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  • Blog - Golden Drams Charity Tasting | Purveyors of Specialist Whiskies
    these very rare bottles to us Tasting Notes AROMA Pear drops ginger snaps butterscotch vanilla ice cream sherry notes milk chocolate PALATE Woody and malty less sweet than the nose and cloves FINISH Elegantly smooth and creamy with just a hint of spice Glenfarclas 17 y o 43 This Speyside distillery has been in the Grant family since 1865 this whisky has been organised by George Grant who is the sixth generation to be involved Although George s dad Chairman of the Distillery is John Grant George s Grand Father Great Grandfather Great Great Grandfather and Great Great Great Grandfather were all called George As a boy George was worried that 3 of the gravestones in the village Churchyard had his name on When he eventually asked his dad about this he was taken upto the distillery and shown 40 000 casks of whisky also with his name on made him feel a lot better This is a 17 y o which is normally exclusive to the USA Tasting Notes Colour Rich amber Nose Complex with distinctive butterscotch sherried fruit and peat smoke aromas Flavour Big full flavoured with excellent balance develops slowly full of sherry sweet malty tones and a touch of peat smoke Finish Long lasting and smooth with a hint of spice and sherry sweetness Tullibardine 25 y o 43 Built in 1949 by the famous distillery architect William Deme Evans a Highland distillery based at Blackford Perthshire Since 2011 it has been owned by Picard a French family wine company originally from Burgundy So thanks to them for this This bottling is benchmark Tullibardine full bodied smooth and fruity in the mouth There are a myriad of flavours coming from toffee spice and dried apricots through to the more obvious barley and vanilla notes on the finish This is a Tullibardine to savour and take ones time over BenRiach 35y o 42 5 In the heart of Speyside Founded 1897 they operated their own floor malting until 1998 Since 2004 it has been owned by Billy Walker and his 2 South African partners Geoff Bell and Wayne Kieswetter Billy is a quite a character and a legendary distiller He was an Organic Chemist originally but became a Master Blender and Managing Director of Burn Stewart a medium sized distilling company He has over 30 years of experience and is one of the most respected men in the industry We deal with Billy s son Alistair so thanks to both for this bottling Tasting Notes COLOUR Gleaming rich golden amber NOSE Luscious tropical fruit salad syrup with a delicate ripped mint and chocolate back note all warmed by a gentle toasted oak spice TASTE A classic Speyside style combining waves of papaya and dried apricots with freshly sawn oak spices touches of golden syrup and distant milk chocolate which gently flow through the elegant long finish Glenmorangie Signet 46 I think we all know the Glenmorangie company owned by Moet Hennessy situated in Tain in the northern

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  • Blog - Keith from Keith | Purveyors of Specialist Whiskies
    distillers and a maintenance man working to make the whisky Most of the whiskies use a mixture of ex bourbon white American oak casks European oak casks that have been used to mature sherry and seasoned casks which are oak casks which have held sherry just to season the wood for whisky production The stills are small with upward Lyne Arms and the Spirit Still has a reflux bowl This is so there is enough copper contact called reflux to give a clean spirit without too many imperfections but retaining enough body so it is sufficiently complex Benromach Organic 2008 43 Benromach has been making Organic whisky since 2000 and the whisky is approved by The Soil Association Obviously the spirit is made with Organic barley not peated but the maturation is where the big difference is they use virgin oak casks as these casks haven t held any non organic Bourbon or sherry White American Oak casks are used which gives more oak and vanilla flavours It is also a well rounded creamy dram 2008 bottled 2014 with virgin oak you don t want the whisky in the cask too long or it gets too woody 6 years is plenty Benromach 5 Y o 40 A lot of distillers are giving younger whiskies a name as opposed to an age statement Benromach have gone the other way by re branding their Traditional as a 5 year old Younger style whiskies are great value and these days good quality This 5 y o is no exception matured in American white oak ex bourbon casks and European Oak ex sherry casks More peat flavours as you would expect with less wood influence Full of youthful exuberance Benromach Hermatage Finish 2005 45 This bottling has first been matured in first fill ex bourbon casks then for the last 18 months of its maturation it has been finished in casks from the Hermitage Appellation d Origine Controlee in the northern Rhone region of France a big bodied red wine The extra maturation gives a lot of fruity flavours more tropical fruits peaches and figs Benromach 10 y o 43 The core expression of the range and very much the house style They say this has a wisp of smoke not sure what sort of a measure a wisp is but I know what they mean The peat smoke is nowhere near the big Islay peatyness The other rich fruits caramel and chocolate are more prevalent A rich meaty dram with some finesse Benromach 15 y o 43 This is now my new favourite not just mine this was favourite on the night It is the same as the 10 but 50 older It has picked up more flavour from the wood dried fruit the smokiness is a bit more charred oak also the extra years have softened the whisky letting it go down easy be wary it is perilously moorish Benromach 30 y o 43 The distillery s owners are the world leaders

