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  • Wedding Insurance Case Studies | Weddingplan Insurance
    possibly even get some help with the extra costs involved in rearranging your wedding reception or ceremony Here are a few real life examples of how Weddingplan wedding insurance has helped couples when the worst has happened Illness prevents bride from marrying Tom Gaines was looking forward to marrying the love of his life but three months before the wedding his wife to be was diagnosed with a serious illness Successful treatment followed but under strict doctor s orders it was imperative for her recovery that she had 8 weeks of uninterrupted rest and recuperation This sadly resulted in the cancellation of their big day Luckily though the couple had taken out Wedding Insurance with Weddingplan and received over 4 000 to cover their cancellation charges Happily with the financial help from Weddingplan the couple were able to rebook their wedding for a later date Groom s illness wrecks wedding plans Neil Spencer had planned to get married in April but in the run up to the wedding he fell seriously ill Devastatingly doctors told Neil that he would not recover for over a year and that he would need to spend the next three months in bed forcing Neil and his bride to be to take the upsetting decision to cancel their big day Luckily the couple had taken out Wedding Insurance with Weddingplan and were able to make a successful claim for the cancellation charges and rearrangement costs that they incurred allowing them to eventually have the special day they had dreamed of Vanishing dressmakers Sarah Rushforth thought all her wedding plans were going smoothly until two months before the big day Eager to check on the progress of her dream wedding dress she phoned the dressmaker to make an appointment To her utter dismay the shop had

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  • Important Wedding Insurance Advice | Weddingplan Insurance
    on behalf of Ageas Insurance Limited Wedding Insurance Policy Document You should read the document carefully when you receive it It gives you full details of what is and is not covered and the conditions of the cover Click here to download our Weddingplan Wedding Insurance Policy Document Wedding Insurance Conditions and Exclusions Conditions and exclusions will apply to individual sections of your wedding insurance policy please also refer to the general exclusions conditions and warranties which will apply to the whole of your policy that are detailed in your Weddingplan Wedding Insurance Policy Document Health Your wedding insurance policy contains certain restrictions regarding pre existing medical conditions and concerns the health of the bride and groom civil partners and of other people upon whose health the wedding may depend Sports and Pastimes If you plan to take part in dangerous sports or pastimes please check that your wedding insurance policy covers you Property Claims These are based on the value of the goods at the time you lose them and not on a new for old or replacement cost basis Wedding Insurance Policy Limits Most sections of your wedding insurance policy have limits on the amount the Insurers will pay under that section Make sure that you read your Weddingplan Wedding Insurance Policy Document carefully when you receive it so that you know what they are Wedding Insurance Policy Excesses Under certain sections of the wedding insurance policy claims will be subject to an excess This means that you will be responsible for paying the first part of the claim Reasonable Care You need to take all reasonable care to protect yourself and your property Complaints Your Weddingplan Wedding Insurance Policy Document contains a complaints procedure which tells you what steps you can take if you wish to make

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  • Join our Weddingplan Insurance affiliate program | Wedding Plan Wedding Insurance
    Diamond 56 81 Up to 17 000 Cancellation Cover Platinum 72 30 Up to 22 000 Cancellation Cover Platinum 87 80 Up to 27 000 Cancellation Cover Premier 103 29 Up to 32 000 Cancellation Cover Premier 206 59 Up to 65 000 Cancellation Cover Wedding Insurance From only 19 10 to 206 59 Our range of cover Get insured The Weddingplan Insurance Affiliate Programme The Weddinplan Affiliate Programme is open to website managers who understand weddings and wedding planning And we d like you to join us If you run a website with a focus on weddings or preparations for the big day then you could make money by promoting our wedding insurance products through your site It s easy to set up and we ll pay you a commission for every sale that you generate Our Wedding Insurance affiliate program is run by RO Eye and is available on major networks including Affiliate Window For more information or to join the program please click here to email us your details We look forward to working with you 2016 Weddingplan Wedding Insurance All Rights Reserved Terms Conditions Sitemap Main Home Wedding Insurance Buyers Guide Download Policy Documents Wedding Cancellation

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  • Bronze Wedding Insurance Cover | Weddingplan Insurance
    insurance provides you with essential cover for your wedding including up to 2 500 of Cancellation Cover for just 19 10 The cover offered by our Bronze wedding cover also includes protection for Failure of Suppliers in case one of your suppliers goes out of business taking your deposit with them and also allows you to tailor your policy to add additional cover such as that for your Marquee or Ceremonial swords if needed Life is unfortunately full of unexpected events and as a result Weddingplan has helped thousands of customers with Wedding related claims over the years These have included incidents where due to redundancy couples have had to cancel their wedding day unfortunate accidents when the wedding dress has been damaged beyond repair the night before the wedding and even with tragic incidents of lost wedding rings Bronze Cover Summary of Benefits Cancellation of Wedding and or Reception 2 500 Rearrangement of Wedding and or Reception 1 250 Failure of Suppliers 1 000 Wedding Ceremonial Attire 1 000 Wedding Gifts 750 Wedding Rings Flowers Attendant s Gifts Cake 1 000 Wedding Cars and Transport 750 Photographs and Video 750 Essential Document Indemnity for overseas weddings only 125 Personal Liability 1 000 000 Personal Accident 5 000 Legal Expenses 5 000 Buy Now Optional Marquee Cover 50 62 20 000 Optional Ceremonial Swords Cover 40 29 20 000 Optional Public Liability Cover 19 24 2 000 000 Weddingplan wedding insurance offers you the protection you need on your special day from a name you can trust and from only 19 10 it s a small price to pay for peace of mind Get a wedding insurance quote Bronze Up to 2 500 Cancellation Cover 19 10 Buy Now Silver Up to 5 000 Cancellation Cover 24 99 Buy Now

