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  • Picpoul Blanc
    Picardan that was exported from the Languedoc to Northern Europe Its plantings dwindled after the onslaught of phylloxera at the end of the 19th century as growers resorted to hardier and more disease resistant grapes Picpoul Noir is rarely used by 1990 there were a mere 200 hectares of Picpoul Noir vines left in France Picpoul Blanc has fared better It produces crisp citrussy wines with subtle mineral and nutty

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  • Sauvignon Blanc
    even sweet and dessert versions Barrel fermentation although not commonly used for this variety when compared to Chardonnay can also modify the Sauvignon Blanc aroma and add complexities Blending Sauvignon Blanc with Semillon is a common practice that can add richness and an extra element of figs to the aroma softening the sometimes abrasive Sauvignon Blanc character Sauvignon Blanc is probably the best dry white wine to accompany the greatest

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  • Chardonnay
    of Champagne and Cremant de Limoux In The Champagne region Chardonnay vinified on its own is called Blanc de Blanc The grapes are shiny and golden Some people would say that Chardonnay s are among the best white wines thick and delicate traditionally dry Depending on their origin Chardonnay wines can also be aged for several years Chardonnay grows in most wine producing countries Its name is borrowed from a

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  • Muscat Blanc
    Germany by the 12th century Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains is a white wine grape that is a member of the Muscat family Its name comes from its characteristic small grape size and tight clusters It is known under a variety of local names such as Muscat Blanc Muscat Canelli Moscato Bianco Muscat de Frontignan Muscat de Lunel Muscat d Alsace Muskateller Moscatel de Grano Menudo Moscatel Rosé and Sárgamuskotály

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  • Grenache Blanc
    It then spread across the Pyrenees to France finding a second home in the Languedoc Roussillon and Rhône regions Nearly half of all Grenache blanc plantings in France are located in the Languedoc Roussillon region where the grape is often blended with Roussanne Marsanne and Viognier In the Rivesaltes AOC the grape is used as a blending component in some of the regions vin doux naturel wines Return to Grape

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  • Viognier
    as well as in California The origins of the name Viognier is not known although it is often attributed to being associated with the French city of Vienne which was a major Roman outpost Another legend has it drawing its name from the Roman pronunciation of the via Gehennae meaning the road to hell as a possible clue to the grape s difficulties in growing Viognier produces an intense dry

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  • Colombard
    have peach nectarine and citrus aromas Colombard grapes have high natural acidity and it is this that also makes them a good blending wine Colombard used to be grown extensively in Cognac where it was used alongside Ugni Blanc and Folle Blanche but it was generally considered inferior for the purposes of fine Cognac production and has since almost disappeared in this area of France Return to Grape Varieties About

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  • Wine Flavoured Salt
    des Corbieres will enhance any kitchen with its unique freshness and flavour This Languedocien salt is immersed in wine from Chateau Capendu until it becomes a coloured and scented salt The resulting salt is dried very slowly until it has the aromatic bouquet of the wine The salt mill produces a fine grinding which releases the flavours completely and can be added prior to during or after cooking White wine

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