting/ (2016-04-24)
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  • London based Magento eCommerce Design & Development
    reality on your online store is only available through Magento This is borne out by the enormous success enjoyed by many of our Magento powered e commerce customers An e commerce platform that works for you Magento is an exceptionally powerful e commerce platform that can be adapted and fined tuned to meet the specific needs of your retail environment No two retail sectors are exactly the same and a weakness of many retail applications is that they do not recognise this basic fact Magento does not make this mistake The platform can be customised down to the smallest level to enhance the retail experience of your customers Website visibility Many e commerce applications focus solely on function and ignore the critical importance of SEO and search engine visibility By contrast Magento was designed with the search engines in mind Each website built through Magento is optimised to grab the attention of the major search engines including Google Yahoo and Bing Moreover a regular succession of software updates keeps your Magento powered store up to date with the latest algorithm changes and search trends affecting the top search results This in itself is frequently enough to give you that crucial competitive edge over your e commerce competitors who use alternative platforms Here are some more reasons that you should be using Magento as your e commerce platform Easy integration with popular third party applications including Amazon eBay mail chimp PayPal and many more Get more from your customers with Magento s extensive range of cross sell and upsell opportunities within the e commerce platform itself An advanced internal search engine that allows your users to refine and filter their searches to find the products they need Who can use Magento Another significant strength of Magento is the platform s ability

    Original URL path: https://www.webdezign.co.uk/web-design-london/magento-development/ (2016-04-24)
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  • WordPress London based Website Development Comapany
    However since then it has expanded to become one of the most glorious and dynamic web design tools known to man The sheer number of options and design potential inherent in WordPress almost defies belief Who can use WordPress The short answer to this question is just about anybody WordPress is the website platform of choice for thousands of SMEs around the world but it isn t just small enterprises that use WordPress The engine is used to great effect by many of the world s household name brands and leading businesses These include the New Yorker Magazine Sony Music Nokia Marks Spencer s and the Wall Street Journal among other high profile publications WordPress is also the platform of choice for a variety of celebrities and music sites including the website of the Rolling Stones and Snoop Dogg With such a roll call of big players successfully using the WordPress engine to transform their web presence just think of the potential it offers your business What WordPress means to you WordPress can be used to build any kind of site from simple blogs and service pages right up to the most complex and intricate e commerce websites It also has the benefit of being extremely user friendly meaning that once your website is online you will be able to make most changes yourself without having to touch a scrap of code WordPress offers an affordable and streamlined means for any business to take advantage of bespoke functionality without the price tag that goes with a website coded from the ground up We can help you save costs by adapting a carefully selected off the shelf premium WordPress theme and then adding the additional functionality you need We can also use WordPress to create a completely bespoke design empowering you

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  • Custom Yii PHP Framework Application Development
    different online applications Yii designed web applications expand the number of options available to you when developing a bespoke website What s in a word Yii is one of the lesser known web development platforms certainly compared with better known applications like WordPress Joomla Drupal and company We think this is a shame because in our experience Yii is the most efficient platform available for developing large scale online applications Yii is an acronym for yes it is a phrase that perfectly sums up the platform s user philosophy When you come to us with a request for certain web functionality and ask is it possible our answer is yes it is Yii makes possible some truly awesome online applications and interactive websites and we are very excited to be able to share the benefits of this technology with our customers The sky is the limit Active Webdezign is all about the removal of limitations When it comes to web design we believe that nothing is impossible We don t want to tell you what you can t do Our service is about understanding what you want your website to achieve and then finding a way to make it possible

    Original URL path: https://www.webdezign.co.uk/web-design-london/yii/ (2016-04-24)
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  • UK Based Hosting Solutions - Active Webdezign
    the World Wide Web you need a pretty powerful computer These machines are known as Web servers Now you may be lucky enough to have one sitting around in your office but most people choose the convenience of hosting their website on somebody else s Web server Email Hosting We offer all our customers a secure and flexible web hosting and email service powered by our servers at some of the UK s best data centres As with all our services our overriding goal is to make things as easy and simple for your business as is humanly possible We believe that by having all your web services in one place you can save yourself time feel all the benefits of an integrated service and probably save yourself a few quid while you re at it One step ahead of the hackers Data security is a real concern for today s businesses You need a hosting partner who is committed to keeping yours and your customer s information secure at all times Our dedicated team of server engineers monitor our servers around the clock 365 days a year and so are on hand to quickly resolve any issues as they occur We take no chances with web security and protect your data with multiple layers of security software and firewalls to prevent intrusion Security Accessibility Not all Web servers are created equal There are several critical considerations you need to bear in mind when choosing a service Your chosen web host needs to be secure meaning their servers should be encrypted to keep out all the web nasties out there who are just longing to get their hands on your data The servers should also be accessible 24 hours a day seven days a week so you and your customers can access your website and email whenever they need to Remote Backup Service Your data is the lifeblood of your business IT failures can result in significant loss of data with all the associated costs in wasted time lost business opportunities and money spent in putting it right Our backup service gives you the peace of mind to know that your data is always secure and is protected from viruses hardware failures and network issues Our service includes both daily and monthly remote database backups so that nothing will be lost in the event of an emergency These backups are all carried out remotely without on site storage drives or the need to have an engineer at your premises Bandwidth The more information a website contains and the more visitors interact on the site the more space it needs on a web server This is known as bandwidth When you buy web space from a hosting company you ll need to decide how much you need per month Shared v Dedicated Most websites share a web server with other sites However some websites are so busy and complex normally our bigger ecommerce projects that they need their own server all

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  • Domain Name Registration - Active Webdezign
    short on any of these things and you risk your website visitors going to the wrong place maybe winding up in a digital dead end or even stumbling through the doors of one of your competitors Ouch With a fair bit at stake with your domain name it is worth taking a bit of time to get it right We can work with you to create and secure the optimum domain name or names for your business as part of a broader Internet marketing strategy There are certain common pitfalls that we can help you avoid for instance the common mistake of making your domain name too generic or having an entirely different domain address to the name by which your business is commonly known Search engines love domain names too There is another reason domain names are important apart from consideration for your poor customers typing it in the browser window Domains are an integral part of SEO Google and friends will look at your domain name and will make judgements on your site based on its relevance to the content on your website and the searches made by your prospects Hence your domain name should be seen as

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  • Secure & Reliable UK based Email Hosting With Backups
    service that can easily be incorporated with your current email server as well as being accessible on the go through our user friendly Web mail service Our email accounts can be used on their own or integrated with Microsoft Outlook as required With this in mind what do you need from an email account In our opinion there are several factors that are important to a business 1 Accessibility you need an email service that stands up to day to day office use and can also be accessed on the go by team members working from home or on the move 2 Reliability What use is an email service that is continually having downtime or not allowing you to access its services The answer not very You need an email service that seamlessly integrates with your chosen email browser AND offers a user friendly Webmail service that can be accessed from any device 3 Adaptability Some businesses are one man bands while others have dozens or even hundreds of employees each needing a bespoke email address You need an email service that can rapidly adapt to the needs of your business adding new addresses and inboxes as and when you

    Original URL path: https://www.webdezign.co.uk/web-design-london/email-accounts/ (2016-04-24)
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