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  • Blog - Trip to St Georges Distillery | Purveyors of Specialist Whiskies
    Alison and Myself with our three Daughters Jade 13 Erin 10 and Daniella 8 We were all very impressed particularly with David Fitt the Chief Distiller Here is a report written by Daniella First we arrived at the distillery and looked at the shop My Mummy and Daddy had a cup of tea and me Erin and Jade had some Ribena I took some photographs whilst the owner of the distillery talked to us about whisky Erin did some colouring because we went into a big room Me and Jade played some games Then we went into a room with mash tons then we looked at the stills Then we went into a room with lots of barrels of whisky It smelt quite nice There was really small barrels with little taps attached to them Next we went round a river circuit Last we went to the shop Jade brought a chocolate lolly I got a wristband Erin a badge my Dad got a t shirt My mum didn t get anything Actually Alison got a tasting bottle of Bramble Liqueur By Daniella Grace Murray August 2015 Posted in News By Wee Dram Blog Recent Posts Wee Dram Fest 2015

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  • Blog - Al Fresco - 20th June 2015 | Purveyors of Specialist Whiskies
    Begg had invited and entertained Queen Victoria and Prince Albert at his new distillery They still provide single malt to Balmoral in fact the Queen current one Queen Elizabeth II gave a bottle to Pope Francis in April last year when she visited him Royal Lochnagar is owned by Diageo but is their smallest distillery producing 500 000 litres a year One pair of stills and worm tubs not condensers Should be a heavy whisky but its relatively light bodied Stronachie 18 y o 46 Stronachie distillery was founded in the 1890 s but closed in 1928 The Agents for the distillery were A D Rattray founded by Andrew Dewar Rattray in 1868 the company were wine spirit tea coffee merchants in Glasgow The Rattray family are related to the Morrison s of Morrison Bowmore fame today A D Rattray is run by Tim Morrison Back to the whisky there are supposedly only 4 bottles of Stronachie still in existence Tim managed to buy a bottle at Auction from 1904 A sample was taken and 1000 s of casks tried to find a match so the whisky could be replicated Tim decided on this whisky from Benrinnes Distillery I like this because it s a relatively inexpensive 18 year old Edradour 10 y o 40 I always think of this as a summer whisky we seem to sell more in summer and I ve visited Edradour a couple of times in the summer Owned by Andrew Symington his company Signatory Vintage who brought it in July 2002 from Pernod Richard for 5 4m It s a debatable point as to whether this is Scotland s smallest distillery produces 130 000 ltrs a year I always think of it as Scotland s Smallest Serious distillery any smaller are certainly very new Edradour is a proper farm distillery it would have originally been part of a farm the excess barley being used to make whisky Officially founded in 1825 but most likely started before then just taking out a licence in 1825 The distillery has a lot of older equipment defiantly not hi tech Andrew spends most of his days fixing the machines This 10 year old is quite big and deep small stills give a more complex spirit they also use sherry casks Balvenie 14 Caribbean cask 43 Balvenie distillery is at Dufftown founded in 1892 by William Grant William Grant Ltd have the biggest family owned whisky business in the world and they are the 3 rd biggest producer of Scotch whisky Both grain and malt and Irish Their distilleries are Glenfiddich Balvenie Kininvie Ailsa Bay Girvan Grain and Tullamore Irish This bottling a 14 year old has spent the last part its maturation in Caribbean Rum Casks Originally designed by David Stewart Balvenie s Malt Master with 50 years experience The whisky is matured in Oak Casks for 14 years then transferred to American Oak casks which are Grants own casks filled with Carabbean Rum chosen by David Gives

