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  • Electrical options for garden rooms
    the customer s needs Yet in addition to these familiar and fairly utilitarian items garden rooms can be fitted out with all manner of integral electrical items in order to make life that little bit better with an aesthetic element to suit If you ve ever wondered through a large home improvement store and seen the sheer range of lighting options available within the shop well then just imagine the variety available from the wholesalers As standard our electric pack comes with wall mounted adjustable spotlights which give the flexibility that is generally required for a garden office often the most common use for one of our garden rooms But should uplighters downlighters dimmers pendants or strip lights be closer to your requirements they can be easily accommodated whether they are in addition to or in lieu of the standard items Controlling the temperature of the building is very important Please see our article on Heating sources for an in depth look at the options Options ranging from panel heaters to underfloor heating are included on that article and it is well worth a read Should that barbeque summer that we re all promised finally materialise staying cool in the

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  • Garden room bases
    with the functioning of doors and windows as well severe movement of the building Unlike masonry construction in which movement has to be absolutely minimal timber buildings can and do move Anyone who has been to a Tudor house for instance will know this Yet getting the groundworks correct at the start of the process is going to lead to a garden room with much greater practical longevity So which option do you choose from Concrete pads slabs steel posts and frames timber posts and frames strip footing trench fill footings beam and block steel pilings concrete pilings the list goes on A suitable base for garden rooms depends on a number of factors the most important of which are the ground conditions and the size and weight of your building Ground conditions include factors such as the composition of the soil proximity of high water demand trees and how level the ground is Sandy and gravelly soils are very stable whereas high shrinkability types of clay heave as they fill with water and then fall again as the water drains which can lead to movement in the building If garden rooms are to be positioned next to Elm or Oak trees for instance they draw a lot of moisture from the ground and when combined with high shrinkability clay this can cause problems They also have large and potentially destructive roots which get underneath the building and can cause movement If your ground is sloping it would not necessarily be economical to use a concrete pad as either large amounts of soil would need to be removed and a retaining wall built or vast quantities of concrete would be required which has both a budgetary and environmental impact In such a case some sort of pier system would be

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  • Garden room bathrooms
    house extension or simply moving But if there s one thing that rivals space for being at a premium within the home it s bathrooms If you ve ever stood in a queue on your landing waiting for a teenage family member to come out so you can get to work you ll know exactly what I mean As a lack of bathrooms and space are often intrinsically linked getting a bathroom installed within a garden room can be a sensible option for use when guests come over or you want some time to yourself to enjoy your shower after the gym Unfortunately fitting bathrooms in garden rooms is never just as simple as plugging in your toilet shower or bath and getting on with it the water not only has to get there but the waste has got to go somewhere when you re done Installing a septic tank especially for the task is often prohibitively expensive so it is generally the best idea to run a waste pipe out to meet the house s waste connection Should your garden room be being installed above the level of the house i e your garden slopes up hill you can rely on installing gravity fed underground soil drainage to remove the waste from the bathroom Often being a 4 pipe right middle a trench has to be dug with the pipe laid in it and a connection to the sewer or septic tank carried out This will often require the involvement of a building control officer to inspect the work once complete Another option with garden rooms is the installation of a macerator of which Saniflo are the most commonly recognised brand A macerator functions by pumping waste water under pressure and a connection will usually be made to the

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  • Odd shaped garden rooms
    with manufacturers and customers alike however garden rooms don t always fit the shape of people s gardens perfectly If your garden is an irregular shape whether it is tapering outward or inward triangular or just plain odd putting a regular shaped garden room in the middle of it can lead to almost no garden being left We have installed a number of garden rooms that have been irregularly shaped in order to make the maximum use of the available space The garden room in the top picture was designed and built specifically for a very narrowing garden The customer wanted to use every available inch for his garden office and we were the only people who could do what he wanted at an affordable price The building fits so tightly in to the space it is impossible to see the shape of the building from the front elevation however from the photo of the ceiling it is possible to make out just how much of an irregular shape this garden room is Below are shots of a garden room recently installed where the customer wanted to use up as much of an unused and dark corner as possible with