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  • Setting the Wedding Date | Weddingplan Insurance
    the planning of your wedding as everything else will need to fit around this day and is usually the place where people start the process The time of year is the biggest consideration when setting the date do you want a spring wedding Would the summer be better or have you always dreamed of a white wedding Spring and summer are by far the most popular times for weddings to be held so it s a good idea to leave a little bit of extra time to make sure you find the perfect wedding venue if you re looking for a wedding at these times Dates and Venues It s best to decide where you want to hold the ceremony first before booking the venue for the reception This way you can make sure that both venues if you are having a ceremony somewhere different are available at the same time on the date you want A lot of people recommend to give at least a minimum of six months to plan your wedding but a lot of people want to plan even further ahead than this often leaving up to 18 months to give themselves enough time to get all the different aspects especially their venues sorted It is then a good idea to try and get your reception venue booked as soon as possible once you have found the location for the ceremony Most reception venues will allow you to secure the date you want by paying a deposit which will often be one of the first things you pay towards your wedding Once you have set the date and your chosen venues are booked it is a good idea to think about taking out wedding insurance to make sure that you have cancellation cover in place to

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  • Managing Wedding Costs | Weddingplan Insurance
    well both sets of parents get on and if the discussion would be stress free and simple It is important to remember that it is your day and even though parents might be contributing you need to say from the off what you want for your wedding This can take patience and understanding on both parts as your parents will be nearly as excited as you Whether your parents are paying for the wedding or you are planning on paying for the wedding yourselves it is a good idea to involve as few people as possible set a budget and work towards it What are the important things To get the most out of your budget you need to decide on which aspects of the day are most important to you This will allow you to choose where you want to spend the larger parts of the budget If a wedding reception with good wine and high quality food is more important to you than filling the church with flowers this is a decision you should make at the time of planning the budget for your wedding If your wedding dress is the most important thing you might want to allocate a higher amount of money for this than the photographer for example Always get quotations from the suppliers you would like to use for your wedding so you can make sure that you are thinking along the right lines for expenditure on each different aspect of the day e g wedding photographers flowers dresses cars etc The quotations will give you a rough idea on how much you will need to spend but always make sure a final cost is obtained before putting a deposit down and booking anything Spreading the costs the traditional way Finally deciding on exactly

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  • Weddingplan Insurance
    a number of factors including Religious Beliefs Time of year Venue Budget The first choice to make is whether you want to have a civil or religious ceremony This decision depends on your and your families personal beliefs Once this decision is made though it will allow the tone and style of the day to be more easily set as a church ceremony and location can be very different to a civil ceremony The time of year is also very important for setting the style and tone of your wedding The season that you get married in will determine many things including the wedding attire For example in winter coats and umbrellas will most probably be needed and you ll probably want to minimise the time that you and your guests spend outside Also some colour schemes may work better in winter months rather than the summer e g gold and claret are the colours usually associated with Christmas weddings The colour scheme needs to be chosen carefully as this will be used throughout the whole theme of the wedding Flowers bridesmaid dresses stationary etc are all influenced by the colour that you choose and need to be consistent throughout to make the theme work The location of the wedding is also something important to consider when choosing the theme of your wedding The theme needs to fit with the venues surroundings Finally the wedding budget obviously plays a big factor in the style of your big day and needs to be taken into overall consideration For example if you wanted a certain colour scheme do the flowers you want for your wedding come in that colour or are they going to have to be dyed and can you afford that within your budget Ultimately although all these considerations are

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  • Getting Engaged | Helpful Wedding Tips | Weddingplan Insurance
    before asking the big question and if he didn t it was a big deal These days many people still do but it s not obligatory and you re not likely to be chased out of town by the family if you don t Let s now take a look at what needs to be done once the groom pops the question The first thing that hopefully happens is the bride to be says Yes once you feel ready make a call to your respective parents to let them know the good news and share with them this special milestone in your lives Remember that this is a big deal for them as well as you What happens next is up to you and it s up to you because you know who the closest people in your life are Make a call to this inner circle of close friends and family and share the good news one by one with them and if you re lucky enough to have them in still in your lives don t forget the grandparents who sometimes get overlooked amid all this excitement Completing these basic steps should insure you against any pre wedding arguments about who knew and didn t know and leave you free to enjoy planning your wedding without any unnecessary bickering going on to spoil things Now in days gone by it was customary to send a card to everyone you knew to officially share the good news with the wider world These days it is still practised by some but more common is a round robin of text messages and an announcement on one of the social media websites like Facebook to share your exciting news More than likely once the world knows that you re getting married they

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