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  • Blog - Three in a row | Purveyors of Specialist Whiskies
    is a smoky peaty whisky made with barley that is peated to 50 Phonals PPM or Laphroig Ardbeg peaty But it s not at all like these Islay whiskies the peat used by Glenglassaugh has more wood content as opposed to the seaweed content of the Islay and Hebredian peat The upshot is that the Torfa is not so maritime or medicinal It s got a softer sweet smoky flavour plenty of Vanilla and defiantly seems older than 4 years old If you are thinking that I m the only one who thought it was good this was the best seller on the night we sold out GlenDronach 12 years old 43 When Billy Walker started to work in the whisky industry back in the 60 s the one distillery that everyone looked up to was GlenDronach They produced a big rich whisky matured in sherry casks which was sort after by blenders When it was up for sale in 2008 Billy just had to buy it The 12 year old is typical of GlenDronach fully matured in sherry casks 80 European Oak ex Oloroso Sherry casks and 20 white American oak ex Pedro Ximenex casks PX is a very sticky rich sweet sherry which gives the whisky a sweet syrupy finish it has all the attributes you expect from a sherry cask whisky richness dark chocolate coffee It has great depth for a 12 year old not surprisingly as a lot of 13 14 and 15 year old whisky is also used in the bottlings GlenDronach 18 years old 46 They call this the Allardice after the founder of the distillery James Allardice This expression is all matured in Oloroso sherry casks An old fashioned style of whisky all rich flavours big bold drier on the finish than the 12 deeper and richer Stewed fruits Saville oranges plain chocolate makes you want to just sit in a leather armchair by the fire BenRiach 10 years old 43 Our last three were all from BenRiach but all quite different BenRich is in the heart of Speyside just outside Elgin It was founded in 1897 at the height of a whisky boom Billy brought it in 2004 This expression is very new only being out for a few weeks BenRiach tends to be a lighter sweeter whisky which picks up the flavours from the cask well and this is the case with the 10 y o They use both ex sherry and ex bourbon casks in the maturation I suspect a higher proportion of white American oak bourbon casks as the whisky is lighter fresher apple pears lemon as well as spice and creamy barley A great summer whisky BenRiach 12 years old Sherry Cask Matured 46 Also not been out very long actually when we first had this a bottle was released from stock for research purposes and we all loved it As it says on the label this is all sherry cask matured whisky 50 Oloroso Casks 50 Pedro

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  • Blog - Scotland in Miniature – Isle of Arran Tasting – 24th April 2015 | Purveyors of Specialist Whiskies
    The distillery Founder Harrold Currie wanted his whisky to stand out from the usual heavily peated and strong flavoured Island whiskies so came up with this softer style but still with loads of flavour if just a little more subtle Being a small operation they do 4 bottlings of 10 y o a year about 30 casks a bottling They use refill ex sherry casks and first fill ex bourbon casks the refill casks used for whisky before ensure that not too much rich sherry flavours intimidate the whisky The white American oak ex bourbon casks give softer vanilla and oaky flavour Arran 14 years old 46 Again like the 10 y o a light easy drink a bit more weight and some extra flavours from the extra 4 years in the cask more butterscotch and oak with more rich fruity flavours They use some first fill sherry cask matured whisky as well as ex bourbon casks to give greater depth Arran 12 years old Cask Strength 53 6 This expression is not only has some first fill sherry butt whisky but also benefits from being bottled at natural cask strength As no water has been added at bottling the delicate richer oaky dark chocolate and coffee beans flavours come through Arran Sauternes Finish 50 Arran Amarone Finish 50 Arran Port Finish 50 These three whiskies have spent an extra 9 12 months maturing in casks which previously held Sauternes a sweet French wine Amarone a rich heavy red Italian wine and Port The original occupier of the cask leaves some of their flavour in the wood which then gets picked up by the whisky Sweet honey marzipan and melon from the Sauternes The Amarone cask gives dark chocolate rich cherries Strawberries The Port gives richer forest fruits blackberries raspberries