    Original URL path: http://www.wentworthgardenrooms.co.uk/GardenRooms/AboutWentworth/LatestNews/Oddshapedgardenrooms.aspx (2016-02-09)
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  • 10 years of Garden Rooms
    Northern Scotland we ve vastly increased the number and variety of buildings available Beginning with our classic Sunningdale garden room we ve brought out buildings to cover every aspect of the market from our entry level Forester range garden rooms and bespoke sheds right up to timber framed bungalows and complexes of school buildings If it s built from timber and it s got a roof on it we can and do build it Ever since the first building we ve had a passion for making quality affordable garden rooms for all manner of purposes and we take pride in our innovative manufacturing techniques that give the option of bespoke garden rooms to all of our customers Now located at our modern purpose designed factory we have developed the knowledge and working methods to give you a quality assured garden rooms that do everything that is expected of them and more We now regularly fit garden rooms with bathrooms for those additional facilities that most houses nearly always need Showers baths wet rooms toilets sinks and even bidets can all be accommodated should you wish Above are some pictures of a bathroom fitted recently in one of our garden rooms

    Original URL path: http://www.wentworthgardenrooms.co.uk/GardenRooms/AboutWentworth/LatestNews/10yearsofGardenRooms.aspx (2016-02-09)
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  • Maintenance free garden rooms
    opt for treated softwood cladding with regular coats of treatment there is no reason why garden room cladding should not last indefinitely Should you not be inclined to maintain the exterior of your garden room however there are many exterior finishes that require no maintenance whatsoever Should the look and colour of timber be your fancy for your garden room why not opt for the real thing Naturally oil rich timber such as western red cedar or chestnut make both attractive and extremely durable cladding options for garden rooms photo above Without receiving any form of maintenance these exterior cladding options will last around 50 years They will both naturally weather and grey over time which will blend in beautifully with the surrounds of your garden room Should you wish to maintain the initial colour of the cladding many treatments are available to prevent the natural weathering caused by the sun s UV radiation and all of Wentworth Garden Rooms cedar clad buildings come with such a treatment should you so wish A second option for your garden room is cementitious boarding such as Marley Cedral Weatherboard as shown above on a building we installed recently This gives the impression

    Original URL path: http://www.wentworthgardenrooms.co.uk/GardenRooms/AboutWentworth/LatestNews/Maintenancefreegardenrooms.aspx (2016-02-09)
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  • When is a garden room not a conservatory?
    recently who having moved into her new property wanted to be able to enjoy her beautiful garden but didn t want to leave the house Having looked at her neighbours polycarbonate roofed conservatories she knew she didn t want one of those however she couldn t justify a full extension to the rear of her property Under building regulation law a conservatory is classed as having 75 translucent material in the roof and 50 in the walls Anything less than this and it classes as a house extension and requires full building regulation approval The downside of this is the additional cost in complying with the regulations particularly with regards to the foundations Below left is a photo of a garden rooms foundations that we carried out recently with full strip footings that complied with building regulations however we do carry out other methods such as reinforced raft slabs below right and pilings The customer of the conservatory shown originally wanted one of our Farnham garden rooms attaching however given the building regulations issue we both thought it best to construct a bespoke conservatory in order to keep the costs down Anyone who has walked into a conservatory on a

    Original URL path: http://www.wentworthgardenrooms.co.uk/GardenRooms/AboutWentworth/LatestNews/Whenisagardenroomnotaconservatory.aspx (2016-02-09)
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  • Be bespoke - it's your choice
    we pride ourselves on being able to construct virtually any type of garden building design at a cost effective price Well it was nothing out of the ordinary when we were asked Can you do a bespoke fully insulated octagonal garden room with double glazed georgian windows All in a day s work we said Then the question came Can I have the roof thatched There are many garden buildings on the market that supply a form of mock thatch with skirts of dried grass overlaying each other in order to give the effect of a thatched garden room However our customer wanted their garden room to have full thatching as found on cottages in idyllic villages up and down the country This was no ordinary garden room With a little research some sketched drawings and a local thatcher lined up we embarked on one of the most unusual yet ultimately attractive garden rooms we ve ever constructed With bespoke pitched roofed garden rooms often the best and most efficient method of construction is to build the roof structure temporarily in the factory beforehand With timber being a natural material that has variations in size sometimes it is always adviseable

    Original URL path: http://www.wentworthgardenrooms.co.uk/GardenRooms/AboutWentworth/LatestNews/Bebespokeitsyourchoice.aspx (2016-02-09)
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