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  • Blog - A few gems from the Emerald Isle | Purveyors of Specialist Whiskies
    BDC New small Distillery situated in the old Crumlin Road Goal A wing to be precise Owner is Peter Levey an ex bus driver who won the lottery Brings back legal distilling to Belfast after 75 years Some old prisoners do say it s not the first booze made here Walsh Whiskey Distillery County Carlow Plans have been passed for a 25m euro distillery Due to begin production in 2016 Teeling Whiskey Distillery Dublin Founded by Jack Teeling and his brother Stephen 10m Euro project 3 Pot Stiils Triple Distillation 500 000 litres a year Situated in The Liberties area of the city which was once the centre of distilling Walter Teeling an ancestor produced whiskey in the area in 1782 Great Northern Distillery Dundalk Co Louth Founded by John Teeling Jacks dad his company is Irish Whiskey Company IWC Brought Diageo s old Great Northern Brewery and converted it into a distillery Used to make Harp larger Started distilling in July 2014 whiskey is expected by end of 2017 The ones we tasted Teeling Single Grain 46 This is one of the new Distilleries a couple of great guys Jack and Stephan Teeling their Dad John Teeling started Cooley Distillery The Teeling Whiskey Company was founded by Jack in 2012 his brother Stephan joined in 2013 In January 2014 Jack announced a 10 million euro prodject to build a new distillery in Dublin in an area of town called The Liberties once a centre for distilling and where Walter Teeling an ancestor of Jack s had a distillery in the 18 th century The new distillery is the first to be built in Dublin for 125 years they started building in August the stills are there I m not sure if they have started distilling yet last I heard was Tuesday They are going to be a traditional triple distilling plant with an Intermediate still just like Auchentoshan Anyway this whiskey is now my new favourite Irish whiskey and grain whiskey It won gold at SFWSC It was made on the Coffey still at Cooley which has a lot of copper which I think makes a big difference Kilbeggan 40 This is a blend named after the town of Kilbeggan where Lockes Distillery is situated This distillery although being mothballed for a few decades has had a licence since 1757 The blend was from Cooley distillery although some of the whiskey could now come from Kilbeggan Although now owned by Beam Suntory Cooley was founded by John Teeling 1987 the site had previously been used in the 1920 s to make Ethanol to use as fuel At the time it was the only independent Irish distiller Later Jack and Stephen joined their father before selling to Jim Beam a couple of years ago The sale to Beam has allowed the company to grow particularly in the US John Teeling s whiskey company is called The Irish Whisky Company IWC He has recently well 2013 brought Diageo s old Great

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  • Blog - The Lasses From Laddie | Purveyors of Specialist Whiskies
    pop on the tongue like champagne bubbles A combination of ripe green fruit brown sugar and sweet malt bring closure Finish Unforgettable it s best enjoyed in good company you just don t want the evening to end it brings warmth to the heart and soul The clock slows down and the cares of tomorrow disappear into the dawn Bruichladdich Islay Barley This is again classic Laddie unpeated but the barley was grown at Rockside Farm on the Isle of Islay in 2007 The farm is only just up the road from the distillery on the Rinns of Islay and is very close to the Atlantic I like this expression it s a bit creamier also I ve been to Rockside Farm and seen the barley fields Official tasting notes Nose The bouquet amazes with the freshness of the spirit the first notes are honey and lemon zest delivered from the cask and salt encrusted barley Then savour aromas of flora and fauna growing wild on the peatlands and coastline of Islay Palate The oak has been waiting patiently and now it cradles all of the aromatics This malt is in so perfect a place at this time I cannot ever recall such a pleasurable taste experience Finish The palate is bathed in an amazing spiritual composition The viscosity of spirit ensures that the taste buds will still be experiencing the strong pulse of passion that has gone into the making of this true son of Islay Bruichladdich Black Art 04 1 23 y o This is a seriously good whisky The distiller s skill is often referred to as The Black Art this expression crafted from different casks is one of the finest whiskies we sell Nose Little notes of rich plump crystallised grapes flirt over heavier notes of honey Go deeper and you will find the tang of lemon and lime This is the DNA of our Bruichladdich spirit Palate It s so so mellow and mature and yes you can find all of the aromatics on the taste buds and more Chocolate and coconut tangerine and papaya and a wonderful infusion of barley sugar with a pinch of cinnamon and aniseed Finish Grilled peach and apricot sprinkled with Demerara sugar quite outstanding Botanist Gin 46 At Bruichladdich they have a still called Ugly Bettie Bettie is a Lomond still which was brought second hand from Ballantines distillery in Dumbarton Bettie makes the Botanist Gin an exceptional gin which is made using 31 botanicals They use 9 regular botanicals found in many gins like Juniper the other 22 botanicals are foraged on Islay They are collected for the distillery by two Botanists Dr and Mrs Gulliver Port Charlotte Scottish Barley This is the second style of spirit made with Heavily Peated barley The level of peatyness is about 40 pheonals PPM Lagavulin Laphroaig level The Whisky is very different to the other peaty whiskies from Islay more lighter softer and flowery Official notes Nose A swell of aromatics

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